Ford Motor Company

America's #1 Automaker Goes Directly to the People

"If  you're  a  company  on  YouTube  and  Twi6er,     you  definitely  need  to  be  on  Scribd.”      
–  Sco&  Monty,  Director  of  Social  Media,  Ford

Case Study; Ford THE  SITUATION    While  two  of  the  Big  Three  U.S.  automakers  were  peBBoning  Congress   for  a  $25  billion  bailout  in  November  2008,  Ford  decided  to  forgo  the  handout  and  take   their  strategy  and  plan  directly  to  the  people  ...  on  Scribd.    

WHAT  THEY  DID    To  communicate  the  company’s  strategy,  unfiltered,  Ford  immediately   published  their  restructuring  plan  and  a  transcript  of  their  CEO’s  Senate  tes?mony   (they  have  since  published  everything  from  car  magazines,  design  overviews,   illustrated  ?melines  and  much  more,  in  the  process  building  one  of  the  largest   followings  on  Scribd  of  nearly  100,000  people  worldwide).     Ford  also  branded  their  enBre  profile  to  promote  “ The  Ford  Story,”  an  overview  of  the   auto  maker’s  history  of  innovaBon,  green  iniBaBves  and  smart  technology  –  all  of   which  has  helped  to  keep  them  ahead  of  the  curve.    

Case Study; Ford

WHY  IT  WORKED    With  Scribd,  Ford  was  able  to  communicate  directly  with  their   audience  –  consumers,  shareholders,  Congress  –  without  character  limitaBons  or   having  to  rely  on  third  parBes  like  the  media  or  analysts  to  deliver  their  message.     Ford  also  seamlessly  integrated  Scribd  into  their  exis?ng  social  media  program:   documents  of  all  types,  which  required  no  addiBonal  effort  to  produce,  were  easily   shared  on  Scribd,  where  Ford’s  markeBng  team  was  able  to  link  the  company’s   Facebook  and  Twi&er  accounts  and  where  followers  could  easily  share  Ford  content  on   the  social  web.   CollecBons   Campaigns:  50+   Followers   SAMPLE  METRICS   Readers:  More  than  600,000   9   Scribd  profiles:  5   95,000+   Reads     400,000+

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