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Sharon Acosta

Mr. Wisner
World History
Period: 2#
Date: 12/1/16
Current Event Title:Why I Left White Nationalism.
Link to article:

Key Vocabulary from the Article.

1)multicultural- relating to several cultural or ethnic groups in a society.
2)prominent- important or famous.
3)dispossessed- something that a person owns, typically land or property.
4)abstract- existing in thought or idea but not have a physical existence.

Summary of the Event:

A. The author of this article explains reasons as to why it is he left the white nationalism.These
reasons include that he was born to a prominent white nationalist family.And at only the age of
19 he ran and won a Palm Beach County Republican committee, he did such a great job on
winning that he was given national media attention and well people knew who he was after
that.The author then explains that he was actually very surprised his 19 year old self would have
agreed a lot with what Trump wants to do like for example deporting illegal workers, increasing
policing of black communities and that he believes American culture is threatened. But the
authors views started to change once he attended a liberal college.One of the reasons is in a
conversation that made him wonder why anyone would fear him, he always thought he was
doing the right thing and defending those that were like himself.

B. Soon the article started to touch a lot on Donald Trump.The author started wondering how
Donald Trumps speech against Mexicans could really raise the anger in people and even cause
movements.People would even ask him how the people that like Trump and will vote for him
could have their minds changed,as to which the author explains that theres no way that it could
be possible.The only way would be through deep person-to-person interaction and a lot of

C. The article then turned to look at people of color.In 2008 he went door-to-door talking about
how hispanic immigration was overwhelming the american culture, how black neighborhoods
were all full of nothing but crime and how people of color didnt let people talk about any ot
that.In that small election the author won 60% of the vote.That sixty portion of the American
public made it clear that they felt betryaed and they wanted a president that promises to ban
Muslims because of terrorism, mistrust in immigrates,and want a very harsh form of control over
them.It should be very important for people to unserstand that some proposals that Trump
makes can be and cannot be feared of.But with him in office now, we have to protect those who
are threatened by this administration. Theres a lot of people who still dont understand how
trump in the office should be worrisome, and thats because they dont see that Trumps callouts
can be very destructive to the entire nation.

Your Opinion of the Event (at least 3 sentences).

1.I really like that the author had the chance to see how people of color can be affected with
whats going on in politics today.
2.I really found this article interesting because Im not really into politics myself,so I got to learn
a lot about white nationalist.
3.Im not really sure if I agree or disagree with white nationalist because I dont really
understand what they really want, like if they are against people of color or they just want to be
away from them.

Relate your Event to a Historical Event.

The way I can relate this historical event to any other article is well this article mostly talks about
what Trump has said during his campaign in reference to people of color that live in this country,
so any other article that talks about that can be connected to this or one that talks about white

Relate your Event to the Theme.

The theme this article relates to is of course nationalism. The whole article talks about what
white nationalism is and how the author used to be in it but, he started to slowly have a change
in perspective over time.

Questions You Have About the Event.

1.What does the authors family think of his perspective now?
2.Does what hes said all over the article mean hes democrat? Since he said that he used to be
Republican when he was young.
3.How does he view people of color in American now?
4.Is white nationalism a good or bad thing?