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Pro Cabinet Solutions Chooses Lockdowel Assembly to Increase Revenues

Without Increasing Manpower

Northern Nevada Cabinet Maker Finds New Ways to Compete with Glue-less Assembly Solution,
Lockdowel Eclipse Fastening.

Mound House, NV, May 24, 2017 --( Glue-less, tool-less Lockdowel Assembly enables Pro
Cabinet Solutions to run leaner while increasing profits. The snap-together assembly system allows the
northern Nevada cabinet maker to turn around jobs quicker with fewer employees.

With Lockdowel one production worker can produce cabinet boxes on our Laguna LD-4 CNC machine,
flat pack them and ship them, while our other employees sell, design and serve new customers,
ProCabinet Solutions Owner and President, Rob Amster says. Assembly is simple, yet super sturdy at
the build site, and the job is completed in a third of the time. Our customers truly benefit!

We can compete with bigger shops and even the Chinese because Lockdowel not only eliminates the
time-sucking step of gluing, its automation allows us to produce three times as much product without
needing more employees, Amster says.

Adaptation and versatility is the it factor that has enabled Pro Cabinet Solutions to thrive for more than
20 years. Amster, with a former partner, bought his father's cabinet shop in the 90's when it was carrying
a $200,000.00 operating deficit. Within two years they had it making a profit by finding new market

In the 80's my dad's company was mainly supplying cabinets for retail Christian bookstores across the
nation, Amster explains. Their cabinetry creations provided bookstores with attractive 'knock down'
displays that gave large retail areas a warmer, homier feel and enhanced the buying experience. With
bookstores declining, we had to find new ways to add value to businesses.

Amster and team quickly became masters of adaptation, production management and staying ahead of the
latest trends. We expanded our business to include cafs and coffee shops with our cabinetry becoming
part of the high-end dcor and clean style designers wanted. We learned how to bring designers' ideas and
visions to reality, Amster adds.

Pro Cabinet Solutions diversified into the commercial market, making cabinetry for dentists' offices,
hospitals and educational institutes. Like the company's value proposition to bookstores, these businesses
appreciated their design with purpose—facilitating organization, hidden storage, enhanced style, or
all of these.

Today, Pro Cabinet Solutions has entered the home building arena by giving builders a unique edge in
offering custom, exquisite cabinets for retreat getaways in the Nevada and Northern California area. Our
cabinetry for these mansions runs $150,000 to $300,000, Amster explains. That is just the cabinets.
These creations have to be one of the primary drivers in the home's value to justify the cost—and

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they are!

Choosing to fasten cabinets with the Lockdowel glue-less, inter-locking assembly system is the way Pro
Cabinet Solutions is leading the industry in versatility and production. Lockdowel is pivotal in changing
the way cabinets are built for the better, Amster says. When the entire production step of gluing is
eliminated with improved functionality and efficiency, this is a true breakthrough. The Pro Cabinet
Solutions team will use the Lockdowel assembly method to leapfrog our business to even higher levels of
success. With Lockdowel our next venture, is our soon to be available on-line catalog. We think that
shops in our area will appreciate our speed of manufacturing and on site assembly our on-line ordering
will allow.

About ProCabinets
ProCabinets (Professional Cabinet Solutions) brings your ideas and designs to life through quality
artisanship and custom craftsmanship. We pay close attention to the details and exceed the WI
(Woodwork Institute) and AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute) industry standards. The building of a
professional grade cabinet involves the utilizing of the best grades of raw materials, coupled with the
highest quality hardware and accessories in fabrication efforts. Three dimensional cabinet modeling
software is employed to ensure quality of design. This allows for the design to be precisely engineered
and then passed straight through to an automated manufacturing system. We have been producing
professional grade Cabinetry & Millwork to the marketplace for well over 25 years. For more information
visit: or call 775.246.7200.

About Lockdowel
Lockdowel provides fasteners, drawer slides and hinges for fast and easy installation of cabinets, furniture
and architectural millwork. Patent pending. Lockdowel 48834 Kato Road #110A Fremont, CA 94538;
(65) 325-8732 Come to the Lockdowel booth number 9256 at AWFS to see the
fastest, glue-less, tool-less, RTA assembly solutions today!

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