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Colonel Maung Maung Kha BC 4066 (Burmese: [m m kaa]; 7 June 1920

30 April 1995) was the 8th Prime Minister of Myanmar between 1977 and 1988.

Maung Maung Kha was born to Khin Tint and Chit Pe in Yangon. He enrolled in University of
Rangoon in 1937 to study engineering but left school in the final year of studies to join the
Burma Independence Army (BIA) in 1941. He completed military training, and became a
member of the Burmese armed forces during the Japanese occupation of Burma (19421945).
After independence in 1948, he rose to the rank of colonel and served as the Director of Defence
Industries of Burmese Armed Forces.

Colonel Maung Maung Kha became a cabinet member in Gen. Ne Win's military government in
1972 when he was appointed Minister of Industry. Following the establishment of the Socialist
Republic of the Union of Burma (SRUB) on 4 January 1974, and adoption of a new Constitution,
Maung Maung Kha continued to served as Minister of Industry and later on as Minister of
Mines. On 29 March 1977, he was appointed as the 8th Prime Minister of Myanmar. After
increasing unrest in the country, on 26 July 1988, Maung Maung Kha was replaced by Tun Tin as
Prime Minister.