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Rationale for Activity/Educational Value to Notes: (include program outcome or course

Date Time (hrs) Activities
project objective if applicable)
Search and synthesis of
Forty Two Articles Identified During
3/14/2017 2 Literature Search and Synthesis literature related to my
This Time. Synthesis ongoing.
practicum project
Hospital tour and initial
preparations per hopsital policy.
Utilized technology to identify
Attended a "hundle" focused on
needs, used effective
risk management, interviewed
communication and relationship Course Outcomes Met: 745.5,
4/6/2017 8 potential hires, entered and
building strategies, demonstrated 745.6,745.8 & 745.9
reviewed data including patient
an understanding of group
satisfaction scores, discussed
nurse turnover and statistics
within the organization.
Synthesis of literature previously
4/1/2017 1 Literature Synthesis obtained related to my practicum Synthesis ongoing.

Literature Synthesis & began Final organization of literature Literature synthesis completed. Writing
4/11/2017 5
project paper outline and writing. before beginning initial writing. began.
Sat in on applicant interviews, Observed the promotion of a
attended an executive meeting professional environement and
r/t organizational outcomes and the applicaton of leadership skills
engagment, sat in on disciplinary within the healthcare system to
Course Outcomes Met: 745.2, 745.3,
4/17/2017 9 action and termination of an provision of culturally relevant
745.6 &745.8
employee, attended a nurse care, observed the utilization of
meet and greet, watched my effective communication, and
preceptor give a presentation at understand group dynamics and
hospital orientation. group processes.

Attended a shared governance

meeting related to nursing Observed the promotion of a
practice and quality, compiled professional environment,
and reviewed data related to the observed the utilization of
organizations nurse retention effective communication, and
rate, recognized the hospital understand group dynamics and
Coures Outcomes Met: 745.3, 745.4,
4/20/2017 8 volunteers at their annual group processes. Collected the
745.5, 745.6, 745.7, 745.8 & 745.9
appreciation dinner, attended a beginning data for my project in
townhall meeting related to attention to more clearly
political, social, and economic understanding information
factors that are currently management and technology and
affecting the delivery of their role in healthcare.
Participated in nurse leader
patient rounding where oreinted
patients were surveryed and
interviewed about their
Participated in and observed a
satisfaction with nursing staff and
professional, high quality nursing
bedside report. Rounded with
environment made by applying
nursing staff including new
leadership skills and effectice
orientees to discuss any concerns
communication in order to allow
or questions. Inputed data Course Outcomes Met: 745.2, 745.3,
4/24/2017 8 for accountability for healthcare
regarding CAUTI and line graphs 745.4, 745.5 &745.7
delivery and outcomes. Factors
from data were produced,
identified for quality
analyzied and reviewed with
improvement. Utilized
staff. 2016 as well as past RN
technology in order to input data
satisfaction magnet survey scores
and identify educational needs.
reviewed with staff. Low scoring
areas noted and brain storming
began on how to improve these
scores for 2017.

Fifty exit interviews that meet

project criteria reviewed and
4/25/2017 4 All project data collected. Data now needs to be analyzed.
data collected. Themes
Attended a conference call for
magnet status update in regards
to what documents need to
submitted, specifically ethical
consultation and EP15
documentation. Attended a one Observed a high degree of
on one transition meeting with accountability and high-level
the current manager of the communication skills in addition
wound care clinic and the staff to the examination of the set of
member (my preceptor) who will skills needed in the advanced Course Outcomes Met: 747.4, 747.5, &
5/1/2017 8
be transitioning into that role. practice role related to self and 745.5
Safety Huddle was completed, professional environment.
safety concerns that arose Utilized techonolgy in order to
throughout the weekend were communicate with leaders across
presented, discussed, and the country.
reccomentations made to
prevent future occurances.
Lastly, another conference call
was completed with the
outsourced wound care company
Attended ED unit rounding and
an interesting employee relation Observed the use of shared
issue regarding bullying was governance within the healthcare
addressed professionally. system as well as a high degree of
Reviewed daily patient bed accountability and high level
worksheet and metro ED bed communication skills in order to
Course Outcomes Met: 747.4, 747.5,
5/4/2017 8 worksheets to get a clear picture deal with employee issues. In
745.2, 745.5, 745.6, 745.8 & 745.9
of house bed availability and city addition, techology and metrics
wide. Attended bed briefing was used multiple times during
meeting and then a scheduling the day to determine available
committee meeting headed by and projected beds throughout
staff to determine the most ideal the organizaiton and the metro.
way to schedule.
Observed the effective usuage of
thoroughput within a large
organization. Reviewed a large
amount of data r/t central
patient logistics, key
performance indicators.
Witnessed a large amount of
Reviewed discharge trends
technology and metrics utilized in
including by hour of day and per
order to recognize trends and
department to determine trends
improve proccess based on these.
and shift staff to those times in Course Outcomes Met: 747.4, 747.6,
5/5/2017 8 Observed a high level of
order to more effecively utilizee 745.2, 745.4,745.5, 745.6 & 745.8
communication and was able to
them. Bell Curve, Scatter Graphs,
apply current theories that
pivot tables and bar graphs were
affects the delivery of healthcare
utilized. Recognized that patient
input and output was guided by
systems theory. Attended a
meeting with the ED medical
director to discuss how to
improve the thoroughput
Began analyzing previously Trends identified but continued
5/7/2017 3 Data analysis continuing.
collected data. analysis is needed.
Attended an RN breakfast meet
and greet with my precpetor
which included the CEO, CNO,
and all of administration. My
preceptor spoke about Magnet Observed a high level of
status and what it means to RNs communication. Development
within the organization, and promotion of a professional
introduced shared governence, environment through
and the organizaitons accountability was also
professional practice model. identified. Leadership skills and Course Outcomes Met: 745.2, 745.3,
5/8/2017 8
Attended an ethical dilemma decision making in order to 745.6, 745.8 & 747.4
meeting with the ethical ensure culturally relevant, high
committee where a situation was quality nursing care was provided
presented and decision made. was witnessed through the
Conference call was completed collaboration of an
r/t completing the necesary steps interdiscipliary ethics tream.
to submit magnet status
paperwork for a juvenile psych
hospital that was recently
purchased by the organization
Attended an intense
opportunity focused on the
emergency room and ways to This meeting ensured that a
recognize and promote higher professional environment
quality care within the through communication and
Course Outcomes Met: 745.3, 745.5,
5/9/2017 8 organization. Practice accountability was being met.
745.8 & 745.9
improvement, quality The impacts of political,
improvement and policy revisions instituational, social and
were hot topics. All economic factors were discussed.
administration was involved and
many disciplinaries were
Final project work: revisions,
Research, organization, analysis, Research, organization, analysis, and
5/9/2017 2 continued research and data
and writing continuing. writing continuing.

Finale project work: research,

5/14/2017 3 Final project writing continuing. Continuing.
data analysis, and graph creation
Assisted in the preperation of
education courses and Observed a professional
competency for nursing staff. environment through
Gathered data for an ongoing accountability and high-level
proposed policy changed related communication skills. Examined
to bed assignments. Attended my professional role in terms of
the monthly hospital admin self and professional
Course Outcomes Met: 745.2, 745.6,
5/15/2017 8 meeting r/t monthly safety and environment. Applied leadership
745.8, 747.4 & 747.5
outcome measurements. skills to ensure postive
Reviewed characteristics of a educational outcomes. Utilized
successful leader and the effective communication
importance of shared strategies. Demonstrated an
governance. Investigated a understanding of group dynamics
patient complaint and came to a to work as an effecttive group.
All project research completed,
graphs and charts for paper Final project rough draft Final project rough draft submitted to
5/16/2017 5
completed, and final project completed. Dr. King.
paper rough draft completed.
Reviewed final project paper with
preceptor, re-evaluated the
evaluation outcomes with
preceptor as well and learning
Once again, a professional
agreement to ensure all points
environment through
were met. Discussed my future
accountability and high-level
goals and aspirations including
communication was observed.
continuing my education.
Leadership skills were applied to Course Outcomes Met: 745.2,745.3,
Participated in safety huddle to
5/19/2017 8 ensure positive educational 745.4, 745.6, 747.3, 747.4, 749.1,
review any safety concerns that
outcomes and safe patient care 749.6,
occurred over the weekend.
was being provdied. Final project
Reviwed metrics related to
was reviewed as well as all
quality improvment as well as
outcomes of MSN program and
education requirements for
the immersion experience.
nruses that had or had not been
met. In addition, nurses who
failed to renew their missouri
license were identified.
Final project revisions as noted
5/20/2017 1 by Professor Saim revised and Final Project Revisions Final Project Revisions.
paper reviewed.
Final project paper revisions and Final project paper revising
Final project revisions and portfolio
5/24/2017 6 portfolio documentaion. Review continuing as well as portfolio
of AONE competencies. completion.
TOTAL: 121