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EOG Review Project

Due: Tuesday May 23, 2017
Directions: You will make a childrens book using 5 vocabulary terms from the
hydrology unit and 5 terms from the Ecosystem unit. Both vocabulary list is on the
weebly. Your book should have a front cover, table of content, and be at least 10
pages. You should have illustrations you can draw them or print them. BE CREATIVE

4 3 2 1
Presentation The childrens Neat, but lacks Lacks color, Lacks color and
book is neat, color. Includes a neatness and neatness. Not
colorful, well cover pages, pictures, but is presented in a
bounded and authors name, presented in a book form.
looks like a book. pictures and story book form.
It includes a title.
cover page,
authors name,
pictures and story
title. Must include
table of content.
Vocabulary/ Uses and defines Uses and defines Uses and defines Uses and defines
Information at least 10 at least 7-9 at least 4-6 less than 4
hydrosphere and hydrosphere and hydrosphere and hydrosphere and
ecosystem ecosystem ecosystem ecosystem
vocabulary words vocabulary words vocabulary words vocabulary words
in proper context. in proper context. in proper context. in proper context.
Story Story includes a Story includes a The story lacks a The story is
elements beginning, middle beginning, middle clear conflict or incomplete and
and end. All and end. All resolution to a missing important
characters are characters are conflict, but elements.
introduced, There introduced, There contains a
is a conflict and a is a conflict and a beginning middle
resolution to the resolution to the and end.
problem. Scenes problem. Minor
flow from one to problems with
the next scene transitions.
Quantity of Story contains at Story contains 9- Story contains 6-8 Story has less
Information least 12 pages 11 pages pages including than 6 pages and
including the including the the cover page less than 2
cover page with cover page with with at least 2 sentences on
at least 3 at least 3 sentences on each page.
sentences on sentences on each page.
each page. each page.
Grammar & No spelling or Fewer than 4 4-7 Spelling or More than 8
Spelling grammatical grammatical and grammatical spelling or
Name:____________________________ Date:

errors. spelling errors. errors. grammatical

Excluding errors.
Creative Flair Extremely Creative use of Basic grasp of a Story lacks
creative in both graphics/ pictorial storyline and originality,
graphics/ pictorial representations accurate graphic/ complexity and
representations and storyline pictorial effort. Graphics
and storyline. representations. and pictorial
do not relate.

Total Points: _______/24 possible points Percentage grade _________/100%