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Jessica Munive


1st block

Homicide Report

On 051717 at about 0800 hours, I Officer J. Munive, was dispatched to 7601

Schomburg Road regarding a possible homicide. Upon arrival I was met by Dr. James

Arnold, principal, who explained that the house was broken into, the back door was

damaged and a window was also broken. The suspect who was murdered, was

Ashley Benson, she was murdered with a sharp object which is still unknown. The

murder weapon was not found at the crime scene but the victim was stabbed 30

times near the heart. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The suspect Alvin

Smith was found near the crime scene covered in the victims blood but, still the

murder weapon was not found. The blood on Smith was identified at Fulton County

police department. I was tasked with interviewing the suspect and he confirmed

that he had murdered the victim. Smith told us the location of the murder weapon

which, was a knife, 10 feet from the crime scene. The blood on the knife was

identified as Bensons and a set of fingerprints were also found which were Smiths.

Smith was booked on 5-19-17 at 0900 hours. Smith said this murder was planned,

thus making this charge as murder. Smith was charged with Murder (16-5-1)