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Guidelines of Abstract Preparation for GeoShanghai2018

First A. Authora* and Second B. Authorb

Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Rock Mechanics Measurement Ltd., Beijing, China
* (corresponding authors E-mail)


This article serves as the template of the abstract for your abstract submitted to the
GeoShanghai2018. The abstract will be printed in the conference program booklet. Please use this
template when preparing your abstract. This will ensure a uniform format in the publication. The
abstract should be written in English and submitted with this MS Word file format and PDF file
(converted from the MS Word file). The abstract should begin with a title. Please provide a descriptive
title of the paper. The title should be concise and not span more than 2 lines. Use Times New Roman
font with a font size of 14 pts and in bold face for the title. Authors names following the title include
the first name, middle initial and surname of all the authors. The affiliations of all the authors should
be located below the authors names. The e-mail address of the corresponding author should be
presented. Abstract should not be more than 500 words. Keywords following the abstract consist of
up to 5 words, separated by commas. The first letter of each keyword should be capitalized.

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