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Artist's Name Class Block:


Ideas are original--unique to the An attempt has been made to use

1. CREATE Ideas are original and creative. A artist or borrowed ideas are original ideas that is somewhat Ideas are un-original, copied, or
ORIGINAL ART personal style develops. merged/changed to create unsuccessful, low level changes are plagiarized.
something new. made.

Artist attempts to learn new skills,

2. DEVELOP ART Artist's development/effort exceeds Artist puts forth needed effort to Artist stays at their current skill
but gives up when presented with
MAKING SKILLS expectations. develop new skills successfully. level.

The work has impact and makes a The work has a discernible message An original message is attempted, There is no original message or
personal connection with the viewer. that is accessible to the viewer. but it becomes lost or confused. meaning in the artwork.

Artist embraces the potential of risk Artist selects options where the Artist takes limited risks where the Artist selects familiar options with
to take work to the next level. outcome is unsure. outcome is somewhat predictable. predictable outcomes.

Artist takes on leadership roles

5. COLLABORATE/ Artist actively collaborates. Artist collaborates passively. Only Artist works alone. Sitting quietly by
within groups. Searching out other
WORK WITHIN Learning to interact as an artist with interacting with those in our art one's self and not sharing or caring
art communities, or starting one
COMMUNITY other artists. studio. about/with others.
when one can't be found.

6. SOLVE Artist generates solutions to Artist is self directed in seeking out Artist gives up when confronted with
Artist can solve problem with help.
PROBLEMS problems independently. and attempting solutions. problems.

Artist can independently analyze Artist can independently understand

7. REFLECT artwork and apply observations to strengths and weaknesses of Artist needs help to analyze work. Artist does not reflect.
past, present, and future work artwork.

8. GLOBAL Artist understands and takes

Artist understands examples of art Artist has limited awareness of art Artist understands art in a personal
AWARENESS OF inspiration for art making from
outside their personal experience. outside of their personal experience. context.
ART MAKING current/historical global sources

Artist attends to "details" in visual,

Artist moves beyond ordinary
audible, and written contexts. Artist Artist can see things more closely
9. OBSERVE "looking" and notices things that Ordinary "looking".
applies these details and highlights with help.
otherwise might be overlooked.
these details.

Artist creates several sketches, Artist creates a sketch and edits as

10. PLAN Artist creates multiple sketches. Artist "goes" with first idea.
mockups, based on research. he works.

Artist does first-hand observing of a Artist does research and collects

topic. Artist includes both written research into a single place. Uses Artist does research, but only bases Artist finds one image with no
and visual research. Artist draws several sources to determine the artwork on one image. further research.
from multiple sources. "look" of idea/subject.