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PROJECT:R471-Hangzhou Westlake, Hangzhou, China

To : Bela Kasza, Ross Harniman and Anna Xu Our Ref. : Westlake HZ -MS 006 - Baosteel Fire protect coating Rev2
Attn. : Steve McCartt , Sunny Chan and Alex Gu Area : roof and floor steelworks and other steel works
Attachment :
1. Introduction of product
2. Reply for Previous submittal comments
3. Coating thickness test method
4. Sample photo
5. Project reference photos
Subject : Fire protect coating
We submit herewith the following material for captioned location for your kindly comment and approval:
Description : Attached please find below material list for you perusal and reference
1. Fire protect coating: PHA-6
2. Fire protect coating: PHA-LG
Used to protect steelworks
F+P Specification: Submitted Material Parameters:
M61.1401 Deleterious Materials All surface treatment shall be as specification, structural
Paint shall be lead free. drawing and Fire strategy requirement.
M61.1402 Gloss Levels The test method shall be according to GB50205-2001
Specular gloss levels specified shall be measured in Dry film thickness gauge shall be used to inspect coating
accordance with BS EN ISO 2813. thickness on site. Details shall be shown on Appendix F
M61.1403 Scratch Resistance Coating thickness test method ( From GB 50205-2001)
Paints used shall comply with the minimum
requirements of BS EN ISO 1518 Part 1.
M61.1404 Life Expectancy
Life expectancy to first maintenance for the
intumescent coating and protective bolt caps to be a
minimum of 10-12 years, subject to an inspection
being carried out every 2-5 years. The paint
manufacturer shall provide a written specification at
the time of tender for recoating (by others) at the end
of the life expectancy period.
M61.1405 Inspection
Together with the applicator, where Site coats are to
be applied, alert the paint manufacturer seven days
prior to the start of the application programme and
permit the paint manufacturer to inspect the work in
progress and prepare inspection reports in
accordance with the standard conditions of Contract.
The paint manufacturer shall forward a copy of any
inspection report direct to the Client's
Representative. Technical support from the paint
manufacturer shall not relieve the Contractor of his
contractual responsibility to ensure that the coatings
are applied in accordance with the Specification.
Supplier: Pinghai Type: PHA-6: 0.99mm1.0h1.48mm1.5h
PHA-LG: 21mm2.5h25mm(3h)
Submission Date: Expected Approval Date:
2013 /12/10 2013 /12/15
Brand/ Manufacturer:
Test Report:
Country of Origin:
Alternative proposal:

F+P Reply

Attachment 1:
Introduction of product

Surface treatment shall be according to F+P requirement
Surface treatment shall be according to F+P requirement
Attachment 2:
Reply for previous
submittal comments
_the statu of Apple westlake store
F+P material submital comments track table
No. F+P No. F+P issued date No. F+P comments BSCC reply BSCC reply Date Staus Cost Impact
we originally specified intumescent paint fire protection in our specifications.
However, intumecent paint generally can do up to 2.0 HRs. Because of this
reason you suggested a different thick paint for the columns. This will be
suitable on the internal columns, where we have space to accommodate this
extra 20 mm. However, on the ss clad sidewalls we do not have this space.
Therefore, we would like to ask you to show us on the key details of the
project (column situations) how the fire protection will be solved. As I write,
218 this will be critical on the sidewall columns, where there is no space on the
Fire exterior column face for this additional 20 mm. You will see a 36.5 mm zone, but
14 Protectio 2013.11.21 14 that one is reserved for construction tolerances. The last page of our

n comments show a strategy how to handle this condition.


Provide methodology for checking thickness on site

Coating thickness test shall comply with GB50205-2001
Please refer to : arch spec M61,structural spec s-002 6.1&6.2, fire strategy (5.6
Appendix F.
of the cd doc collection)
15.1 Surface treatment shall be as F+P requiremnts

M61S-002 6.1&6.2

Yes. intumecent paint can not reach 2.5H fire resistance

You are suggesting two products.
15.2 requirments.

double check these figures compare thwm with page 5&6 will be updated
fire 15.3
15 protect 2013.11.21
pleae provide photos when applied on structure members Please see some photos from othe project
caoting 15.4

provide internationally recommended fire rating ertificate (FG.UL.FM) Pending

Arch detailing do not allow for 19-21mm thick fire protection zone on the sidewall
columns (2.5hr).Please prove through critical details of the project that suggested
fire protection zone is achievable by Also. Main frame construction tolerance
15.6 and deflection zones shown on design drawing. our recommendation is through

to use

Attachment 3:
Coating thickness
test method
Appendix F:Coating thickness test method

F.0.1 Staking pin

submittal comments
The skating pin is composed of one pin stem
Reply for previous

and on slidable disc . This disc is equipped with

fixing device, and keeps vertical to the pin stem
Attachment 2:

all along. The diameter of this disc is less than

30mm to ensure that it can contact the surface
of the test sample fully. If it isn't suitable to
insert the thickness gauge into some material to
be tested, the thickness of such material may
be measured by other suitable methods.
During the test, insert the probing pin of
thickness gauge into the fire-retard coating
layer until reach the surface of steel material
(see Figure F.0.1),then record the reading
indicated in the scale.
1-scaleplate;2-scale;3. skating
pin;4.coating;5. steel member
Figure F.0.1 Sketch of testing

Selection of test point

(a) I beam (b) I column (c) quadrate column

F.0.2 Selection of test point
1. For fire-retardant coating layer of floor slab or fire-retardant wall, take
the area included by the two neighboring longitudinal axial-lines and two
lateral axial-lines as one test unit; and then select one test point on the
diagonals of such unit for test.
2. For fire-retardant coating layer of beam or column of all-steel structure,
take a section plane every 3m;then test
F.0.3 Test results:
For floor slab or wall, measure 5 (at least) points in the selected area, and
for beam or column,measure 6~8 points selected;then calculated the
average of the measured values respectively (accuracy:0.5mm)

Attachment 4:
SAMPLE Sample photo

Attachment 5:
Project reference photos



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