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Progress Test Unit 5 Test B

Progress Test 5B
Name: ___________________________________________

1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs brackets.
1 Astronauts _____________ (visit) the Moon again within the next ten years. It depends if the
government wants to spend money on it or not.
2 I think they _____________ (probably / get married) soon.
3 If smartphones keep getting smarter, they _____________ (definitely / replace) other forms of
communication and entertainment in the near future.
4 We wont have enough fresh water for everyone if we _____________ (continue) to waste it.
5 Someone _____________ (discover) a new source of energy in the future, but it's not certain.
6 Scientists predict that the worlds population _____________ (probably / reach) ten billion by
7 You _____________ (become) a millionaire by winning the lottery, but its not very likely.

Mark __/7

2 Complete the sentences. Use the future perfect or future continuous form of the verbs in
1 This time next year, we _______________ (lie) on a beach somewhere in Brazil.
2 ________ people ________ (share) their homes with robots in the year 2050?
3 By the end of next week, I _______________ (forget) the names of the people I met at the party.
4 By eight oclock tonight, I _______________ (do) all my homework for the day.
5 A month from now, Sue and Richard _______________ (get) married in a small church in Spain.
6 In a hundred years time, people _______________ (spend) their holidays in outer space.
7 The world _______________ (use up) all its oil reserves by the middle of the twenty-first century.
8 If we dont work harder, we _______________ (not finish) the housework before Mum and Dad
get back.

Mark __/8

Photocopiable Oxford University Press Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 5
Progress Test Unit 5 Test B

3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the infinitive or a
pronoun with will.
1 Were hoping ____________ (buy) a new flat in the centre of town next year.
2 I dont think ____________ (go) to Frances party next weekend. I don't have time.
3 Are you planning ____________ (go) to university after you leave school?
4 Lindsey wants ____________ (study) Japanese before she moves to Tokyo.
5 Do you reckon ____________ (be) like your parents when you get older?

Mark __/5

4 Complete the sentences with the words below. There is one word that you do not need.
app autocomplete file-sharing GB LED link social-networking USB Wi-Fi
1 How much time do you spend chatting to people on __________ websites?
2 You can connect your webcam to the __________ port of your laptop.
3 I've got a great English dictionary__________ on my smartphone. I use it all the time in class.
4 Be careful when you use __________ to write the address in an email. You might send your
message to the wrong person.
5 I can't open the About Us page of their website. I think the __________ is broken.
6 'How big is the hard drive of your computer at home?' 'It's 250 __________ .'
7 The government is going to close this __________ website to stop people downloading films
8 I can send you an email from the airport if it has a free __________ hotspot.

Mark __/8

5 Read the definitions and complete the compound nouns.

1 You put toothpaste on this to clean your teeth. tooth______
2 You set this in the evening to wake you up in the morning. ______ clock
3 This is an American team sport in which players hit a ball with a bat. ______ball
4 This is a kitchen device that takes the lid off metal containers. ______ opener
5 This is make-up that you put on your mouth. lip______
6 You use this long piece of plastic, metal or cloth to measure length. ______ measure

Mark __/6

Photocopiable Oxford University Press Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 5
Progress Test Unit 5 Test B

6 Complete the sentences with the words below. There is one word that you do not need.
make provide reduce replace start suffer treat
1 Hybrid cars could help us ____________ carbon emissions.
2 The information that online encyclopaedias ____________ isnt always reliable.
3 How did Galileo ____________ the discovery that Jupiter has four moons?
4 Some people say they can ____________ illnesses using the energy in their hands.
5 Our planet might ____________ a catastrophe like a meteorite strike one day in the future.
6 We will have to find planets similar to Earth if we want to ____________ colonies in space.

Mark __/6

Use of English
7 Complete the text. Choose the correct answers, A, B, C or D.
Experts predict that, by the end of this century, the worlds population 1____ reach ten billion. And it will
____ reach seven billion this week, according to the United Nations.
This comes just twelve years 3____ the total reached six billion, with official estimates saying that eight billion
of us 4____ in the world in 2025, and ten billion 5____ the end of the 2099.
Under-Secretary-General of the UN, Dr Noeleen Heyzer, says that she wants 6____ governments do more to
improve the lives of children in poorer countries. However, the life expectancy for both women and men has
increased in every Asian and Pacific country during the past decade, Dr Heyzer added.
With more people to feed and provide medical care for, experts think the world's resources 7____ under more
pressure than ever before. Of the 2.3 billion people the UN believes 8____ by 2050, more than one billion will
live in Africa, and India 9____ about 630 million more people. If this happens, it 10____ less land and water
available for each person.
1 A could B probably C possibly D likely
2 A seems B may C might D probably
3 A after B soon C until D when
4 A are living B have been living C will be living D will have lived
5 A as soon as B before C from D while
6 A are seeing B see C seeing D to see
7 A come B came C to come D will come
8 A are being born B are born C have been born D will have been born
9 A has added B is adding C will add D would have added
10 A had meant B has meant C will have meant D will mean

Mark ___/10

Photocopiable Oxford University Press Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 5
Progress Test Unit 5 Test B

8 Listen to five people talking about science and technology. Match the speakers with the
statements. There is one statement you do not need.
Speaker 1 _____
Speaker 2 _____

Speaker 3 _____
Speaker 4 _____

Speaker 5 _____
A This person thinks that more countries should be involved in space exploration.
B This person says technology has made our lives more flexible.
C This person believes space programmes have a positive effect.
D This person believes we still have a lot of research to do about our planet.
E This person talks about the speed of technological change.
F This person thinks scientists should focus on more serious issues.

Mark __/5

Photocopiable Oxford University Press Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 5
Progress Test Unit 5 Test B

9 Read the text. Are the statements true or false?
A capsule fails the test of time
The US state of Oklahoma, the 48th state in the Union, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007. In a year full
of official celebrations, one event in June attracted spectators and media from all around the world. On 15 June
2007, thousands of people gathered in Tulsa to watch the unearthing of a time capsule that had been buried
half a century ago in 1957. There was a feeling of excitement in the air. As well as waiting to see the time
capsule, the crowd was also waiting to find out who had won a competition which had been launched when the
capsule was buried 50 years earlier.
The time capsule was a large reinforced concrete box. People said it was strong enough to survive a nuclear
strike. It had to be large and strong, because it contained a car: a brand new 1957 Plymouth Belvedere. Inside
the car were lots of everyday items from the 1950s. For example, there was a jerry can of petrol and a case of
beer in the boot. In the glove compartment was a handbag containing a lipstick and other small items
considered essential for a typical woman in the 1950s. A savings account was also opened in 1957, and $100
was deposited in it. By 2007, this prize fund was worth about $1,200. But the main attraction was the car.
Before the capsule was buried, officials ran a competition. Entrants had to guess what the population of Tulsa
would be in 2007. The organisers recorded all the guesses and saved them on a roll of microfilm. The
microfilm was placed in the Plymouth Belvedere. The organisers idea was that when the time capsule was
opened in 2007, the winner would be announced and he or she (or his or her heirs) would win the entire
contents of the time capsule, plus the contents of the savings account.
In the centre of Tulsa on 15 June 2007, thousands of people came to see the opening of the capsule. Diggers
dug down and exposed the large concrete box. The crowd heard a dramatic drum-roll as the time capsule was
opened and a large crane lifted the car out of the ground. But cheers turned to gasps as the crowd saw the
rusting, muddy shape that was raised out of the hole. Water had penetrated the concrete casing and the
beautiful chromed vehicle was in a sorry state. The beer cans were rusty, the handbag was a solid lump of
leather and the microfilm had apparently disintegrated. The winner would never be known.
As publicity stunts go, it was a bit of a disaster. But Tulsans took the setback with a smile! The sense of
connection with the past, and the feeling of taking part in an event that had been planned half a century ago,
was worth more to them than the sight of a gleaming vintage car!

1 There wasnt much interest in the time capsule. ____

2 As well as the car, the buried time capsule contained some prize money. ____
3 The people who entered the competition had to make a prediction about the future. ____
4 The car was ruined because the protective box around it was not waterproof. ____
5 The winner of the competition was disappointed with the ruined prize. ____

Mark __/5

Photocopiable Oxford University Press Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 5
Progress Test Unit 5 Test B

10 Your English-speaking penfriend has asked you about your plans after you leave school.
Write an email (120150 words) to him/her. Include the following information:
Tell your friend whether you want to continue your studies or find a job.
Explain the reasons for your decision.
Say what you think you will be doing in five or ten years from now.
Ask your friend for advice about what courses or jobs he/she thinks would suit you best.

Mark __/10
Total: ___/70

Photocopiable Oxford University Press Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 5

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