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Pediatrics Core Curriculum

Learning Objectives:
Core Text In Pediatrics
Pediatric CME & Board Exams
Clinical Skills & Diagnostic Interpretation
History Taking: OPDs, Wards, PICU, NICU
Examinations: Newborn, Milestones, Children
Hospital Management: OPDs, Wards, PICU, NICU, Emergencies
Training Module: 18 Months
(Core Training: 6 Months, Extended Training: 12 Months)

Role As A Postgraduate Trainee:

Objective: Core Text In Pediatrics

(A) Pediatric Core Knowledge:

Illustrated Textbook Of Pediatrics

Signs & Symptoms In Pediatrics For Core
Kaplan Review
Training In Pediatrics Review
The Philadelphia Guide Clerkship
Medstudy Core Curriculum
UpToDate Subscription CME
Nelson Textbook Of Pediatrics Reference

Note: In management, give priority UpToDate > AAP > Nelson

(B) Pediatric Nutrition:

Mayo Clinic Guide Introduction

The Pediatrician Guide To Feeding Babies
Infant, Child & Adolescent Nutrition Simultaneously
Pediatric Nutrition Handbook Reference

Note: Consult diet charts from local authors as well as feedback

from peers. Counselling and writing in native language is a must.

(C) Pediatric Immunizations:

PedSAP Immunology
The Green Book
CDC Guidelines
Note: Consult the Redbook as well.
(D) Pediatric Diseases:

AAP The Redbook

AAP The Redbook Atlas*
Manual Of Childhood Infections
Atlas Of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis
Pediatric Dermatology*
Photographic Atlas Of Pediatric Disorders
Note: These Books Provide Disease Information As Well As Pictorial
Views Of Some Of The Most Common Pediatric Diseases Seen In
Both In-Out Patients.

(E) Pediatric Malformations:

The Bedside Dysmorphologist*

Recognizable Patterns Of Human Malformations

(F) Neonatology Core Knowledge:

Fetal & Neonatal Secrets

Handbook Of Neonatal Intensive Care For
Introduction & Basics Of Neonatology
Manual Of Neonatal Care For Core
Management Concepts
Beyond The NICU
Objective: Hospital Management: OPDs, Wards, PICU,
NICU, Emergencies

(A) Pediatric Management Guidelines:

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Secrets

Pocket Clinician Pediatrics
Basic Pediatric Protocols
Pediatric Common Diseases & Emergency Codes
Reference Range Values
Nelson Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy
Harriet Lange Handbook
Quick Reference Guide To Pediatrics
UpToDate & Nice Guidelines
Note: Basic Pediatric Protocols & Pediatric Common Diseases
Guidelines Should Be Cross Referenced With UpToDate & Be Used As
A Backbone For Other Protocols.

(B) Neonatology Management Guidelines:

Pocket Clinician Neonatology

You Will Have To Research Individually
Neonatal Care Protocols For Hospital Physicians
For Dosages!
Neonatal Guidelines
Textbook Of Neonatal Resuscitation
Supplement These With Video
Atlas Of Procedures In Neonatology
Tutorials Online
Mechanical Ventilation In Neonates