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Hossen 1

Mosharof Hossen
LIT 353 Creative Writing
November 2, 2010

Last month, I visited in house of Raju. He is my best friend who lives in Chitagong. We went
on the bed after having dinner. At mid-night, suddenly I wake up from sleep but I didnt
find my friend beside me on the bed. I started to look after him with a tense and at last I
found him at the balcony. He was lounging in an easy chair with a cigarette on the hand.
I observed depress on his face and he was thinking deeply something apathetically. I
came closer to him and kept my hand on his back. He ghastly looked at me. I asked,
what happened? He didnt open his mouth, but when I strongly requested it over and
over, he putted the cigarette into the ashtray, went to near by window, looked at the
moon and recalled his by-gone life tale and started to express.

One night, it was getting too much late to return at home from office. My wife Nila was
waiting for me with an anxious in the home. I reached at home and knocked the door.
Nila quickly opened the door and smelt whisky. I often returned at home by drink it. She
pressed her nose by hand. After a few minutes, I saw her very busy lady quickly taking
some cloths into a bag.

What are you doing it? I threw a question to Nila.

I cant live here anymore said Nila.
What do you want to do? I said with angry.
I wanted a little bit of happiness over last 2 years. But where is the happiness here? I want
to leave you. said Nila with angry.
Ok fine, do as your wish. Im well in alone.

I finished my words and lay on bed without change my dress. After a while, I thought, she
was found cool herself. She came closer to me and untied my tie, shirt and shoes. She
keeps them on their places and she again came closer to me. May be, she would say
something to me, at that time; she was very shocked to see something on my body that
was alive yet. She just saw this, but she didnt express any word.

Next day morning, I couldnt find any soul beside me but only a letter on the table.

I know in this morning youre looking me. I wanted to make your home a little haven with
my love and wanted to live in it with your care. I tolerated your all things but I cant
tolerate a girl beside you. I didnt saw any girl beside you but a few kiss-print on your body
was alive yet at yesterday night, I found; when I untied your shirt, which breaks my heart
into lots of parts. Please forgive me. Im there where my eyes are going. Your baby is with
me. Dont remember me please.
Hossen 2

Suddenly, a dark cloud came on eyes and felt rain from my eyes. Time was passing day
by day, but Nila didnt return. One night, I took an old phonebook and made a call to a
Hello a long-acquainted female voice knocked into my ear.
How are you? I asked.
Fine. Who are you talking please?
Why are you burning me through pain?
Nila, I want to be free from it. I couldnt get any calmness for a moment.
Maybe youre talking through a wrong number. Can you tell me your name please?
You! Why did you call me?
Have I lost my rights to call you?
You know well. I told you for never call me.
Actually its a misunderstanding there.
Listen, Im only here but living happily. Please dont disturb me by make any call. You live
as your wish and let me live as my wish. Bye
Hello Nila, please listen

Nila didnt give me any chance to tell anything. I cried silently and some drop of tear felt
on my bosom and made ocean.

Sir, do you want coffee?

Ghastly I turned my face and found Rahim standing beside me, an unpretending servant
of my house. In my big house only this servant was beside me.

Give me a glass of water, but listen, clean this ashtray first. I ordered Rahim.

Rahim leaved the room with the ashtray. I picked up an aged photo album from table
and turn its page over. After a while Rahim came back and looked my silent cry and
entreaty said-

Sir, if you apologize to Nila madam I think she will excuse your fault and it will be...

Dont try to teach me. I stopped him and also angrily added, I know what is better and
what is bad. Let me live alone. Go out of here.

Next day morning I went to Nilas house. kring! Kring I pressed on the calling-bell switch.
Suddenly, Nila opened the door and made herself a stone-icon.

Nila, please excuse me. I said these words with folded hands and breakdown myself with
a cry. No any more word came in my mouth.

Ohu dont create scene. Its all right come in. said Nila.

I took sofa. Erstwhile I was crying soundlessly. I observed a little bit compassion came on
Nilas heart by see my tear and folded hands. Nila also took sofa by my side.

Become cold, what happened? Tell me Nila empathetically said.

I want you back.
Hossen 3

Nila turned her face opposite of me and said-

But I dont want to return with any shoddy characterless husband.
I know Im your unpardonable husband, tell me as your wish whatever have in your mind.
Give me punishment.
Listen, Im living happily with my parents. I wouldnt return with you. Its final.
Please Nila

Our contention was mounting one by one. Suddenly, our baby, Shila came in the middle
of talking. She reads in class one. She asked to Nila-

Who is the man, mom?

Nila couldnt express any word to our baby for introducing me. She opened an aged
photo album and saw her ours group photo.

Can you match up to this photo with that man? said Nila to Shila by indicating a photo
by her finger. Shila thoughtfully kept her eyes on the photo. After a while she said to me-

Papa! Where did you live? Why didnt come by my side? You know Chumkis papa buy
ice-cream for her and take her from school every day?

I couldnt know when I took her into my chest by hear

my little Shilas words. A heart-rending cry came out. I
just said-

Mamony! Ive returned. Ill buy ice-cream and many

baubles for you everyday.

I looked at Nilas eyes. Her small eye ball was sparkling

through tear. Gentle winds came to me and touch on
my warm chest. A sun rose again in my sky.

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