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SSC (TIER 1) EXAM 2016

Directions (1-3): Find the odd words/letters/ (a) CTRISTER
number from the given alternatives. (b) ERTSIRTC
(c) UYZD (d) EHIL Directions (7-9): Select the related word/letter/
2. (a) 81 : 243 (b) 15 : 64 number from the given alternative series.
(c) 64 : 192 (d) 25 : 75 7. Apes : Gibber : : Camels : ?
3. (a) Distinguish (b) Scater (a) Grunt (b) Cheep
(c) Differentiate (d) Classification (c) Bleat (d) Whine
4. Arragne the following words as per the 8. TSR : FED : : WVU : ?
English dictionary and find the last word.
(a) CAB (b) MLK
Leaf, Learn, Leave, Less
(c) PQS (d) GFH
(a) Lean (b) Leave
9. 7 : 32 : 28 : ?
(c) Less (d) Leaf
(a) 126 (b) 136
5. How many triangles are there in the given
figure? (c) 116 (d) 128
10. John, in the morning, started walking towards
North and then turn towards opposite side of
the Sun. He then turn left again the stops.
Which direction is he facing now?
(a) 6 (b) 7
(a) North (b) West
(c) 8 (d) 9
(c) South (d) East
6. In the certain code language, APPROACH
is coded as CHOAPRAP. How will 11. If 64 + 7 = 460, and 25 + 8 = 212 then, 43 +
RESTRICT be coded? 8=?

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(a) 360 (b) 376 15. If the given words are arranged in descending
(c) 332 (d) 356 order, then which of the following be last?
12. In a village, there are landlords of which some Sapling, Tree, Plant, Seed
are literate. Which of the following best (a) Sapling (b) Plant
expresses the relationship between them? (c) Seed (d) Tree

(a) 16. Which one is wrong number in the given

7, 56, 447, 3584, 28672
17. In this question, a statement is followed by
assumption I and II. you have to consider the
(c) statements to be true even if they seem to be
at variance from the commonly known facts.
(d) None of these You have to decide, which of the following
13. Which one of the given figure completes the assumptions logically follows from the given
given figure? statements.
Question Figure Statement: Only good singers are invited in
teh conference. No one without sweet voice
? is a good singer.
I. All invited singers in the conference have
Answer Figures sweet voice.
II. Those singers who do not have sweet
voice are not invited in the conference.

(a) (b) (c) (d)

(a) Only I follows
(b) Neither I nor II follows
14. What is the number image ofthe following
figure? (c) Both I and II follow
Question Figure (d) Only II follows
18. If + mean , means , means
and means +, then find the value of the
S following equation.
6 + 64 - 8 45 8
Answer Figures
(a) 85 (b) 76
(c) 87 (d) 75
19. Which of the folowing has the given figure
(a) (b) (c) (d) embedded in it?

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Question Figure (a) 69 (b) 68
(c) 84 (d) 100
24. Select the word, which cannot be formed
using the letters of the given word?
Answer Figures SEGREGATION
(a) EAGER (b) SEA
25. A word is represented by only one set of
(a) (b) (c) (d)
number as given in any one of the
Directions (20-21): Find the missing number alternatives. The sets of numbers given in the
from the given alternatives. alternatives are represented by two classes
of alphabets by two matrices given below.
20. 1, 4, 2, 3, 2, ? The columns and row of Matrix I are
(a) 2 (b) 5 numbered from 0 to 4 and that of Matrix are
numbered from 5 to 9. A letter from these
(c) 3 (d) 4
matrices can be represented first by its row
and next by its column. Ex: U can be
21. represented by 03, 14, 32 etc: and O can be
represented by 56, 67, 75 etc. Similarly you
(a) 13 (b) 15 have to identify the set of the word given in
the question.
(c) 17 (d) 19
Directions (23-23): Find the missing number/
Matrix-I Matrix-II
letter from the given alternatives.
22. AEN, MQZ, CGP, ? 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0 E S R U P 5 WOP T I
(a) OBS (b) PUE 1 R N S E U 6 T I OWP
2 U E N R S 7 O U I P E
(c) MPX (d) OTC 3 S R U N P 8 I P T OW
4 N U E S R 9 P TR E U
23. 0, 4, 18, 48, ?, 180

26. A number when divided by 6 leaves 27. Find the wrong number in the given series.
remainder 3. When the square of the same 3, 7, 16, 35, 70, 153
number is divided by 8, the remainder is
(a) 70 (b) 16
(a) 0 (b) 2
(c) 153 (d) 35
(c) 1 (d)

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28. The average of runs scored by a player in 11 34. The ratio between the height of tower and
innings in 63 and the average of his first six the point at some distance is 5 3 : 5. What
innings is 60 and the average of last six will be the angle of elevation?
innings is 65. Find the runs scored in sixth
(a) 30 (b) 60
(c) 90 (d) 45
(a) 60 (b) 54
35. Successive discount of 20% and 10% is given
(c) 67 (d) 57
on an item of Rs. 700, find the selling price.
29. In a parade of school students, the number
(a) 504 (b) 196
of boys and girls are in teh ratio of 9 : 7
respectively adn teh total number of boys and (c) 582 (d) 601
girls are 256. Find the number of girls. 36. The population of a State is 20000. It
(a) 102 (b) 112 increases by 20% during the first year and
30% during the second year. The population
(c) 118 (d) 128
after two years will be
30. Two persons ride towards each other from
(a) 32000
two places 55 km apart, one riding at 12 km/
h and the other at 10 km/h. When will they (b) 40000
be 11 km apart? (c) 31200
(a) 2 h and 30 min (d) 30000
(b) 1 h and 30 min 37. A reduction of 20% in the price of rice enable
(c) 2 h (d) 2 h and 45 min a buyer to buy 5 kg more for Rs. 1200. The
reduced price per kg of rice will be:
31. A train 150 m long passes a telegraphic post
in 12 seconds. Find the speed of the train. (a) 36 (b) 45
(a) 50 km/h (b) 12.5 km/h (c) 48 (d) 60
(c) 25 km/h (d) 45 km/h 38. A man spends 60% of his income of different
expenditures. His income is increased b 20%
32. At an election, a candidate secures 40% of
and is expenditure also increased by 10%.
the votes, but is defeated by the other
Find the precentage decrease in his saving?
candidate by a majority of 298 votes. Find
the total number of votes recorded. (a) 10% (b) 15%
(a) 1580 (b) 1490 (c) 20% (d) 25%
(c) 1470 (d) 1530 39. The length of side AB and side BC of a
scalene triangle ABC are 12 cm and 8 cm
1 2 1
33. If x x = 2, then what isthe value of x + 2 ? respectively. The size of angle C is 59. Find
x hte length of side AC.
(a) 4 (b) 5 (a) 12 (b) 10
(c) 3 (d) 6 (c) 14 (d) 16

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40. Find the value of Directions (46-48): Study the graph carefully to
answer these questions.
2 2
sin 27 cos 63
cos 63 sin 27 Foreign Exchange Reserves of a Country (in $ million)

2013 3120
(a) 0 (b) 2
2012 5040
(c) 3 (d) 1
2011 4320
41. The sum of the age of mother and a mother

2010 3120
and her daughter is 60 years. 12 years ago 2009 3360
the mother was eight times as old as her 2008 2520
daughter. How old is the daughter at present? 2007 3720

(a) 20 yr (b) 28 yr 2006 2640

(c) 16 yr (d) 12 yr
42. In one hour, a boat goes 12 km along the 46. The foreign exchange reserve in 2012 was
stream and 8 km against the stream. The how many times that in 2009?
speed of the boat in still water is (a) 0.7 (b) 1.2 (c) 1.4 (d) 1.5
(a) 12 km/h (b) 11 km/h 47. What was the percentage increase in the
(c) 10 km/h (d) 8 km/h foreign reserve in 2012 over 2008?
43. A shopkeeper buys 80 articles for Rs. 2400 (a) 100% (b) 150%
and sells them for a profit of 16%. Find the (c) 200% (d) 620%
selling price of one article.
48. The ratio of the number of years, in which
(a) 36.40 (b) 34.80 the foreign exchange reserve are above the
(c) 35.60 (d) 33.80 average reserves, to those in which reserves
are below the average reserves i
44. Find the amount which Syham will get on
(a) 2 : 6 (b) 3 : 4
Rs. 4096, if he gave 18 months at 12 % per
2 (c) 3 : 5 (d) 1 : 1
annm, interest being compounded half yearly. 49. A well of diameter 3 m is dug 14 m deep.
(a) 5813 (b) 4515 The Earch taken out of it has been spread
(c) 4913 (d) 5713 evenly all around it in the shape of a circular
ring of width 4 m to form an embankment.
45. A work twice as fast as B. If B can complete Find the height of the embankment.
a piece of work independently in 12 days,
then what will be the number of days taken (a) 4.25 m (b) 2.250 m
by A and B together to finish the work? (c) 1.125 m (d) 1.750 m
(a) 4 (b) 6 50. If x1 + 1 / x 3 = 110, then find the value of x +
(c) 8 (d) 18 1/x.
(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5

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Directions (51-52): Choose the word, which is Directions (58-60): In these questions, four
most similar in meaning to the given words. alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase given
in bold. Choose the alternative which best
51. Dishevelled expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.
(a) Tidy (b) Clean
58. Cut the mustard
(c) Neat (d) Untidy
(a) To get under expectations
52. Venerate
(b) To score average
(a) Despise (b) Disobey
(c) To perform well
(c) Disregard (d) Revere
(d) To underperform
53. Congenial
59. A chip off the old block
(a) Accord (b) Snug
(a) Reminds them of ones father
(c) Engaging (d) Unpleasant
(b) To remind ones sin
54. Adjure
(c) Reminds of ones son
(a) Renounce (b) relinquish
(d) Reminds of previous memories
(c) Abnegate (d) Acquire
60. To fish in troubled waters
Directions (55-57): In the following questions, (a) To indulge in evil conspiracies
out of the four alternatives, choose the one which
can be substituted for the given words/sentence. (b) To make a profit out of disturbance
(c) To aggravate the situation
55. Highly skilled
(d) To make the most of bad bargain
(a) Consummate
(b) Inveterate Directions (61-62): In these questions, a part of
sentence is underlined. Below the given
(c) Notorious alternatives to the underlined part, which may
(d) Maladroit imrove the sentence. Choose the correct
56. Indentification with the feelings of another alternative. In case to improvement is needed,
mark No improvement as your answer.
(a) Sympathy
(b) Empathy 61. What you have been doing since the worshop
last month?
(c) Apathy (d) Compassion
(a) have you done
57. Insatiable desire for wealth
(b) you have done
(a) Selfish
(c) have you been doing
(b) Avarice
(d) No improvemnet
(c) Egoist
62. Corruption is the most serious problem in
(d) Generosity India.

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(a) the more serious 67. In this question, four words are given out of
(b) very serious which one is incorrectly spelt. Find the
incorrectly spelt word.
(c) serious
(a) Ommineous (b) Omineous
(d) No improvement
(c) Ominous (d) Omenous
Directions (63-66): Each of the following
sentences has a blank spaxe and four words given Directions (68-71): In the following questions,
after the sentence. Select whichever word you a sentence has been given in parts, out of which
consider most appropriate for the blank space. a part contains an error. The path with the error is
your answer. In case there is no error, then your
63. Sid and Harsh are ........ unable to complete answer is No error.
the task.
68. He ought not/have done such/a filthy thing.
(a) neither
(a) He ought not
(b) either
(b) have done such
(c) each
(c) filthy thing
(d) both
(d) No error
64. The examination couldguess ....... the answer
correctly 69. The reason for/his failure is because/he did
not work hard.
(a) at
(a) The reason for
(b) about
(b) his failure is because
(c) through
(c) he didnot work hard
(d) to
(d) No error
65. Be ........... and always look to the comfort of
others. 70. I have reached/the office before/the rain
(a) considerate
(a) I have reached
(b) cautious
(b) the office before
(c) considerable
(c) the rain started
(d) consider
(d) No error
66. As usual, a lot of people were....... in the
kings darbar. 71. A large/consignment of books/are expected.
(a) their (a) A large
(b) possess (b) consignment of books
(c) past (c) are expected
(d) present (d) No error

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Directions (72-75): Read the following passage 72. Speical words used in technial discussion
carefully and answer the question given below (a) many become part of common speech
in the context of the passage.
(b) never last long
Every profession or trade, every art and every (c) should resembel mathematical formula
science has its technical vocabulary, the function
(d) should be confined to scientific fields
of which is partly to designate things or processes
which have no names in ordinary English and 73. The writer of this article is
partly to secure greater exactness in (a) scientist (b) political
nomenclature. Such special dialects or jargons (c) linguist
re-necessary in technical discussion of any kind.
Being universally understood by the devotees of (d) a businessman
the particular science or art, they have the 74. This passage is primarily concerned with
precision of a mathematical formula. Besides, (a) various occupations and professions
they save time, for it is much more economical
to name a process than to describe it. Thousands (b) technical terminology
of these technical terms are very properly (c) scientific undertakings
included in every large dictionary, yet, as a whole, (d) a new language
they are rather on the outskirts of the English
language than actually within its borders. 75. It is true that
(a) various occupations and professions often
Different occupations, however, differ widely in interchange words.
the character of heir special vocabularies. In
(b) there is always a non-technical word that
trades and handicrafts and other vacations like
may be substituted for the technical word.
farming and fishing that have occupied great
numbers of men from remote times; the technical (c) the average man often used in his own
vocabulary is very old. An average man now uses vocabulary what was once technical
these in his own vocabulary. The special dialects language not menat for him.
of law, medicine divinity and philosophy have (d) everyone is interested in scientific
become familiar to cultivated persons. findings.

76. Which of the following is known as the 77. Who was the flag bearer of India at Rio
Manchester of South India? Olympics 2016?
(a) Kochi (a) PV Sindhu
(b) Vishakapatnam (b) Jwala Gutta
(c) Coimbatore (c) Yogeshwar Dutt
(d) Bengaluru (d) Abhinav Bindra
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78. Which of the following is the first cricketer a three-mongh State emergency after failed
to score 1000 runs in an innings? coup?
(a) Sachin Tendulkar (a) Turkey
(b) Vinod Kamble (b) Syria
(c) Pranav Dhanawade (c) Sudan
(d) Virat Kohli (d) Iran
79. Which of the following isthe largest irrigation 84. Beighton Cup is related to which of the
plant in India? following sports?
(a) Buckingham Canal (a) Football
(b) Indira Gandhi Canal (b) Hockey
(c) Upper Ganges Canal (c) Badminton
(d) Tajewala Canal (d) Cricket
80. The soil of Korela is rich in which of the 85. Sun temple is situated in which of the
following soils? following States?
(a) Alluvial soil (a) Odisha
(b) Laterite soil (b) Gujarat
(c) Sandy oil (c) Karnataka
(d) Loamy soil (d) Tamil Nadu
81. Which of the process is known as 86. The growth of bacteria is measured by
nitrification? (a) hymacytometer
(a) Reactions of nitrogen monoxide with (b) spectrophotometer
oxygen to from nitric acid
(c) calorimeter
(b) Reaction of nitrogen dioxide with water
to form nitric acid (d) auxanometer

(c) Conversion of ammonia to nitrites 87. The sideways erosion, which widens the river
valley, called
(d) Conversion of nitrite to nitric oxide
(a) lateral corrosion
82. Asbestors is found maximum in which of the
following countries? (b) vertical corrosion

(a) Australia (c) side corrosion

(b) Canada (d) mean corrosion

(c) Africa 88. The Constitution

(d) Russia (a) is silent on the Presidents re-election to

the office
83. Which country announces the imposition of

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(b) allows re-election of a person to the 95. Summer rains in Australia broadly decreases
Presedents post from
(c) restricts a person to remain President for (a) East to West
only two terms (b) West to East
(d) has been amended to allow a person only (c) North to South
one term as President
(d) South to North
89. Smooth muscles are likey to be found in
96. The blue revolution is with
(a) muscles of legs
(a) fish production
(b) muscles of arms
(b) foodgrain production
(c) stomach (d) heart
(c) oilseed production
90. Synagogue is the place of worship of
(d) milk production
(a) Zoroastrianism (b) Taoism
97. Which is post-harvest folk dance in Assam?
(c) Judaism (d) Shintoism
(a) Ankita Nat
91. The civilian airport of highest altitude is in
(b) Bihu
(a) Tibet
(c) Raut Nacha
(b) Nepal
(d) Namgen
(c) India
98. The substrate of photorespiration is
(d) China
(a) Fructose
92. The branch of biology, which deals with
(b) Pyruvic acid
extinct organisms, is called
(c) Glycolate
(a) Palynology
(d) Glucose
(b) Phylogeny
99. The UNIX operating system is suitable for
(c) Paleobotany
(a) multi user
(d) Palaentology
(b) real-time procesing
93. The least distance of distinct vision is
(c) distributed processing
(a) 35 cm (b) 25 cm
(d) sinlge user
(c) 45 cm (d) 15 cm
100. Sink hole is a phenomenon of
94. When will demand become a grant?
(a) plain
(a) When demand is proposed.
(b) desert
(b) After the discussion on demand is over.
(c) tundra
(c) After the demand is granted.
(d) karst
(d) When the budget session is closed.

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1. (d) 2. (b) 3. (a) 4. (c) 5. (*) 6. (c) 7. (a) 8. (b) 9. (c) 10. (c)
11. (d) 12. (c) 13. (d) 14. (a) 15. (c) 16. (b) 17. (c) 18. (a) 19. (b) 20. (d)
21. (b) 22. (a) 23. (d) 24. (d) 25. (b) 26. (d) 27. (a) 28. (d) 29. (b) 30. (c)
31. (d) 32. (b) 33. (d) 34. (b) 35. (a) 36. (c) 37. (c) 38. (a) 39. (b) 40. (b)
41. (c) 42. (c) 43. (b) 44. (c) 45. (a) 46. (d) 47. (a) 48. (c) 49. (d) 50. (d)
51. (d) 52. (d) 53. (d) 54. (d) 55. (a) 56. (b) 57. (b) 58. (c) 59. (a) 60. (b)
61. (c) 62. (d) 63. (d) 64. (a) 65. (a) 66. (d) 67. (c) 68. (a) 69. (b) 70. (a)
71. (c) 72. (a) 73. (c) 74. (b) 75. (c) 76. (c) 77. (d) 78. (c) 79. (b) 80. (b)
81. (c) 82. (d) 83. (a) 84. (b) 85. (a) 86. (b) 87. (a) 88. (b) 89. (c) 90. (c)
91. (a) 92. (d) 93. (b) 94. (c) 95. (c) 96. (a) 97. (b) 98. (c) 99. (a) 100. (d)
1.1: Solved Paper (09-08-2015) (2nd Sitting)

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Held On: 09-08-2015 (Second Sitting)

1. Which single letter can be prefixed kms. and then turn to left again (a) 6543 (b) 5634
to the following words in order to and run another 6 kms and before (c) 5364 (d) 3564
obtain entirely new words? (Same finishing you take another left turn 9. I. 25 15 40 8
letter has to be prefixed in all the and run 1 km., then answer the II. 65 25 90 [?]
five words of each.) following question based on this III. 45 15 60 12
EAT OUR IS AS AT information. (a) 18 (b) 12
(1) H (2) S Question: From the finishing point if (c) 24 (d) 6
(3) C (4) B you have to reach the point from where 10. 2 4 2
2. Which one of the areas marked you started, in which direction will you 3 9 3
I - VII represents the urban have to run ? 4 16 4
educated who are not 8 64 ?
hardworking ? (1) West (2) East (a) 16 (b) 8
(3) South (4) North (c) 24 (d) 9
Directions (6-10): In the following Directions (11-15): In the following
questions, select the missing number questions, select the related word/
from the given responses. letters/number from the given
(a) 1 (2) 13 6. 18 21 24 alternatives.
(3) IV (4) II 3 9 3
11. AFI = M : ADD =
Directions (3 to 4): In each of the 6 4 8
L :: ABA
following questions, a series is given, 21 26 ?
with one term missing. Choose the (a) 24 (b) 27 (a) I (b) N
correct alternative from the given ones (c) 29 (d) 22 (c) O (d) K
that will complete the series. 12. 12.16: 22 : : 36 : ?
(1) 44 (2) 24
3. 1, 2, 2, 4, 3, 8, 7, 10, ? (3) 26 (4) 46
(1) 11 (2) 13 13. PALAEONTOLOGY: FOSSIL : :
(3) 9 (4) 8 7. PHRENOLOGY: ?
4. 0, 7, 26, 63, ? (1) SKULL
(1) 123 (2) 87 (2) THYROID
(3) 96 (4) 124 (a) 10 (b) 20 (3) PANCREAS
5. Directions: If you start running (c) 30 (d) 40 (4) LUNGS
from a point towards North and 14. 9: 50 : : ?
after covering 4 kms you turn to (1) 22 : 110
your left and run 5 kms and then 8. (2) 18 : 190
again turn to your left and run 5 (3) 15 : 225 (4) 20: 105
1.2: Solved Paper (09-08-2015) (2nd Sitting)

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15. MIKE: OGMC : : CIAD : ? 21. From the given alternative words, Directions (25-28): In the following
(1) EGCB (2) EICB select the word which can not be questions, find the odd number/letters/
(3) AJCF (4) ENCF formed using the letters of the number pair from the given alternatives.
16. In a certain code language given word: 25. (1) NOSE
in that code language which word (1) MOVEMENT (3) VESTIBULAR
will be written as GIVALEL? (2) ENTER (4) EYES
(a) AIGALE (3) EMINENT 26. (1) (69, 23)
(2) VAGIELL (4) ENTRANOE (2) (56, 19)
(3) VELAIGL Directions (22-23): In the following (3) (108, 36)
(4) VIALEGL questions, two statements are given (4) (42, 14)
17. From the given answer figures, followed by two conclusio ns/ 27. 32 ,13, 51, 24, 46, 20, 72, 45
select the one which is hidden/ assumptions, I and II. You have to (1) 13 (2) 46
embedded in the question figure. consider the statement to be true, even if (3) 20 (4) 72
it seems to be at variance from commonly
28. (1) Y U Q M
known facts. You are to decide which of
(2) S O K J
the given conclusions/assumptions can
definitely be drawn from the given (3) R N J F
statement. Indicate your answer. (4) T P L I
22. Statements: 29. 29.Some equations are solved on
I. Some men are good. the basis of a certain system. On
II. Some men are wise. the same basis find out the correct
(1) (2) (3) (4) answer for the unsolved equation.
Directions (18-19): In the following I. Some wise men are good. 4 - 5 - 1 = 514, 3 - 5 - 6 = 563,
questions, which annswer figure will II. Some good men are wise. 0-6 -8=?.
complete the pattern in the question (1) Only II follows (1) 680 (2) 860
figure ? (2) Only I follows (3) 068 (4) 806
(3) Neither I nor II follows 30. A man takes 6 km. distance to go
(4) Both I and II follow around the rectangular area. If the
18. 23. Statements: area of the rectangle is 2 sq. km.,
I. All poets are day dreamers. find the difference between length,
II. All painters are day dreamers. and breadth.
Conclusions: (1) 2 km.
I. All painters are poets. (2) 0.5 km.
(1) (2) (3) (4)
II. Some day dreamers are not (3) 1 km. (4) 0.75 km.
painters 31. From the answer figures, select the
(1) Both I and II follow cut pieces from which the
19. (2) Neither I nor II follows question figure is formed/made.
(3) Only I follows Question Figure
(4) Only II follows
24. Six girls A, B, C, D, E, Fare sitting
on the ground. A and B belong to
Ruby House, while the rest belong
20. How many circles are there in this to Emerald House. D and F are tall, Answer Figures:
figure? while others are short. C and D
are wearing glasses while others
are not wearing. Which girl of
(1) (2) (3) (4)
Emerald House is tall and is
wearing glass? 32. If a mirror is placed on the line MN,
(a) 16 (b) 13 (1) C (2) A which of the answer figures is the
(c) 17 (d) 22 (3) D (4) B right image of the given figure?
1.3: Solved Paper (09-08-2015) (2nd Sitting)

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Question Figure: Question Figure: 39. P, Q, R, S, T, U are 6 members of a
family in which there are two
married couples. T, a teacher is
married to a doctor who is mother
of Rand U. Q, the lawyer is
married to P - P has one son and
Answer Figures one grandson. Of the two married
Answer Figures:
ladies one is a house wife. There is
also one student and one male
engineer in the family. Which of
the following is true about the
33. Identify which one of the given 38. Directions: A word is represented grand-daughter of the family?
alternatives will be another by only one set of numbers as (1) She is a lawyer
member of the group of that class. given in anyone of the (2) She is an engineer
Lucknow, Patna, Bhopal, Jaipur, ? alternatives. The sets of numbers (3) She is a student
(1) Shimla given in the alternatives are (4) She is a doctor
(2) Mysore represented by two classes of 39. In the given figure 10% are
(3) Pune alphabets as in two matrices given students and parents, and the
(4) Indore below. The columns and rows of 10% are students, teachers and
34. In the question given below, the matrix I are numbered from 0 to 4 parents, 15% are teachers and
symbols used are as and that of matrix II are numbered parents. 35% are students and
= equal to from 5 to 9. A letter from these teachers. How many percentage
= not equal to matrices can be represented first are only teachers, parents and
+ = greater than by, its row and next by its column, students.
= less than e.g. A can be represented by 01,
= not less than 14 etc. and E can be represented
O = not greater than by 55, 66 etc. Similarly, you have to
Read the question and mark the identify the set for the word
correct response. ORGAN
If X - Y - Z then it does not. Matrix - I
(1) X Y Z 0 1 2 3 4
(2) X O Y + Z 0 P A G R Z
(3) X Y Z 1 G R Z P A
(1) 45, 40, 65 (2) 40, 65, 45
(4) X Y + Z (3) 40, 4?, 65 (4) 65, 40, 45
2 Z P A G R
36. Arrange these letters of each 3 A G R Z P Directions (41-42): In the following
group to make a meaningful word 4 R Z P A G questions, which one set of letters when
and then find the odd one out. sequentially placed at the gaps in the
(1) VEENS (2) VIDEID Matrix - II given letter series shall complete it.
(3) ORFU (4) GHIET 41. adb _ ac _ da _ cddcb _ dbc
38. In a certain code language 481 5 6 7 8 9
means sky is blue, 246 means 5 E M L N 0
(1) b c c b a (2) c c b b a
sea is deep and 698 means sea 6 L E 0 M N
(3) c b b a a (4) b b cad
looks blue. What number is the 7 0 N E L M
42. a b ca_b_c_a_cc
code for blue 8 N 0 M E L
(1) a c b c a b
(1) 8 (2) 6 9 M L N 0 E
(2) a b a b c a
(3) 1 (4) 9 (3) a c a c a b
37. Identify the answer figure from (1) 75, 03, 11, 22, 76
(2) 86, 40, 23, 14, 96 (4) a b a b a c
which the pieces given in the 43. In a certain code, LUTE is written
question figure have been cut. (3) 98, 03, 44, 22, 58
(4) 67, 22, 31, 58, 22 as MUTE and GATE is written as
1.4: Solved Paper (09-08-2015) (2nd Sitting)

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HATE, then how BLUE will be 45. 1. Crop 2. Root 48. Name a single letter that can be
written in that code? 3. Stem suffixed to the following words to
(1) CLUE (2) FLUE 4. Seed form new words ?
44. A piece of paper is folded and cut (1) 2 3 5 1 4 (2) 2 4 5 1 3 (1) A (2) B
as shown below in the given (3) 2 3 4 1 5 (4) 4 2 3 5 1 (3) D (4) E
question figures. From the given 46. 1. Frog 49. Identify the diagram that best
answer figures, indicate how it will 2. Eagle represents the relationship among
appear when opened. 3. Grasshopper the classes given below:
Question Figure: 4. Snake Soda Water, Mineral Water, Luid
5. Grass
(1) 5, 3, 4, 2, 1
(2) 1, 3, 5, 2, 4
(3) 5, 3, 1, 4, 2
(1) (2) (3) (4)
(4) 3, 4, 2, 5, 1
Answer Figures: 47. Identify the pair which DOES 50. Sohan drove 15 kms to the west
NOT exhibit the same relationship from his house, then turned left
as the Capitalised pair : and walked 20 kms. He then turned
ETYMOLOGY: WORDS East and walked 25 kms. and
(1) PSYCHOLOGY : MIND finally turning left covered 20 kms.
Directions (45-46): In the following (2) ANATOMY: BODY How far he is from his house?
questions, which one of the given (3) ARCHAEOLOGY : (1) 5 Kms.
responses would be a meaningful order ANTIQUES (2) 40 Kms.
of the following? (4) PHILOSOPHY : LANGUAGE (3) 10 Kms. (4) 80 Kms.

51. Which of the following can be 53. Xenobiotics which are inherently 57. State Bank of India was previously
found as pollutants in the drinking resistant to microbial attack are known as:
water in some parts of India? called as: (1) Imperial Bank of India
Select the correct answer using the (1) Biodegradable (2) Canara Bank
code given below. (2) Persistent (3) Syndicate Bank
(A) Arsenic (B) Sorbitol (3) All of the given options (4) Co-operative Bank of India
(C) Fluoride (4) Recalcitrant 58. On 2nd June 2015 a Conference
(D) Formaldehyde 54. The Battle of Plassey was fought on Make in India Indigenization of
(E) Uranium in year currency was organised by the
(1) B, D and E (1) 1775 (2) 1757 department of Economic Affairs,
(2) A, B, C, D and E (3) 1761 (4) 1576 Ministry of Finance, Govt. of
(3) A, C and E 55. Who discovered the first India. Who inaugurated the
(4) A and C antibiotic ? Conference?
52. Cyanide poisoning causes death in (1) W Fleming (2) C Waksman (1) Finance Minister
seconds because (3) Louis Pasteur (2) Finance Secretary
(1) It denatures enzymes of the (4) A Fleming (3) Governor R.B.I.
heart/muscle 56. Indian first talkie film produced in (4) Prime Minister
(2) 1t breaks the electron 1931 was 59. The ore of Aluminium is
transport chain (1) Shakuntala (1) Fluorspar
(3) It causes Lysis of red blood (2) Indra Sabha (2) Bauxite
cells. (3) Neel Kamal (3) Chalco pyrites
(4) It causes cardiac arrest (4) Alamara (4) Hematite
1.5: Solved Paper (09-08-2015) (2nd Sitting)

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60. In the grass lands, trees do not 69. Mahatma Gandhi began his (2) Laws made by the Supreme
replace the grasses as a part of an political activities in India first Court
ecological succession because of from: (3) Laws made and enforced by
(1) Limited sun light and paucity (1) Dandi (2) Kheda the Government
of nutrients (3) Sabarmati (4) Champaran (4) Laws made by the common
(2) None of the options 70. Raga Kameshwari was composed people.
(3) Insect and fungi by 78. For a missile launched with a
(4) Water limits and fire (1) Ustad Amzad Ali Khan velocity less than the earths
61. The Mediterranean region are (2) None of the options escape velocity, the total energy is
characterized by heavy rain in: (3) Pandit Ravi Shankar (1) either positive of negative
(1) Winter (2) Spring (4) Uday Shankar (2) Negative
(3) Autumn (4) Summer 71. The father of computer is (3) Zero
62. Earthquakes are caused by (1) Oliver Twist (4) Positive
(1) Denudation (2) Charles Dickens 79. Molybdenum deficiency affects
(2) Tectonism (3) Charles Babbage the activity of:
(3) Earth revolution (4) Love Lice (1) All of the given options
(4) Earth rotation 72. In which year did Dada Saheb (2) Chlorate reductase
63. The oldest form of composition of Phalke produce the first feature (3) Nitrogenase
Hindustani vocal music is film? (4) Nitrate reductase
(1) Dhurpad (2) Thumri (1) 1911 (2) 1913 80. Waksman got the Nobel Prize for
(3) Ghazal (3) 1910 (4) 1912 the discovery of :
(4) None of the options 73. The earth completes one rotation (1) Streptomycin
64. The Womens Reservation Bill on its axis in : (2) Chloromycetin
seeks how much reservation for (1) 23 hrs. 56 min. 4.9 see (3) Neomycin
women in the State assemblies (2) 23 hrs. 10 min. 2 see (4) Penicillin
and Lok Sabha ? (3) 23 hrs. 30 min. 81. The business in Stock Markets
(1) 30% (2) 25% (4) 24 hrs. and other securities markets is
(3) 33% (4) 36% 74. What is the fascist view of state ? regulated
65. The Dynamo converts (1) State enhances the ideal of (1) Securities and Exchange
(1) Electrical Energy into individualism Board of India
Mechanical Energy (2) Nation state is unquestionably (2) Sole Trade and Exchange Bank
(2) Mechanical Energy into sovereign of India
Magnetic Energy (3) State is the instrument of (3) State and Exchange Bank of
(3) None of these exploitation in the hands of India
(4) Mechanical Energy into few. (4) Stock and Exchange Bank of
Electrical Energy (4) State is under the control of a India
66. When is International Yoga king 82. Liberalism stands for
Divas is celebrated? 75. The Environment (Protection) Bill (1) religious orthodoxy
(1) 21 June (2) 21 May was passed by the Parliament of (2) a movement and an attitude
(3) 25 April (4) 21 July India in - (3) self-emancipation
67. Which was the first hydel power (1) 1984 (2) 1972 (4) freedom in social, political and
project in India ? (3) 1986 (4) 1981 economic aspects
(1) Pallivasal in Kerala 76. Dont Laugh : We are Police, this 83. Heavy metals got their name
(2) Paikara in Tamil Nadu book was compiled by because compared to other atoms
(3) Siva Samudram in Karnataka (1) Shanti Swaroop I.G. they have
(4) Nizamnagar in Andhra Pradesh (2) None of the options (1) Higher densities
68. Microbial Type Culture Collection (3) Bishan Lal Vohra I. G. P (2) Higher atomic masses
Centre is situated at: (4) K.P.S. Gill D.G.P (3) Higher atomic numbers
(1) Bangalore (2) Chandigarh 77. What is ordinary Law? (4) Higher atomic radii
(3) New Delhi (4) Hyderabad (1) Laws made by the High Court 84. Photo chemical smog is a resultant
of the reaction among
1.6: Solved Paper (09-08-2015) (2nd Sitting)

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(1) High concentration of NO2, (4) A positive helium ion (2) Full moon day as well as on
O3, and CO in the evening 90. When one gene pair hides the new moon day
(2) CO, CO 2 and NO 2 at low effect of the other unit, the (3) Full moon day only
temperature. phenomenon is referred to as: (4) The day when the moons
(3) CO, O 2 and peroxy acetyl (1) Epistasis position is in its first quarter
nitrate in the presence of (2) Mutation 97. Which one of the following is the
Sunlight (3) None of the options correct sequence of eco-system in
(4) NO 2, O 3 and peroxy acetyl (4) Dominance the order of decreasing
nitrate in the presence of 91. The classical Dance of Andhra productivity?
Sunlight Pradesh is (1) Oceans, mangroves, lakes,
85. The Liquidity Preference Theory (1) Kuchipudi (2) Odissi grassland
of Interest was propounded by: (3) Bharatanatyam (2) Mangroves, oceans, grass-
(1) J.M. Keynes (4) Kathakali land, lakes
(2) David Ricardo 92. Who directed the film on the (3) Oceans, lakes, grassland,
(3) Alfred Marshall dacoit queen Phoolan Devi? mangroves
(4) Adam Smith (1) Abbas Mastan (4) Mangroves, grasslands, lakes,
86. Which of the following costs is (2) Shashi Kapoor oceans
related to marginal cost? (3) Shekhar Kapoor 98. Who is considered founder of the
(1) Variable Cost (4) Anil Kapoor Gupta Empire?
(2) Implicit Cost 93. PSW stands for (1) Srigupta
(3) Prime Cost (4) Fixed Cost (1) Program status word (2) Samudra Gupta
87. Fascism believes in the (2) Processor status word (3) Chandra Gupta I
application of the principle of: (3) Process status word (4) Chandra Gupta II
(1) Dictatorship (4) Primitive status word 99. A Fuse wire is characterised by
(2) Democracy 94. The name of the upper house of (1) High resistance and low
(3) Utilitarianism the Indian Parlhlment is: melting point
(4) Totalitarianism (1) Senate (2) High resistance and high
88. Autocracy means _________ (2) Rajya Sabha melting point
(1) Rule by few (3) House of Lords (3) Low resistance and high
(2) Rule by King (4) Legislative Assembly melting point
(3) Absolute rule by one 95. G E of, an international aid - (4) Low resistance and low
(4) Rule by the representatives of giving agency has the full form melting point
the People (1) Global Environment Fund 100. The technology used in the
89. When a helium atom loses an (2) Global Educational Fund electronic printer is called
electron it becomes: (3) Global Economic Fund (1) Micro array
(1) A negative helium ion (4) Global Energy Fund (2) Micro millimetric
(2) A proton 96. Spring tides occur on (3) Micro technology
(3) An alpha particle (1) New moon day only (4) Micro encapsulation

101. XY and XZ are tangents to a 102. Pipe A can fill a tank in 4 hours and
circle, ST is another tangent to the pipe Bean fill it in 6 hours. If they 1 2
(c) 3 (d) 4
circle at the point R on the circle, are opened on alternate hours and 4 3
which intersects XY and XZ at if pipe A is opened first, in how 103. The value of tan 1 tan 2 tan 3
Sand T respectively. If XY = 15 cm many hours, the tank shall be full? .... tan 89 is
and TX = 9 cm, then RT is 1 1 (1) 1 (2) -2
(1) 4.5 crn (2) 7.5 cm (a) 4 (b) 3 (3) 0
2 2
(3) 6 cm (4) 3 cm (4) None of the options
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1.7: Solved Paper (09-08-2015) (2nd Sitting)

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109. The decrease in percentage of Rs. 274.50 after allowing discount
104. If x + = 1 then the value of passed students from 2011 to 2012 at a certain rate. Find the rate of
x approximately is discount.
x 2 + 3x + 1 (1) 8.25% (2) 8.27% (1) 8.16% (2) 8.5%
is (3) 8.24% (4) 8.22% (3) 8.34% (4) 8.33%
x2 + 7 x + 1
112. If PQRS is a rhombus and
cos cos
(1) 1 (2) 110. If
= n and
= m, then SPQ = 50, then RSQ is
7 (1) 55 (2) 65
the value of cos2 is
1 (3) 75 (4) 45
(4) 2 m2 1 113. ABC is a triangle and the sides
(1) (2)
105. In a rhombus ABCD, A = 60 m2 + n2 m + n2
2 AB, BC and CA are produced to E,
F and G respectively. If CBE =
and AB = 12 cm. Then the n2
diagonal BD is (3) (4) 0 ACF = 130 then the value of
m + n2

(1) 10 cm (2) 2 3 cm 111. The list price of a book is Rs. 100. GAB is
(3) 6 cm (4) 12 cm A dealer sells three such books for (1) 100 (2) 130
106. The printed price of an article is (3) 80 (4) 90
40% higher than its cost price. Directions (114 - 117): In the following questions, the Graph shows the demand
Then the rate of discount such and production of different companies. Study the graph and answer the questions.
that he gains 12% profit is
(1) 21% (2) 15%
(3) 20% (4) 18%
Directions (107-109): Study the DEMAND

following frequency polygon and 5000
answer the questions. 4500
4000 3660
Given a line graph showing the 3100 4200 3300

number of students passed in Higher 3000 3150

2100 2600 2800
Secondary Examination in a school over 2000
the years 2008 to 2013. 1450
200 0
180 170 A B C D E F
160 156 160
120 110
40 114. The demand of company B is what (1) 50% (2) 65%
percentage of the production of (3) 60% (4) 55%
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
company F ? 117. What is the ratio of the companies
107. The average of passed students in (1) 60% (2) 70% having more demand than
the years 2008, 2009, 2012 (3) 80% (4) 50% production to those having more
approximately is 115. What is the difference between the production than demand?
(1) 134.32 (2) 134.41 average demand and the average (1) 2: 3 (2) 1 : 2
(3) 134.56 (4) 134.67 production of the companies (in (3) 3 : 2 (4) 2 :1
108. The increase in percentage of lakh tonnes)? [Approximately] 118. A and B entered into a partnership
passed students from 2008 to 2011 (1) 200 (2) 325 investing Rs 16000 and Rs. 12000
approximately is (3) 275 (4) 250 respectively. After 3 months A
(1) 55% (2) 50.5% 116. The production of company A is withdrew Rs. 5000 while B
(3) 54.5% (4) 53.05% approximately what percent of the invested Rs. 5000 more. After 3
demand of company C? more months C joins the business
1.8: Solved Paper (09-08-2015) (2nd Sitting)

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with a capital of Rs 21000. The 125. If is an acute angle and tan2 + by 10%. His savings are increased
share of B exceeds that of C, out by
of a total profit of Rs. 26400 after = 2, then the value of is: 1
tan 2
one year by (1) 37 % (2) 50 %
(1) Rs. 2400 (2) Rs. 1200 (1) 60 (2) 45 2
(3) Rs. 3600 (4) Rs. 4800 (3) 15 (4) 30 (3) 25 % (4) 10 %
119. Raj and Prem walk in opposite 126. If the cube root of 79507 is 43, 134. Cost price of 100 books is equal to
directions at the rate of 3 km and 2 then the value of the selling price of 60 books. The
gain percentage/loss percentage is
km per hour respectively. How far 3
79.507 + 3 0.079507 +
will they be from each other after 2 3 3
hours? 0.000079507 (1) 66 % (2) 67%
(1) 0.4773 (2) 477.3 2
(1) km (2) 8 km
(3) 6 km (4) 2 km (3) 47.73 (4) 4.773 2
127. If tan + cot = 5, then tan2 + (3) 66% (4) 66 %
120. If 0 A 90, the simplified 3
cot2 is 135. The ratio of each interior angle to
form of the given expression sin A
(1) 23 (2) 25 each exterior angle of a regular
cos A (tan A - cot A) is
(3) 26 (4) 24
(1) 1 (2) 1 - 2 sin2 A polygon is 3:1. The number of
128. A number exceeds its two fifth by
(3) 2 sin A-I (4) 1- cos2A
2 sides of the polygon is
75. The number is (1) 9 (2) 7
121. Out of four numbers the average
(1) 125 (2) 112 (3) 6 (4) 8
of the first three is 16 and that of
(3) 100 (4) 150 136. A sum of money lent out at simple
the last three is 15. If the last
129. A, Band C can do a piece of work interest amounts to Rs. 720 after 2
number is 20 then the first number
in 24, 30 and 40 days respectively. years and Rs. 1020 after a further
They began the work together but period of 5 years. Find the
(1) 23 (2) 25
Cleft 4 days before completion of principal.
(3) 28 (4) 21
the work. In how many days was (1) Rs.600 (2) Rs.1740
122. The length of canvas, 75 cm wide
the work done? (3) Rs. 6000 (4) Rs. 120
required to build a conical tent of
(1) 13 (2) 12 137. If m - 5n = 2, then the value of (m3
height 14m and the floor area 346.5
(3) 14 (4) 11 - 125n3 - 30 mn) is
m2 is
(1) 665 m (2) 860 m x 3 (1) 13.3 (2) 12
(3) 490 m (4) 770 m 130. y = 4 , the ratio of (2x + 3y) and (3) 3 (4) 14.5
123. ABC is a cyclic triangle and the 1
(3y - 2x) is
bisectors of BAC , ABC and 138. If x + = 2 then the value of
(1) 2 : 1 (2) 3 : 2 x
BCA meet the circle at P, Q, and (3) 1 : 1 (4) 3 : 1
R respectively. Then the angle 131. The percentage increase in the x12 is
surface area of a cube when each x12
RQP is
side is doubled is (1) 2 (2) 4
B B (1) 50% (2) 200% (3) 0 (4) 4
(1) 90 (2) 90 + 139. Find the square root of
2 2 (3) 150% (4) 300%
132. A shopkeeper gains 17% after (0.064 0.008)(0.16 0.04)
(3) 90 + (4) 90 - allowing a discount of 10% on the
2 2 (0.16 + 0.08 + 0.04)(0.4 + 0.2)3
marked price of an article. Find his
profit percent if the articles are sold 1
124. If x = a 3 b a 3 b ..... then the at marked price allowing no (1) 3 (2)
value of x is discount.
(1) 30% (2) 23% 2 3
(1) 5 ab 3 (2) 3 a3b (3) (4)
(3) 27% (4) 37% 3 2
(3) 3 a 5 b 133. A man spends 75% of his income. 140. If two medians BE and CF of a
His income is increased by 20% triangle ABC, intersect each other
(4) 5 a 3 b and he increased his expenditure at G and if BG = CG, BGC = 60
1.9: Solved Paper (09-08-2015) (2nd Sitting)

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and BC = 8 cm then area of the 148. The angle of elevation of a tower
250 100
triangle ABC is (4) and from a distance of 100 metre from
7 7 its foot is 30. Then the height of
(1) 96 3 cm2 145. A boat can travel with a speed of the tower is
(2) 64 3 cm2 13 kmlhr in still water. If the speed
of stream is 4 km/hr in the same (1) 50 3 metre
(3) 48 3 cm2 direction, time taken by boat to go (2) 100 3 metre
(4) 48 cm2 63 km in opposite direction is
141. Given that x3 + y3 = 72 and xy = 6 (1) 9 hrs (2) 4 hrs 50
with xy = 6 with x > y. Then the (3) metre
9 3
value of (x - y) is (3) 7 hrs (4) 3 hrs
(1) 4 (2) 4 17 100
146. The measures of two angles of a (4) metre
(3) 2 (4) 2 3
142. If two sukpplementary angles triangle are in the ratio 4 : 5. If the
149. A can do a work in 10 days and B
differ by 44, then one of the sum of these two measures is
in 20 days. If they, together work
angles is equal to the measure of the third
on it for 5 days, then the fraction
(1) 68 (2) 65 angle, find the smallest angle.
of the work that is left is
(3) 102 (4) 72 (1) 10 (2) 50
143. If the sum of two numbers, one of (3) 90 (4) 40 3 4
(1) (2)
147. A person of height 6 ft. wants to 4 3
which is times the other, is 50, 26
5 3 1
plck a fruit which is on a ft. (3) (4)
then the numbers are 3 20 4
high tree. If the person is standing 150. Two circles touch each other
115 235
(1) and 8 externally. The sum of their areas is
7 7
ft. away from the base of the 130 sq cm and the distance
150 200 between their centres is 14 cm. The
(2) and tree, then at what angle should he radius of the smaller circle is
7 7
throw a stone so that it hits the (1) 2 cm
270 110 fruit? (2) 4 cm
(3) and
7 7 (1) 75 (2) 30 (3) 45 (4) 60 (3) 5 cm (4) 3 cm

Directions (151-155): In the following Increasing the purchasing power The poorest in the cities and the
questions, you have a brief passage of the poor through providing migrants are left out, for they generally
with 5 questions following the passage. productive employment leading to rising do not possess ration cards. The
Read the passage carefully and choose income, and thus good standard of living allocation of PDS supplies in big cities is
the best answer to each question out of is the ultimate objective of public policy. larger than in rural areas. In view of such
the four alternatives. However, till then, there is a need to deficiencies in the system, the PDS
provide assured supply of food through urgently needs to be streamlined. Also,
Passage a restructured, more efficient and considering the large foodgrain
The public distribution system, decentralized public distribution system production combined with food subsidy
which provides food at low prices, is a (PDS). Although the PDS is extensive - it on one hand and the continuing slow
subject of vital concern. There is a is one of the largest such systems in the starvation and dismal poverty of rural
growing realization that though India has world- it hasnt reached the rural poor population on the other, there is a strong
enough food to feed its masses two and the remote places. It remains an case for making PDS target-group
square meals a day, the monster of urban phenomenon, with the majority of oriented. By making PDS taiget-group
starvation and food insecurity continues the rural poor still out of its reach due to oriented, not only the poorest and the
to haunt the poor in our country. lack of economic and physical access. neediest would be reached without
1.10: Solved Paper (09-08-2015) (2nd Sitting)

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additional cost but we can also reduce (1) Referendum conference who works for an
the overall costs incurred. (2) Reservation NGO
151. Which of the following is true of (3) Representation 164. I did not see you for a long time.
public distribution system? (4) Renunciation (1) have not seen
(1) It has remained effective only 157. FRUGAL (2) saw
in the cities. (1) Plain (2) Simple (3) No improvement
(2) It is unique in the world (3) Miserly (4) Economical (4) have not been seeing
because of its effectiveness 158. DIMINISH 165. The glass figurine that was being
(3) It has reached the remotest (1) Prohibit (2) Worsen shown in the store window
corner of the country. (3) Reduce (4) Shorten appealed to me.
(4) It has improved its Directions (159 - 168): In the following (1) No improvement
effectiveness over the years. questions, a sentence/ part of the (2) that was on display
152. The full form of PDS is sentence is printed in bold. Below are (3) that was exhibited
(1) Private distribution system given alternatives to the bold sentence! (4) that was advertised
(2) Partial distribution system part of the sentence at (1), (2) and (3) 166. He is somehow tall for his age.
(3) Public distribution system which may improve the sentence. (1) No improvement
(4) Party distribution system Choose the correct alternative. In case (2) rather (3) many
153. What according to the passage, no improvement is needed, your answer (4) much
would be the rationale of making is (4). 167. The practice of starving the
the PDS target-group oriented? children in order to cure diarrhoea
(1) It will remove poverty. 159. We do not believe in a dual policy also aggravates the situation.
(2) It will motivate the target- of the company. (1) starving child
group population to, work (1) in this dual (2) No improvement
more. (2) in these dual (3) starve children
(3) It will give food to the poorest (3) on these dual (4) starving children
section without additional (4) No improvement 168. She said that she was glad to be
cost. 160. This news is too good to be true. here that evening.
(4) It will abolish the imbalance of (1) cannot be true (1) to ome here
urban and rural sectors. (2) so good that it should be true (2) to be there
154. The public distribution system, (3) No improvement (3) to have been here
which provides food at ____ is a (4) so good that it cannot be true (4) No improvement
subject of vital concern. 161. The notorious criminal went to the
police to go to prison. Directions (169-173): In the following
(1) low prices questions, some parts of the sentences
(2) high prices (1) submitted to the police
(2) surrendered himself before the have errors and some are correct. Find
(3) as per capita income out which part of a sentence has an
(4) fair prices police
(3) No improvement error. The number of that part is the
155. What should be an appropriate answer. If a sentence is free from error,
step to make the PDS effective? (4) gave himself up for the police
162. If he has time he will telephone. your answer is (4) i.e. No error.
(1) To reduce administrative cost.
(2) To decrease the allotment of (1) could (2) might 169. You are required to give an
food grains. (3) would explanation for your conduct
(3) To make it target-group (4) No improvement within two days of the receipt of
oriented. 163. He met European lady at the this letter.
(4) To increase the amount of conference who works for an (1) No error
foodgrain per ration card. NGO. (2) for your conduct
(1) European lady who works for (3) within two days of the receipt
Directions (156-158): In the following an NGO at the conference of his letter.
questions, out of the four alternatives, (2) No improvement (4) You are required to give an
choose the one which best expresses (3) a European lady who works explanation
the meaning of the given word. for an NGO, at the conference 170. The ruins of the spillway are a
156. PLEBISCITE (4) an European lady at the vital clue to the epic struggle that
1.11: Solved Paper (09-08-2015) (2nd Sitting)

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unfold as generations of Khmer 178. One who makes an official for each question. Choose the correct
engineers coped with a water examination of accounts alternative out of the four as your
system that grew complex and (1) Auditor (2) Registrar answer.
unruly. (3) Creditor 186. She pipped her rival __ the gold
(1) coped with a water system that (4) Chartered Accountant medal
grew complex and unruly. 179. Conferred as an honor (1) with (2) for
(2) to the epic struggle that (1) Honorary (2) Honorable (3) to (4) near
unfold as generations of (3) Honorarium(4) Honorific 187. Work should be guided by some
Khmer engineers 180. The burial of a corpse ______ desire of altruism and
(3) The ruins of the spillway are a (1) Internment (2) Interment _______ .
vital clue (3) Interrogate (4) Interpose (1) genuine ; philanthropy
(4) No error Directions (181 - 185): In the following (2) false ; honesty
171. Bobby learnt the alphabets at the questions, four alternatives are given for (3) shallow; ability
age of two. the Idiom! Phrase printed in bold in the (4) good; liberty
(1) No error (2) age of two sentence. Choose the alternative which 188. Ships are _____ by giant engines.
(3) Bobby learnt the best expresses the meaning of the (1) dragged (2) sailed
(4) alphabets at the . idiom/Phrase. (3) pulled (4) driven
172. Thesum and substance of this 189. Krisdas storiesme ____ very
poem is as follows. 181. Hes as daft as a brush. Dont
believe a word of what he says. strangely.
(1) of this poem (1) effected (2) affected
(2) No error (1) a liar
(2) very funny (3) really silly (3) changed (4) afflicted
(3) The sum and substance 190. By morning, the fury of the floods
(4) is as follows (4) unreliable
182. I hope you will back me at the __ .
173. I watched how the pianoist used (1) ebbed (2) receded
her left hand. meeting.
(1) criticise (3) retired (4) abated
(1) I watched how
(2) the pianoist (2) speak after I do Directions (191-193): In the following
(3) No error (3) follow (4) support questions, choose the word opposite in
(4) used her left hand 183. A closefisted man does not know meaning to the given word.
the significance of human life. 191. URBANE
Directions (174-180): In the following (1) a poor man
questions, out of the four alternatives, (1) Loud (2) Native
(2) a rich man (3) Crude (4) Rural
choose the one which can be (3) a miser
substituted for the given words/ 192. BOLD
(4) an ill-mannered man (1) Timid (2) Nervous
sentence. 184. I shall always remember my alma (3) Coy (4) Fearful
174. One who does not believe in the mater with gratitude. 193. AUTHENTIC
existence of God (1) Institution where I got (1) Genuine (2) False
(1) Atheist (2) Theist education (3) Factual (4) Real
(3) Mystic (4) Cynic (2) teacher who inspired me
175. To free someone from all blames (3) mothers loving care Directions (194 to 198): In the
(1) Consolidate (4) kindergarten days following questions, you have a brief
(2) Fling (3) Forbid 185. I and my friend always go Dutch passage with 5 questions following the
(4) Exonerate when we eat out. passage. Read the passage carefully and
176. That which cannot be effaced (1) drive together choose the best answer to each
(1) Illegible (2) Indelible (2) pay for each others meal question out of the four alternatives.
(3) Invincible (4) Affable (3) go together Passage
177. A person who deliberately sets fire (4) divide the costs
The desert floras shame us with
to a building Directions (186-190): In the following their cheerful adaptations to the
(1) Arsonist (2) Extortionist questions, sentences are given with seasonal limitations. Their whole duty is
(3) Hijacker blanks to be filled in with an appropriate to flower and fruit, and they do it hardly,
(4) Assassin word(s). Four alternatives are suggested
1.12: Solved Paper (09-08-2015) (2nd Sitting)

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or with tropical luxuriance, as the rain as high as a man, the blossoming twigs (2) a type of desert animal
admits. It is recorded in the report of the flourish and bear fruit. (3) a sand dune
Death Valley expedition that after a year 194. What lesson do the desert floras (4) a desert flora
of abundant rains, on the Colorado have to teach us ? 198. What stops the desert floras
desert was found a specimen of (1) how to live a long time performing their duty well?
Amaranthus ten feet high. A year later (2) how to adapt to limitations (1) the desert sand
the same species in the same place (3) how to grow with grace. (2) the rain
matured in the drought at four inches. (4) how to grow in dry places. (3) the people who pluck them
Seldom does the desert herb attain the 195. How does the wind keep the (4) the sesert animals
full stature of the type. Extreme aridity desert floras to grow? Directions (199 - 200): In the following
and extreme altitude have the same (1) by blowing the heat away questions, four words are given in each
dwarfing effect, so that we find in the (2) by rolling up protective question, out of which only one word is
high Sierras and in Death Valley related sand dunes. . correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt
species in miniature that reach a comely (3) by blowing gently word.
growth in mean temperatures. Very fertile (4) by blowing the clouds away
are the desert plants in expedients to 196. The desert plants face the danger 199. (1) coherant
prevent evaporation, turning their foliage of _____ from extreme aridity and (2) commendation
edgewise toward the sun, growing silky extreme altitude. (3) tommorow
hairs, exuding thick gum. The wind, (1) early death (4) advicable
which has a long sweep, harries and (2) loss of reproduction 200. (1) aneurysm
helps them. It rolls up dunes about the (3) painful growth (2) ann onymous
stocky stems, encompassing and (4) dwarfism (3) disipate
protective, and above the dunes, which 197. The mesquite is a ______ (4) carcas
may be, as with the mesquite, three times (1) a tribe of people

1.(1) 2.(3) 3. (1) 4. (4) 5. (1) 6. (3) 7. (3) 8.(1) 9. (1) 10. (2)
11.(4) 12. (1) 13. (1) 14. (4) 15. (1) 16. (*) 17. (2) 18. (4) 19. (4) 20. (3)
21. (4) 22. (3) 23. (2) 24. (3) 25. (3) 26. (2) 27. (1) 28. (3) 29. (1) 30. (3)
31. (1) 32. (3) 33. (1) 34. (*) 35. (2) 36. (1) 37. (2) 38. (3) 39. (3) 40. (2)
41. (3) 42. (3) 43. (1) 44. (2) 45. (4) 46. (3) 47. (4) 48. (4) 49. (1) 50. (3)
51. (3) 52. (4) 53. (4) 54. (2) 55. (4) 56. (4) 57. (1) 58. (1) 59. (2) 60. (4)
61. (1) 62. (2) 63. (1) 64. (3) 65. (4) 66. (1) 67. (3) 68. (2) 69. (4) 70. (3)
71. (3) 72. (2) 73. (1) 74. (2) 75. (3) 76. (3) 77.(3) 78. (2) 79. (4) 80. (1)
81. (1) 82. (4) 83. (2) 84. (4) 85. (1) 86. (1) 87. (4) 88. (3) 89. (4) 90. (1)
91. (1) 92. (3) 93. (1) 94. (2) 95. (1) 96. (2) 97. (4) 98. (1) 99. (4) 100. (4)
101. (3) 102. (4) 103. (1) 104. (3) 105. (4) 106. (3) 107. (4) 108. (3) 109. (3) 110. (3)
111. (2) 112. (2) 113. (1) 114. (4) 115. (3) 116. (4) 117. (2) 118. (3) 119. (1) 120. (3)
121. (1) 122. (4) 123. (1) 124. (4) 125. (2) 126. (4) 127. (1) 128. (1) 129. (4) 130. (4)
131. (4) 132. (1) 133. (2) 134. (4) 135. (4) 136. (1) 137. (3) 138. (2) 139. (1) 140. (2)
141. (3) 142. (*) 143. (1) 144. (4) 145. (3) 146. (4) 147. (2) 148. (4) 149. (4) 150. (4)
151. (1) 152. (3) 153. (3) 154. (1) 155. (3) 156. (1) 157. (4) 158. (3) 159. (1) 160. (4)
161. (2) 162. (4) 163. (3) 164. (1) 165. (2) 166. (2) 167. (2) 168. (2) 169. (3) 170. (2)
171.(4) 172. (2) 173. (2) 174. (1) 175.(4) 176. (2) 177. (1) 178. (1) 179. (1) 180. (2)
181. (3) 182. (4) 183. (3) 184. (1) 185. (4) 186. (2) 187. (1) 188. (2) 189. (2) 190. (4)
191. (3) 192. (1) 193. (2) 194. (2) 195. (2) 196. (4) 197. (4) 198. (2) 199. (2) 200. (1)
1.1: Solved Paper (26-10-2014) (1st Sitting)

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PRE. EXAM 2014
Held On: 26-10-2014 (Morning Shift)

Directions (Q. Nos. 1-6) In the following 11. (a) Bay (b) Cape Directions (Q. Nos. 16-18) In the
questions, select the related word/ (c) Peninsula (d) Island Following questions, a series is given,
letters/number from the given 12. Which one of the given response with one term missing. Choose the
alternatives. would be a meaningful order of correct alternative from the given ones
1. Optimist : Cheerful : : Pessimist :? the following? that will complete the series.
(a) Petty (b) Selfish 1. Seed 2. Plant 16. 1, 0, 3, 2, 5, 6, ?, 12, 9, 20
(c) Gloomy (d) Mean 3. Germination 4. Embryo (a) 9 (b) 10
2. YTOJ : XSNI : : WRMH : ? 5. Flower 6. Fruit (c) 7 (d) 8
(a) VQLG (b) TOJE (a) 1, 5, 3, 4, 2, 6 17. SHG, RIF, QJE, PKD, ?
(c) RMHC (d) UPKF (b) 1, 4, 3, 2, 5, 6 (a) NME (b) NLB
3. EIGK : EACY : : RVTY : ? (c) 6, 5, 4, 3, 1, 2 (c) OLE (d) OLC
(a) RVSQ (b) RNPL (d) 1, 5, 6, 4, 2, 3 18. 7, 8, 18, 57, ?, 1165
(c) RWUY (d) RMPL 13. Arrange the following words as (a) 174 (b) 232
4. 720 : 840 : : 60 : ? per order in the English (c) 224 (d) 228
(a) 76 (b) 80 dictionary. 19. There are five friends Sachin,
(c) 70 (d) 74 1. Live 2. Litter Kamal, Mohan, Arun and Ram.
5. 225 : 256 : : 289 : ? 3. Little 4. Literacy Sachin is shorter than Kamal, but
(a) 234 (b) 361 5. Living taller than Ram. Mohan is the
(c) 324 (d) 432 (a) 3, 4, 2, 1, 5 tallest. Arun is a little shorter than
6. Money : Misappropriation : : (b) 3, 2, 4, 5, 1 Kamal and a little taller than
Writing : ? (c) 4, 3, 5, 2, 1 (d) 4, 2, 3, 1, 5 Sachin. Who is the second tallest?
(a) Deception (b) Mistake 14. Which one set of letters when (a) Ram (b) Sachin
(c) Plagiarism (d) Theft sequentially placed at the gaps in (c) Kamal (d) Arun
the given letter series shall 20. A is the brother of B, B is the
Directions (Q. Nos. 7-11) Select the one complete it?
which is different from other three daughter of C and D is the father
ipi_upog_pig_pogi_g of A. Then, how is C related to D?
alternatives. (a) iupgg (b) upgii (a) Husband (b) Wife
7. (a) Rival (c) puigp (d) giupi (c) Granddaughter
(b) Opponent 15. In the following series, how many (d) Grandfather
(c) Foe (d) Ally KGN occur in such a way that G 21. From the given alternative words,
8. (a) 27 (b) 35 is in the middle and K and N select the word which can be
(c) 18 (d) 9 are adjacent to it on both sides? formed using the letters of the
9. (a) 9-72 (b) 8-56 AKGLMNDQKGCSNGK given word.
(c) 11-115 (d) 10-90 TGKGNDZ PUXG KE DEMOCRACY
10. (a) TUVX (b) OPRS (a) 3 (b) 5 (a) SECRECY (b) MICRO
(c) BCDF (d) HIJL (c) 1 (d) 2 (c) MARCY (d) DEMON
1.2: Solved Paper (26-10-2014) (1st Sitting)

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22. From the given alternative words, (a) 272 (b) 112 (c) 210 (d) 254 (a) 6 (b) 7
select the word which cannot be 28. Some letters are given with (c) 4 (d) 5
formed using the letters of the numbers from 1 to 6. Select the
given word sequence of numbers which 33. 4 10 22
INCARCERATION arranges the letters into a 8 5 14
(a) RELATION meaningful word 10 3 ?
(b) TERRAIN 1 2 3 4 5 6
(c) INACTION G I C O D N (a) 13 (b) 14
(d) CREATION (a) 2, 1, 4, 3, 6, 5 (c) 11 (d) 12
23. Mr. Manis age is 47 yr and (b) 4, 3, 2, 6, 5, 1
Johns age is 13 yr. In how many (c) 6, 5, 2, 3, 1, 4 34. 2 3 4
years will Mr. Manis age be (d) 3, 4, 5, 2, 6, 1 3 4 5
double of Johns age? 29. Select the correct combination of 13 ? 41
(a) 20 (b) 21 (c) 10 (d) 15 mathematical signs to replace *
24. If in a certain code signs and to balance the (a) 31 (b) 46
INTELLIGENCE is written as following equation (c) 23 (d) 25
ETNIGILLECNE, then how can (8 * 7 * 6) * 5 * 10 35. Some statements are given
MATHEMATICAL be written in (a) = followed by two Conclusions I
the same code? (b) + and II. You have to consider the
(a) AMHTMETACILA (c) + statements to be true, even if they
(b) TAMMEHITALAC (d) + = seem to be at variance from
(c) HTAMTAMELACI 30. If > stands for division, commonly known facts. You are
(d) LACITAMEHTAM stands for multiplication, to decide which of the given
25. If in a certain code stands for greater than, conclusions can definitely be
CHARACTER is written as standsd for less than, < stands drawn from the given statements.
241612376 and CHILDREN is for addition, stands for Indicate your answer.
written as 24859670, then how subtraction, + stands for equal Statements
can HIRALAL be written in the to, then which of the following All files are papers.
same code? equation is correct? Some papers are books.
(a) 4861551 (a) 10 3 < 5 < 4 + 16 Some books are journals.
(b) 4861515 (b) 4 6 < 4 < 4 + 16 Conclusions
(c) 4685151 (c) 12 3 < 5 < 4 + 12 I. All files are journals.
(d) 4685511 (d) 11 12 < 5 < 4 + 12 II. All books are not journals.
26. Given below are capital letters in 31. Some equations are solved on the (a) Both Conclusions I and II
the first line and symbols in the basis of a certain system. Find the follow
second line. Symbols and letters correct answer for the unsolved (b) Neither Conclusion I nor II
are codes for each other. Choose equation on that basis. follows
the correct code for the given 5 * 3 = 125; 4 * 3 = 64; 8 * 2 = ? (c) Only Conclusion I follows
letters. (a) 28 (b) 16 (d) Only Conclusion II follows
(c) 32 (d) 64 36. Pratap starts from school and
Directions (Q. Nos. 32-34) In these walks 7 km towards East. He takes
+ = ( ) [ ] || # | > < questions, select the missing number a left and walks 4 km, then takes
BEAST from the given responses. a right and walks 2 km, again
(a) | + | | (b) | # | | takes a right and walks 3 km.
(c) | + # | | (d) | + = 32. 9 7 4
Which direction is he facing now?
27. In an examination, 78% of the (a) South (b) North
total students who appeared were 5 4 3 (c) East (d) West
successful. If the total number of 6 8 ? 37. Vijay travelled 12 km Southward,
failures was 176 and 34% got first 49 52 25 then turned right and travelled 10
class, then how many students got km, then turned right and
first class?
1.3: Solved Paper (26-10-2014) (1st Sitting)

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travelled 12 km. How far was
Vijay from the starting point? 46.
(a) 22 km (b) 44 km
(c) 12 km (d) 10 km
38. Fertilizer consumption in India in
1984-85 was 8.21 MT. By 1990 it 42. In the given figure, which letter
was 13.75 MT and by 2000 it was represents those Actors who are
expected to reach 16 MT. What also Dancers, Singers as well as
conclusion can you draw from Violinists?
this data?
(a) Fertilizer consumption does
not show any trend
(b) There is a steady increase of
the fertilizer consumption 47. A piece of paper is folded and cut
(c) Fertilizer consumption is as shown below in the question
steady (a) S (b) Q figures. From the given answer
(d) There is a steady decrease in (c) P (d) U figures, indicate how it will
the fertilizer consumption. Directions (Q. Nos. 43 and 44) In the appear when opened.
39. How many triangles are there in following questions, identify the
the given figure? diagram that best represents the
relationship among the classes given
43. Factory, Machinery, Product

(a) 18 44. Travellers, Train, Bus

(b) 20 or more 48. From the given answer figures,
(c) 12 select the one is which the
(d) 16 question figure is hidden/
40. Among the four answer figures, embedded.
which figure can be formed the
cut-pieces given below in the Directions (Q. Nos. 45 and 46) In these
question figure? questions, which answer figure will
Question Figure complete the pattern in the question


Answer Figures

49. A word is represented by only one

set of numbers as given in any
one of the alternatives. The sets of
numbers given in the alternatives
41. Choose the cube which will be
are represented by two classes of
formed on folding the given
alphabets as in two matrices given
question figure.
below. The columns and rows of
Study Kit for SSC Combined Graduate Level
Examination (Tier- II)

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Firstly to cover 100% SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Tier - II examination syllabus.
Secondly to compile all the required study materials in one place, so to save the precious time of the
aspirants. Further, in this study kit we have incorporated all available study material in the market,
also we have included material of standard Books meant for SSC CGL preparation. This is in the
interest of candidate so that they need not to study separate material for every section.

Our Strategy:
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1.4: Solved Paper (26-10-2014) (1st Sitting)

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Matrix I are numbered from 0 to 4 the image of the question figure?
and that of Matrix II are numbered
from 5 to 9. A letter from these
matrices can be represented first
by its row and next by its column.
e.g., E can be represented by 02,
43, 68 etc., and N can be
represented by 21, 65, 95 etc. (a) 04, 30, 31, 41
Similarly, you have to identify the (b) 88, 57, 69, 32
number set for the word given (c) 04, 11, 41, 76
below. (d) 88, 78, 99, 89
Cost 50. If a mirror is placed on the line MN,
then which of the answer figures is

51. he famous economist Thomas 56. The word Economics is taken (a) Imad Shahi (b) Nizam Shahi
Robert Malthus, in his views from which language? (c) Qutb Shahi (d) Adil Shahi
regarding population, is (a) French (b) Greek 61. Who regarded the second
(a) optimistic (c) German (d) English chamber as needless, useless and
(b) partly optimistic and partly 57. Which of the following is a merit worse?
pessimistic of the presidential form of (a) Laski (b) Maclver
(c) pessimistic government? (c) Bentham (d) Seeley
(d) None of the above (a) The fixed tenure of the 62. The tenure of the Swiss President
52. Non-insurable or uncertainty risk executive gives it a great is
is sense of stability (a) 3 yr (b) 2 yr
(a) change in fashion (b) It ensures speedy execution of (c) 4 yr (d) 1 yr
(b) fire policies 63. Haemolymph is observed in
(c) flood (c) It safeguards the liberty of the (a) Arthropods
(d) change in the price of that people (b) Echinoderms
commodity (d) All of the above (c) Ascaris (d) Annelids
53. Gold Bullion Standard refers to 58. The two chambers of the Swiss 64. The virus without capsid but only
(a) gold coin as an unlimited legal Federal Assembly are called with nucleic acids is called
tender (a) National Council and Council (a) Capsomere (b) Nucleoid
(b) gold as the measure of value of States (c) Prion (d) Virion
(c) free coinage of gold (b) House of Lords and House of 65. The immunity caused by the B-
(d) no restriction on import and Commons lymphocytes is called
export of gold (c) Senate and House of (a) Sterile immunity
54. Laws made by the executive are Representatives (b) Acquired Immunity
called (d) None of the above (c) Cellular Immunity
(a) Delegated Legislation 59. Name the Italian traveller who (d) Humoral Immunity
(b) Preferred Legislation visited the Vijayanagar empire in 66. Who among the following
(c) Rule of Law 1420 AD enjoyed the patronage of Sultans
(d) Administrative Law (a) Domingos Paes from Balban to Ghiyas-ud-din
55. The word Oikonomia means (b) Edoardo Barbosa Tughlaq?
(a) Household Management (c) Nicolo de Conti (a) Ibn Batutah
(b) Individual Management (d) Abdur Razzag (b) Badauni
(c) Political Management 60. Which one of the following (c) Zia-ud-din Barani
(d) Fiscal Management dynasties established an (d) Amir Khusrow
independent rule in Bijapur?
1.5: Solved Paper (26-10-2014) (1st Sitting)

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67. The Sufi movement originally 77. Which of the following is not a 87. CAD stands for
started from form of carbon? (a) Computer Automatic Design
(a) Persia (b) Delhi (a) Soot (b) Hematite (b) Computer Aided Decode
(c) Lahore (d) Kabul (c) Graphite (d) Charcoal (c) Computer Automatic Decode
68. Humayun was driven out of 78. What is Dry Ice? (d) Computer Aided Design
Hindustan in 1540 AD after the (a) Solid carbon dioxide 88. Unix operating system is generally
battle of (b) Liquid nitrogen known as
(a) Chausa (b) Dourah (c) ice cubes and saw dust (a) Multi User Operating System
(c) Surajgarh (d) Kannauj (d) Ice cubes and salt (b) General Application
69. Poly metallic nodules (also called 79. The gas commonly used in (c) Single User Operating System
manganese nodules) are found in advertisement sign-boards and (d) Single User Application
concentrations decorative lights is Program
(a) on continental shelves (a) nitrogen (b) chlorine 89. Who holds the world record as
(b) in deep ocean beds (c) hydrogen (d) neon the youngest person to climb
(c) on lake beds 80. Flow of blood in dorsal blood Mount Everest?
(d) in beach sands vessel of earthworm is (a) Santosh Yadav
70. Spot the odd item in the following (a) sideward (b) downward (b) Phu Dorjee
(a) Meander (b) Delta (c) backward (d) forward (c) Bachendri Pal
(c) Bolson (d) Ox-bow lake 81. Which of the following is (d) Dicky Dolma
71. Kandla port is located at biodegradable? 90. Hyperplasia means
(a) Gulf of Khambat (a) Leather belts (a) abnormal increase in number
(b) Kori Creek (b) Silver foil of cells
(c) Gulf of Kutch (c) Iron nails (d) Plastic mugs (b) an increase in size of a cell
(d) None of these 82. Fungi that grow on bark are said (c) excessive motility of muscle
72. Which of the following forests to be (d) voracious eating
grows in waterlogged areas? (a) Xyiophilous 91. The part of root involved in water
(a) Mangrove (b) Evergreen (b) Saxicolous absorption is
(c) Deciduous (d) Coniferous (c) Coprophilous (a) zone of elongation
73. Nag Tiba and Mahabharat ranges (d) Corticolous (b) zone of root cap
are included in 83. To an astronaut in space the sky (c) zone of cell division
(a) Sub-Himalayas will appear to be (d) zone of root hairs
(b) Trans-Himalayas (a) violet (b) red 92. Who is the Prime Minister of
(c) Greater Himalayas (c) blue (d) black Australia?
(d) Lesser Himalayas 84. On a rainy day, small oily films on (a) Tony Abbott
74. Pink mould is the common name for water show brilliant colours. This (b) Kevin Rudd
(a) Aspergillus is due to (c) Julia Gillard
(b) Rhizopus (a) scattering (b) dispersion (d) None of these
(c) Neurospora (c) refraction (d) polarisation 93. Which of the parent country of
(d) Mucor 85. Natural radioactivity was mobile giant Nokia?
75. The sleeping sickness is caused discovered by (a) Finland (b) Sweden
by (a) Rutherford (b) Marie Curie (c) Spain (d) Germany
(a) Escherichia (c) Henri Becquerel 94. Where was the Joint G-20 Finance
(b) Neisseria (d) Enrico Fermi and Labour Ministers Meeting
(c) Entamoeba 86. Rainbow formation is due to held on July 19, 2013?
(d) Trypanosoma (a) absorption of sunlight by (a) New York (b) Paris
76. Combustion is a water droplets (c) Moscow (d) London
(a) physicai and chemical process (b) diffusion of sunlight through 95. Which is the largest man-made
(b) biological process water droplets lake?
(c) physical process (c) ionisation of water droplets (a) Baikal (b) Wullar
(d) chemical process (d) refraction and reflection of (c) Govind Sagar
sunlight by water droplets (d) Rana Pratap Sagar
1.6: Solved Paper (26-10-2014) (1st Sitting)

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96. Who took oath as the President of (c) Zalmay Khalizad (a) Adly Mansour
Iran on August 4, 2013? (d) Susan Rice (b) Sasikumar Venkat
(a) Hassan Rouhani 98. Who won the Rogers Cup (c) Amal Allana
(b) Mohammad Bashir Ahmad womens singles in lawn tennis in (d) Ratan Thiyam
(c) Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf 2013? 100. To which channel did the
(d) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (a) Victoria Azarenka International Olympic Committee
97. Who was sworn-in as the United (b) Agnieszka Radwanska sell the broadcasting rights for
States Ambassador to the United (c) Maria Sharapova 2014 and 2016 Olympics?
Nations by Joe Biden on August 1, (d) Serena Williams (a) Set Max
2013? 99. Who was appointed as the (b) Zee sports
(a) Rosemary DiCarlo Chairperson of the National (c) STAR India
(b) Samantha Power School of Drama on August 19, (d) Doordarshanz

101. Subhash can copy 50 pages in 10 (a) 27 days (b) 12 days (a) 6427.50 (b) 6415.40
h; Subhash and Prakash can copy (c) 15 days (d) 18 days (c) 6400.30 (d) 6423.90
300 pages in 40 h. In how much 105. A certain number of men can 110. The surface area of two spheres
time can Prakash copy 30 pages? finish a piece of work in 100 days. are in the ratio 4 : 9. What is the
(a) 12 h (b) 9 h However, if there were 10 men less, ratio of their volumes?
(c) 13 h (d) 10 h then it would take 10 days more for (a) 8 : 27 (b) 16 : 81
102. Rajesh is in-charge of buying the work to be finished How many (c) 2 : 3 (d) 4 : 9
bread rolls and buns for a party. men were there originally? 111. On increasing the diameter of a
There are 10 buns in each box of (a) 110 (b) 75 (c) 50 (d) 100 circle by 75%, the percentage
buns and 8 bread rolls in each box 106. A square lawn has path 4 m wide increase in the perimeter is
of bread rolls. Rajesh wants to buy around it. If the area of the path is (a) 75% (b) 80%
exactly the same number of buns 196 m2, then each side of the lawn (c) 65% (d) 70%
and bread rolls. What is the is 112. If the perimeter of an equilateral
smallest number of boxes he (a) 7.25 m (b) 9.25 m triangle is 42 cm, its area, (in sq
should buy for buns alone? (c) 8.25 m (d) 8 m cm) will be
(a) 10 (b) 8 (c) 4 (d) 5 107. A cloth merchant has announced (a) 24 3 (b) 49 3
103. Simplify 25% rebate on marked price. If one
needs to have a rebate of Rs. 40, (c) 7 3 (d) 14 3
x 1
then how many shirts, each with a
1+ 1
2 x 2 marked price of Rs. 32, should he 113. If x +
= 1, (x 0), then the value
x4 + 1 x2 + 1 (a) 7 (b) 8 (c) 5 (d) 6 x 2 + 3x + 1
(a) (b) 108. One dozen pairs of socks quoted of is
2x2 2x2 x2 + 7x + 1
at Rs. 160 are available at a
x4 + 2 x 2 1 discount of 10%. Find how many 1
(c) (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 0 (d)
2 x2 pairs of socks can be bought for 2
Rs. 60. 114. If a + b + c = 0, find the value of
x4 1 (a) 6 pairs (b) 8 pairs
(d) 1 1 1 1
2 x2 (c) 5 pairs (d) 7 pairs + + 3 +
104. If a job is to be completed in 10 109. A machine is marked at Rs. 7500 a3 b 3
c ( a + b )3
days, it requires 270 persons. If 180 for sale. The shopkeeper allows
successive discounts of 8%, 5% 1 1
persons take up the same job, they + +
and 2% on it. The net selling price (b + c ) 3 (b + c ) 3
will finish it in
(in Rs.) is
1.7: Solved Paper (26-10-2014) (1st Sitting)

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(a) 1 (b) 3abc The time taken by the train to pass (a) Side Angle Side
(c) 1 (d) 0 a man standing on the platform (b) Angle Side Side
(a) 7s (b) 8s (c) Angle Side Angle
1 1
115. If x + y = 4 and + = 4, then (c) 5s (d) 6s (d) Side Side Side
x y 123. A, B and C start together from the 130. If an equilateral triangle ABC is
the value of x3 + y3 is same point to travel around a inscribed in a circle with centre at
(a) 52 (b) 64 (c) 4 (d) 25 circular island 30 km in 0, then BOC, COA and AOB
116. (a2 + 2a)2 + 12(a2 + 2a) 45 can be circumference. A and B are are respectively
expressed as travelling in the same direction and (a) 50, 60, 70
(a) (a 1) (a 3) (a2 + 2a + 15) C is in the opposite direction. If A (b) 120, 120, 120
(b) (a 1) (a + 3) (a2 + 2a + 15) travels 5 km, B travels 7 km and C (c) 60, 60, 60
(c) (a + 1) (a + 3) (a2 + 2a + 15) travels 8 km in an hour, then they (d) 80, 120, 160
(d) (a + 1) (a 3) (a2 + 2a + 15) all come together again after
131. If x = 3 + 2 2 , then the values of
117. The ratio of the first and second (a) 25 h (b) 30 h
class fares between two stations (c) 15 h (d) 20 h 1 1
is 4 : 1 and that of the number of x3 + and x 3 3 are
124. At what rate will a sum of Rs. 1000 x 3
passengers travelling by the first amount to Rs. 1102.50 in 2 yr at respectively
and second class is 1 : 40. If Rs. compound interest?
11000 is collected as total fare, (a) 6% (b) 6.5% (a) 140 2, 198(b) 234, 216
then the amount collected from the (c) 5% (d) 5.5% (c) 216, 234 (d) 198,140 2
first class passengers is 125. Radii of two circles are 6.3 cm and 132. Given that a + b +c = 2 and ab + bc
(a) Rs. 1375 (b) Rs. 3150 3.6 cm. If they touch each other + ca = 1, then the value of (a + b)2
(c) Rs. 800 (d) Rs. 1000 internally, then the distance + (b + c)2 + (c + a)2 is
118. The average age of three boys is between their centres is (a) 10 (b) 16
15 yr. If their ages are in the ratio (a) 9.1 cm (b) 2.7 cm (c) 6 (d) 8
of 3 : 5 : 7, then the age of the (c) 3.7 cm (d) 10.1 cm 133. If x2 + 4x + 3 = 0, then the value of
youngest boy (in yr) is 126. There is a circle of radius 5 cm and
(a) 18 (b) 21 (c) 9 (d) 15 the perpendicular distance from x3
119. Of three numbers, the first is twice the centre of the circle to the chord x 6 + 27 x 3 + 27
the second and the second is of the circle is 3 cm. Then, the
thrice the third. If the average of length of the chord is (a) 1 (b)
the three numbers is 10, then the (a) 6 cm (b) 5 cm 2
largest number is (c) 8 cm (d) 4 cm 1
(a) 12 (b) 18 (c) 30 (d) 15 127. In a ABC, A 20, B C (c) 1 (d)
120. A man purchased a car for Rs. = 32. Then, the A is
134. Find the area of the triangle
135000 and spent Rs. 25000 on (a) 84 (b) 90
repairs. At what price was the car (c) 75 (d) 80 9C
formed by the graph F = + 32
sold if he suffered 10% loss on it? 128. The bisector of BAC of ABC 5
(a) Rs. 176000 (b) Rs. 144000 cuts BC at and D and the with the F-axis and C-axis.
(c) Rs. 121500 (d) Rs. 150000 circumcircle of the triangle at E. If
121. In the certain examination, 77% 2760
DE = 3 cm, AC = 4 cm and AD = 5 (a) sq unit
candidates passed in English and cm, then the length of AB is 9
34% failed in Mathematics. If 13% (a) 9 cm (b) 10 cm 2760
failed in both the subjects and 784 (c) 7 cm (d) 8 cm (b) sq unit
candidates passed in both the 129. In two ABC and PQR,
subjects, then the total number of 2860
candidates was BC = QR , AB = PQ and (c) sq unit
(a) 1600 (b) 1800 extended m ABC = 120 and
(c) 1200 (d) 1400 extended m PQS = 120. Then, by 2560
122. A train 120 m long runs through a which condition are the two (d) sq unit
station at the speed of 54 km/h. triangles congruent?
1.8: Solved Paper (26-10-2014) (1st Sitting)

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135. If in a ABC, AB is smaller than (a) cot A cot B
AC, then AC AB is (b) sec A cosec B
(c) tan A tan B
(a) = BC (b) < AC (d) None of these
2 141. The angle subtended at the centre
(c) < BC (d) > BC of a circle by an arc length equal in
1 + sin length to the radius of the circle is
136. is equal to defined as
1 sin
(a) one radian
(a) sec + tan (b) 90 degrees
(b) sec tan (c) one grade 145. If in the year 1998, the boxes were
(c) cosec + cot (d) one degree exported at the same rate per box
(d) cosec cot 142. If sin x + sin2 x = 1, then the value as that in 1997, what would be the
3 of cos2 x + cos4 x is value (in crore of Rs.) of export in
137. If tan = and 0 < < and (a) 2 1998?
4 2
(b) 2.5 (a) 330 (b) 400
25x sin2 cos = tan2, then the
(c) 1 (c) 352 (d) 375
value of x is
(d) 1.5 146. What is the difference between
7 143. The value of a sector in a pie-chart boxes (in lakh) exported in the
(a) years 1996 and 1997?
64 is equal to
(a) 50
9 Angle of the sector (b) 25
(b) (a) 100
64 360 (c) 100
3 Angle of the sector (d) None of these
(c) (b) Total 147. In which year was the value per
64 360
aluminium box the minimum?
value of the data
5 (a) 1996
(d) Angle of the sector (b) 1998
64 (c) Total
138. A kite flying at a height of 45 m 180 (c) 1999
from the level ground is attached value of the data (d) 1995
to string inclined t 60 to the 148. What is the difference (in lakh)
Angle of the sector between the boxes exported in the
horizontal. The length of the (d) 100
180 years 1997 and 1998?
string is
144. In the figure, AB || CD and EF (a) 100000
30 intersects them. Then, the value of (b) 1000000
(a) m x is (c) 10
E (d) 1000
(b) 30 5 m 149. What was the aproximate
(c) 30 3 m A B percentage increase in export
value from the years 1995 to 1999?
(d) 30 2 m (a) 375
4x + 12
139. If a sec = x and b tan = y, then C D (b) 200
how are x and y connected with a (c) 333.3
and b? (d) None of these
(a) a2x2 b2y2 = a2b2 150. What was the percentage drop in
(a) 18 (b) 14
(b) b2x2 a2y2 = a2b2 export quantity from the years 1995
(c) 28
(c) a2x2 + b2y2 = a2b2 to 1996?
(d) 24
(d) b2x2 + a2y2 = a2b2 (a) 75
Directions (Q. Nos. 145-150) Study the
tan A + tan B following chart and answer the
(b) 25
140. is equal to (c) 50
cot A + cot B questions given below the chart.
(d) None of these
1.9: Solved Paper (26-10-2014) (1st Sitting)

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Directions (Q.Nos. 151-155) In the (b) to deliver given for the Idiom/Phrase underlined in
following questions, some parts of the (c) to be delivering the sentence. Choose the alternative
sentence have errors and some are (d) not to be delivered which best expresses the meaning of the
correct. Find out which part of a 160. Her true feelings manifested Idiom/Phrase.
sentence has an error. If a sentence is themselves in her sarcastic 167. Ask Mr. Das. He can give you all
free from error, mark (d) as your answer. remarks, only then was her ........ the news you need. He is always
151. With our great annoyance (a)/we revealed. in the swim.
found the ground (b)/filled with (a) sweetness (b) bitterness (a) in search of news
broken glasses. (c)/No error (d) (c) sarcasm (d) charm (b) well-informed and upto date
152. The new device (a)/aims at Directions (Q.Nos. 161-163) In the (c) giving news to others
eliminating (b)/the risk of short- following questions out of the four (d) at the swimming pool
circuiting. (c)/No error (d) alternatives, choose the one which best 168. You have been trying to solve
153. I wish to heartily (a)/congratulate expresses the meaning of the given this puzzle for a long time, be
you for (b)/your astounding word. careful, so that you avoid barking
success. (c)/No error (d) 161. Brutalize up the wrong tree.
154. The visitor took the vacant seat (a) Devise (b) Strike (a) keep working constantly
(a)/next from mine (b)/one of the (c) Stir (d) III-treat (b) climbing the wrong tree
many huge sofas in the room. (c)/ 162. Pinnacle (c) trying to solve problems
No error (d) (a) Summit (b) Pit (d) trying to find something at a
155. He was (a)/a learnt man among (c) Capusle (d) Heart wrong place
lords, (b)/and a lord among 163. Garble 169. Ill be able to do my job very well
learned men. (c)/No error (d) (a) Communicate when I know the ropes.
Directions (Q.Nos. 156-160) In the (b) Explain (a) learn the procedures
following questions sentences are (c) Confuse (b) gain confidence
given with blanks to be filled in with an (d) Hide (c) become bolder
appropriate word (s). Four alternatives (d) work in silence
Directions (Q.Nos. 164-166) In the 170. The secretarys thoughtless
are suggested for each question. following questions choose the word
Choose the correct alternative out of the remark added fuel to the fire.
opposite in meaning to the given word. (a) helped in improving the
164. Seamy situation
156. The book provides an overview of (a) Unpleasant (b) prevented the situation
European wines that should prove (b) Sincere (c) added humour to the situation
inviting to both the virtual ........ (c) Honest (d) worsened the difficult
and the experienced connoisseur. (d) Pure situation
(a) prodigal (b) novice 165. Cease 171. He could not get money from his
(c) zealot (d) glutton (a) Confront master because he rubbed him up
157. The Sun is shining brightly, please (b) Confiscate the wrong way.
........... the light. (c) Abandon (a) suggested a wrong method
(a) put off (b) put out (d) Initiate (b) advised him to be strict
(c) take off (d) put on 166. Denounce (c) Irked or irritated him
158. This practice was brought ........... to (a) Grant (d) asked him to speed up
prevent certain abuses. (b) Praise
(a) about (b) in Directions (Q.Nos. 172-181) In the
(c) Signify following questions sentence /a part of
(c) down (d) off (d) Confirm
159. This package was supposed the sentence is underlined. Below are
........... yesterday. Directions (Q.Nos. 167-171) In the given alternatives to the underlined part
(a) to have been delivered following questions four alternatives are at (a), (b), (c) which may improve the
1.10: Solved Paper (26-10-2014) (1st Sitting)

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sentence. Choose the correct 179. He denied that he had not forged (a) Topology
alternative. In case no improvement is my signature. (b) Numismatics
needed, your answer is (d). (a) would not forge (c) Speleology
172. The government representative (b) had forged (d) Seismology
furnished the reporters all details. (c) did not forge 187. Government be the few.
(a) provided the reporters all (d) No improvement (a) Monarchy
details 180. There is an error in grammar in the (b) Anarchy
(b) furnished reporters all details sentence. (c) Oligarchy
(c) furnished the reporters with (a) a written error (d) Autocracy
all the details (b) a grammar error 188. Materials that change naturally by
(d) No improvement (c) a grammatical error the action of bacteria.
173. It was raining so heavily yesterday (d) No improvement (a) Biological
that I could not move out for may 181. To his astonishment and (b) Biodegradiable
usual walk. admiratior, he got the information (c) Inflammable
(a) I could not go out for my that it was only the picture of a (d) Perishable
usual walk curtain. Directions (Q.Nos. 189 and 190) In the
(b) I could not move for my usual (a) found following questions four words are
walk (b) saw clearly given in each question, out of which
(c) I could not go to my usual (c) received the information only one word is correctly spelt. Find
walk (d) No improvement the correctly spelt word.
(d) No improvement Directions (Q.Nos. 182-188) In the 189. (a) Extirpate
174. Ram filled ink into his pen before following questions out of the four (b) Extripaite
leaving for school. alternatives, choose the one which can (c) Exterpate
(a) filled ink in his pen be substituted for the given words/ (d) Exitrpeit
(b) filled his pen with ink sentence. 190. (a) Intelligibility
(c) filled ink on his pen 182. Having a stale small or taste. (b) Inteligibility
(d) No improvement (a) Savoury (c) Inteligibelity
175. The toys he bought for Suzy are (b) Tepid (d) Inteligibillity
too to be cheap. (c) Rancid
(a) are so much good to be cheap Directions (Q.Nos. 191-200) You have
(d) Insipid two brief passages with five questions
(b) are so good that to be cheap 183. A wooden object used for
(c) were so good to be cheap following each passage. Read the
connecting animals that are passages carefully and choose the best
(d) No improvement pulling a vehicle.
176. I did one mistake in the dictation answer to each question out of the four
(a) Whip alternatives.
test today. (b) Yoke
(a) I made a mistake in (c) Rein Passage I
(b) I did a mistake in (d) Leash A crucial element that defines the
(c) I did a mistake at 184. A man who knows a lot about soap opera is the open-ended nature of
(d) No improvement things like food, music and art. the narrative, with stories spanning
177. John has been detained at a (a) Hostage several episodes. One of the defining
meeting. (b) Connoisseur features that makes a television program
(a) by the meeting (c) Priest a soap opera, according to Albert
(b) on a meeting(c) in meeting (d) Optimist Moran, is that form of television that
(d) No improvement 185. A doctor who specializes in works with a continuous open narrative.
178. The butler was as devoted as a diseases of the nose. Each episode ends with a promise that
faithful dog. (a) Pathologist the storyline is to be continued in
(a) a faithful cat (b) Podiatrist another episode.
(b) a faithful pet (c) Rhinologist In 2012, Robert. Lloyd of the Los
(c) a faithful friend (d) Otologist Angeles Times wrote of daily dramas,
(d) No improvement 186. Study of caves. Although melodramatically eventful,
1.11: Solved Paper (26-10-2014) (1st Sitting)

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soap operas such as this also have a (b) different concurrent narrative streak that theres snag there in a current
luxury of space that makes them seem threads which breaks on it and makes that streak
more naturalistic, indeed, the economics (c) more time spent with minor look that way.
of the form demand long scenes and characters 196. How did the days and nights go
conversations that a 22-episodes-per- (d) apparent villains that grow by, according to the writer?
season weekly series might dispense less apparent villainous (a) They slid along so smooth
with half a dozen lines of dialogue may 195. Soap operas that run for a part of and soft and quietly
be drawn out, as here, for pages. You the year usually end in (b) They slid along so quietly and
spend more time even with the minor (a) a cliffhanger smooth and softly
characters the apparent villains grow less (b) a sequence (c) They slid along so quiet and
a apparently villainous. (c) a cliff smooth and lovely
Soap opera storylines run (d) an episode (d) They slid along so smooth
concurrently, intersect and lead into Passage II and quietly
further developments An individual 197. They stopped navigating
episode of a soap opera will generally Two or three days and nights went
by, 1 reckon I might say they swam by (a) at daytime
switch between several different (b) at dawn
concurrent .arrative threads that may at they slid along so quiet and smooth and
lovely. Here is the way we put it in the (c) at night
times interconnect and affect one (d) at dusk
another or may run entirely independent time. It was a monstrous big river down
198. After a swim in the moor they
of each other. Evening soap operas and there-sometimes a mile and a half wider
(a) set down on the sandy shore
serials that run for only a part of the year we ran rights, and laid up and hid
and watched the daylight
tend to bring things to a dramatic end-of- daytimes, soon as night was most gone
season cliffhanger. we stopped navigating and tied up nearly
(b) set down on the sandy
191. What does the author mean by always in the dead water under a
bottom and watched the
the open -ended nature of soap towhead and then cut young cotton
daylight come
operas? woods and willows and hid the roft with
(c) set down on the sandy
(a) Every episode ends shruptly them-Then, we set out the lines. Next we
bottom where the water was
(b) Consecutive episodes nave slid into the river and had a swim, so as about ankle deep and watched
no connection to freshen up and cool, off then we set the daylight come
(c) Each episode ends with a down on the sandy bottom where the (d) set down on the sandy
promise that the storyline is to water was about knee deep and watched bottom where the water was
be continued in another the daylight come. Not a sound about knee deep and watched
episode anywhere-perfectly shill just like the the daylight come
(d) Every episode has a different whole word was asleep, only sometimes, 199. In the stillness of the night
story the bullfrogs a cluttering maybe. The (a) the whole world was asleep
192. A soap opera has the space for it first thing to see, looking away over the (b) a sweep creaking or jumbled
to be more water, was a kind of dull line- that was the up voices could be heard
(a) dramatic woods on other side, you couldnt make (c) sound come so far
(b) tragic
nothing else out, then a pale place in the (d) the bullfrogs also were asleep
(c) artistic
sky, then more paleness spreading 200. The streak on the water looks as it
(d) naturalistic
around, then the river softened up away does because
193. The economics of a soap opera
off and warm black any more, but gray (a) of a sang there in the swift
form demands for it to have
you could see little dark spots drifing current which breaks on it
(a) melodramatic events
(b) promising storylines along ever so far away-trading scowe (b) the streak has been swept by
(c) long scenes and such things and long black streaks- the swift current
(d) luxurious space rafts sometimes you could hear a sweep (c) the swift current has broken
194. An individual episode of a soap creaking, jumbled up voices, it was so the streak
opera generally switches between still and sounds comes so far and by (d) the streak has been swept by
(a) successive intersections of and by you could see a streak on the the swift current to the shore
events water which you know by the look of the
1.12: Solved Paper (26-10-2014) (1st Sitting)

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1. (c) 2. (a) 3. (*) 4. (c) 5. (c) 6. (c) 7. (d) 8. (b) 9. (c) 10. (b)
11. (b) 12. (b) 13. (d) 14. (d) 15. (d) 16. (c) 17. (d) 18. (b) 19. (c) 20. (b)
21. (c) 22. (a) 23. (b) 24. (c) 25. (b) 26. (c) 27. (a) 28. (d) 29. (a) 30. (a)
31. (d) 32. (b) 33. (c) 34. (d) 35. (d) 36. (a) 37. (d) 38. (b) 39. (b) 40. (a)
41. (a) 42. (b) 43. (d) 44. (b) 45. (c) 46. (d) 47. (c) 48. (d) 49. (c) 50. (b)
51. (c) 52. (c) 53. (b) 54. (a) 55. (a) 56. (b) 57. (a) 58. (a) 59. (c) 60. (d)
61. (c) 62. (d) 63. (a) 64. (b) 65. (d) 66. (c) 67. (a) 68. (d) 69. (b) 70. (c)
71. (c) 72. (a) 73. (d) 74. (b) 75. (d) 76. (d) 77. (b) 78. (a) 79. (d) 80. (d)
81. (a) 82. (d) 83. (d) 84. (b) 85. (c) 86. (d) 87. (d) 88. (a) 89. (d) 90. (a)
91. (d) 92. (a) 93. (a) 94. (c) 95. (c) 96. (a) 97. (b) 98. (d) 99. (d) 100. (c)
101. (a) 102. (c) 103. (a) 104. (c) 105. (a) 106. (c) 107. (c) 108. (c) 109. (d) 110. (a)
111. (a) 112. (b) 113. (d) 114. (d) 115. (a) 116. (b) 117. (d) 118. (c) 119. (b) 120. (b)
121. (d) 122. (b) 123. (b) 124. (c) 125. (b) 126. (c) 127. (a) 128. (b) 129. (b) 130. (c)
131. (d) 132. (c) 133. (a) 134. (d) 135. (c) 136. (a) 137. (d) 138. (c) 139. (b) 140. (c)
141. (a) 142. (c) 143. (b) 144. (c) 145. (c) 146. (d) 147. (d) 148. (c) 149. (c) 150. (b)
151. (a) 152. (c) 153. (b) 154. (b) 155. (b) 156. (b) 157. (b) 158. (b) 159. (b) 160. (b)
161. (d) 162. (a) 163. (c) 164. (d) 165. (d) 166. (b) 167. (b) 168. (d) 169. (a) 170. (d)
171. (c) 172. (c) 173. (a) 174. (b) 175. (d) 176. (a) 177. (d) 178. (d) 179. (b) 180. (c)
181. (a) 182. (c) 183. (b) 184. (b) 185. (c) 186. (c) 187. (c) 188. (b) 189. (a) 190. (a)
191. (c) 192. (d) 193. (c) 194. (b) 195. (a) 196. (c) 197. (b) 198. (d) 199. (a) 200. (a)
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Directions: In question nos. 1 and 2 8. AG : IO : : EK : ? (1) Hydrosphere
which of the following interchange of (a) LR (b) MS (c) PV (d) SY (2) Atmosphere
signs would make the given equation 9. 25 : 175 : : 32 : ? (3) Biosphere
correct? (a) 150 (b) 170 (4) Lithosphere
(c) 162 (d) 160 (a) 4, 1, 3, 2
1. 10 + 10 10 - 10 10 = 10
(b) 2, 4, 3, 1
(a) + and (b) + and Directions: In question nos. 10 to 15, (c) 3, 1, 2, 4 (d) 1, 2, 3, 4
(c) + and (d) and + select the one which is different from
2 (8 8) + 8 32 = 64 the other three responses. Directions: In question nos. 18 to 21, a
(a) , +, - (b) -, , + series is given, with one term missing.
10. (a) Shimla (b) Darjeeling Chose the correct alternative from the
(c) +, , + (d) +, , (c) Ooty (d) Agra
3. If R stands for , A stands for given ones that will complete the series.
11. (a) Foal (b) Hen
+, B stand for and C stand (c) Lamb (d) Leveret 18. EJO, FKP, GLQ, HMR, ?
for , then what is the value of 12. (a) BADC (b) XWZY (a) ABC (b) DEF
the given equation? (BODMAS (c) VUST (d) NMPO (c) MNO (d) INS
rule not be applicable) 13. (a) DCFG (b) FEHI 19. B O C N D M E ? ?
25 A 37 C 2 B 4 R 1 = ? (c) JILM (d) HGJL (a) L F (b) O P
(a) 32 (b) 35 14. (a) (1, 0) (b) (2, 3) (c) K L (d) E F
(c) 30 (d) 27 (c) (3, 8) (4) (4, 27) 20. 7, 2 = 59; 5, 3 = 28; 9, 1 = 810; 2, 1
Directions: In equation nos. 4 to 9, 15. (a) (96, 24) (b) (39, 18) = 13; 5, 4 =?
select the related letter/word/number (c) (81, 54) (d) (82, 64) (a) 19 (b) 9
from the given alternatives. 16. Which one of the given (c) 20 (d) 239
responses would be a meaningful 21. 120, 440, 960, 1680, ?
4. Chisel : Sculptor : : Harrow : ?
order of the following words in (a) 2600 (b) 3240
(a) Gardener (b) Mason
ascending order? (c) 3040 (d) 2400
(c) Blacksmith
(d) Guard (1) Accomodation Directions: In question nos. 22 to 24,
5. Moon : Satellite : : Earth : ? (2) Perception select the missing number from the
(a) Sun (b) Planet (3) Scheme formation given responses.
(c) Solar system(d)Round (4) Assimilation 22. 81 64 16
6. BJCI : JBIC : : CXDW : ? (5) Sensation
(a) 1, 2, 3, 5, 4 (b) 5, 2, 3, 4, 1 4 9 49
(a) JCDU (b) BCJU
(c) EVFU (d) XCWD (c) 5, 1, 4, 2, 3 (d) 5, 2, 4, 3, 1 36 16 25
7. AB : NO : : LM : ? 17. Which of the given responses
108 96 ?
(a) OL (b) KP would be a meaningful order of the
following starting from the inner (a) 230 (b) 140
(c) PK (d) YZ
layer? (c) 120 (d) 410
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23. 25 5 5 31. If DIVINE is coded as AFSFKB, 37. Statements:
30 5 6 then POWERFUL is coded as I. All apples are bananas
(a) XLHOJVIM(b) MLTBDCRI II. All bananas are sweet.
35 ? 5 (c) MLWBOCRI Conclusions:
(a) 5 (b) 4 (d) HLTBNCRI I. Some apples are sweet.
(c) 6 (d) 7 32. If NOTE is written as PQVG, then II. Some bananas are apples.
24. 24 51 67 LIME is written as (a) Conclusion I follows.
(a) VQOG (b) VKOG (b) Conclusion II follows.
2 4 6
(c) VOKG (d) VGKO (c) Either conclusion I or II
5 7 5 33. If SMART is coded as UKCPV, the follows.
53 211 ? WONDER is coded as (d) Both conclusions I and II
(a) 135 (b) 235 (a) YMPPRT (b) YMPBGP follow.
(c) 347 (d) 407 (c) YMPBFP (d) YMBPPG 38. Statements:
25. G is fatter than H but not as fat as 34. If + stands for multiplication, < 1. All metals are silver.
M. Q is also not as fat as M. Who stand for division, stands for 2. All silver are diamond.
is the most lean person in the subtraction, stands for 3. Some diamonds are gold.
group? addition and stands for 4. Some gold are marbles.
(a) Q (b) H greater than identify which Conclusions:
(c) G (d) M expression is correct I. Some gold are metals.
26. A man walks 15 metres south. (a) 20 4 4 + 8 < 2 26 II. All metals are diamond.
Then turning to his right he walks (b) 20 8 + 15 < 5 9 - 8 III. Some silver are marble.
15 metres. Then turning to his left, (c) 20 < 2 + 10 4 6 100 IV. Some gold are silver.
he walks 10 metres. Again turns to (d) 20 < 5 + 25 10 2 96 (a) Only conclusion I follows.
his left and walks 15 metres. How 35. One day, Nita left home and (b) Only conclusion II follows.
far is the from his initial position? cycled 10 km southwards, turned (c) Only conclusion III follows.
(a) 10 m right an cycled 5 km and turned (d) Only conclusion IV follows.
(b) 25 m right and cycled 10 km and turned 39. Which of the following cubes can
(c) 15 m (d) 60 m left and cycled 10 km. How many be created by folding the given
27. There are five buses M, N, O, P, Q kilometers will she have to cycle to figure?
in the row on a road. Bus M is reach her home straight? Question figure
standing at the front and Q is (a) 10 km (b) 15 km
standing at the back end. Bus N (c) 20 km (d) 25 km F

stands between M and O. Bus P 36. Rajat moves from his office to the
stands between O and Q. Which canteen straight at a distance of 12
bus is in the middle of the live? metres. Then he turned left and B

(a) M (b) P (c) N (d) Q walked for 2 metres. Then he turns C D

left again and walks straight for 12
Directions: In question nos. 28 to 30, metres. How far is he from his
from the given alternative words, select Answer figures
the words, select the word which cannot (a) 10 metres (b) 12 metres F F E D
be formed using the letters of the given B E E D B C E A
(c) 8 metres (d) 2 metres
word. (a) (b) (c) (d)
Directions: In question nos. 37 and 38, 40. Two positions of a dice are given.
28. DISTANCE two/four statements are given followed
(a) DANCE (b) STAND Which number would be at the top
by two/four conclusions I, II, III and IV. when bottom is 2?
(c) SANE (d) TEASE You have to consider the statements to
29. RESURRECTIONIST be true even if they seem to be at
(a) TOURIST (b) NOISE variance from commonly known facts.
(c) SORCERER(d) TENDER You have to decide which of the given
30. COMMERCIALISM conclusions, if any, follow from the
(a) CROME (b) LANCER given statements.
(c) MISER (d) OSCAR (a) 4 (b) 1 (c) 5 (d) 6
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41. Identify the response figure from represents the graduates. Which Question figures
which the question figures pieces numbered area represents women
have been cut. graduate sub-inspectors of
Question figures police?
(a) 5 (b) 3 (c) 8 (d) 13 Answer figures
Directions: In question nos. 45 and 46,
which answer figure will complete the
pattern in the question figure? (a) (b) (c ) (d)
Answer figures 45. Question Figure 49. Which of the answer figures is
exactly the mirror image of the
given pattern of numbers when
the mirror is held at MN?
(a) (b) (c) (d) Question figure
Answer Figures
6 2 4 6
3 5
7 2 (a) (b) (c) (d) N
8 1 3 9
10 46. Question Figure Answer figures
42. 5
(a) (b) (c) (d)

In the above figure, the circle 50. A word is represented by only one
Answer Figures set of numbers as given in any
stands for employed, the square
stands for social worker, the one of the alternatives. The sets of
triangle stands for illiterate and the numbers given in the alternatives
rectangle stands for truthful. are represented by two classes of
(a) (b) (c) (d) alphabets as in two matrices given
Employed, truthful and illiterate
social workers are indicated by 47. From the given answer figures, below. The columns and rows of
which region? select the one in which the Matrix I are numbered from 0 to 4
(a) 5 (b) 4 (c) 2 (d) 1 question figure is hidden and that of Matrix II are numbered
43. Find the missing number. embedded. from 5 to 9. A letter from these
Question figure matrices can be represented first
by its row and next by its column,
e.g., B can be represented by 01,
31 etc. and P can be represented
(a) 37 (b) 45 (c) 47 (d) 57 by 67, 75 etc. Similarly, you have
to identify the set for the word
Answer figures 0 1 2 3 4

10 0 A B C D E
8 1 D C B A E
44. 5
6 3 2 B A D C E

4 3 D B C A E
(a) (b) (c) (d) 4 C D A E B

48. A piece of paper is folded and

punched as shown below in the (a) 32, 00, 56, 10
In the above diagram,
question figures. From the given (b) 40, 21, 68, 44
parallelogram represents women,
answer figures, indicate how it will (c) 11, 33, 57, 22
triangle represent the sub-
appear when opened. (d) 02, 42, 77, 20
inspectors of police and circle
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51. Solids which conduct electricity at liquid is dispersed in a liquid is San Suu Kkyi by the government
higher temperature but not at called of
lower temperature are called (a) gel (b) emulsion (a) Mauritius (b) China
(a) super-conductor (c) sol (d) precipitate (c) Venezuela (d) Cuba
(b) metallic-conductor 59. The antiseptic compound present 67. BCCI conferred Col. C. K. Naydu
(c) semi-conductor in dettol is Lifetime Achievement Award
(d) insulator (a) Iodine (b) Enloroxylenol during 2012 to
52. Which one of the following has (c) Biothional (d) Cresol (a) Sachin Tendulkar
greatest mass? 60. As per the TRIPS Agreement-1994, (b) M.S. Dhoni
(a) electron (b) proton a good originating from a region (c) VVS Laxman
(c) neutron with specific character/quality/ (d) Sunil Gavaskar
(d) hydrogen nucleus reputation is covered/to be 68. Air quality depicting PM 2.5 is
53. A television channel characterised protected under the IPR as more hazardous to
by (a) Patent (a) Archaeological Monuments
(a) frequency of transmitted (b) Trademark (b) National Parks
signal (c) Trade secret (c) Botanical Gardens
(b) velocity of transmitted signal (d) GI (Geographical Indicator) (d) Old Men and Women
(c) physical dimension of 61. Which of the following crop 69. Which of the following is not a
television screen cultivation is banned by the fundamental right as per the Indian
(d) size of picture tube Honble Supreme Court of India? Constitution?
54. The first computer mouse was (a) Lathyrus (Khesari) (a) Right to Education
built by (b) Genetically modified brinjal (b) Right to Information
(a) Douglas Engelbart (c) Bt cotton for export (c) Right to Speech
(b) Willliam English (d) Bt cotton for local use (d) Right to Life
(c) Oaniel Coogher 62. Ice glaciers melting is a common 70. Who is custodian of the Indian
(d) Rober Zawacki phenomenon linked to the rise in Constitution?
55. An organisations profitability seawater level. The glaciers are (a) President of India
depends on predominantly percent in (b) Chief Justice of India
(a) Quality of data processed (a) Greenland (c) Prime Minister of India
(b) Quantity of data processed (b) Antarctica (d) Chairman of Rajya Sabha
(c) Speed of processing the data (c) Himalayas (d) Arctic 71. Piped Natural Gas (PNG) is used
(d) Both (A) and (C) 63. Who is known for establishing for
56. The density of water 1 g/cc. This the Anand Van? (a) Mining (b) Welding
is strictly valid at (a) Jubilant Budha (c) Anaesthesia(d) Cooking
(a) 0C (b) 4C (b) H.N.Bahuguna 72. Greenpark Stadium is in
(c) 25C (d) 100C (c) Baba Amte (d) Motilal Nehru (a) Bangalore
57. The process of photosynthesis 64. The civilian Airport of highest (b) Dehradun
involves conversion of altitude is in (c) Chandigarh(d) Kanpur
(a) chemical energy into radiant (a) Tibet (b) Nepal 73. Rowlatt Act 1919 was enacted
energy (c) India (d) China during the period of
(b) chemical energy into 65. Genomic (DNA) studies in camel (a) Lord Chelmsford
mechanical energy have been completed recently by (b) Lord William
(c) solar energy into chemical the scientists of (c) Lord Minto
energy (a) South Africa(b) India (d) Lord Bentinck
(d) mechanical energy into solar (c) China (d) Pakistan 74. Panchayati Raj System was
energy 66. International Simon Bolivar Prize implemented first in the pair of
58. A colloidal system in which a was recently awarded to Augn states
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(a) Andhra Pradesh and (a) 44th (b) 42nd 92. Which of the following is an
Rajasthan (c) 43 rd (d) 45th endangered species?
(b) Assam and Bihar 83. Who said Truth is the ultimate (a) Black buck
(c) Arunachal Pradesh and Uttar reality and it is God? (b) Blue sheep
Pradesh (a) Swamy Vivekananda (c) Gangetic dolphin
(d) Punjab and Chandigarh (b) Rabindra Nath Taogre (d) Mithun
75. Human Environment Conference- (c) M.K. Gandhi 93. Of the following man-made
1972 was held at (d) Radhakrishnan disasters, which is socially
(a) Stockholm 84. Which of the following tribes is induced?
(b) Paris associated with the Tana Bhagat (a) Debris Avalanche
(c) Geneva (d) Australia movement? (b) Salt Waste Intrusion
76. Gold is mainly related to (a) Uraon (b) Munda (c) Arson
(a) Local market (c) Santhal (d) Ozone depletion
(b) National market (d) Konda dora 94. Which one of the following
(c) International market 85. Who founded the Naujawan endocrine gland is situated in the
(d) Regional market Bharat Sabha? neck?
77. Bilateral monopoly refers to the (a) B.C. pal (a) Pancreas
market situation of (b) G. Subramania Iyer (b) Thyroid
(a) two sellers two buyers (c) Sardar Bagat Singh (c) Pituitary
(b) own seller and two buyers (d) Rukmani Lakshmipath (d) Adrenals
(c) two sellers and one buyer 86. The Narendra Mandal or Chamber 95. The seat of intelligence is situated
(d) one seller and one buyer of Princes was inaugurated in 1921 in the
78. The economist who believed that by (a) cerebrum
unemployment is impossible and (a) Lord Curzon (b) cerebellum
that market mechanism has a built (b) Lord Wellesley (c) medulla
in regulatory system to meet any (c) Duke of Cannaught (d) thalamus
ups and downs (d) Duke of Wellingdon 96. What is the Normal Blood Volume
(a) J.M. Keynes(b) Ohlin 87. Budha, Dhamma and Sangha in human adult?
(c) J.B. Say (d) Galbraith together are known as (a) One litre (b) Three litres
79. Constituent Assembly of India (a) Triratna (b) Trivarga (c) Five litres (d) Seven litres
was formulated on the (c) Trisarga (d) Trimurti 97. The fasting blood glucose level in
recommendation of 88. Who was called Lichchavi adults in mg/100 ml is
(a) Wavel Plan Dauhitra? (a) 200 (b) 160
(b) Cripps Mission (a) Chandragupta I (c) 100 (d) 600
(c) August Offer (b) Skandagupta 98. Entomology is the study of
(d) Cabinet Mission (c) Kumaragupta (a) Birds (b) Insects
80. Which of the following is an (d) Samundragupta (c) Fossils (d) Fungi
essential element of the state? 89. Which hill station is called as the 99. Exobiology is a science that deals
(a) Sovereignty Queen of the Satpuras with
(b) Government (a) Pachmarhi (b) Nilgiri (a) extinct forms
(c) Territory (d) All of these (c) Mahenderagiri (d) (b) life in other planets
81. Which has become a legal right Cardamom (c) life in the outer space
under 44th Amendment? 90. Which national highway connects (d) life in marine habitat
(a) Right to Education Delhi and Kokata via Mathura and 100. In radio-communication, the
(b) Right to Property Varanasi? signals emitted by transmitting
(c) Right to Judicial Remedies (a) NH 4 (b) NH 2 antenna are reflected on
(d) Right to Work (c) NH 10 (d) NH 6 (a) stratosphere
82. By which Constitution 91. The country where drip irrigation (b) ozonosphere
Amendment Act, Right to is more efficiently used is (c) ionosphere
Property ceased to remain a (a) India (b) Israel (d) troposphere
fundamental right? (c) Sri Lanka (d) England
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101. ABCD is a cyclic trapezium with (a) 1 (b) 16 (c) 9 (d) 4 (a) 1 sq. unit (b) 2 sq. unit
AB || DC and AB diameter of the 108. A can do a piece of work in 12 (c) 1.5 sq. unit (d) 2.5 sq. unit
circle. If CAB = 30 then ADC is days while Balone can do it in 15 113. If the perimeters of a rectangle and
(a) 60 (b) 120 days. With the help of C a square are equal and the ratio of
(c) 150 (d) 30 they can finish it in 5 days. If they two adjacent sides of the
102. ABC is a triangle. The bisectors of are paid Rs. 960 for the whole work rectangle is 1 : 2 then the ratio of
the internal angle B and external how much money A gets? the area of the rectangle and that
angle C intersect at D. If (a) 480 (b) 240 of the square is
(c) 320 (d) 400 (a) 1 : 1 (b) 1 : 2
BDC = 50, then A is 109. Ronal and Elan are working on an (c) 2 : 3 (d) 8 : 9
(a) 100 (b) 90 Assignement. Ronald takes 6 114. The interest on a certain sum of
(c) 120 (d) 60 hours to type 32 pages on a money is Rs. 22 and the discount
103. AB is the chord of a circle with computer, while Elan takes 5 hours on the same sum for the same time
centre O and DOC is a line to type 40 pages. How much time at the same rate is Rs. 20, find the
segment originating from a point D will they take working together on sum.
on the circle and intersecting AB two different computers to type (a) Rs. 220 (b) Rs 200
produced at C such that BC = OD. an assignment of 110 pages? (c) Rs. 210 (d) Rs. 212
If BCD = 20, then AOD = ? (a) 7 hrs. 30 min.(b) 8 hrs 115. A retailer purchased radiosets at
(a) 20 (b) 30 (c) 8 hrs. 15 min.(d) 8 hrs. 25 min. the rate of Rs. 400 each from a
(c) 40 (d) 60 110. One man, 3 women and 4 boys can wholesaler. He raised the price by
104. In a circle of radius 17 cm, two do a piece of work in 96 hours, 2 30% and then allowed a discount
parallel chords of length 30 cm and men and 8 boys can do it in 80 of 8% on each set. His profit will
16 cm are drawn. If both the hours, 2 men and 3 women can do be
chords are on the same side of the it in 120 hours. 5 men and 12 boys (a) 19% (b) 78.4%
centre, then the distance between can do it in (c) 22% (d) 19.6%
the chord is 116. A reduction in the price of apples
1 7
(a) 9 cm (b) 7 cm (a) 39 hours(b) 42 hours enables a person to purchase 3
11 11
(c) 23 cm (d) 11 cm apples for Rs. 1 instead of Rs. 1.25.
1 7 What is the % of reduction in
105. If sin (A B) = and cos(A + B) (c) 43 hours
2 11 price (approximately)?
(d) 44 hours (a) 20 (b) 25
1 111. ABC is a right angled triangle, B
= where A > B > 0 and A + B is 1
2 being the right angle. Mid-points (c) 30 (d) 33
an acute angle, then the value of B of BC and AC are respectively B
is 117. Rs. 700 is divided among A, B, C in
and A. The ratio of the area of the
such a way that the ratio of the
quadrilateral AA BB to the area of
(a) (b) amounts of A and B is 2 : 3 and
6 12 the triangle ABC is
that of B and C is 4 : 5. Find the
(a) 1 : 2 (b) 2 : 3
amounts in Rs. each received, in
(c) (d) (c) 3 : 4
4 2 the order A, B, C.
(d) None of the above
106. The fifth term of the sequence for (a) 150, 250, 300
112. A square ABCD is inscribed in a
which t1 = 1, t2 = 2 and tn+2 = tn + (b) 160, 240, 300
circle of unit radius. Semicircles
tn+1, is (c) 150, 250, 290
are described on each side as a
(a) 5 (b) 10 (d) 150, 240, 310
diameter. The area of the region
(c) 6 (d) 8 118. The ratio of monthly income of A,
bounded by the four semicircles
107. If (x + 7954 7956) be a square B is 6 : 5 and their monthly
and the circle is
number, then the value of x is expenditures are in the ratio 4 : 3.
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If each of them saves Rs. 400 per 124. A man rows down a river 15 km in 11 49
month, find the sum of their 3 hrs. with the stream and returns (a) (b)
9 4
monthly incomes. 1
(a) 2300 (b) 2400 in 7 hrs. The rate at which he 49
2 (c) 0 (d)
(c) 2200 (d) 2500 4
rows in still water is
119. A and B have together three times 132. If x + y + z = 6 and x2 + y2 + z2 =
(a) 2.5 km/hr
what B and C have, while A, B, C 20 then the value of x3 + y3 + z3
(b) 1.5 km/hr
together have thirty rupees more 3xyz is
(c) 3.5 km/hr
than that of A. If B has 5 times that (a) 64 (b) 70 (c) 72 (d) 76
(d) 4.5 km/hr
of C, then A has
125. There is 100% increase to an x y
(a) Rs. 60 (b) Rs. 65
amount in 8 years, at simple 133. The third proportion to y + x
(c) Rs. 75 (d) Rs. 45
interest. Find the compound
120. A cricket player after playing 10
interest of Rs. 8000 after 2 years at and x 2 + y 2 is
tests scored 100 runs in the 11th
the same rate of interest.
test. As a result, the average of his (a) xy (b) xy
(a) Rs. 2500
runs is increased by 5. The present
(b) Rs. 2000 (c) 3 xy (d) 4 xy
average of runs is
(c) Rs. 2250
(a) 45 (b) 40 134. If a triangle ABC, the side BC is
(d) Rs. 2125
(c) 50 (d) 55 extended up to D. Such that CD =
126. If the number p is 5 more than q
121. A fruit seller buys some oranges at AC, if BAD = 109 and ACB =
and the sum of the squares of p
the rate of 4 for Rs. 10 and an equal
and q is 55, then the product of p 72 then the value of ABC is
number more at 5 for Rs. 10. He
and q is (a) 35 (b) 60
sells the whole lot at 9 for Rs. 20.
(a) 10 (b) -10 (c) 15 (d) -15 (c) 40 (d) 45
What is his loss or gain per cent?
1 135. Two circles touch each other
19 127. If a + = 4, then the value of internally. Their radii are 2 cm and
(a) Loss percent 1 % a2
81 3 cm. The biggest chord of the
2 greater circle which is outside the
19 1
(b) Gain percent 1 % (a 2)2 + is inner circle is length
81 a2
(c) No loss or no profit (a) 0 (b) 2 (a) 2 2 cm
(d) Loss per cent 2% (c) -2 (d) 4 (b) 3 2 cm
122. 15 litres of a mixture contains 128. If a + b + c = 2s, then
(c) 2 3 cm
alcohol water in the ratio 1 : 4. If 3
( s a ) 2 + ( s b) 2 + ( s c) 2 + s 2 (d) 4 2 cm
litres of water is mixed in it, the is
percentage of alcohol in the new a 2 + b2 + c2 136. ABCD is a cycle quadrilateral, AB
mixture will be equal to and DC are produced to meet at P.
(a) a2 + b2 + c2(b) 0 If ADC = 70 and DAB = 60,
(a) 15 (b) 16 (c) 1 (d) 2 then the PBC + PCB is
129. If xy (x + y) = 1 then the value of
(a) 130
(c) 17 (d) 18 1 (b) 150
2 x3 y 3 is
x3 y 3 (c) 155
123. A man rides at the rate of 18 km/hr, (d) 180
but stop for 6 mins. To change (a) 3 (b) -3
(c) 1 (d) -1 137. From a point P which is at a
horses at the end of every 7th km. distance of 13 cm from centre O of
The time that he will take to cover 130. If a3 b3 c3 = 0 then the value of
a9 b9 c9 3a3b3c3 is a circle of radius 5cm, in the same
a distance of 90 km is plane, a pair of tangents PQ and
(a) 6 hrs. (a) 1 (b) 2
(c) 0 (d) -1 PR are drawn to the circle. Area of
(b) 6 hrs. 12 min. quadrilateral PQOR is
(c) 6 hrs. 18 min. 131. The minimum value of (x -2) (x 9)
is (a) 65 cm2 (b) 60 cm2
(d) 6 hrs. 24 min. (c) 30 cm 2 (d) 90 cm2
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138. A horse is tied to a post by a rope. 143. If the areas of square length in involved in the data is
If the horse moves along a circular two circle subtend angles of 60 (a) 33 (b) 32 (c) 43 (d) 42
path always keeping the rope and 75 at their centers the ratio of 146. The maximum number of students
stretched and describes 88 mete their radii is got the marks in the interval of
when it has traced out 72 at the (a) 3 : 4 (b) 4 : 5 (a) 10 20 (b) 20 30
centre the length of the rope is (c) 5 : 4 (d) 3 : 5 (c) 30 40 (d) 40 50
22 100 147. The latest number of students got

Population of food grain

(Take = ) 80 the marks in the interval.
60 (a) 40 50
(a) 70 cm (b) 75 cm 40
(b) 20 30
(c) 80 cm (d) 65 cm 144. 20
(c) 10 20
139. Maximum value of (2sin + 3 0
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 (d) 0 10
cos ) is Year 148. The ratio of the students
Study the above bar graph obtaining marks in the first and
(a) 2 (b) 13 (c) 15 (d) 1
showing the production of food the last interval is
140. The value of 152 (sin 30 + 2cos2 grains (in million tons).
45 + 3sin 30 + 4co2 45 + + 17 (a) 5 : 4 (b) 6 : 5(c) 4 : 5 (d) 3 : 4
What is the ratio between 149. The difference in the amount
sin 30 + 18 cos2 45) is maximum production and the
(a) an integer but not a perfect estimated by the family on interior
minimum production during sthe decoration and architects fees is
square given period?
(b) a rational number but not an (a) Rs. 10000 (b) Rs. 9500
(a) 1 : 2 (b) 2 : 3 (c) Rs. 7200 (d) Rs. 9600
integer (c) 3 : 4 (d) 5 : 2
(c) a perfect square of an integer

18 Indust
(d) irrational Directions: Study the following

ri c
Histogram and answer following
141. If (1 + sin ) (1 + sin ) (1 + sin ) 72
question nos. 145 to 149. M
is Education
= ne ce lla 54 90
ou -
10 150. s 54 72
(1 sin )(1 sin )(1 sin ), 9 e
ch y
T log Defence
then each side equal to 8

(a) cos cos cos 7 In a certain country, allocation to

No. of Students

(a) sin sin sin

6 various sectors of the yearly
5 budget per Rs. 1000 crores are
(b) cos cos cos 4 represented by this pie-diagram.
(c) sin sin cos 3 The expenditure (in Rs.) on
2 Agriculture is
142. One of the four angles of rhombus
is 60. If the length of each side of (a) 250 crore
0 (b) 150 crore
the rhombus is, 8 cm, then the 10 20 30 40 50
length of the longer diagonal is Marks (c) 300 crore
(a) cm (b) 8 cm(c) cm (d) cm 145. The total number of students (d) 200 crore

Direction: In question nos. 151 and 152, (b) humourous Directions: In question nos. 153 to 162,
there are four different words out of (c) humorus you have two brief passages with 5
which one is correctly spelt. Find the (d) humourus questions in each passage. Read the
correctly spelt word and indicate it by 152. (a) narcisism passages carefully and choose the best
blackening the appropriate oval [ ] in (b) narcissism answer to each question out of the four
the Answer Sheet. (c) narcisim alternatives and mark it by blackening
151. (a) humorous (d) narsisism the appropriate oval [ ] in the Answer
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Passage 1: (Question Nos. communication Harris said he felt such extraordinary fits
153 157) (b) It becomes the mother tongue of giddiness come over him at times, that
Pidgins are languages they are not, for a new generation of he hardly knew what he was doing; and
acquired as mother tongues and that are speakers then George said that he had fits of
used for a restricted set of (c) Its vocabulary undergoes giddiness too, and hardly knew what he
communicative functions. They are some kind of change was doing. With me, it was my liver that
formed from a mixture of languages and (d) Two or more languages are was out of order. I knew it was my liver
have a limited vocabulary and a mixed with an existing pidgin that was out of order, because I had just
simplified grammar. Pidgins serve as a 155. According to the passage a creole been reading a patent liver-pill circular, in
means of communication between continuum is which were detailed the various
speakers of mutually unintelligible (a) A linguistic term for the symptoms by which a man could tell
languages and may become essential, in mixture of more than two when his liver was out of order. I had
multilingual areas? A Creole develop languages them all.
from a pidgin when the pidgin becomes (b) A scale which measures the It is a most extraordinary thing, but
the mother tongue of the community. To linguistic competence of the I never read a patent medicine
cope with the consequent expansion of speaker advertisement without being impelled to
communicative functions the vocabulary (c) A scale in which the proximity the conclusion that I am suffering from
is increased and the grammar becomes of the creole to the standard the particular disease therein dealt with
more compilex. Where a creole and language is measured in its most virulent form. The diagnosis
standard variety of English coexist, as in (d) A record of the continuous seems in every case to correspond
the Caribbean, there is a continuum from history of a creole exactly with all the sensations that I
the most extreme form of creole to the 156. According to the passage have ever felt.
form that is closest to the standard basilect means 158. The four felt down and out
language. Linguists mark off the relative (a) An impure from of a creole because
position on the creole continuum as the (b) A form of creole which is (a) the room was too smoky
basilect (the furthest from the standard furthest from the standard (b) they could never read a patent
language), the mesolect, and the language medicine advertisement
acrolet. In such situations, most creole (c) A form of creole which has an (c) they thought they were ill
speakers can vary their speech along the extended vocabulary (d) they had experienced a most
continuum and many are also competent (d) A form of creole which is very extraordinary thing
in the standard English of their country. close to the standard language 159. Whenever the speaker read a liver
153. A pidgin develops in a situation 157. Find out a word in the passage pill circular
when which is opposite in meaning to (a) he suffered from an
(a) Different and mutually the word Simplified extraordinary surge of
unintelligible languages exist (a) Complex giddiness
side by side (b) Expansion (b) he felt sure that he had a liver
(b) A creole becomes the mother (c) Restricted disorder
tongue of a linguistic (d) Consequent (c) he felt the urge to smoke
community Passage II: (Question Nos. (d) All of the above
(c) A language with restricted 158 162) 160. The author of the above passage
vocabulary undergoes an seems to be suffering from
There were four of us George,
expansion in grammar and (a) fits of morbid depression
and William Samual Harris, and myself,
vocabulary without real cause
and Montomorency. We were sitting in
(d) Two similar languages are (b) an abnormal anxiety about his
my room, smoking and talking about
mixed to create a new language health
how bad we were bad from a medical
154. According to the given passage a (c) melancholia
point of view I mean, of course.
pidgin becomes a creole when (d) an unnecessarily dark, gloomy
We were all feeling seedy, and we
(a) It ceases to be a means of and pessimistic attitude to life
were getting quite nervous about it.
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161. Harris was troubled by (b) effected (c) pacing
(a) a symptom of vertigo (c) examined (d) wriggling
(b) garrulity (d) flabbergasted Directions: In question nos. 176 to 178,
(c) tribulation 169. Raj was tired of Pujas ________ choose the word opposite in meaning to
(d) frailty approach, so he asked her to make the given word and mark it in the
162. The word which is closet in her final decision by that evening. Answer Sheet.
meaning to virulent is (a) silly-willy
176. Cordial
(a) fantastic (b) dilly-dally
(a) fast
(b) vital (c) viral (c) wasting
(b) heartfelt
(d) hostile (d) tilly-nally
(c) friendly
Directions: In question nos. 163 to 167, 170. Ria is ________ at speaking
(d) hostile
some parts of the sentence have errors languages. It is difficult to ______
177. Instinctive
and some have none. Find out which only one puppy for animal shelter.
(a) innate
part of a sentence has an error and (a) adept, adapt(b) adapt, adapt
(b) rational
blacken the oval [ ] corresponding to (c) adept, adopt(d) adapt, adopt
(c) inherent
the appropriate letter (A, B, C). If a 171. School days are considered to be
(d) inborn
sentence is free from error, blacken the the best years of your life. When
178. Venial
oval corresponding to (D) in the Answer my ______ year in school began.
(a) minor
Sheet. I began to think of those past
(b) pardonable
enjoyable days and of my future
163. I whistled thrice (a) will full might (c) unpardonable
and raise my arms (b) towards the (d) clean
(a) penultimate
sky (c). No error. (d) (b) absolute Directions: In question nos. 179 to 183,
164. Science and religion (a) are both (c) integral four alternatives are given for the Idiom/
necessary for man and for their (b) (d) termination Phrase underlined in the sentence.
outer and inner self respectively. 172. Begin ______, the judge gave a Choose the alternative which best
(c) No error (d) favourable verdict. expresses the meaning of the Idiom/
165. At certain season (a) some areas on (a) sagacious Phrase and mark in the Answer Sheet.
Mars (b) is subject to strong (b) pugnacious 179. Hard work pays in the long run.
winds. (c) No error (d) (c) malicious (a) always
166. As an artist (a) Raju is as good (b) (d) tenacious (b) over a period of time
if not better than Ramesh. (c) No
Directions: In question nos. 173 to 175, (c) indefinitely
error (d)
out of the four alternatives, choose the (d) never
167. The scientists (a) could not hardly
one which best expresses the meaning 180. I felt a fish out of water among the
(b) complete all the experiments.
of the given word and mark it in the lawyers.
(c) No error (d)
Answer Sheet. (a) special
Directions: In question nos. 168 to 172, (b) happy
sentence are given with blanks to be 173. Garrulous
(c) uncomfortable
filled in with an appropriate word(s). (a) talkative
(d) proud
Four alternatives are suggested for each (b) sedative
181. The Cauvery water issue led to
question. Choose the correct alternative (c) vocative
apple of discord between the two
out of the four and indicate it by (d) positive
blackening the appropriate oval [ ] in 174. Tinsel
(a) cause of anger
the Answer Sheet. (a) tinkle
(b) cause of hatred
(b) decoration
168. Google is one of the most popular (c) cause of quarrel
(c) tin
search engines, it is ________ by (d) cause of animosity
(d) colourful
the interest users. 182. The construction remains
175. Labyrinth
(a) utilized unfinished and the workers have
(a) meandering(b) rotating
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let the grass grow under their feet. (b) went across (d) No improvement
(a) grown grass all over the lawn (c) went after 193. Since July 2008, our customer will
(b) gone on a luxury tour (d) No improvement be able to use the ATM network of
(c) delayed doing the work 187. The firms buys frozen seafood in BBY Bank, the bank that was
(d) demanded more benefits bulk, packs it into smaller pouches acquired by us during that year.
183. The police smelt the rat behind the and then they sell them to the (a) have been able to use
death of the girl. local grocery stores. (b) were using
(a) got very much confused (a) it sells them (c) will have been able to use
(b) identified the cause of death (b) sell them (d) No improvement
(c) suspected that something is (c) they sell the pouches Directions: In question 194 to 200 out
fishy (d) No improvement of the four alternatives, choose the one
(d) jumped to the conclusion 188. The learners are intended to read which can be substituted for the given
Directions: In question nos. 184 to 193, the sources at home. words/sentence and indicate it by
a sentence/part of the sentence is (a) are meant (b) are suggested blackening the appropriate oval [ ] in
underlined. Below are given alternatives (c) are expected the Answer Sheet.
to the underlined sentence/part of the (d) No improvement
194. One who is unaffected or
sentence at (A), (B) and (C) which may 189. Fujis invention of supercomputer
indifferent to joy pain, pleasure or
improve the sentence. Choose the will be enable to make Japan
correct alternative. In case no. supersede America in computer
(a) tolerant (b) resigned
improvement is needed, your answer is technology.
(c) passive (d) stoic
(D). (a) will make Japan
195. A person who is greatly respected
184. The disparity of the GDP between (b) will enable Japan
because of wisdom
the rich and the poor has (c) can make Japan
(a) veracious
broadened in the last some (d) No improvement
(b) vulnerable
decades. 190. I could never repay the debt I owe
(c) venerable
(a) have widened in the last some to my place of study.
(d) verger
decades (a) Alma Mater
196. An excessively morbid desire to
(b) has widened in the last few (b) Motherland
decades (c) Place of worship
(a) stealomania(b) kleptomania
(c) have broadened in the last few (d) No Improvement
(c) cleftomania(d) keptomania
decades 191. She cries all the time.
197. Prohibited by law or treaty from
(d) No improvement (a) mostly everytime
being imported or exported
185. How is beyond my (b) Day in and day out
(a) contraband(b) smuggled
understanding, the boy could fail (c) pretty frequently
(c) counterfeit (d) forged
into the ditch. (d) No improvement
198. Intentional destruction of racial
(a) How the boy could fall into 192. For a week last month, the teams
the ditch is beyond my 20 players were standard because
(a) regicide (b) genocide
understanding the Government-issued passport
(c) homicide (d) fratricide
(b) Beyond my understanding is is not up to international
199. A person is a vehicle or on
how the boy could fall into the standards.
horseback escorting another
ditch (a) Government-issued passport
(c) How could the boy fall into were not up to international
(a) Navigator (b) Escort
the ditch is beyond my standards
(c) Outrider (d) Security
understanding (b) Government-issued passport
200. A person specially interested in
(d) No improvement are not up to international
the study of coins and medals.
186. The pioneer spacecraft went standards
(a) medalist (b) coinist
beyond Pluto. (c) The passports issued by the
(c) numismatist
(a) made its way past government were not up to
(d) numerist
international standards
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1. (c) 2. (d) 3. (c) 4. (a) 5. (b) 6. (d) 7. (d) 8. (b) 9. (d) 10. (d)
11. (b) 12. (c) 13. (d) 14. (b) 15. (d) 16. (b) 17. (a) 18. (d) 19. (a) 20. (a)
21. (a) 22. (b) 23. (d) 24. (d) 25. (b) 26. (b) 27. (d) 28. (d) 29. (d) 30. (b)
31. (b) 32. (b) 33. (b) 34. (c) 35. (b) 36. (d) 37. (d) 38. (b) 39. (b) 40. (d)
41. (d) 42. (d) 43. (d) 44. (b) 45. (c) 46. (b) 47. (c) 48. (d) 49. (c) 50. (c)
51. (c) 52. (c) 53. (a) 54. (b) 55. (d) 56. (b) 57. (c) 58. (b) 59. (b) 60. (d)
61. (b) 62. (a) 63. (c) 64. (d) 65. (c) 66. (c) 67. (d) 68. (d) 69. (b) 70. (b)
71. (d) 72. (d) 73. (a) 74. (a) 75. (a) 76. (c) 77. (d) 78. (c) 79. (d) 80. (d)
81. (b) 82. (a) 83. (c) 84. (a) 85. (c) 86. (c) 87. (a) 88. (d) 89. (a) 90. (b)
91. (b) 92. (a) 93. (c) 94. (b) 95. (a) 96. (c) 97. (c) 98. (b) 99. (b) 100. (c)
101. (b) 102. (a) 103. (d) 104. (b) 105. (b) 106. (d) 107. (a) 108. (d) 109. (c) 110. (c)
111. (c) 112. (b) 113. (d) 114. (a) 115. (d) 116. (a) 117. (b) 118. (c) 119. (b) 120. (c)
121. (a) 122. (b) 123. (b) 124. (c) 125. (d) 126. (c) 127. (b) 128. (c) 129. (a) 130. (c)
131. (d) 132. (c) 133. (a) 134. (a) 135. (d) 136. (a) 137. (b) 138. (a) 139. (c) 140. (c)
141. (a) 142. (a) 143. (c) 144. (d) 145. (a) 146. (b) 147. (d) 148. (c) 149. (d) 150. (d)
151. (a) 152. (b) 153. (a) 154. (b) 155. (c) 156. (b) 157. (a) 158. (c) 159. (b) 160. (b)
161. (a) 162. (d) 163. (b) 164. (b) 165. (c) 166. (b) 167. (b) 168. (a) 169. (b) 170. (c)
171. (a) 172. (a) 173. (a) 174. (b) 175. (a) 176. (d) 177. (b) 178. (c) 179. (b) 180. (c)
181. (c) 182. (c) 183. (c) 184. (b) 185. (a) 186. (a) 187. (a) 188. (c) 189. (b) 190. (a)
191. (b) 192. (c) 193. (a) 194. (d) 195. (c) 196. (b) 197. (a) 198. (b) 199. (c) 200. (c)
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Held On: 08-07-2012 (1st Sitting)

Directions (1-9): In each of the 10. (a) VWY (b) QRT (a) 3, 1,2,4,5 (b) 1, 3, 2, 5, 4
following questions, select the related (c) LMO (d) JKL (c) 3, 2, 4, 5, 1
letters / words / numbers from the given 11. (a) B E (b) G J (d) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
alternatives. (c) N P (d) Q R Directions (22-23) : In each of the
1. 9 : 80: : 100 : ? 12. (a) 400 (b) 484 following questions, which one set of
(a) 901 (b) 1009 (c) 625 (d) 729 letters when sequentially placed at the
(c) 9889 (d) 9999 13. (a) 1000 (b) 1725 gaps in the given letter series shall
2. 25: 125 :: 36 : ? (c) 2744 (d) 4096 complete it ?
(a) 180 (b) 206 14. (a) 12-16 (b) 60-80
(c) 30-50 (d) 36-48 22. c _ ab _ ca _ bc _ a
(c) 216 (d) 318 (a) bcab (b) abcb
3. 335: 21 6:: 987:? 15. (a) C X (b) D W
(c) J Q (d) L R (c) bacb (d) cbac
(a) 868 (b) 867 23. _ ba _ bab _ babb _ b
(c) 872 (d) 888 16. (a) Cyclotron (b) Basic
(c) Pascal (d) Fortran (a) baaa (b) abbb
4. BEGK: ADFJ :: PSVY:? (c) babb (d) abab
(a) ROUX (b) ORUX 17. (a) Rooster (b) Buck
(c) LQUT (d) LOQT (c) Gander (d) Peahen Directions (24-27): In each of the
5. AZBY: CXDW :: EVFU : ? 18. (a) Booklet (b) Pamphlet following questions, select the missing
(a) GTHS (b) GHTS (c) Voucher (d) Brochure number from the given responses.
(c) GS.TH (d) TGSH 19. Which word will appear third in 24. 500, 484, 459, __?__, 374
6. BDFH: SUWY :: CEGI : ? the dictionary? (a) 384 (b) 432
(l) QTWZ (b) PTVX (a) BALLIUM (c) 418 (d) 423
7. food: man:: fuel:? (c) BALLERINA (a) A (b) E
(a) wood (b) fire (d) BALLISTITE (c) 1 (d) F
(c) heat (d) smoke 20. Which word will appear last in the 26. 60, 69, 85, ___?__ ,146
8. Spiritual: Belief:: Orchestral:? dictionary? (a) 110 (b) 117
(a) Theatre (b) Situation (a) laugh (c) 109 (d) 120
(c) Music (d) Direction (b) latch 27. 46, 50, 47, 55, 49, 61, __?__
9. Latter :Former :: Hazardous: ? (c) laurels (d) latitude (a) 54 (b) 52
(a) Risky (b) Comfortable 21. Arrange the given words in a (c) 57 (d) 51
(c) Safe (d) Harmful meaningful order: 28. The average age of 25
1. INFANT subordinates in an office is 30
Directions (10-18): In each of the 2. ADOLESCENT
following questions, find the odd word/ years. If the age of Manager is
3. CHILD added, the average age increases
number / letters / number pair from the 4. OLD
given alternatives. to 31 years. What is the age of the
5. ADULT Manager?
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(a) 26 (b) 36 (a) FQPMGA (b) YEKNOD Directions (44-45): In the following
(c) 46 (d) 56 (c) GWCVKJ (d) PQKUCW questions, one statement is given,
29. Class A has students twice that of 37. If38 + 15 = 66 and 29 + 36 = 99, followed by two conclusions I and II.
class B. After adding 20 students then 82 + 44 = ? You have to consider the statements to
to class A and 30 students to class (a) 77 (b) 88 be true even if they seem to be at
B, the total number of students in (c) 80 (d) 94 variance from commonly known facts.
both the classes is 140. What is 38. If + means , - means x, x means +, You have to decide which of the given
the number of students in class A means , give the value for conclusions, if any, follow from the
in the beginning? 45 + 9 - 3 15 2 given statements.
(a) 30 (b) 60 (a) 40 (b) 36 44. Statement
(c) 80 (d) 140 (c) 56 (d) 28 To keep myself updated, I always
30. Find the lowest number which is Directions (39-40): In each of the listen to 9 Oclock news on radio.
divided by 8, 12, 15 and 20 leaves following questions, select the missing Conclusions:
the remainder 2. number from the given responses. I. The person does not read
(a) 360 (b) 242 newspaper.
(c) 122 (d) 82 39. 7 8 6
4 9 5 II. Recent news is available only on
31. If B becomes A and P becomes O, radio.
what will K become in the English 3 2 ?
25 70 29 (a) Only conclusion I is implicit
alphabet? (b) Only conclusion II is implicit
(a) L (b) J (a) 9 (b) 8
(c) 1 (d) 5 (c) Neither conclusion I nor II is
(c) H (d) N implicit
32. The given word is followed by 4 40. 3 4 5
6 7 8 (d) Both conclusions I and II are
responses, one of which cannot implicit
be formed by using the letters of 9 1 2
57 11 ? 45. Statement
the word given CAMBRIDGE. All wealthy people are happy in
Find out the word. (a) 42 (b) 21
(b) 11 (d) 18 life.
(a) BRIDGE (b) BRIDE Conclusions:
(c) CAME (d) CAMP 41. From the given details, estimate
the number of people affected by I. Wealth and happiness are directly
33. If SEASONAL is written as related.
ESSANOLA, how can SEPA RATE Tuberculosis in particular locality
in the year 1994. II. Wealth leads to happiness in life.
be written in that code? (a) Only conclusion I follows
(a) SEAPARET 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998
? 92 113 141 176 (b) Only conclusion II follows
(b) ESPARATE (c) Both conclusions I and II
(c) ESPAARTE(d) ESAPARET (a) 9 9 (b) 8 5
(c) 7 1 (d) 7 8 follow
34. In certain code, RAGHAVAN is (d) Neither conclusion I nor II
written as GARVAHNA. In that 42. A man started from a place walked
towards North for 5 km then follows
code which word will be written as
MATHAVAN? turned 90 to his right and walked Directions: In the following questions,
(a) TAMVAHNA another 5 km. Then he turned 45 which answer figure will complete the
(b) TAMVAHAN to his right and walked 2 km and question figure?
(c) TAMHAVNA turned 45 to his left. What is his 46. Question Figure
(d) MATVAHNA direction now?
35. If FRIEND is coded as (a) South (b) South East
IULHQG, how will you code (c) East (d) South West
ENEMY? 43. A boy running towards South,
(a) HQHPB (b) HQHPA turns to his right and runs, Then
he turns to his right and finally Answer figure
36. In a coded language, if the word turns to his left. Towards which
EQUATION is coded as direction is he running now?
GSWCVKQP, then how is the (a) East (b) West
(c) South (d) North (a) (b) (c ) (d)
word DONKEY coded?
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47. From the given answer figures, 49. Select the correct option that will 50. MATRIX-I
select the one in which the be the mirror reflection of the
question figure is hidden! problem figure. 0 1 2 3 4
embedded. Question Figure
0 P A I V R
Question Figure
1 I P R A V
2 A R V P I
Answer Figures 3 V I P R A
4 R V A I P

Answer Figures MATRIX II

(a) (b) (c ) (d)

Directions: In the following question, a

5 6 7 8 9
word is represented by only one set of
(a) (b) (c ) (d)
numbers as given in anyone of the 5 S L K M E
Directions: In the following question, a alternatives. The sets of numbers given 6 K M S E L
piece of paper is folded and cut as in the alternatives are represented by
shown below in the question figures. 7 M E L K S
two classes of alphabets as in two
From the given answer figures, indicate matrices given below. The columns and 8 L K E S M
how it will appear when opened. rows of Matrix I are numbered from 0 to
9 E S M L K
48. Question Figures: 4 and that of Matrix II are numbered
from 5 to 9. A letter from these matrices (a) 55, 20, 56, 69
can be represented first by its row and (b) 79, 13, 69, 75
next by its column, e.g., P can be (c) 96, 34, 76, 89
Answer Figures: represented by 11, 32, etc. and K can (d) 67, 21, 85, 97
be represented by 65, 78, etc. Similarly,
you have to identify the set for the
word SALM.
(a) (b) (c) (d)

51. Which one of the following is an (c) Open market operations Act that has introduced
example for a non-economic good? (d) Credit rationing safeguards against the misuse of
(a) Doctors service 54. The 13th Five Year Plan will be proclamation of national
(b) Teachers service operative for the period emergency is the
(c) Mothers service (a) 2010 - 2015 (a) 42nd Amendment Act
(d) Bankers service (b) 2011 - 2016 (b) 43rd Amendment Act
52. Which one of the following (c) 2012 - 2017 (c) 44th Amendment Act
committee is associated with (d) 2013 - 2018 (d) 45th Amendment Act
banking sector reforms in India ? 55. The national income of a nation is 57. The Fundamental Rights can be
(a) L. C. Gupta (b) Narsimhan the suspended by the
(c) Chakravarty(d) Kelkar (a) Governments annual revenue (a) Governor
53. Which one of the following is not (b) Sum total of factor incomes (b) President
a qualitative credit control (c) Surplus of public sector (c) Law Minister
measure of the RBI? enterprises (d) Prime Minister
(a) Fixing margin requirements (d) Exports minus imports 58. The main reason for the growth of
(b) Variable interest rates 56. The Constitutional Amendment communalism in India is
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(a) Educational and economic I. Dandi March 72. During respiration, the gases
backwardness of minority II. Simon Commission enter into the blood and leave
groups III. Poona Pact the same by the process of
(b) Political consciousness IV. Gandhi Irwin Pact (a) Active transport
(c) Social inequalities (a) II, I, III, IV (b) Diffusion
(d) Imposing ban on communal (b) II, I, IV, III (c) Diffusion and active transport
organisations (c) IV, III, I, II (d) Osmosis
59. A Retired Judge of a High Court is (d) IV, III, II I 73. Heart is devoid of
not permitted to practice as a 66. Which one of the following is not (a) Cardiac muscle
lawyer in correctly matched? (b) Involuntary muscle
(a) Supreme Court (a) Darjeeling - West Bengal (c) Voluntary muscle
(b) Any Court in India (b) Mount Abu - Rajasthan (d) Smooth muscle
(c) High Courts (c) Kodaikanal - Tamil Nadu 74. The soil salinity is measured by
(d) Except the High Court where (d) Simla - Uttar Pradesh (a) Conductivity meter
he retired 67. The earth is at its maximum (b) Hygrometer
60. Which one of the following does distance from the Sun on (c) Psychrometer
not match? (a) January 30th (d) Auxanometer
(a) Hindu Marriage Act : 1955 (b) December 22nd 75. Which of the following is a fungal
(b) Medical Termination of (c) September 22nd disease?
Pregnancy Act: 1971 (d) July 4th (a) Leucoderma
(c) Domestic Violence on Women 68. Consider the following pairs; (b) Eczema
Act: 1990 Tributary Main Piver (c) Ringworm
(d) Cruelty against Women: 1995 1. Chambal Yamuna (d) Elephantiasis
61. Who among the following was 2. Sone Narmada 76. Chickenpox is caused by
the First Viceroy of India ? 3. Manas Brahmputra (a) DNA virus
(a) Lord Ripon Which one of the pairs given (b) Variola virus
(b) Lord Curzon above is/are correctly (c) Streptococcus
(c) Lord Mountbatten matched? (d) Vi rio cholerae
(d) Lord Canning (a) 1, 2 and 3 77. Instruments can be shielded from
62. Prithvi Raj Chauhan was defeated (b) 1 and 2 only outside magnetic effects by
in the Second Battle of Tarain by (c) 2 and 3 only surrounding them with
(a) Mahmud Ghazni (d) Only 3 (a) Iron shield
(b) Muhammad Ghori 69. A form of condensation that (b) Rubber shield
(c) Qutbuddin Aibak reduces visibility and causes (c) Brass shield
(d) Yalduz breathing problems is (d) Glass shield
63. The original name of Nana (a) Dew (b) Frost 78. Find the odd one.
Phadnavis was (c) Smog (a) Marble (b) Blackboard
(a) Mahadaji Sindhia (d) Mist (c) Chalk (d) Slaked lime
(b) Tukoji Holkar 70. The total population divided by 79. The following is a pseudo-force
(c) Narayan Rao available arable land area is (a) Centrepetal force
(d) Balaji Janardan Bhanu referred to as (b) Centrifugal reaction force
64. Who among the following first (a) Population density (c) Centrifugal force
propounded the idea of Basic (b) Nutritional density (d) Strong nuclear force
Education? (c) Agricultural density 80. The hydraulic brake used in
(a) Jawahar Lal Nehru (d) Industrial density automobiles is a direct application
(b) Raja Ram Mohan Roy 71. Green glands are associated with of
(c) Mahatma Gandhi (a) Reproduction (a) Archimedes principle
(d) Dayanand Saraswati (b) Excretion (b) Torricellean law
65. Arrange the following in (c) Respiration (c) Bernoullis Theorem
chronological order: (d) Digestion (d) Pascals law
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81. Of the following, which is the 89. Supersonic air planes create a (c) Saif Ali Khan
fastest? shock wave called (d) Anil Kapoor
(a) CD-ROM (a) Transition wave 95. The city of Prayag was named
(b) RAM (b) Ultrasound Allahabad -the city of Allah by
(c) Registers (c) Transverse wave (a) Aurangzeb
(d) Cache
(d) Sonic boom (b) Akbar
82. An alternate name for the
completely interconnected 90. The main factor which determines (c) Shahjehan
network topology is balance of nature is (d) Bahadur Shah Zafar
(a) Mesh (b) Star (a) human activities 96. Spot the odd one from the
(c) Tree (b) Rabit and habitat following:
(d) Ring (c) environmental conditions (a) Tsunami
83. Amides can be converted to (d) availability of food (b) Earthquakes
amines by the reaction named 91. The danger signals are red while (c) Windmills
(a) Perkin the eye is more sensitive to yellow (d) Cyclones
(b) Claisen because 97. Who among the following has
(c) Claisen (a) absorption in red is less than won the Pantaloons Femina Miss
(d) Clemmesen yellow and hence red is visi India World, 2012 Award?
84. The base used as an antacid is ble from a distance (a) Prachi Misra
(a) Calcium hydroxide (b) scattering in yellow light is
(b) Barium hydroxide (b) Vanya Misra
less than red (c) RocheIla Maria
(c) Magnesium hydroxide
(c) the wavelength of red light is (d) Sandhya Agarwal
(d) Silver hydroxide
more than yellow light
85. A process which is not helpful in 98. Which one of the following
the prevention of rusting of iron is (d) none of the above reasons statements is not correct about
(a) annealing 92. One of the following Chief Indias population as per the 2011
(b) applying grease Ministers received the Highest census?
(c) galvanising Civilian Award Bharat Ratna (a) Literacy rate has gone up to
(d) painting (a) Lalu Prasad Yadav of Bihar 74% from 65%
86. Denatured alcohol (b) Late M. G. Ramachandran of (b) Kerala has the highest literacy
(a) is a form of alcohol Tamil Nadu rate
(b) is unfit for drinking as it (c) Jyothi Basu of West Bengal (c) Bihar has the lowest literacy
contains poisonous substances (d) Late N. T. Rama Rao of Andhra rate
(c) contains coloured impurities Pradesh (d) Men outnumber women in
(d) is sweet to taste 93. The first disabled athelete to growth of literates
87. Phenolics as pollutants can be qualify for an able bodied event in 99. Who advocated the adoption of
removed from waste water by u s e the 2012 London Olympics in 400 PURA model to eradicate rural
of metres race is poverty ?
(a) Ion exchange resin technique
(a) Oscar Pistorius (a) Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
(b) Electrolyte decomposition
(b) Walter Rallis (b) Sri Abhijit Sen
(c) Reverse osmosis method (c) Raymond Irchovich (c) Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
(d) Polymeric adsorbents (d) Gerald Hangovin (d) Prof. A. M. Patha
88. The stability of a pond ecosystem 94. Which one of the following film 100. Which one of the following
depends on actors has been conferred the though called a garden is infact,
(a) micro-organisms and fishes Honorary Doctorate in Arts and not a garden?
(b) micro-organisms and zoo Culture by the Bedford University, (a) Vrindavan Garden of My sore
planktons London?
(b) Hanging Garden of Mumbai
(c) fishes and reptiles (a) Shahrukh Khan
(c) Eden Garden of Kolkata
(d) producers and consumers (b) Amir Khan (d) Shalimar Garden of Kashmir
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101. The next term of the series 1, 5, 107. A rectangle garden is 100 m 80 increased by 12%. Then the
12 24, 43 is m. There is a path along the increase in revenue collection will
(a) 51 (b) 62 garden and just outside it. Width be
(c) 71 (d) 78 of the path is 10m. The area of the (a) 40% (b) 35%
102. The least multiple of 13 which path is (c) 45% (d) 48%
when divided by 4, 5, 6, 7 leaves (a) 1900 sq m (b) 2400 sq m 114. A ship is moving at a speed of 30
remainder 3 in each case is (c) 3660 sq m (d) 4000 sq m km/hr. To know the depth of the
(a) 3780 (b) 3783 108. A dealer offered a machines for ocean beneath it, it sends a radio
(c) 2520 (d) 2522 sale for Rs. 27,500 but even if he wave which travels at a speed 200
103. The simplest value of had charge 10% less, the would m/s. The ship receives the signal
1 1 have made a profit of 10%. The after it has moved 500 m. The
+ + actual cost of the machine is depth of the ocean is
2+ 3 3+ 4 (a) Rs. 22000 (b) Rs. 24500
1 1 (c) Rs. 22500 (d) Rs. 22275 (a) km (b) 12 km
+ is 109. An employer reduces the number 2
4+ 5 5+ 6
of employees in the ratio 8 : 5 and (c) 6 km (d) 8 km
(a) 3( 2 1) increases their wages in the ratio 7 115. A person takes a loan of Rs.
: 9. As a result, the overall wages
(b) 2( 3 1) 10,0000 partly from a bank at 8%
bill is p.a. and remaining from another
(c) 3 1 (d) 2 1 (a) Increased in the ration 56 : 69 bank at 10% p.a. He pays a total
104. A and B are partners in a business. (b) Decreased in the ratio 56 : 45 interest of Rs. 950 per annum.
(c) Increased in the ratio 13 : 17
1 Amount of loan taken from the
A contributes of the capital for (d) Decreased in the ratio 17 : 13 first bank (in Rs.) is
4 110. The average age of a jury of 5 is (a) 2500 (b) 5200
2 40. If a member aged 35 resigns (c) 2050 (d) 5020
15 months and B received of and man aged 35 resigns and a
3 1
the profit. Find for how long Bs
man aged becomes a member, 116. If a + = 98(a > 0), then the
then the average age of the new a2
money was used?
jury is 1
(a) 6 months (b) 8 months 3
(a) 30 (b) 38 (c) 40 (d) 42 value of a + will be
(c) 10 months (d) 12 months
111. With average speed of 40 km/ a3
105. If 21 is added to a number, it (a) 535 (b) 1030
hour, a train reaches its
becomes 7 less than thrice of the (c) 790 (d) 970
destination in time. If it goes with
number. Then the number is
an average speed of 35 km hour, it 117. If x = 1 + 2 + 3 , then the
(a) 14 (b) 16
(c) 18 (d) 19
is late by 15 minutes. The total value of (2x4 8x3 5x2 + 26 x
journey is 28) is
106. Two men A and B started a job in
(a) 30 km (b) 40 km (a) 6 6 (b) 0
which A was thrice as good as B
(c) 70 km (d) 80 km
and therefore took 60 days less (c) 3 6 (d) 2 6
112. A man makes a profit of 20% on
than B to finish the job. How
the sale by selling 20 articles for 118. If the distance between two point
many days will they take to finish
Rs. 1. The number of articles he (0, -5) and (x, 0) is 13 unit, then x
the job, if they take to finish the =
bought by Rs. 1 is
job, if they start working (a) 10 (b) 10
(a) 20 (b) 24
(c) 25 (d) 30 (c) 12 (d) 12
(a) 15 days (b) 20 days
113. The number of seats in an 119. If 4x = 18y, then the value of
1 auditorium is increased by 25%.
(c) 22 days(d) 25 days x
2 The price of a ticket is also 1 is
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150 BC is the chord of a circle with
1 7 2 3
(a) (b) (c) (d) (b) sq. unit centre O. A is a point on major are
3 2 3 2 13
BC as shown in the above figure.
1 140 What is the value of BAC +
120. If x + = 5, then the value of (c) sq. unit
x 13 OBC ?
(d) 10 sq. unit (a) 120 (b) 60
x4 + 126. If an obtuse-angled triangle ABC, (c) 90 (d) 180
x 2 is
A is the obtuse angle and O is 133. Two circles with radii 5cm and 8
x 2 3x + 1
the orthocenter. If BOC = 54, cm touch each other externally at
(a) 70 (b) 50 (c) 110 (d) 55 a point A. If a straight line through
then BAC is
121.If x = 2 + 3,y=2- 3 , then the the point A cuts the circles at
(a) 108 (b) 126
points P and Q respectively, the
x 2 + y2 (c) 136 (d) 116
AP : AQ is
value of is 127. If the ratio of areas of two similar
x 3 + y3 triangles is 9 : 16, then the ratio
(a) 8 : 5 (b) 5 : 8
(c) 3 : 4 (d) 4 : 5
7 7 of their corresponding sides is
(a) (b) (a) 3 : 5 (b) 3 : 4(c) 4 : 5 (d) 4 : 3 134. If I is the In-centre of ABC and
38 40 <A = 60, then the value of
128. Let BE and CF be the two
7 7 medians of a ABC and G be BIC is
(c) (d)
19 26 their intersection. Also let EF cut (a) 100 (b) 120
122. If a2 + b2 + c2 = 2 (a b c) 3 AG at O. Then AO : OG is (c) 150 (d) 110
then the value of 2a 3b + 4c is (a) 1 : 1 (b) 1 : 2(c) 2 : 1 (d) 3 : 1 135. The external bisectors of B and
(a) 3 (b) 1
129. If S is the circumcentre of ABC C of ABC meet at point P. If
(c) 2 (d) 4
and A = 50, then the value of BAC = 80, the BPC is
123. If 2 x = 6, then the value of BCS is (a) 50 (b) 40
2x (c) 80 (d) 100
(a) 20 (b) 40 (c) 60 (d) 80
1 130. AC and BC are two equal cords of 136. When a pendulum of length 50
x2 + is cm oscillates, it produces an arc of
16 x 2 a circle. BA is produced to any
point P and CP, when joined cuts 16 cm. The angle so formed in
19 17 the circle at T. Then degree measure so formed in
(a) (b)
2 2 (a) CT : TP = AB : CA degree measure is (approx)
18 15 (b) CT : TP = CA : AB (a) 1825 (b) 1835
(c) (d) (c) CT : CB = CA : CP (c) 1820 (d) 1808
3 2
(d) CT : CB =CP : CA 137. If x, y are positive acute angles, x
1 + y < 90 and sin (2x 20) = cos
124. If 5a + = 5, the value of 131. PQ is a direct common tangent of
3a two circle of radii r 1 and r 2 (2y + 20), then the value of sec
touching each other externally at (x + y) is
9a 2 + is A. Then the value of PQ2 is 1
25a 2 (a) r1r2 (b) 2 r1r2 (a) 2 (b)
34 39 (c) 3 r1r2 (d) 4r1r2
(a) (b) (c) 1 (d) 0
5 5
138. If 5 tan = 4, then the value of
42 52
(c) (d) 5sin - 3cos
5 5 is
125. The area of the triangle formed by 5sin + 3cos
the line 5x + 7y = 35, 4x + 3y = 1 2
12 and x-axis is 132. (a) (b)
7 7
160 2
(a) sq. unit 5
13 (c) (d)
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139. The least value of 2 4 (a) S1 (b) S3
4sec2 + 9cosec2 ) is (c) m (d) m (c) S5 (d) S4
5 3 5 3 147. The number of males in the areas
(a) 1 (b) 19
(c) 25 (d) 7 144.A rail road curve is to be laid out on S1 and S4 together is
140. If tan (x + y) tan (x y) = 1, then a circle. What radius should be (a) 13.8 lakh
used if the track is to change (b) 8.2 lakh
2x direction by 25 in a distance of (c) 16.2 lakh
the value of tan is
3 40 metres? (d) 15.8 lakh
(a) 91.64 metres(b) 90.46 metres 148. The ratio of number of females in
1 2 (c) 89.64 metres(d) 93.64 metres
(a) (b) the areas S2 in the areas S5 is
3 3 145. If sin + sin 2 = 1, then the (a) 7 : 9 (b) 36 : 13
(c) 3 (d) 1 value of cos 12 + 3cos 10 + (c) 9 : 7 (d) 13 : 36
cos6 - 1 is 149. If, in the year 2010, there was an
141. If x = cosec - sin and y = sec
(a) 0 (b) 1 increase of 5% population in the
- cos , then the value of x2y2 (x2 areas S 1 and 8% increase in
+ y2 + 3) is (c) -1 (d) 2
population of the area S 3
(a) 0 (b) 1 (c) 2 Directions (146-150): Population of the compared to the previous year,
(d) 3 five adjacent areas of a town, in the year then the ratio of population in the
of 2020, are represented in the following
areas S1 and S2, in the year 2009
142. If 0 , 2y cos = sin Pie-chart. The ratio of the numbers of was
2 males to that of females in these areas (a) 3 : 10
and 2x sec - y cosec = 3, then are states in the table below. The total of (b) 27 : 10
the value of x2 + 4y2 is the population in all the five areas is 72 (c) 27 : 70
(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 lakh. Study the Pie-chart and the table (d) 10 : 3
(d) 4 and then answer the questions. 150. The average of female population
143. When the angle of elevation of the FIGURE in all the five areas is lower than
sun increases from 30 to 60, the the female population in each of
shadow of a post is diminished by Ratio of number of males (M)
to females (F) the areas
5 metres. Then the height of the (a) S1 and S2
post is Ar e as S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 (b) S2 and S5
Ratio M:F 3 : 2 4 : 1 7 : 3 2:3 13 : 7 (c) S2 and S4
5 3 2 3
(a) m (b) m 146. 12 lakh in the population of the (d) S4 and S5
2 2

Directions (151-155): In the 153. What is (a)/ the use of me (b)/ blanks to be filled in with an appropriate
following questions, some parts of the attending the session? (c)/ No word(s). Four alternatives are suggested
sentences have errors and some have error (d) for each question. Choose the correct
none, Find out which part of a sentence
has an error. The number of that part is
154. We met our prospective employer alternative out of the four as your
your answer. If there is no error then your (a) // for a briefing session(b) / in answer.
answer is (d) i.e. No error. the Taj Hotel. (c) / No error (d). 156. ______ pollution control measures
151. Air pollution, together with 155. Because of the severe snow storm are expensive, many industries
littering. (a)/ are causing many and the road blocks, (a)/ the air hesitate to adopt them.
problems(b)/ Vin our cities. (c)/ force dropped food and (b)/ (a) Although
No error (d) medical supplies close to the city. (b) However
152. The accused refused (a)/ to (c) No error (d) (c) Because (d) Despite
answer to the policeman (b)/ on Directions (156-160): In the following 157. It is not for a man to be confined
duty.(c)/No error (d). questions, sentences are given with to the pursuit of wealth.
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(a) healthy (b) easy (a) Disseminate printed in bold. Below are given
(c) possible (d) common (b) Dissemble alternatives to the bold part at (a), (b)
158. ___ his being innocent of the (c) Publicize (d) Transmit and (c) which may improve the
crime, the judge sentenced him to 169. Appreciation sentence. Choose the correct
one year imprisonment. (a) Aspersion (b) Admiration alternative. In case no improvement is
(a) Inspite of (c) Commendation needed your answer is (d).
(b) In case of (d) Compliment 176. You shall have attended if the
(c) On account of 170. Supple court had instructed you to do so.
(d) In the event of (a) Pliant (b) Pliable (a) would have had to attend
159. It is a story of two men and a (c) Rigid (d) Flexible (b) would attend
batch of armoured cars. Directions (171-175): In the following (c) would have to
(a) deceased (b) diseased questions, four alternatives are given (d) No improvement
(c) decrepit (d) defeated for the idiom/phrase and bold italicised 177. The relics of Greece over which
160. Although there is ________ gun- in the sentence. Choose the alternative such a great deal of evidence has
fire, there is no stiff resistance to which best expresses the meaning of the been collected should be
the revolutionary army, idiom/phrase as your answer. - preserved.
(a) bitter (b) meagre (a) from which
(c) continuous (d) sporadic 171. Once the case reached the court,
the police washed their hands off (b) on which
Directions (161-165): In the following it. (c) ascent which
questions, out of the four alternatives, (a) waited for a response to (d) No improvement
choose the one which best expresses (b) claimed credit for 178. When the beverage was ready,
the meaning of the given word as your (c) disassociated themselves from they drank possibly as much as
answer. (d) seemed eager to continue they could.
161. Vociferous 172. She wanted to go hitch-hiking but (a) as much as they possibly
(a) violent (b) loud her mother put her foot down and could
(c) secret (d) true now shes going by bus. (b) as much as possibly they
162. Fictional (a) took a firm stand could
(a) genuine (b) authentic (b) expressed her displeasure (c) as much as they could
(c) fanciful (d) real (c) scolded her badly possibly
163. Trivial (d) got irritated (d) No improvement
(a) crucial (b) significant 173. Adolescence is a period of halo 179. A citizen is expected to give
(c) vital (d) ordinary cyan days. allegiance to his country of origin.
164. Impudent (a) hard days (a) homage
(a) Vigilant (b) Astute (b) of mental pressure (b) loyalty
(c) Insolent (d) Arrogant (c) happy days (c) obedience
165. Pompous (d) days of preparation (d) No improvement
(a) Pretentious (b) Supportive 174. My sincere advice to my maid- 180. We were with daggers drawn
(c) Demanding (d) Flashy servant fell on stony ground. despite attempts to understand
(a) was counter productive each other;
Directions (166170) : In the following (a) in (b) on
questions, choose the word opposite in (b) had a strong impact
(c) made one stubborn (c) at
meaning to the given word as your (d) No improvement
answer. (d) had little success
175. He has all his ducks in a row, he is Directions (181-185): In the following
166. Cultivated complacent. questions, out of the four alternatives.
(a) Crude (b) Genteel (a) has everything ready choose the one which can be
(c) Suave (d) Refined (b) is wall organised substituted for the given words/
167. Impertinent (c) always scores a zero sentence.
(a) Insolent (b) Impudent (d) never gets confused
(c) Cheeky (d) Courteous 181. A round or cylindrical container
168. Divulge Directions (176-180): In the following used storing things such as food,
questions, a part of the sentence is chemicals or rolls of film
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(a) tankard (b) vessel what behaviour they should be (b) Some suggest a follow-up
(c) canister (d) casket reinforcing back on the job. Others training day to review the
182. A place of permanent residence include a follow-up training day to progress of the participants
(a) abode (b) dormitory review the progress of the participants. (c) Some go to the extent of
(c) domicile (d) apartment None of this is really going far enough. briefing the participants
183. That cannot be altered or The real problem is that course managers on what behaviour
withdrawn promoters view development as they should be reinforcing
(1 ) irrevocable (b) irretrievable something which primarily, takes place in back on the job
(c) irrefutable (d) irresistible a classroom. A course is an event and (d) The real problem is that
184. Money paid to employees on events are, by definition limited in time. course promoters view
retirement When you talk about follow-up after a development as something
(a) gratuity (b) gift course, it is seen as a nice idea, but not which does not take place
(c) pension (d) arrears as an essential part of the participants during a course
185. A place where clothes are kept development programme. Any rational, 193. The writers attitude, as reflected
(a) closet (b) drawer empowered individual should be able to in the passage, is
(c) wardrobe (d) cupboard take what has been learnt in a course and (a) critical (b) ironic
Directions (186-190): In the following transfer it to the work place or so the (c) sympathetic
questions four words are given in each argument goes. Another negative aspect (d) philosophical
question, out of which only one word is of the course mindset is that, primarily, 194. The course promoters attitude is
correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt development is thought to be about skill- (a) self-righteous
word as your answer. acquisition. (b) indifferent (c) easy-going
186. (a) garulous (b) garrulous So, it is felt that the distinction (d) unprogressive
(c) garullous (d) garrullous between taking the course and behaving 195. The words mindset here means
187. (a) marquee (b) markue differently in the work place parallels the (a) determined mind
(c) marnuei (d) marquie distinction between skill-acquisition and (b) a (fixed) attitude of mind
188. (1 ) puissant (b) puiscant skill-application. But can such a sharp (c) an open mind(d) mindful
(c) puiscent (d) puissent distinction be maintained ? Skills are PASSAGE II
189. (a) disconncerting really acquired only in the context of (Question Nos. 196 to 200)
(b) disconserting applying them on the job, finding them One may look at life, events,
(c) discuncerting(d) disconcerting effective and therefore, reinforcing them. society, history, in another way. A way
190. (a) exilarate (b) exsilerate The problem with courses is that which might, at a stretch, be described as
(c) exsilarate (d) exhilarate they are events, while development is an the Gandhian way, though it may be from
Directions (191-200): In the following on-going process which, involves, times before Mahatma Gandhi came on
questions, you have two brief passages within a complex environment, continual the scene. The Gandhian reaction to all
with 5 questions in each passage, Read interaction, regular feedback and the grim poverty, squalor and
the passages carefully and choose the adjustment. As we tend to equate degradation of the human being would
best answer to each question out of the development with a one-off event, it is approximate to effort at self-change and
four alternatives. difficult to get seriously motivated self-improvement, to a regime of living
PASSAGE I about the follow-up. Anyone paying for regulated by discipline from within. To
(Question Nos. 191 to 195) a course tends to look at follow-up as an change society, the individual must first
Stuck with be development unnecessary and rather costly frill. change himself. In this way of looking at
dilemma? Stay away from management 191. What is the passage about? life and society, words too begin to mean
courses. Seriously, one of the biggest (a) personal management differently. Revolution, for instance, is a
complaints that organisations have (b) development dilemma term frequently used, but not always in
about management courses is that they (c) management courses the sense it has been in the lexicon of
fail to impact the participants on-the-job (d) course promoters attitude the militant. So also with words like
behaviour. Some management trainers 192. Which of the following statements peace and struggle. Even society may
stress the need for follow-up and is false? mean differently, being some kind of
reinforcement on the job. Some go so far (a) Some management trainers organic entity for the militant, and more
as briefing the participants managers on stress the need for follow-up or less a sum of individuals for the
and reinforcement on the job
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Gandhian. There is yet another way, 196. The Gandhian reaction to poverty (b) A militant
which might, for want of a better is (c) A mystic
description, be called the mystic. The (a) a total war on poverty (d) A Gandhian who disciplines
mystics perspective measures these (b) self-discipline himself from within
concerns that transcend political (c) self-abnegation 199. The expression water will to
ambition and the dynamism of the (d) a regulated distribution of water, dust to dust means
reformer, whether he be militant or wealth (a) water and dust can mix well
Gandhian. The mystic measures the 197. According to Gandhianism, the (b) man will become water after
terror of not knowing the remorseless individual who wants to change death
march of time; he seeks to know what society (c) man will one day die and
was before birth, what comes after death. (a) should destroy the existing become dust
The continuous presence of death, of society (d) man will become dust and
the consciousness of death, sets his (b) must re-form society water after death
priorities. and values: militants and (c) must change himself 200. What does society mean to a
Gandhians kings and prophets must (d) may change society without Gandhian?
leave all that they have built; all that they changing himself (a) a sum of individuals
have un-built and depart when 198. Who, according to the passage, (b) an organic entity
messengers of the buffalo-riding Yama finds new meaning for words like (c) a regime of living regulated by
come out of the shadows. Water will to revolutions, peace and struggle? discipline from within
water, dust to dust. Think of (a) A Gandhian who believes in (d) a disciplined social community
impermanence. Everything passes. nonviolent revolution

1.(d) 2.(c) 3. (a) 4.(b) 5. (a) 6. (d) 7. (c) 8. (c) 9. (c) 10. (d)
11. (a) 12. (d) 13. (b) 14. (c) 15. (d) 16. (a) 17. (b) 18. (c) 19. (d) 20. (c)
21. (b) 22. (c) 23. (b) 24. (d) 25. (b) 26. (a) 27. (b) 28. (d) 29. (b) 30. (c)
31. (b) 32. (d) 33. (d) 34. (a) 35. (a) 36. (a) 37. (c) 38. (d) 39. (c) 40. (b)
41. (d) 42. (c) 43. (b) 44. (c) 45. (c) 46. (c) 47. (c) 48. (d) 49. (b) 50. (b)
51. (c) 52. (b) 53. (c) 54. (*) 55. (b) 56. (c) 57. (b) 58. (a) 59. (d) 60. (c)
61. (d) 62. (b) 63. (d) 64. (c) 65. (b) 66. (d) 67. (d) 68. (a) 69. (c) 70. (a)
71. (b) 72. (b) 73. (c) 74. (a) 75. (c) 76. (b) 77. (a) 78.(a) 79. (c) 80. (d)
81. (c) 82. (a) 83. (c) 84. (c) 85. (a) 86. (b) 87. (d) 88. (d) 89. (d) 90. (c)
91. (a) 92. (b) 93. (a) 94. (a) 95. (b) 96. (c) 97. (b) 98. (d) 99. (a) 100. (c)
101. (c) 102.(b) 103. (b) 104. (c) 105. (a) 106. (c) 107. (d) 108. (c) 109. (b) 110. (b)
111. (c) 112. (b) 113. (a) 114. (a) 115. (a) 116. (d) 117. (a) 118. (c) 119. (b) 120. (d)
121. (d) 122. (b) 123. (a) 124. (b) 125. (a) 126. (b) 127. (b) 128. (c) 129. (b) 130. (c)
131. (d) 132. (c) 133. (b) 134. (b) 135. (a) 136. (c) 137. (a) 138. (a) 139. (*) 140. (a)
141. (b) 142. (d) 143. (a) 144. (a) 145. (a) 146. (c) 147. (a) 148. (c) 149. (*) 150. (c)
151. (b) 152. (b) 153. (b) 154. (b) 155. (a) 156. (c) 157. (c) 158. (a) 159. (c) 160. (d)
161. (b) 162. (c) 163.(d) 164. (c) 165. (a) 166. (a) 167. (d) 168. (b) 169. (a) 170. (c)
171. (c) 172. (a) 173. (c) 174.(d) 175. (b) 176.(a) 177. (b) 178. (a) 179. (b) 180. (c)
181. (b) 182. (a) 183. (a) 184. (a) 185. (c) 186. (b) 187. (a) 188. (a) 189. (d) 190. (d)
191. (b) 192. (d) 193. (a) 194. (d) 195. (b) 196. (b) 197. (c) 198. (d) 199. (d) 200. (a)
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