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Group members:
Pauco, Jan Benedick
Isleta, Jonathan
Dacullo, Kathleen Ann
Herrera, Miguel
Santos, Dayana
Franco, Xhander
Santos, Giancarlo
Lawrence, Marc

Report#1: Images of Development


Our poster, which is a collage of different images, depicts how we define

development in greater detail. As can be seen, it includes pictures of the Earth, an
airplane, a rocket ship, a book, and a few buildings.
Just like the Earths rotation, development is a continuous process, something that
is constant and inevitable. Every hour, every minute, and even every second,
somewhere out there, something is surely being created or enhanced.
To take people and things from one place to another is one purpose of airplanes,
and this may seem like a minor task. But in reality, the role of airplanes in our
society is very significant. The reason for this is because they not only take people
and things with them, but also ideas, knowledge, and innovations that are needed
for development.
The rocket ship symbolizes that our development holds no boundaries as we reach
for the stars and lead humanity to a new age of discovery and progress in different
fields and aspects of life.
Before buildings are constructed, they are first being planned. Thinking of ways and
strategies on how infrastructures should be built is very critical just like in
development. For things to develop, people must carefully prepare and design
plans. Another thing about this is that just like constructing buildings, development
doesnt happen in just a snap; it actually takes time, sometimes shorter, and on
others, longer.
All the images mentioned above are found inside the book as seen on the poster.
This only signifies that development starts from learning.