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Issue NO: 24 Date: APRIL, 2017



NBS Director General, Dr. Albina Chuwa presenting the progress report of 2016/17 Tanzania
HIV Impact Survey to the Acting Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) of Kagera Region
Mr. Wambura Sabora (not in the picture) during her visit in Kagera in April, 2017.

At least 90 percent of the Region to oversee the data Im happy to info you that,
targeted participants to the collection process and hear the ongoing HIV survey is at
countrywide 2016 Tanzania from data collectors per with the plans, especially
HIV Impact Survey regarding the general where mobilization and data
(2016THIS) has been reached progress of the survey. collection were done. Weve
in 17 regions, and already attained 90 per cent of the
data collection has been Dr. Chuwa said to the regions target, which shows that
completed. where data collection was there was good acceptance
ready done, many people of the survey and it will
The update on the participated and acceptance provide the national with
implementation of the rate was over 90 percent accurate data, said Dr.
2016THIS was made by the which is a good percentage Chuwa when revealing the
Director General of the which will provide the progress of the survey before
National Bureau of Statistics average and the national HIV the Acting Regional
(NBS), Dr. Albina Chuwa, incidence. Administrative Secretary
during her visit to Kagera-- (RAS) of Kagera,--

Issue NO: 24 Date: APRIL, 2017

Mr. Wambura Sabora. hindered the smooth movement of The 2016THIS

data collectors resulting into
increased number of days for data implementation run
Dr. Chuwa said regions which
have completed data collection and
collection in EAs. smoothly in most parts,
biomarkers include Singida, Another challenge was when except that there were a
Dodoma, Manyara, Iringa, officials came across people few challenges including
Njombe, Ruvuma, Mbeya, who dont seem to understand unfriendly weather
Songwe, Rukwa, Katavi, Tabora the process coupled with the
general fear of the survey. The
conditions, distance from
and Kigoma.
2016THIS survey will help in one household to the
For his part, the Acting RAS of obtaining the estimates of the next, distance from EAs
Kagera Region, Mr. Sabora, burden level to HIV in to selected Satellite
promised Dr. Chuwa that, the Tanzania, examine the uptake Laboratory, vehicle
survey would be a success in all of preventive and
areas of his region and others care/treatment related services breakdown and other
because Tanzanians are at the population level, and geographical factors that
cooperative and leaders from estimate the prevalence of hindered the smooth
national level to local government HIV-related risk factors, HIV movement of data
will participate effectively. incidence at the national level,
collectors resulting into
HIV prevalence, CD4 counts,
Ill make sure the survey attains syphilis prevalence, uptake of increased number of days
its goal so that the country would HIV-related services, for data collection in
get the most current official (especially prevention of EAs.
statistics on HIV incidence. mother-to-child transmission Another challenge was
(PMTCT)-related services) and
exposure to HIV interventions
when officials came
I thank you for your visit in our
region as you monitor the progress and the testing of hepatitis B across people who dont
of the HIV survey in general, said and C. seem to understand the
Mr. Sabora. The survey goal is to cover at process coupled with the
least 16,000 households, general fear of the
The 2016THIS implementation run meaning at least 40,000 adults
smoothly in most parts, except that
and some 8,000 children.
there were a few challenges
including unfriendly weather The data and information
conditions, distance from one collected will facilitate in
household to the next, distance making more informed
from EAs to selected Satellite decisions, planning and
Laboratory, vehicle breakdown policies related to HIV and
and other geographical factors that health issues in the country.

Issue NO: 24 Date: APRIL, 2017


It was a moment like no other and here is where they are victory did not come easily given the
when Dr. Margareth Martin was allowed to present their fact that even my rivals are good at
nominated the best overall arguments during a general what they normally do, said Dr.
employee of the year 2016 in the meeting as to why they are the Martin.
nomination of 2016 National most suitable for the award.
Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Best She said further that ever since she
Employee of the Year. So, on Election Day, the got employed by NBS, her passion
contestants from the different for work has always been going up,
Dr. Martin becomes the overall directorates pass from office to pushing her to work hard and her
winner after scooping more votes office and try to win over the wish is to remain a committed and
compared to his two rivals, Mr. voters. hardworking public servant during
Abbas Mlemba, who is a Senior all the years of service.
Statistician, and Mr. Stambuli Just before election time, the Dr. Martin challenged her colleagues
Mapunda, a senior Human contestants are given a chance at NBS to continue working as a
Resource Officer. to explain themselves and ask team and ensure that the
for votes before the NBS performance of the agency keeps
Dr. Martin, who is the Regional conference, here they are given reflecting efficiency in order to
Statistical Manager for Arusha, g five minutes each. produce quality outputs, that is,
obtained 53 votes followed by Mr. As usual, it is the secret ballot quality and relevant statistics which
Abbas Mlemba who scored 31 that decides who becomes the is crucial for national development.
votes, and the third runner up was the overall winner of 2016 NBS
Mr. Stambuli Mapunda who got best employee of the year. The process of nominating the best
29 votes. employee of the year was
Speaking after being nominated
coordinated by NBS Workers Union,
Every year, NBS nominates the the winner, Dr. Martin said she
a branch of the Tanzania Union
best employee of the year to deserved to be the overall
Government and Health Employees
motivate them to work hard when winner because she is a hard
fulfilling their duties. This is even worker and was glad that most
as all members of the staff at of her colleagues have I thank everyone for showing trust
NBS. witnessed her efforts. in my efforts. The vote is proof that
you see me as a hard worker and as
As usual, the nomination starts at I thank everyone for showing deserving this award. I appreciate
the department level where a trust in my efforts. The vote is your vote for me and I must say that
member is nominated by peers proof that you see me as a hard this victory did not come easily
through a secret ballot. The worker and as deserving this given the fact that even my rivals
winners at this level then contest award. I appreciate your vote are good at what they normally do,
at the directorate one,-- for me and I must say that this- said Dr. Martin.

Issue NO: 24 Date: APRIL, 2017


NBS Director of Population Census and Social Statistics, Mr. Ephraim Kwesigabo briefs the media
about Consumer Price Index figures for April, 2017 in Dar es Salaam.

THE headline inflation rate for The CPI for April, 2017 has onions by 3.5 percent, said
April, 2017 has stagnated at 6.4 stagnated at 6.4 percent as it was Mr. Kwesigabo.
percent as it was recorded in recorded in March, 2017 but the
March, 2017. overall index has increased to The monthly inflation rate for
109.04 in April, 2017 from April has increased by 0.5
Addressing reporters in Dar es 108.44 recorded a month before. percent compared to an
Salaam when releasing Consumer The increase of the overall index increase of 1.4 percent
Price Index (CPI) for April, 2017, was attributed by the price recorded in the previous
the National Bureau of Statistics increase of some food items month.
(NBS) Director of Population such as maize grains which
Census and Social Statistics, Mr. increased by 4.8 percent, maize Mr. Kwesigabo said the
Ephraim Kwesigabo, said the flour by 7.1 percent, lentils by inflation rate for food
speed of price increase for 6.5 percent, round potatoes by consumed at home and away
commodities in April has 4.0 percent, tomatoes by 7.8 from home has increased to
remained the same as the one percent, coconut by 6.9 percent, 12.0 percent during the
recorded in March. cassava by 5.9 percent and-- month under study from 11.7

Issue NO: 24 Date: APRIL, 2017

Movement of National Consumer Price Indices (NCPI) and Inflation

Rates from April, 2016 April, 2017. (Dec., 2015 = 100)

percent recorded a month before The CPI for April, 2017 has The inflation rate for
while the 12 month index change stagnated at 6.4 percent as it
was recorded in March, 2017
food consumed at home
for non-food products has
slightly decreased to 3.4 percent but the overall index has and away from home has
in April from 3.6 percent increased to 109.04 in April, increased to 12.0 percent
recorded in March. 2017 from 108.44 recorded a during the month under
month before. The increase of
the overall index was attributed study from 11.7 percent
The inflation rate which
excludes food and energy for by the price increase of some recorded a month before
April has slightly increased to food items such as maize while the 12 month index
2.3 percent from 2.2 percent grains which increased by 4.8
percent, maize flour by 7.1
change for non-food
recorder in March.
percent, lentils by 6.5 percent, products has slightly
The purchasing power of 100
round potatoes by 4.0 percent, decreased to 3.4 percent
tomatoes by 7.8 percent,
Tanzanian Shillings has reached
coconut by 6.9 percent, cassava
in April from 3.6 percent
TZS 91 and 71 cents in April, by 5.9 percent and onions by recorded in March.
2017 compared to TZS 92 and 3.5 percent, said Mr.
21 cents a month earlier. Kwesigabo.

Issue NO: 24 Date: APRIL, 2017


NBS Director General, Dr. Albina Chuwa listen instructions from Supervisor of Y&P Company
Limited which oversees the construction of NBS Headquarters building in Dodoma during the visit
of NBS Staff to the site. The event took place in April, 2017.

A total of Tshs.11.6 billion will Ive witnessed that work is Mr. Mtumwa Shomvi, said his
be spent on the construction of progressing on well. I trust the firm was committed to delivering
the new National Bureau of contractor will complete the quality work within the agreed
Statistics (NBS) Headquarters in work in time as per the contract. timeframe saying he was
Dodoma, it has been revealed. The Tshs. 11.6 billion is a loan optimistic all would be done in
from the World Bank, and this time because all the requirements
This was revealed by the will be sufficient to complete the were already on site and work was
Director General of NBS, Dr. work, said Dr. Chuwa. going on.
Albina Chuwa, during her visit
The NBS headquarters currently
at the construction site in Dr. Chuwa said NBS will make
under construction is located near
Dodoma recently. sure it provides the maximum
Dodoma Convection Centre
supervision over the construction
(currently known as Kikwete
Dr. Chuwa said the Y&P so that the contractor does not
Hall), which is a property of
Company Limited, which is only produce quality work, but
Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM),
overseeing the construction, has also completes it within the time-
and will also be close to the
pledged to complete the work as frame.
Ministry of Finance and Planning
per the time-line shown in the
For his part, the General and Bank of Tanzania (BoT)
contract of 10 months.
Supervisor of Y&P Company,-- Dodoma Head Offices.

Issue NO: 24 Date: APRIL, 2017


NBS Director General, Dr Albina Chuwa (at the center) and the Center for Disease Control
(CDC) representative Dr Eunice Mmari (first from right) listen instruction from data collector Mr
Johnmark Obura in Kagera during the visit of NBS, CDC and ICAP Senior officials to the field
2016 Tanzania HIV Impact Survey.

The preparation of NBS building foundation which is constructed in Dodoma region.

The building of NBS headquarter office is expected to be finished in 2018.

Issue NO: 24 Date: APRIL, 2017


NBS Director General, Dr. Albina Chuwa (third from left) in a group photo with participants of
the workshop of Environmental Statistics for the East African Community (EAC); the workshop
was conducted in Arusha in April, 2017.

Some of the citizens of Kanisani Kitongoji in Idamnole village at Chihangu ward in Newala
district in Mtwara region gathered in community meeting which was conducted in their area to
mobilize them to participate in the 2016/17 THIS survey. The meeting was held in April, 2017.

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