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Unit 1

1. Reading
A Read the article quickly. What is Amanda Byness nickname?

B Read the article slowly. Check your answer in Part A.

Nice to Meet You

Hi. My name is Will Good morning! Im Hello. My name is

Smith. Hilary Duff. Amanda.
I sing and I act. I sing, I act, and I dance. I act and tell jokes.
My nickname is Prince. My nickname is Hil. My nickname is Chicky.
Whats your first name? Im fine today. My last name is Bynes.
How do you spell your How are you? Nice to meet you!
first name? Bye-bye!

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C Match the words to the correct pictures.
1. sing (v.) a b
2. act (v.)
3. dance (v.)
4. tell jokes (v.)

c d

D Circle the correct words to complete the sentences.

1. Will Smiths nickname is (Smithy / Prince / Willie).
2. Will Smith: I (sing / dance / tell jokes).
3. Hilary Duff: My nickname is (Hil / Hilly / Ri).
4. Hilary Duff is (fine / great / not too good) today.
5. Amandas last name is (Jones / Smith / Bynes).

E How are you? Complete the sentences. Check (3) the words that
are true for you.
great. fine. good. OK. not bad. not too good.

Good morning, Im . . .
Good afternoon, Im . . .
Good evening, Im . . .

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2. Writing
A Imagine you are a famous person. Complete the chart about

First name
Last name
I (dance / act / sing . . .)
How are you today?

B Write about a famous person. Use the chart in Part A to help you.

My name is

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