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Marcos Licona

Professor olivas

English 101

07 May 2017


Women equality has always been a tremendous world wide issue for many years. There are

several issues that cause a woman's life to be more difficult than a man's life. The lack of rights,

pay gap, and discrimination at the workplace are the main reasons of inequality towards women.

There should be no reason why a woman should not be able to do a man's job as well as men

should be able to do a woman's job without being judged , discriminated, or abused in the


Making gender equality more stronger can make human potential way more powerful as a

whole as well as having many benefits. Woman make up a lot in the workforce More than half

a billion women have joined the world's work force over the past thirty years, and they make up

about forty percent of the agricultural labor force (world bank). It makes the country more

competitive and makes a person wanna succeed more and reach their full potential knowing that

they have competition which is usually the case in man situations even in the real life for

example, when two people got to prove who's better for the job opening. Which in this situation

it would mean bringing out the best in the person which is what company's wanna do is succeed

to the full potential. In several countries some girls aren't allowed to advance in school due to
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gender inequality and if that was fought for it has been proven that they can increase their future

working earnings by ten to twenty percent. Allowing girls to continue their education has show

improvements of infant deaths, better child health, and getting an type of diseases. When

women participate in civil society and politics, governments tend to be more open, democratic

and responsive to the citizens(Christopher doward). Perfect example of when men are together

they try to prove what is the best choice or decision for whatever the case might be, Rather than

when women are present men tend to come to there senses and actually realize the problems

rather than having it turn into a huge dilemma due to them being stubborn. This is why we need

to give more attention and act faster for gender equality.

The world is facing an acute misuse of talent by not acting faster to tackle gender inequality

which could put economic growth at risk and deprive economies of the opportunity to

develop(World Economic Forums Global Gender Gap). The government is not taking enough

action or giving that much attention to this situation that is causing them to slowly begin to put

many bad situations that are gonna create a huge problem, so by the time they try and fix it it

would have been way too late. This situation has been going bad since 2013, there is currently

slow rate of increase for gender equality but a huge decrease when things go wrong. Woman are

only getting about two-thirds of access towards the following necessities which are health,

education, economic participation, and political representa. Out of the fifty states the US is

currently ranked number forty-five for having gender equality being prioritized, therefore the top

five in the global ranking would be iceland, finland, norway, sweden, and rwanda. Those states

have showed massive growth in their economy and creating a better environment for their state

and allowing everyone to work as a whole to figure stuff out.

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Men claim that gender equality has been achieved for a long time now and it's proven that

fewer than half the women around the world has also believed that gender equality has been

achieved. Seventy-two percent of men are agreeing that gender equality has been reached and

fifty-three percent of women are also agreeing that it has been achieved, so the government won't

have to worry about it anymore(Jamie). Also, woman claiming that gender equality has been

achieved is causing their government to prioritize it leading to other states not caring about it or

making it a huge issue. States believe just because one country or states achieved gender equality

it makes the whole world equal. Men claim that there is gender equality already due to many

reasons, they say that women are not working hard enough to be in a certain position whether is

a high ranking position including government, or being a police chief, rather than if it was a low

ranking position which would include working and getting minimum wage. Men also believe

that harassment, violence and discrimination only happen in the work place due to the fact the

woman are lazy and not willing to put in the work.

Women having freedom / Equality with men can lead to many good things around the world.

For example, it allows for a woman to live with strong dignity so allowing them to be them self

without any restrictions can be beneficial to whatever women get involved with. Reducing

poverty is also a huge factor in this situation . For those not able to work, the social safety net

provides assistance, though at levels well below the poverty threshold. As of 2014, in every state

the combined support from Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and the

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), two major anti-poverty programs,

amounted to less than 80 percent of the federal poverty threshold( Ann Huff). Although, there

are programs that are built to help reduce poverty allowing woman to take on huge government

roles so they are allowed to get a saying will help reduce poverty just by simply solving the
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gender equality issue. Which eventually there might not even be some many people involved in

those poverty programs and less money would go towards that and will go to something else

that's beneficial as well.

Gender equality is a human right that is deserved and it's not fair that our government is

deprioritizing it try to make men seem like this world wouldn't be nothing and that women

weren't meant to handle tough situations. Which is absolutely not true at all due to the fact that

women don't even get the chance to prove himself and show what they're capable of due to the

fact that it has always been said that when a women does a man's job better it puts him to shame.

Which i don't understand how that can be an issue for example if women are more certified for a

huge role then let them becuase they have more knowledge and even more experiences rather

than letting a man take over just because it's a man which can lead to him ruining stuff when the

woman would have been way more beneficial. Increasing womens participation in the work

force and closing the pay gap between women and men will have a positive impact on economic

growth in the EU. Despite recent improvements, there are still persistent gender gaps in labour

market activity and pay, which result in lower employment rates for women, potentially limiting

EU growth(EIGE). Shows that allowing women to work with men can benefit them as wells as

growing in any beneficial way possible way which studies have shown its true and plenty of

research has been done to prove and back up these analysis. It would also reduce the

discrimination and violence because the gender equality would be protecting both men and

woman. Men should also be allowed to perform a woman's job which would be a job that

women usually do or is more common for them. Although it's not really a known issue for men

because women want to be prioritized more and it's just been more know for the woman

inequalities. Like for example, if a man wants to take on the role of being a daycare worker he
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should be able to because he has the skills required and knows what he's doing. Some inequality

towards that would be parents not wanting to drop their kids off at daycare due to the fat that it's

run by men or men are the ones taking care of their children. Which is mainly caused by all the

news and media showing cases on med being sexualy abusive to children in daycares which

should not be fair letting one person's action ruin it for everyone else. Same applies to woman

like just for one woman making a mistake it should not damage the rest of the woman as in

having a certain thought and judging them because everyone is different in their own ways and

good ways.

In the book the friday everything changed is a great example of what gender equality has

come to that it even has children brainwashed on what is a man's job and what a women should

or shouldn't do. The girl asked why can't the girls carry the water from the river back to the

classroom since it always the boys that do it each friday. Which lead to her asking if she can

carry it the next week and everyone just stood in silence like if she broke the law. After class all

the boys surrounded her trying to scare her and saying she does not want to carry the water back

to the classroom. The rest of the girls came to help her because they were about to hurt her which

lead to the boys backing off which comes to show that when woman are together as a group they

can be strong and changing things in a good way.

The importance of gender equality can be reflected off the states that have already achieved a

high goal in that topic and see how much it has benefited them and the growth ever since women

took on huge roles. The government of the US should look into the states and how they have

benefited from it so he can take action before it's too late. Gender equality is an important issue

in our society and can help reduce a lot of negative stuff and benefit in many positive ways.
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