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17. UlV 10, 11, 72,13a 1 4 k f i & t & ~ t - * tmT~10,11,12,137n

~ ~ 41
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( 3 ) i4WTm-pjrwfil,

Dclhi. Ihc 26th December, 1996

"As passcd by the Legislative Asscmbly of rhe National Capital Territory of Dclhi
. A -
-, - .-%
to provide for the regularion oidonalion, sale and supply of human semcn and ovum for he purpose of artificial ;?.:;:. ..$
insemination and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. .>
.- .

\ "De hi" \\\cnri< rlie Yar inns\ Cripllal Terl,itor)'or (Jclhi:

(b) " d ~ i i i o rrctarls

'~ [l~c~ l ( ~ n ~a rb sen~crr.
f it1 rhc cusc of a ~tlnlr:i181d01 ovul~i,u~t l ~ ccasc o l ' a [krnal~.:

(c) "Govel'n~ncnl"rn=aas the Gnvcrnmc~itofthe National Cat~i;alT'crritcvy ~1'13cIl1i:

{d) *'Oovcrnrneut I-lt$spital"rnennx i w h~o s ~ i ~ acstablistkcd

l' ~ ~I~ ). I ~Mut~ic;
or nlnintnincd by t h ~ !C ~ O X ~ ~ I T I I H ~or ipai
r '~lr~)nrnriun ol~l3clhi.or the N C MDell1
~ i h.lur~i:~ipal Council; pcrw.ming thc function u(':lr tilrciitl insemitlation and includes i\n>
which mjly Rc rledilrcil I,y !hc G(:vclnnlt;ni. by nolificalion in (Iic o f i c i a l (;n:?cltc. In k a Governn~.:ot Itorpita1
, , I ~ I ~ : I~nspilnl

fill- liic purposes ul' lhis Act;

(e) "Ho<pititl" means any ~~ccir.:ws i;\\luding n nlxtcrhi(y Ilorrrc, nirrsilr~pllvil:e, Iluspid or any ~ i I l c rplace nor cstab-
list:~.d01-r11:1inained by Gorcmmcnr lilrui+. r 15i.rl ur inlcniled !o be 1.1sed for strlngc, jli:*p l! (it artificial inscmiualion or ~ \ r i i : ~ ;

[r) "Qua}jficil Medical Piactitirmur. . rnealrs :I ~ ~ i c d i cpraclilioner

al rcgi;l;r?rt ir! any State or Utlion ~ e r r i t in
o ~India
i\nJt:\*a law Tor the regisiration of medical p ;li.iilioulrr;.
:;r-l:liou3 of lliis Art :lr,il f:~:, eapl.csrion "lmcgislc~cd"
( ) "RegsIration" means rllc registnrioli ~~nde: shall bc con-
%.; ;~ccordingly.

( h ) "Sei~icri"wl~ercveri t occurs 111 ~11thACI, means Ll~eserncn fir' ou\lrll ( ~ f ' r ~ ~ atid
a i ; : l>rt~aIehuman being, as 111ccase
Hiilj bc;
i "Se~ncnBank" rncans :u~yprc~l~ises
uscd uF iutelldcd lo bl: used Ibr s~or;~!:e,
salt dr)~~:itiorr,
or sltpyljovl'sc111cn:

{j) "Suplrvisory Aullrtwity" mcans thc ~ i l . c k >ofr I,lt.nlih scrvitcs, Covemrntr~roENaiiona1 Capilal Territory of i?cll~i.
3. ~rrthibfliont o carry oil scrncn b i ~ l ~~ vki t h o ut rcgistrntior.---Nt, bcrsoli shall carry or1 a rjcr~icribarnk in Delh i unless h e
h,rs becll duly regis~ercdin rcspecr of S I I S ~scmcrr bailh and [lie rcg~stralionin respect thcrc.oT licls IIor bcea
sltctinn 7 ortllis Act.
A. Kcgistration o r s e r n e ~banlo.--(
~ I ) Every pzrscn i!rli:nilitig l o cnmy on a sen fen bank in De!lli sl1a11rrlakc, every y u r . ~ZII
for registration or r l ~ crencrval tllercof, lo lhc S1111crb~is01-y
;~pl~lication Ai~tl~ot~ily:

Provided thar in csr;c om scnlvrr lti111li rvliiuh is 111 e?.is~r~:cc

;rr 1t1udale ol'ltle colnrnrncement orrhis Azr, an application
Tor registration ui~dcrthis ACL.slinll Ilc made rvi~hintl~ret:niol~thsiicm Ilte dr~fco f sucll con~~ncncctncn~.

(2) Every nppllcarion for regidration or renewal o: rzgislratiun sh;lll be made 01I such cla~eaud 111such Form ~ n tsl1al1
bu accon~panieclby such fce, ;rs {nay b;bsesfribd.
5. Certificstc or rrl.gistmiinn.--( I ) Sirbject lo thc provisions ol' l l ~ I sAct and the rules made thc~~eondcr,the Supervisory
4 1 1 1 h o rshall,
i~ rccjsrcr he al!plioanl in rcspcct ol'lhc semen bank narncd in lhe
on receipt or an application thr rcgis!la~iot~,
lpplication and issue ID Itirn a ccr~iiica~c of registra~icain ~ h pl.cscrihl:d
c form :
- Provided ha^ [he Sirpcrviso~yAurhorily may refilsz to rcgister rhe applicant if it issatisfied.-
('1) hat rhc applicant or any p c \ ~ n employed
n by him ni ihc scnttn hnnk, is.not a fir pclvon lo carry on 4)r 11, he enlploycd
llle oppIicilri011; Or
31 [ ~ I CSClllcn (lank rlan~cdirl

[b) ihar I I docs nol have 11lc qitali lied stnl'f o r equiplrient 10 carry orit tllc prescribed cI'111c dinr~r!rccipicr~t : to
stort IOc s o w n ; or
(c) rlial Ibr reasons conriecletl \vidi ~IIc'siruatiorl. thc COIISI~UC~~CIII, s1;lf-f or equipme111nl'tllc srrllell b n ~ l kol.arly prer~liscs
uscd in conricctiun rlirr-cwirh, is or arc 1101ril 10 bc I I S C ~ lor scn~cribank 01. sucll tlcsc~.ip~iori as rbt: selnerl ba~rk
nienliol~cdill ;~pplicafiorlor t i l i l t rlie sclilcn ba11ko r ~brcrniscsir or :irc flscd or [I] bC irsctl hrl I J ~ I I - ~ ivliich
~ I : ~ U'C. in
any wily, inlprnpcr, or u~~dcsiriiblc in rhc cast o f sucl~setntn b s d .
317 1 DA 14 6--%

-egislered,as the case may be, not less than one monlh's notice of its intention to make such an order, and every such noti
,talc the grounds on which the Supervisory Authority inrends lommake the order and shall, before making heorder, give
lemon ur by a representarivc) an opportunity of showing cause why the order should not be made.

o donate.

(3) The semen bank shall keep complete bio-data, including mark of identification, of the donor.

nfection in the donor.

!2. Second t a t on donor bcfore use of donatcd sen~cn-AI lhe ena or lhree months, a second ELlSA Test shall, by
,ame method, be performed on lhc donor.

14. Duties of qualified medical practitioncrlGovernment hospitals, etc. performing artificial insemination.-ale qu
ied medical practitioner or Government bospiral or hospital or he semen bank performing artificial insemination,
nay be, shall-
- :E X ~ O Z D I ~ I A R Y 7
(a) keep complete record of the bio-data including mark of identification of the donor and the recipicnt of the semen or
ovum; '
@) test the rccipienr for "I I
W 1 and 2"and sexually transmined diseases before perfarming arlificid inscrnination;
(c) seek h e written consent of h e husband and the wife, seeking mificial insemination;
Id) scek the written consent of the donor and the r,ccipicnl and thcir spouse. in c a s t af requests oFsemen or ovum Irom
specified dunorfrecipicnt;
(e) not segrcgale the XX or XY choromosomes for artificial inseminatioa.
&planation.-The leners "XX"and "XY"used in his clause denote "female sex" and "male sex" respectiveIy;
(f) maintain secrecy about the identity of the donor and the recipicnt of the semenlovum;
(g) seek h e written consent of the recipient for using the semen on the basis or only onc ELISA Test being negative
where facilities for cryo-preservation and liquid nitrogen Tor semcn are no1 availabIe.
Power to call for information or to s e k articl~.-if the Supervisory Authority has reason to believe that-any of &e
isions oflhis Act is being violated, he may caIl for any information or may seize any article, medicine or any other related
;s, admission register or ofher document maintaillcdkept or found at the place.
Cencrnl provision for punishment of oflenccs.--Whoever conmvencs any provision of this Act or of any rule or order
quisition madc thereunder shall, if no punishm~ntis provided for the offcnce, be punishable ror the first offence with fine
h may extend to five hundred rupees, and for second ot subsequent offencc with f i e which may extend to two thousand
2s. - .-.
Pul~ishmcntfor coat@venlion of o f section 10,11, IZ, 13 or [&-Whoever contravenes any ofthe provi-
of scction 10, 1 1, 12, 13 or I4 d this Act shall be punishable with imprisonment foi a term which may extend to chree
: and wilh minimum fine of five'thousand rupees.

Court competent to try offences under this Act and Lake cognizance of orfences.4 1) No court other than the court of
tropolitan Magistrata shall take cognizance of, and try an offcncc under this Act.
(2) No court shall fakecognizance of any offence under this Act except on a complaint in writing of the Supervi-
or any Officer authorised by it, in writing, in this behalf. .

(3) Nohviths~andinganylhingcon(akd in h e Code of Cirminal Procedure. 1973 (2of 19741, offences under this
llall be non-cognizable and bailable.
Power lo delcgatc-The Government may, by notification in the Ofticial Gamte, direct that any power exercisable by
ler this Act, may also be exercised by such ofliccr as may be mentioned lhereiq subject lo such conditions, ifany, as may be
Ged therein.
Protection oraction lakcn in good fnilh.-No suit, prosecution, or oher lcgal procccdings shall lie against any oficer,
visory Authority or Government for anything which is in good hilh done or intcnded lo be done in pursuance of h i s Act.
Power lo makc rules.-(I) The Govemmcnl may, by nolifimtion ill the OlTicial Gazette, make rulcs to caoy out Uie
lses of this Act.
(2) In particular, and without prejudice to die generality of the foregoing power, such ru tes may provide for all or any
: following matters, namely :-
(a) prescription of date and form of application and the fee required ro be paid for regisbation of semen banks;
(b) prescription of form 01certificate of &$ismtion;
(c) prcscription of tesls in respect of donodrecipients;
(6) any other matter in respect of which this Act makes no provision or makes insuficient provision and provision is,
in the opinion of the Government, n e c w a y .
(3) Any rule made by the Government shall be subject lo previous publication thereof in Ihe Oificial Gazetle.
(4) Every rule made under this Act shall be laid as soon as may be afier it is made before lhe Legislalive Assembly and
House agrees in making any modificationsin he rule or tile House agrcesrhat the rule should not be made, the rule shall
~Aerhave effect only in such modified form or be orno effect, as the case may &,so, however, that any such modification
~ulmentshall bc without prejudice to h c vaIidity of anylhing previously done under t h a ~rule.
R.T.L.D'SOUZA, Undcr Sccy. (LA).