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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Volume 98; Number 7

A community newspaper serving Browerville, MN and surrounding areas. USPS 067-560

Public informational meeting to Storms
discuss the future of historic don’t
courthouse will be held August 17 dampen
By Tim King
The first public informational
At the July 20 meeting, com-
missioners were told the historic
options for the courthouse.
Consultants estimated the Relay for
meeting to discuss the future of courthouse was sound enough to remodeling will cost $4.39 mil-
Todd County's historic court-
house will be held Tuesday
last for at least another 100
years. They were also presented
lion. Merely demolishing the his-
toric court house would cost
evening August 17 at 6:30 p.m. with a plan to create a space in $350,000, according to the con-
at the Todd County Government the historic courthouse for sultants. An additional $50,000
Center in downtown Long numerous county departments would be needed to relocate the
Prairie. that are now housed on Central 911 emergency telephone system
The decision to hold the meet- Avenue in Long Prairie, as well now housed in the courthouse.
ing earlier than originally as other locations in Long "If we demolish the court
planned was made at the Todd Prairie and Browerville. Under house we'll have spent a lot of
County Commissioners meeting the plan the Auditor and money and accomplished noth-
Tuesday July 20 following dis- Treasurer, Assessor, Recorder, ing for county taxpayers," Roger Irsfeld, above,
cussion by the commissioners GIS, Planning and Zoning, Commissioner Ruda said. accepted the Silver Level
about what the November ballot Public Works, Soil and Water, Building a new facility on the Sponsor award on behalf of
question should be regarding the and Solid Waste would be com- site of the demolished court- the Browerville Lions at the
historic courthouse. The commis- bined into an umbrella organiza- house would cost about the same Todd County Relay for Life
sioners had planned to make a tion called Tax and Land as remodeling the old court- on July 23rd.
decision on the ballot question Services. The new organization house. Demolition and relocating Right, Curtis Bryniarski,
language at their July 20 meet- would be housed in the first two the 911 system would cost at sang the National Anthem
ing, however, the commissioners floors of the remodeled historic least an additional $400,000. for the event. Photos by Ben
decided to listen to public input courthouse. The county board Dreher.
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at the August 17 meeting before room and county administrative
deciding on the wording of the
ballot question. Commissioners
will decide on the wording fol-
offices would be housed in the
third floor of the building. The
plan for use of the building and
Hosts celebrate five generations
lowing the public discussion. The longevity estimates were made
wording of the question must be by Contegrity Group and
decided no later than August 20. Collaborative Design Group.
After August 20, the ballots will Both are consulting companies
be readied for printing. hired by Todd County to study

Titera charged
in Brown death
Melissa J. Titera, Parkers
Prairie, appeared in Todd County
District Court twice withing a
seven day period. She had been
scheduled to appear in court on
Monday, July 12, but failed to
On Friday, July 16, she
appeared in court on charges of
probation violation. She had pre-
viously been convicted for the
sale of narcotics in Wadena, and
was found guilty of violating the
terms of her probation.
Sentencing was scheduled for
August 9.
Titera appeared in court again
on Tuesday, July 20, on charges
of two counts of criminal vehicu-
lar homicide and DWI. An RU8
hearing was set for August 2.
Titera, in custody, is being
charged in connection with the
Melissa Titera has been death of Scott Brown, rural Long
charged in Todd County Prairie, in a three vehicle acci-
District Court with two dent on US Hwy 71, south of Grandma Host, Roselind, was visited by her granddaughter, great granddaughter, and
counts of criminal vehicular Eagle Bend that occurred on the great great granddaughter at the Central Todd County Care Center on July 22nd. Pictured
homicide. Todd County Court afternoon of Thursday, July 15. are: Front, Bob Host, Roselind Host holding Zooey Moeshl, and Sharon Host. Back, Lynsie
photo. Moeschl and Donna Smith.


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