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Student:Tavon Scott Topic: Coaching

Please verify this students efforts on his/her Graduation Project by answering the following:

Verify the number of hours spent during Practical Experience completion: 26 TOTAL HOURS

Did your mentee meet with you at least 4 times this semester? X YES ___NO
Did your mentee consult with you about paper topic and practical experience plans?X YES _NO
Did your mentee have you read and evaluate his/her research paper? X YES ___NO
Did your mentee have you evaluate the practical experience at various stages? X YES __NO

Did your mentee have you evaluate the portfolio/presentation before submission? X YES ___NO

Please describe any challenges that your mentee encountered and overcame during the project.
Tavon had to learn that when he is coaching that he cant argue with the players and that he has
to assert himself better to make them listen and do what he is asking them to do. He overcame it
and became a better person and coach through it.

In your opinion, what were some of your mentees greatest strengths throughout the project?
He is very strong minded and if he uses it to help me and also learn to listen sometimes before he
speaks, then his strong mindedness will help him in his future endeavors.

In what ways do you feel your mentee has grown as a young adult throughout this process? How
will he/she be able to utilize his/her newly acquired skills and/or knowledge after graduation?
He has somewhat learned that he doesnt always have to be right and that if he listens before he
speaks that he can go a long way in life.

On a scale of 1 4 (4 being best) how would you grade your mentees overall Graduation

(circle one) 1 2 3 3.5 4

Please justify your answer:He some things that he needs to work on personally to help in what he
wants to do in the future, but for the most part he is on the right track to becoming a good coach.
I hope that he takes what he has learned and uses to help himself in the future.

Mentors Signature:William Hoke _________________________________ Date:5/23/2017

Thank you for your dedication to the success of T. C. Robersons seniors.