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Model 601 504

Effective to Remove Quality of Life

AIR Pollution (ft) Service area available
ElectroMed 700 - 900 ft 500 - 600 ft begins with your AIR Indoor
MediaMed 600 - 800 ft 400 - 500 ft
ChemMed 700 - 900 ft 500 - 600 ft
CarbonMed 600 - 800 ft 400 - 500 ft
5 Air Change 544 ft 400 ft
per hour (ACH) provide
- Air Flow Rate (m3/hr)
Fine dust S1 (cfm) 150 (90) 120 (72)
- / S2 (cfm) 280 (167) 190 (113)
- S3 (cfm) 390 (227) 290 (173)
Formaldehyde S4 (cfm) 560 (334) 400 (239)
- S5 (cfm) 680 (406) 500 (299)
- () Noise (dB)
Cigarette S1 <8 <7
- S2 < 12 < 10
S3 < 28 < 15
S4 < 42 < 28
S5 < 50 < 45
Power consumption (W)
S1 < 12 < 10
S2 < 28 < 25
S3 < 38 < 32
S4 < 50 < 42
MedAir S5 < 65 < 50 MedAir

The above specification may subject to be changed without previous notice.
0.01 0.3
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: 3 5 Sole Distributor:
Tel: (852) 34210167
Fax: (852) 30054302

4 ,

24 PM2.5

5 () Video Online (English) MEDAIR Website ,

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medair.germany Copy Right of MedAir Company

Be Smart Consumer When Choosing An Air Purifier Recommend The Use Of The Environment

Testing Report
Deteriorating air quality, consumers want to purchase an air purifier to improve air quality.
However, the market flooded with different functions, brands and air purifier principle. MEDAIR 601 504
Make you too confusing and difficult to choose.
Standard Filtration Empower Chambers
Different independents laboratory proof MEDAIR 601 & 504 can
provide fast and effective air pollutants removal capacity including
Actual Environment And Conditions Washable Pre-filter Electro Chamber fine dust particles, chemical, bacteria and virus etc.

PM2.5PM10 Tested by:
Advised to know your actual circumstances and needs. Consider the use of the area and Antimicrobial 99% - eurofins Germany GMBH
environmentally flow required to select the area of the effective use of the air purifier. To remove medium to Kill bacteria and virus
large size dust particle immediately. High efficiency
- Hong Kong Baptist University
Consumers can select one of the most cost-effective air purifier for a particular problem
or air pollution. to remove 99% of as small - CMA Testing & Certification Laboratories Hong Kong
as 0.01um eg PM2.5, PM10, - IAQ Consultant Singapore
cigarette smoke, bacteria
and virus - LAWN Environmental Limited Hong Kong
Overall Ability To Purify Air - Hong Kong Air Purifier Center Limited

Photocatalytic Filter True HEPA Filter
(ACH) 0.3

Job Reference:

PM2.5 99.97%
Consider circulating air flow, effective air purifiers need to allow enough air through its PM2.5PM10 Home Commerce & Industry (Eg. Hotels, Offices & Manufacturers)
purification layers. Consumers should be aware of different air purifiers use of the area at
Remove 99.97% of 0.3 um Medical institutions, Schools and Sanatoriums
the time to provide hourly air Purification of times (ACH). Effectively to solve various
problems of air pollution, consumers should evaluate to the Purifiers for various types of Converting gaseous fine dust particles such as Asthma, Respiratory disease and Allergies
pollution such as formaldehyde, PM2.5, viruses and chemical gas purification capacity, etc. pollutants to harmless PM2.5, PM10, Allergy and
products eg ozone, Pollen

odors & formaldehyde
Sustainable Use And Future Consumption Costs, etc Frequently Asked Questions
5 color of Front and Back cover
() LED UV Light Honeycomb Metal Catalyst Replace your color at any time
Chemical Chamber
Removes bacteria ()
and virus

Volatile Organic
Consider the durability of the air purifier and its subsequent replacement consumables
(such as filters) costs and avoid future large pet bear the subsequent costs. High-quality
air purifiers are capable of long-term use, stable and durable and allow to clean it yourself,
Effective to remove indoor toxic gases
etc, therefore consumers should pay attention to the product power consumption, wear
and tear, user maintenance, service and warranty-related cases. gas pollutants eg chemical
gas, bad odor, TVOC, HCHO,
601 Series
Benzene & smoke smell etc 990 x 425 x 260
H x W x D (mm) / Fine dust
Independent Performance Testing Reports & Certifications ( + /- ) Bacteria

Service 900 ft
Plasma Ion Generator Honeycomb Activated
Carbon Chamber
One of quality air purifier must pass stringent quality accreditation and pass through the
authoritative international certification, independent laboratory testing and reporting.

504 Series
Using plasma technology 625 x 430 x 260
creates its own fresh & clean
bio-climate. Bio-climateis
Powerful and efficient to
absorb strong chemical gas
H x W x D (mm) Pet hair
rich in active oxygen and bad odor specially Service 600 ft
molecules so you can feel as
Choose a suitable air purifier involves a lot of knowledge, more than design for absorb wide Cigarette
clean & nature as air. range of heavy chemical gas
just a few tips. For more details or would like to share with us:
and bad odor
Tel: 2116 4121