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Final test (form 5th)


I. Read the text.

Susan is a student. Last year she went on holiday to Spain. It was the 5th of May and it
was her birthday When she arrived at the airport in Spain a thief* stole her credit card.
She did not have much money, so she did not stay at the hotel. She stayed in a tent on the
beach but she liked it. She saw many interesting things there. She saw the sea, the stars
at night and many people. She ate ice-cream and pasta. The weather was nice. It did not
rain. She liked the hot days because she swam in the sea, and sunbathed on the beach.
She bought some postcards and sent them to her friends and relatives. She did not stay
on the beach all her holiday. She travelled around Spain by bus. It was not expensive.
The weather was very hot so she swam in the sea every day. She did not speak Latvian,
she spoke English. She visited many monuments but she did not visit galleries or
museums because she does not like museums and galleries.

a) Choose the right answer. (5 points)

1. She went on holiday on the _____________________

A. the15th of May B. the 5th of May C. the 25th of May
2. She stayed ____________________
A. in a hotel B. in a tent C. in a motel D. with friends
3. She saw many interesting ____________________
A. things B. animals C. films
4. She travelled around Spain by ___________________
A. bus B. plane C. car
5. She bought _______________________
A. postcards B. newspapers C. new clothes

b) Give antonymes from the text to the following words. (4 points)

cheap-____________________________ next-_________________________________
his-______________________________ bad-__________________________________
cold-_____________________________ dislike-_______________________________
enemy-___________________________ day-_________________________________

c) Give each underlined past form the infinitive form. (5 points)

__________________________________ ____________________________________
__________________________________ ____________________________________
__________________________________ ____________________________________
__________________________________ ____________________________________
__________________________________ ____________________________________

II. Fill in with the right form of the verbs. (6points)

1. My sister ____________________________me a new book next week. (buy)

2.We ___________________________ at 7 oclock every morning. (get up)
3.Nick __________________________TV now. (watch)
4.They ____________________________ on the project at the moment. (work)
5.I _______________ never __________________ a foreign country. (visit)
6.We ______________________ a lot of fun at the seaside last summer. (have)

III. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the adjectives.(5 points)

1.What is ___________________________________river in the world?(long)

2.The white dress is _________________________________than the blue one.(expensive)

3.Today Nick is _______________________________than John.(happy)

4.This is __________________________________house in our village.(big)

5.Congratulations! You are ___________________________________of all. (good)

IV. Complete the sentences below with prepositions. (4 points)

It is warm __________ spring.

We wont go ___________school _____________Sundays.
I go ___________Chiinu ___________bus.
The film starts ______________ 3 oclock.
I cant sleep _____________the afternoon.
Look! Your pencil-box is _____________the table.

mark 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
points 29-28 27-26 25-23 22-18 17-13 12-8 7-5 4-3 2-1 0

Good luck!!!