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Solution of Case 2:

Quality Compliance at the Hawthorn Arms

[Allen D. Engle (2004)]

Alistair Mackay works as the Director of Personnel Development, European Division, for
Trianon an Anglo- French Avionic Firm is the key figure for this case. Under new Executive
Management Trianon has recently aimed on navigational displays for the next generation of
European airbuses. The plan was to acquire of the 100% possession of a Scanner-Cathode Ray
Tube Display (SCRTD) production facility that was in Hungary.

Alistair was informed that the acquisition of the SCRTD production facility was cancelled and
the company decided to enter into a 10 year long joint venture with a government backed
Scanner-Cathode Ray Tube Display (SCRTD) Hungarian production facility as he had a call
from Henri Genadry, General Director of Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions, Display

As an expert of recruitment in European Union area Alistair was instructed to select a Project
Engineer for the preliminary operations which involved the acquisition of Scanner-Cathode Ray
Tube Display (SCRTD) Facility. But the problem arises as Alistair has to find a Quality
Compliance Manager for at least 3 years, not a project Engineer, and would be ready to join
within five to six weeks in Hungary.

Alistair considers three potential job seekers for the post of Quality Compliance Manager whose
details were available on corporate website. And now he is in dilemma to select the best fit
candidate for the post as he has to sit for close inspection of the advantages and disadvantages of
selecting each candidate as the qualifications and experiences varies a lot among the three.
Question 1:

Consider the three candidates in Exhibit A. If forced to make a Decision tomorrow, which
candidate should choose for the job? What major factors should determine his choice?

This is the ultimate dilemma to choose the best fit candidate for the post with in short period of
time as selection of one may lead to opportunity cost of losing the potentiality on another one.
As the candidates varies a lot in terms of strength and weaknesses.

Lets have a close consideration for each,

Marie possesses both technical and administrative abilities while selecting Janos is also worthy
as he is from Hungary and educated in Hungary too, speaks Hungarian language as well as has
experience in working locally on the other hand the last applicant Sinead combines both
experience to work in the division joint venture with global products in organizational as well as
administrative portion.

As per the Exhibit, Marie is inexperience in joint ventures; Janos political affiliations may arise
problem if fails to keep his responsibilities and priorities set and in case of Sinead, she lacks in
terms of international experience and she is a mother of three children aged 7, 9 and 13 can be
barrier as well as her spouses career could create a dual career problem. Recently couples with
dual career faces more indecision in choosing international assignments. (Reference)

Dual career problem has become a major factor in expatriate decision making because without
the support of the spouse the international assignment is destined to fail (Dowling 2008)