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Work Log

1/20- Maple had all winter to grow and mature. I decided to saddle her up again and let her get
used to the saddle. I lunged her in a round pen to allow her to adjust. She was very energetic no
bucked for a while then calmed down.

1/27- I lunged her with the saddle again every other day this week and she only bucked for 3-5
minutes then was calm. Today I decided to sit on her and she didn't seem to mind.

2/3- This week I rode Maple at the walk and she stopped bucking under saddle completely when
being lunged. She didn't want to give to pressure and was very lazy and sticky when asked to
move her feet.

2/7- Maple got her feet done with a new farrier. She specializes in bare foot trimming. I didnt
realize that the heel of the hoof is supposed to be low to the ground so the horses frog can take
most of the impact when moving, instead of their hoof wall. I decided to switch to a barefoot
trimmer to avoid having to put shoes on her as long as possible.

2/10- Melissa Cobb came out for the first time today and gave me a lesson on Maple. We used a
whip to help with forward motion and getting her to give to the bit. She taught me to hold
pressure on her face consistently until she drops her head down. After 15 minutes she finally
began to give.

2/17- over the week we worked on giving to the bit and she improved. In the beginning she still
wants to fight the pressure, but after 5-10 minutes she starts to give. Melissa helped me sit deeper
in the saddle and relax more when riding her. We also worked on foot placement.

2/24- The rain sucked this week and I had to cancel my lesson.

3/3- This week Melissa and I worked on getting Maple in puddles. Previously, she was terrified
of water. After showing me a new technique of holding pressure and releasing when she moved
towards the water. Eventually she walked right into it and enjoyed playing with it.

3/10- The rain this week was terrible and I only got to brush her. We didnt get to have a lesson
or ride due to the rain.

3/11- Maple continued to approach the water cautiously. After remembering what it was, she
would walk through it willingly and play in it. We continued to work on giving to the bit and it
only takes a few tries before she gives willingly.
3/17- Melissa and I worked with Maple crossing the bridge. She was terrified of it before we
started working with her. Melissa showe me a cool approach where you walk the horse up to the
bridge then turn her away then walk up again and it shows her that she needs to keep moving her
feet. After doing that for 3-5 minutes she walked onto it by herself. After crossing a few times
we left and worked on the water some more and she was great with it.

3/24- Melissa helped me with bringing Maples hind vs front around. We also worked on side
passing and opening gates. Maple has been great with giving to the bit and with water and

3/31- It rained AGAIN this week. Pretty irritating since my arena is too wet to ride in.

4/7- Finally it is dry enough to ride this week. We worked on moving her ribcage out and
bending in a circle. She is starting to understand more, but she is still learning and needs her
hand help the entire time riding.

4/14- For my lesson today Melissa and I went on the trail to cross some creeks. When climbing a
hill a tree fell down and it scared the life out of us Maple and the other horse jumped to the
side and tried to spin, but thats it. Considering the scare, she was great!

4/21- I worked on bringing Maples knees up at the trot when pivoting. We also worked on her
extended trot and stretching while trotting out. She was a little sassy at first but was good after
20 minutes.

4/28- Maple got a bath this week and turned out with another horse. She got to learn some social
skills from the older mare. We worked on all of our basics with giving me moving off leg
pressure and combined it with the more advanced maneuvers. She clearly understood my cues
and was willing to comply. We also went swimming in a river this week and she had a blast.

5/5- Maple got to play in a pasture for the first time since I bought her. She ran around playing
and had a blast. She was almost perfect all week, but since she is in heat, she was a little moody
and slow.

5/6- I went to a desensitizing clinic with Maple today. She was very calm and couldnt care less
about most of the obstacles that most horses were spooking at. She was fantastic!

5/12- Maple was perfect this week and an absolute pleasure to ride. She has progressed faster
than I expected and I am thrilled.

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