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Communication with parents and

families is an important part of
partnership and building rapport. In
addition to interacting at events such as
open house and conferences, I also
communicate with parents using Class
Dojo. This program allows me to share
with parents student work, photos, and
behavior privately.


Positive phone calls and notes are

also implemented to celebrate
positive student behavior,
progress, and successes. All
parent and family communication
is documented using a
communication log and organized
in a parent contact binder.
As an educator, I strive to provide
parents with opportunities to be
involved in their childs education
and within the school community.
Parents are welcomed into the
classroom during student showcase
events and as guest readers during
Read Across America week. Example class

In this example, families and

students participated in an
engineering STEM challenge as
part of an after school Family
Reading, Math, Science, and
Technology night. In addition, I
have volunteered at family
kindergarten nights by running
Family STEM challenge interactive reading experiences.
As an educator, I strive to
provide parents with resources
and information to support
their child at home in his or her
learning and development.
During open houses and
conferences, materials will be
provided to help answer parent
questions about the classroom
Parent Resource Flipbook*
or curriculum.
This bag was created as a way to
encourage shared reading experiences
between parents and their children.
Inside the bag, a book is provided along
with all of the materials for an
extension activity. In addition, parent
resources are included on reading to
children on home and supporting their
child as a reader. A book in a bag
program can help to foster a love of
reading in children and provide support
resources to parents and families. Book in a bag