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Siberian tigers are beautiful creatures that have lived on our planet we call home. For Hundreds
of years animals have helped humankind in so many ways such as providing food. Some of
these animals are becoming extinct. This can hurt humankind so much that we need to put an
effort to keep our planet going! To do so we must be more cautious of our actions such as
pollution, overpopulation and so many more. These beautiful creatures have just a much right as
we do to live on this planet.

Introduction haven't seen any. Why? Most tigers are

kept in sanctuaries because they are
When was the last time you have seen
endangered, so to try and repopulate
a beautiful creature like the siberian tiger
them, they try isolate them from hunters
roam through a forest? This beautiful,
to prevent extinction and try to
repopulate. Siberian
powerful, majestic fierce wild cat. Chances
people believe these remedies work, so
are you
people keep buying tiger products. These
Tigers have been around for more than 1,000 amazing cats are being killed off for the
years but all of that can change in just a snap. use of the bones, skins, organs, and
Siberian tigers are one of the most famous claws. An increased need for endangered
subspecies of the tiger. Because of its beauty tiger parts exists throughout the world.
this subspecies is endangered, But humans China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the
kill tigers for fur and use in chinese medicine United States, and Great Britain are
tigers are dying due to climate change, involved in the tiger trade.
overpopulation, and deforestation.
Key Findings
What is poaching? Poaching is an
How can we stop the tiger trade
illegal action of shooting or trapping an
and the extinction of most breeds? Well
animal. Believe it or not but in some states, it
people these days just think they're
is easier to buy a tiger than to adopt a dog
animals they dont really matter . The
from an animal shelter. Hunters poach tigers
less animals there are the less food and
to sell their furs. How much can a fur cost? If
resources we need to waste. Others may
fake tiger fur can cost up to $300, imagine
think completely different Tigers are such
how much a real fur can costs. Imagine
beautiful animals all those dumb people
peeling an orange. They poach a tiger the
out there encouraging their deaths by
same way. They make an incision and then
buying product don't they have anything
start to peel of the fur. Then the poacher sells
better to do than to support their death.
the rest of the tiger (bones, skins, meat, and
Tigers are the largest of all wild cats and
organs,). In some places they eat the tiger
are renowned for their power and
meat so no part of the tiger really goes to
strength. There were once eight tiger
subspecies, but three became extinct
The use of tiger parts in Chinese during the 20th century. Over the last
medicine is common, but why must they use hundred years, hunting and forest
tiger? The reason they use tiger is because it destruction have reduced overall tiger
is believed that tigers strength and mystical populations from of tigers and people
power helps treat chronic ailments, cure (Kitson Jazynka 2015). are over
disease and replenish the bodys essential consuming tiger products which causes
energy. Most In In other words back then it people to kill more tigers which means
seemed like there was no possibility to save a more money for hunters. With 1,600
whole subspecies but today chances aren't square miles of loving creatures. People
that bad. Societies like the Wildlife criticise tigers because of their claw and
Conservation Society (WCS) are taking teeth it is not there fault, its their way of
action to stop the near extinction. life.

With a name like siberian tiger you would Hundreds of tigers will die
probably think this breed would have some because people care more about furniture
kind of relation with Siberia, but actually the than the life of an innocent tiger.
Siberian tiger is a native to Siberia. It is a Poaching is one of the top reasons for the
very cold land, covered with snow for most extinction. Who is to blame? We are. We
of the year. Once tigers ranged from Java, have been killing tigers for all this time
Bali, southern Asia, eastern Turkey, to the just for our own necessities. Throwing
eastern shores of Asia on the Okhotsk Sea, to the food chain out of balance can change
the island of Sumatra, and to the west of so much. Without tigers hunting animals
India. Today, tigers are not found west of that carry diseases, we will soon be sick
India or on the islands of Java and Bali. The with a new disease. The death of the
remaining tigers are in China, Southern Asia, siberian tigers will most likely lead to
and Russia's far east; these are mostly death of tigers as we know it. The reason
isolated habitats, and tigers are greatly is if the siberian tigers become extinct,
reduced in numbers. poachers will turn to the other breed as an
alternative and end up killing them as
Siberian tigers actually dropped down
well untill tigers are finished.
very low in numbers only once before.
Sixty years ago, the chances of saving the
world's biggest cat from extinction seemed
A lot of people like to think of tigers as
bleak. Today, the Siberian tiger is on the
vicious horrible monsters but they are
rebound in the Russian Far East thanks, in
very loving creatures. People criticise
large part, to a conservation project that
tigers because of their claw and teeth it is
considered both the animal's swiftness and
not there fault, its their way of life.
beauty it is endangered but in reality it's
endangered because humans forested themselves. Us humans do not realize
mountains and unbroken coastline, how much we harm our home we call
Sikhote-Alin is the largest wildlife sanctuary earth.
in the Russian Far East and a critical
This is a chain reaction because
breeding ground for tigers (Rene Ebersole
one thing leads to the other. For example
2004). More tiger sanctuaries could help this
if there are 15 families who need a home
tiger re populate and put an end to this crisis.
but there is no free space, they will just

Deforestation plays a big role in all tear a forest down, creating much
animal extinctions. If animals do not pollution, and animals losing habitat. If
evacuate the area they are going to teardown, animals lose their habitat they can die.
the animals will most likely get killed to
As climate change continues to
deforest. When searching for a place to live
warm the planet, tigers are feeling the
wouldn't you want to live somewhere near
pressure. As we see ocean levels rising,
grocery stores and school? Same thing with
tigers are losing habitat due to coastal
tigers, tigers must live in a place where water
erosion in areas like India's Sundarban
is reachable and have enough food. If
islands. As rising sea levels destroy more
animals do not have either of these critical
habitat and sea water moves up river,
necessities to survive tigers may also die.
naturally fresh water is becoming more

Overpopulation is a contributing concentrated with salt. These factors are

factor. The more population there is the more forcing the tigers to move northward
land they have to tear down, the more land towards areas more inhabited by humans
they have to tear down to build homes and and increasing the possibility of animal/
agriculture. All of earth. A teenager poured human conflicts. Humans would kill a
boiling water on a neighborhood cat because tiger to protect themselves. Us humans do
it was bothering him ( Laurie Hanna 2015) . not realize how much we harm our home
Imagine what we would towards areas more we call earth.
inhabited by humans and increasing the
possibility of animal/ human conflicts.
Humans would kill a tiger to protect Would
you kill a tiger? Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion the extinction of

any animal can do much harm to our
planet so keep this planet going don't
waste the planet by polluting it. For years
natural disasters and war have been
hurting our planet. This planet has
provided us with a place to live for
9.1% said yes they would kill a tiger
humans and animals for billions of
for its fur would you be willing to kill this
years.The least we can do is help it. How
beautiful creature?
can we help our planet?

Do not Pollute!
Do not encourage the
killing of animals.
Do not kill animals for
money that is very cruel.
Have a safe environment
where tigers can breed.
Have protected sex to
reduce over population,
which affects most
animals being endangered.

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