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Make in India to change Delhi-NCR business landscape

simplification of rail-port connectivity,
regulatory availability of raw-
compliance, material feedstock
improvement in within the region, the
found in automotive, western part of the demand of the land- in UP and Delhi- good infrastructure GDP by facilitating to the GDP at 17% resource pro-active policies of
construction, country, accounting locked states. NCR (more than and harmonious investments, foster compared to 36% in management the government, the
electronics, for close to 50%. According to a FICCI 50%). However, industrial relations. innovation, protect China, 23% in Korea programme, duty-free huge investment
healthcare, textiles However, the report, the bulk of plastic processing in Apart from the intellectual property and Germany. imports of certain interest by global
and consumer goods commissioning of consumption in other parts like Delhi-NCR area, and build best-in-class To ensure success identified equipment majors and most
industry. Hence with Indian Oil northern India is from Rajasthan, Punjab, other prominent manufacturing of the initiative and for construction importantly a huge
the increasing Corporation's end-use industries of Haryana, manufacturing hub infrastructure across turn the dream of plants, FDI of up to market for
presence of refineries petrochemical auto, packaging Uttarakhand, J&K in North India the country with focus India as a 100 per cent in consumption is set to
Kamal Poddar, Managing in the western region complex at Panipat (including bulk and Himachal deriving impetus on railways, roads, manufacturing hub certain manufacturing redefine the
Director, Choice Group coupled with options has opened up the packaging), Pradesh are include Gurgaon, ports and inland into ground reality, sectors and 25% tax manufacturing
of importing due to doors for the North plasticulture expected to grow Dadri-Noida- waterways and the government has on the new landscape in the

lastics are proximity of ports, the Indian market to set applications, based on increased Ghaziabad, housing for all. India announced several manufacturing Delhi-NCR region in
derived from consumption of up downstream electronic appliances, availability of Manesar-Bawal, has a lower incentives such as companies. Overall, particular and across
petrochemicals plastics was so far polymer processing etc. which are feedstock and Kanpur, Lucknow contribution from the declaring the road the reduction in the country in
and are increasingly more tilted in the units to cater to the concentrated mostly higher focus on and Chandigarh manufacturing sector sector as an industry, logistics cost through general.
manufacturing through the Make in
sectors as part of India initiative along
Make in India with the dedicated
initiative and freight corridor in
Dedicated Freight and around these
Corridor. cities. The western
The synergies dedicated freight
between feedstock corridor connecting
availability in North a distance of 1483
India close to the km between Delhi
consumption area and Mumbai will be
would boost a broad gauge
manufacturing and railway corridor that
processing of will bring down the
petrochemicals into logistics cost for the
plastic end products trade in the land-
like pipes, tubes and locked northern
storage tanks. As per states by connecting
one report, the them directly with
Indian PVC pipes JNPT - the hub port
and fitting markets on the west coast.
will grow at double To add to this

digit CAGR over the impetus, the Make

period of 2015-2020 in India initiative
to reach Rs 32,700 with focus on
crore due to manufacturing and
increased demand import substitution
from the irrigation will not only
sector, construction transform the Delhi-
sector and more NCR region, but also
importantly due to contribute to the
gradual economic
replacement of transformation of
conventional piping several other cities
systems. in the western
Moreover, at region including
157.35 million Mumbai, Pune,
hectares, India holds Bhiwadi, Jaipur,
the second largest Ahmedabad,
agricultural land in Vadodara and
the world with only Panaji. Other cities
44% under in the eastern and
irrigation and a southern region
substantial part of include Kolkata,
this being in the Guwahati, Patna,
land-locked North Jamshedpur,
India. Fluctuations Hyderabad,
in rainfall and threat Vishakhapatnam,
of drought has led Bangalore, Chennai
to the government's and Coimbatore
focus on increasing with cooperative,
irrigation coverage collaborative and
leading to demand competitive
for plastic pipes and federalism.
storage tanks. Make in India
The availability of initiative, launched
feedstock from with an aim to
Panipat would also boost industrial
boost the ancillary growth, has already
manufacturing caught the
activity in Delhi-NCR imagination of
region, which is global economic
already established powerhouses that
with large has resulted in an
automobile, fast investment
moving consumer commitment of over
goods and heavy Rs 15 lakh crore.
industries. Several This was an
manufacturing outcome of the
companies such as participation of over
Maruti Suzuki, 2,500 global players
Ranbaxy from 70-odd
Laboratories, Escorts countries and 8,000
Group, Honda, GSK domestic
Consumer and companies at the
Nestl India are week- long event
present in the NCR, held earlier in
which has been February this year.
enriched by a rich The initiative aims
reservoir of skilled to enhance
and relatively low manufacturing
cost workers with contribution to the