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Star Racer Physics Project 22th May 2017

Miss Susanna Alulod

Nattanicha Siamnikorn
Poonsarp Techasupatkul 1106
Niti Thongkumpan 1106
Aticha Treeprasertsuk 1106
Prame Ruangkana 1106


Our purpose for this project is to experiment the relation of

Newton's second law and electricity using cars along with
frictionless track to prove our theory.

2 Cars Frictionless Track

Pliers Battery


Everyone in group agree with the idea that we going to

do about electricity and newtons second law. At first, we
going to demonstrate with train model but to be clearer in
everyday life, we choose Tamiya car to demonstrate because
Tamiya car has many option to do with not only motor weight
or speed but also shape. We will test by run a car in a track
while the other car has more weight and become slower. This
situation can apply to newton's second law. Object with more
mass will go slower. We have to build a car with their circuit
inside so this will come up with electricity topic.
Discussion of Physics Concepts

The car show Newtons First Law of Motion which state that
An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays
in motion with the same speed and in the same direction
unless acted upon by an unbalanced force because when the
car move on frictionless track, it will continue to move in
straight line path unless altered by any force.

The car show the use of second law by showing that the net
force of the car increase as acceleration increase and the car
with more weight will travel slower than the car with less
weight at the same acceleration. This explain that the
acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly
proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same
direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the
mass of the object.

The car also represents Electricity it helps us to practice

building circuit and express the concept of electric circuit.
Electricity is the presence and flow of electric charge. Its best-
known form is the flow of electrons through conductors which
is copper wires in the circuit of the car. Electricity is a form of
energy that comes in positive and negative forms which is
from power source that is battery in this case.
Discussion of Design

1. Build 2 cars
-Prepare all equipment
-Build up body structure
-Assemble a chassis and gear/ cog
-Build up circuit of the car
-Assemble it together and add minor detail
-Test by running the car

2. Build the track for car to run

-Prepare equipment
-Cut out the part of the track
-Follow the instruction in the box
-Assemble it together

3. Run a test on both cars

-Put each car on outer track 5 times
-Record time of each car from the start
point to end point
-Collect data then analyze

Analysis of Data

Both cars are connected to batteries and have same net force
but different in weight. Car A is packed with a cray while Car
B is on normal structure while net force of Car A and Car B is
the same. According to newtons second law, the acceleration
is inversely proportional to mass but proportional to net force
as you can see in the data that Car A has more mass than Car
B so Car A take more time to complete 1 round than Car B.
Therefore, the speed of Car B is greater than Car A due to the
less mass of car. The more mass the car have, the more time it
will take to complete a turn because of its slower acceleration.

According to newtons second law the acceleration is directly

proportional to net force and inversely proportional to mass.
To make the object move faster there can be two possible way.
First is to reduce mass while the net force is the same and
another is increase net force while the mass remains the same.
Due to this law, the car with less weight run faster than the car
with more weight because weight is inversely proportional to
acceleration, which follow newtons second law.

Electric skill is explained in this project because the car is

powered by electric circuit. This require the knowledge of
basic electricity to assemble the circuit since the use of
gasoline is limited.


This project is used to reinforce newtons second law and

electricity. Therefore, further experiment can base on
newtons third law or electrostatic to enlarge the experiment
area. In addition, this experiment can be improved by adding
more variable or repeat the experiment to maximize