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While Reading

1. Show pictures related to the jungle (its animals and plants) and ask
them to guess what the text is going to be about.
We did this because it will encourage prediction in the students as a
way of making them interested in the text they will read and also for
them to get prepared for it (making a smooth transition).
2. Divide the class in groups of 3 or 4 people and give each student a
coloured paper with a paragraph from the text. Give them 45 seconds
to read their part and 30 to guess what the rest of the story could be.
This is important because it will provide a fun way for them to
practise puzzle reading, group interaction and make them more
engaged in the reading process.
3. Ask one student from each group to read his/her groups part aloud to
the whole class. The teacher collects the coloured papers and hangs
them on the board in a random order. Then, the class must guess the
correct order of the paragraphs from the text.
Students will also practise pronunciation and finally they will have
practised puzzle reading.
4. Students have to answer the following questions related to the text
(in groups):
In this way we will assure that they understood what they read, and
also practise the use of expressions and responding to questions
5. Form pairs for the students, they have to say the meaning of certain
words and phrases (using a dictionary if necessary)
We do this because in this way we will make sure they understand
and remember the related vocabulary (target language)
6. Use these words and the pictures shown in step 1 to retell the stories.
In this way we will make sure they understood the text and also that
they are able to use the vocabulary in context.