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Instructions on How to Download and Install the SPSS Modeler Software

Important Note: You will need a software license to complete the installation. The license will be
provided on Blackboard -- please do not distribute neither the license nor the software, they are
intended for personal use during the course semester.

1. Go to the following link:

2. On that page, click "Passport Advantage" under "Support & Downloads".

3. Click "Customer sign in" and register as a new customer. Please use your UA email address in

4. On the following "Self-nomination" page, enter the following Site number: 0003690761 and select
"No" for the Primary Contact question. Press "Submit".

5. After you submit the request, the Program Administrator will need to approve your request through
my administrator account. The current Program Administrator is the MicroAge Lab, and their support
turn-around is generally 2 business days.

6. Once this is done, you will receive an e-mail from "IBM Software and Services Online" with the
subject "IBM Welcomes you to the Software and services tool".

7. Follow the link provided in this e-mail and sign in with your IBM account.

8. Now, you should be on the "Software and services online" page. Click on the "Software download &
media access" link as shown below.

8. Click on Continue. On the next page (i.e. "search software), make sure that the product name is
specified as "IBM SPSS Modeler Premium Campus Edition". You don't need to select any platform
options, and change and download options (default No for both questions). Click on IBM SPSS Modeler
Premium Campus Edition.

9. The license we have is SPSS Modeler version 16.0.0. Therefore, you need to click on change right to
the Version option, and select 16.0.0. Importantly, this software currently has no Mac version. So,
you need to find a windows machine to install the software on it, or install the software on a virtual
machine (e.g. Oracle virtual box) running on Mac.

10. Click on select individual files, then you will see many installation files listed. The core installation
file is IBM SPSS Modeler Client 64-bit 16.0 Microsoft Windows Multilingual (or 32-bit, depending on your
system environment). All the other downloads wont be used in this course, but you can explore them.

For example, if you are interested in text mining, you can download the Text Analytics Client (which is an
add-on to the core client). Just select the correct installation file and click on download.

11. Note that the default method for download is through a Java based applet called "Download
Director". In order for this Applet to run, you need to enable pop-ups in your browser and give
permission to the applet. In case that you have problems running this Applet with Firefox or Chrome, try

it with Internet Explorer. In case that you can't get the "Download Director" applet working in any
possible way, one last option is to download the software through HTTP transfer. To do this, change the
download method on the previous page to "HTTP transfers".

12. The core installation file is in the ZIP file called (if you are
running a 32-bit Operating System, the file name should be Please
unzip it using proper software (e.g. WinRAR). Finally, run the "setup.exe" in these new extracted files.
This will install the baseline SPSS Modeler on your computer.

13. On your first run of the software, you may see the following activation window pop-up:

Choose the option: "Single user license" and press Next. Then, enter the activation code provided to you
on Blackboard to license the product. Alternatively, you can choose to use temporary code to finish the
installation. The trial version is typically valid for around 14 days. After that, you can click Start->all
programs->IBM SPSS Modeler 16.0->License Authorization Wizard to type in the license key.

14. Once the core SPSS Modeler client is installed, you can add the Text Analytics (and any other) add-
ons to the program in a similar way (extracting and running their setup files).