Changes to Watton A Massive
Polling Stations for ‘Thank You!’
from Geoff Ray
The General Election “After running 6 marathons in 7 days
across the Sahara Desert, I beat the camel,
on 8th June 2017 survived the sand and collected my
Marathon des Sables 2017 Finishers medal.
I am sure that unless you have been on a desert island completely cut I want to thank everyone who has
off from all sources of news you will be aware that there is a General supported me and from my initial target of
Election on the 8th June 2017. £5,000 we have raised nearly £7,000 for
Wayland residents will also be aware that the 8th June is also the first Cancer Research. A massive thank you!
day of the 2017 Wayland Festival. I would encourage everyone to Geoff Ray, Pharmacist, Total Health
participate in both events! Pharmacy, Watton.
Normally both elections and the Wayland Festival use the Queens “For those of you wondering what all the
Hall and so because of this clash the Queens Hall will not be used as fuss was about, let me tell you a little of my
a Polling Station for the General Election, and those residents that experience of the toughest footrace on
normally vote at the Queens Hall should vote at the Watton Sports earth. As a generally fit and active person, I
Centre. Polling cards, which all registered voters should have trained for the event for 18 months. I
received, reflect this change and appropriate signage will be available practiced by running ultra-marathons
on the day. achieving my best marathon time ever and
The other Polling Station in Watton, the Watton Christian becoming classed as ‘good for age!’ A
Community Centre, will be used as normal for those residents who week in Lanzarote running up and down
usually use this as their Polling Station. volcanos and heat training in the Porsche
heat chamber at Silverstone combined with
necessary weight loss, ensured that I was as
prepared as I could be for the event in
April. My rucksack had been packed,
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their hunt! display, or simply enjoying afternoon tea
Wayland Festival On Sunday 25th, on the recreation and homemade cake! Other stalls
The Show Must Go On! ground on Manor Road, Griston, starting include crafts and produce, tombola, bric
We are very excited the Festival is at 1pm, a Fun Dog Show will be held -a-brac, plants, cakes, lucky dip and ice
getting very close now. We would like (fabulous rosettes and goody bags for the cream.
to remind you all that the Queens Hall winners of 14 classes) as well as a tractor A variety of traditional games will be
will not be used as a polling station on display, various games, fancy dress available for you to try your hand. The
Thursday, 8th June, so you can still come competition for children (theme 'Fairy village stocks will also be available! The
and see Perfect Vintage at 2.30 pm, and Tales'), a cake decorating competition children from Caston primary school will
enjoy afternoon tea and cake along with (theme 'Griston'), a flower arrangement be providing some entertainment.
music and songs from the 50s when the competion (theme 'babes In The Wood), Admission Free! Organized in aid of
Queens Hall was being built. Then in face painting, a barbecue and much Stow Bedon and Breckles Churches and
the evening at 7.30 pm we are very more. local charities.
pleased to welcome the very funny, very All in aid of E.A.C.H. (East Anglia We look forward to seeing you there!
clever, Doug Segal - Comedy Mentalist. Children's Hospice), Home Start (a
We look forward to seeing you over the charity for parenting support) and the
Parish of Griston, why not go along and
Watton Silver
three days at either of the above or at
Rachel Duffield in the afternoon and join in the fun?! Band
Bella Musica with our own Dale More details at Watton Silver Band is currently looking
Bullimore in the evening on Friday, and for players to join our friendly band. We
then on Saturday morning Alex the
Clown will entertain the young and
Stow Bedon and have instruments we can lend, a good
variety of music and we are also able to
young and heart, followed by an Breckles Village offer lessons to those who wish to learn.
afternoon of jazz, culminating with We do not charge fees, tuition fees etc.,
Queen II, an excellent tribute band in the Fete we just want enthusiasm and willingness
evening. Saturday 17th June, 2pm-5pm A to learn!
Full programme in this issue of the traditional summer fete for all the family Experienced (and not so experienced)
Wayland News, or see our website to enjoy! players are more than welcome to come You are warmly invited to come along to along and give us a try.
the Stow Bedon & Breckles village fete With the large influx of people into
Griston 'Babes In on Saturday 17th June between 2pm and Watton and the surrounding areas,, we
5pm. We are very fortunate that we are feel sure there must be some players out
The Wood' Festival able to hold the fete, as last year, in the there. The band is currently lacking
There's a whole host of fun to be had in lovely grounds of Stow Bedon Hall, players in all areas, particularly cornets
Griston over the weekend of 24th/25th Lower Stow Bedon. – situated off the but anyone is welcome. Age and
June. Staring on Saturday with a Lazy B1111, 5 miles south of Watton (it will experience …. no barrier!
Car Boot Sale (1 - 4pm - £5 per pitch) be well signposted on the day). We play on a Wednesday evening at the
after which, at the Waggon & Horses We are delighted to announce that RAZZ Masonic Lodge, Barn Ruche, just outside
there will be live music, a barbecue, and AUNTIE PEARL will be back with of Watton on the Thetford Road. The
charity auction and much more. During us again this year, to amuse and entertain postcode is IP25 6HN. We are there from
the day, up to 3pm, children can collect one and all. In addition to the clowns, 7pm and practice til around 9. If you are
an entry form at the church and scour the there will be lots to entertain you interested just call in or ring 01953
village for 'Babes', which residents will throughout the afternoon, from listening 885296 to speak to Ali or Chris. We look
be placing in their gardens. Spot as many to a jazz band, browsing through the forward to seeing you!
as they can and get a sticker at the end of book stall, admiring the vintage cars on
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The Wayland News June 2017 Page 3
(Continued from page 1) temperatures of around 46°C. And we all Unfortunately this increase in longevity Gt. Ellingham and
weighed and unpacked numerous times to
get the right combination of equipment and
knew that we had the ‘long day’ to do.
The long day involved 84km and by this
A Quick Look also brings more and more chance of
illness, and this has served to put so District Flower Club
food to ensure I had enough to survive but
not too much to slow my progress. Running
stage I was starting to feel quite
apprehensive and not entirely 100% in
Round much pressure on the medical services,
and unfortunately it will be almost
Floral Demonstration by Chrystal Dyball, Entitled
Floral Passion on Monday June 19th at Rocklands
gear had been tested and food selected for myself. Running with some of my tent mates By Orbiter impossible for any government to take Village Hall, NR17 1TR. Starts 7.30pm Doors open
each of the 7 days based on maximum we tried a run-walk pattern but I soon started Well that month went quickly. Time measures to effect any great 7pm. Guests £5 Members Free. Raffle/Refreshments
calories for minimal weight but ensuring it to feel nauseous to the point of being sick. seems to be playing about a bit these improvement, since no amount of We are a friendly NAFAS affiliated Club (Fees £25
was something I would enjoy. With all that The medics confirmed that I was dehydrated days, perhaps the EU has been money can produce new doctors at the p.a.) We meet Monthly for demonstrations,
done, it was just a case of taking each day at and despite being offered some poles to walk shortening the hours without telling us. drop of a hat. workshops, visits & lots of other fun events. For more
a time. with I was not in a good state. The only Whatever is happening another It is reported that a new craze has information call Secretary, Jane Dalton 01953 498694
Arriving at the airport, the chatter and option was a saline drip and a 2 hour time important day is almost upon us, with invaded the classrooms of many schools or email
excitement amongst MDS participants was penalty. What had gone so wrong? the General Election just round the in the form of small gadgets bearing the
feverish and the first 2 days of travel and rest It was down to my hydration plan. I had corner. name Fidget Spinners, the latest in a
with good food and getting the trained with salt solution that I sipped during Mrs. May hopes it will enable the long line of simple products that take
administration out of the way made it feel a my runs. Fine in the UK, but drinking warm country to confirm the wish for the the junior world by storm every few
little like one big scout camp. salty water in the heat of the Sahara Desert is Brexit negotiations to go ahead without years. I recall that in my earliest
Standing on the start line on Sunday 9th another matter entirely. What I should have delay, in spite of the spoiling tactics of schooldays there came a time when
April at 9am with ‘Highway to Hell (ACDC) done is swallow a salt tablet and then drink her opponents, who are not convinced every boy had a Yo-Yo, soon followed
playing across the desert, a wave of emotion plain water throughout the day. Seems that the referendum majority was great by Biff-Bats, consisting of a bat similar
hit many of us. Not sure if it was excitement simple when I think about it now! 45 enough to be a fair reflection of the to the ones used for Ping Pong (table
or fear but all of a sudden this was it. And all minutes later, revived by saline and glucose, opinion of the electorate as a whole, tennis) with a ball attached by a length
I had to carry for the week, was on my back. I was a new man and despite the time since many people did not bother to of elastic. Both these games produced
I felt quite vulnerable and apprehensive penalty picked up the pace, so grateful that vote. experts in no time, who could operate
about the week ahead. this hadn’t been the end of the road for me. It has often been suggested that voting more than one Yo-Yo at a time, and
However, I sprinted off at a steady pace The final day was the marathon day. My should be compulsory but that would keep them spinning up and down
running a little too fast but loving it. Sand, day. Whilst this felt like the final straw for not work because unwilling voters indefinitely, or sustain long rallies with
sand and more sand started to sap my energy many runners this stage was a road runner’s would deliberately muddy the waters by their Biff-Bats, while most of us were
but this stage was relatively flat and I got delight. Striding out, I picked up the pace voting for the most unlikely candidates, left frustrated almost from the start.
back to the camp in good time feeling feeling like I was gliding across the salt while the system is already distorted by Similarly later eras brought boy expert
confident that ‘it was going to be ok’ based plains. After a really tough few days which the widespread use of traditional voting, operators of skateboards, and girl
on that day. My little portable stove had made me question my ability and forced where because grandad favoured a wizards of the hula hoop, with others
delivered a tasty spaghetti bolognaise for tea. me to dig deeper than I ever have before, this particular party in 1893, the family will baffling the world with record speeds
The next day was longer at 38km and ‘flat’ day was a personal challenge for me. It was consider no other. for solving the Rubiks Cube. The real
had disappeared and been replaced by dunes, ‘just a marathon’ and I knew I could do it. Some do not vote because they distrust geniuses are those who had the bright
open plains and the first huge jebel (rock- Almost relishing every last step, I enjoyed politicians generally and many ideas in the first place.
face) to climb. With a 25% incline, I don’t watching the elite athletes who had started youngsters take no interest at all, I frequently refer to the experts who try
remember climbing training being in the later than the main field, running by. The thinking the whole business is just to tell us how to run our lives, and
instruction manual! I started to doubt myself winner, a Moroccan named Rashid, looked something old folks concern themselves whose pieces of advice often seem to
but pushed on and arrived back at camp to as if this was a daily stroll in the park and the with, while even many of the oldies contradict each other. The latest of these
chicken tikka and a load of emails from winning female, Elisabet Barnes, manged to simply pick the candidate who is the asserts that the much vaunted gluten-
home. Just what I needed - a wonderful stop and put a hairband on before she raced most handsome. Manifestos ? What are free diets are of no use whatever. The
morale boost. to the finish! they? one thing that we can always depend on,
The days didn’t get any easier. Up early, the After an unbelievably challenging week that Luckily there are millions of real is that experts invariably disagree. At
Berbers systematically and very efficiently tested me both physically and mentally, I thinkers around so let the fun begin. least, in my experience, where food is
removed the tents from around us as we crossed the finish line to receive my MDS Whether the election will proceed concerned ‘Mother knows best’, and the
awoke, to move the camp on to the next day. Finishers medal from course director Patrick unaffected by the recent attacks on the traditional ways never let me down.
The terrain demanded more climbing and Bauer. I had achieved what I set out to world’s computers remains to be seen, Another football season has just come
scrambling than running and as a road achieve. I am an MDS Finisher! but they have shown the folly of such to an end, which heralds the return of
runner I was beginning to mourn that lack of For more information about the Marathon complete reliance on technology in the annual ‘cattle market’ of players
a good long flat distance to run. The heat des Sables visit every sector of modern life. Early seeking new clubs, and clubs bidding
was becoming another great challenge with reports tell of chaos caused to industries silly sums for new players. Some of
and public services in countries all over these demand a million pounds a
the world, and there must be fears for month !
More Verses in Quiz and Curry at our national security. Are they worth it ? I think I’ll get my
Meanwhile life goes on, and yet again old boots out of the shed, perhaps
the Song of the Watton and the subject of removing FM radio in Norwich will shell out a few thousands.
favour of Digital has re-surfaced, with Good afternoon.
West End District Royal the change-over said to imminent.
Why can it not be recognised that both
Waiters British Legion methods are viable and a complete
change is un-necessary, and would be
Ashill and
In Dereham we’d to live up to a witty
How do you attract new members? This
subject is at the heart of most organisations,
unpopular and enormously expensive ?
But with more important matters in
Holme Hale
hand, perhaps this threat will, once
The work we did to get our laughs might
be compared to suction—
clubs and groups, not just The Royal British
Legion. Here at the Watton and District again be put on the back burner.. Garden Club
Needs must perform without our Ken, Branch of the RBL it is something that we The recent London Marathon, and On a wet afternoon in April our gardens
Who’s indisposed from now till when? talk about at every meeting and sometimes similar events all over the world, brings were enjoying a welcome drink while
We hope he’ll soon be back again— we have inspired ideas. Or at least what we to light all sorts of personal efforts made members discussed them during our
Hurrah for those old codgers! think are inspired ideas!! If we ever come by individuals supporting charitable Gardeners' Question Time. David
up with the right and only answer to that causes. While running the distance with Green, Chairman, assembled a panel of
What kindness Pentney lavished on both question we will be ecstatic. a tumble-dryer on his back was a noble Club members with a wealth of
locals and performers! One of our ideas was to increase the effort by one contestant, I do feel it experience and knowledge and our
What quality refreshments and social aspect of our group in a bid to might have been rather disheartening thanks to Kevin Taylor-Ward, Sue
attentiveness to warm us! entice others to come and join us. In for any distressed fellow competitor he Saini, Ann-Marie Cassidy and Audrey
Our Derek’s voice was rather rough— April we had another members and guests may have overtaken. Connor for their participation and,
At times he found the going tough— lunch at The Hare and Barrel in Watton. But well done all those who do so much indeed, bravery in facing questions from
We helped out when he’d had enough— This was reasonable well attended and we for charities, not just in marathons, but their fellow members. However, as
Hurrah for those old codgers! will probably have more in the future. every day all over the country, in fetes, usual, the audience were happy to add
In June we are holding a Quiz and Curry walks, dances, garage sales, flower their own comments and advice on
The Queens Hall hosted mayors and folk shows, etc. etc. It is sad to think that topics such as favourite fertilizers,
night at Wells Cole Community Centre in
in medals and regalia. despite the millions of pounds expended favourite tools, maintenance of lawns
Saham Toney. This is both a fundraiser and
With two away we worked hard to avoid annually in the national interests, so and methods of dealing with weeds and
a chance to meet new members in a more
the risk of failure…. much voluntary work is needed to help other garden pests.
social setting. It is on Friday 16 June
A few days later in the street the simple things in life keep going. What's on in the next 2 months:
starting at 7.30pm prompt. Up to six people
“You’re singers!” says a man we meet— Of course much of this results from the Thursday 22nd June Dr Ian Bedford
can be in a team. If you require the curry
“You’re bloody brilliant! Such a treat!” failure of the health services to cope 'Butterfly Gardening', Sunday 25th June
we need to know by 8 June approx. for
Hurrah for those old codgers! with the demands of modern life, not ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW (see
catering purposes. The cost will be £5 per
At Belton 50 miles away, our numbers person or £8 per person if you are having that this is the fault of those that have to below), Wednesday 19th July
still depleted, the curry. Names can be added to the list in administer it, nor can those who set it up Afternoon visit to Dale Farm garden,
We had such a terrific time they wanted it Well Cole community centre or by ringing in the first place be blamed for failing to Dereham, Thursday 27th July Bob
repeated! me on the number below. foresee the changes in population that Coutts 'Keeping the Garden Going'
“Are you trained singers?” No, we’re not. We are looking for inspired ideas so if has occurred over the years, nor that so ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW Sunday
That was the kind of praise we got— you have any come along to our meetings many folks are living to ages virtually June 25th at Holme Hale Pavilion, Open
These things we value such a lot. or any of our social events and join us. unknown fifty years ago. to the public 2.30pm – 4.30pm
Hurrah for those old codgers! Everyone is most welcome even if you A glance at the birthday or obituary lists 14 classes of entry, including flower
decide not to join. in the national newspapers will often arrangements, single flower displays
The Dereham W.I. it seemed had set out Our next RBL meeting is on Tuesday 18 reveal several centenarians, while and pot plants; homemade cakes, crafts
to impress us, July at 7pm in The Hare and Barrel. names of people in their nineties occur and photography
With party food and cakes and drinks, and Come along and join us. If you require with great frequency. It used to be said 12 cups and trophies to be won, Best in
pretty hats and dresses; any more information contact me Helen of a person recently deceased at the age Show cup and prize. Tombola and
The club was 80 on that day, Daly on 01953 885124, our branch of seventy-five that they had ‘had a Refreshments available during the
Our contribution helped them say chairman Alan Chilvers on 01953 883250 good innings’, but now someone afternoon Come and enjoy a top
They’d marked it in a fitting way— or send an e-mail to passing on at that age attracts comments quality village Flower Show!
Hurrah for those old codgers! on how soon he had been taken.
The Wayland News June 2017 Page 4
beautifully with the last of the asparagus. Can't Slessor Close are found. Unsurprisingly these
In your garden wait!
If you have fruit trees you may notice small
are named after high ranking RAF commanders
all of whom served in the first and second world
With Lotta Potts
Well it's all been early this year. Last year we apples and pears on the ground. This is the June wars. Further along again some roads are named
were getting into a bit of a tizz in case the Drop which is the trees' way of thinning out a after the aircraft which flew from Watton (eg.
fantastic spring show petered out into crop that is too heavy. It's worth checking the Blenheim Way, Hurricane Close and Fortress
disappointment but all was well in the end. trees before this happens as you can assist nature Road) whilst others (eg. Hendon Avenue,
We've now had warm spells far too soon in by thinning the crop before the tree finds it Cardington Road, Cranwell Road ) take their
April and significant frosts in May just when essential. This applies to plums, too and names from various bases around the UK. On
everything was bounding out of the soil. peaches in the odd year they decide to have fruit the other side of Norwich Road Akrotiri Square,
Unfortunately a lot of people got caught out and as their blossom is ridiculously early and very and Changi Road may be found reflecting bases
lost plants. The surprising thing was the prone to frost damage. I think the best way to which the RAF had overseas for many years.
potatoes. Mine and other people's had been grow peaches, nectarines and apricots is buy the It has been a very interesting exercise to find out
earthed up a couple of times an despite careful latest dwarfing varieties that thrive in large pots about the origins of different road names in
watching the edges on some of the leaves got on the patio in full sun. They don't grow large Watton and to write these articles each month.
'nipped' with patches of black. They should be and can easily be protected against frost and the Thank you to the people who have helped out
OK as it wasn't the majority. So, everything is dreaded peach-leaf curl that will eventually kill with research and explanation on some
coming along nicely and with luck we will have the tree. occasions. These efforts are not exhaustive so if
finished with frost and hailstones for the Whilst waxing lyrical about all the lovely anyone has any further information about roads
summer. flowers, veg and fruit it's time to remember that not covered so far please get in touch with the
I had a quick look at what plants should be at all this lushness provides dinners for pests as Wayland News.
their best in July and found that most of the ones well as the gardeners. If you grow anything in There is a move afoot to publish a booklet
I have came along in May. The petunias that the lily family you will get lily beetle. These are containing the Streetwise information and the
were quietly getting hardened off before going very pretty and bright red. The best way to get recipes supplied by the Ladies Fellowship at the
into baskets were in full cry by mid-May and a rid of them is pick them off but they have a Methodist Church: this will be called ‘Streets
lavender is a picture at the same time. I just clever method of preservation. If you move the and Eats’ and will be published later this year.
hope they keep going a bit longer than they plant near a beetle it will drop to the ground and
turn over, becoming invisible. You are brighter
should. I need to be examining the garden more
closely as things are coming out overnight! than a beetle. You have a solution – surround Watton Society
So, do we do the work for June or skip it and the lily with an old white sheet or something Another extremely interesting evening
concentrate on July? Watering and dead- similar that will show up the little varmints enthralling all at the Watton Society in April.
heading are ongoing from earlier in spring when when they feel safe. They will, of course, have Fancy a change of career? How about writing a
it all kicked off. We can start propagating left behind the next generation and this is really book, becoming a publisher, or even a book
shrubs and roses by taking softwood cuttings. I unpleasant. They are covered in their own poo seller? This is what Joan Khurody did at the age
always think of this as a task for autumn but of and rather than leave them to become adults the of 83.
course we are looking at hardwood cuttings best way of getting rid of them is a strong jet The book was about her life in India when she
then. If your roses produce suckers pull them from the hosepipe. The one time I got hold of married. Her life there started in very primitive
out. It's best to do this rather than cutting them. one of these juveniles (by accident) I was surroundings. No hot water only a cold water
However I do believe that modern varieties are thankful to be wearing gloves. Roses will have tap, very basic, as she said 'No Bombay girl
far less prone to this problem. If your roses blackspot, powdery mildew and rust. Remove would have put up with it.'
have suckering habits it might be as well to the leaves affected by blackspot and keep the She also spent time in Iran, Lebanon, Indonesia
think of changing them unless they're family roses well-watered to avoid powdery mildew. and Yemen. After all this she then went on to
heirlooms that is. Received wisdom is you can't Most problems are caused by stress, especially write a novel, publish it and is now writing
plant roses where roses were before. Yes you if it's hot and dry. There are sprays but you need another book. So its never too late to try
can according to Peter Beales who invented a to keep at it every two weeks right through the something new. For the next two meetings the
neat way of doing so years ago and have summer. It's expensive as well as time- Society have outings. In June to Gooderstone
tremendous success. You need a large consuming. Modern roses have disease- Water Gardens with lunch at the Twenty Church
cardboard box and enough good soil and/or resistance bred in and can be left to cope apart Wardens, and July an evening outing to St.
compost to fill it. Bury the box in the space left from picking up the leaves that have blackspot. Mary's Church. Houghton on the Hill. A break
by the removed rose, fill with the soil mix (a bit If you have lots of problems with roses maybe for August and back to Watton Christian
of well-rotted in the bottom won't do any harm) it's time to re-think and replace. And finally, Community Centre in September.
and plant the new rose in the result. By the time ants. They will make hills all over the place and
the box rots away the rose will be well-
established and any disease that might have
whilst they don't destroy the plants their
diggings will undermine roots, causing collapse.
Griston Church
The little so-and-sos will fly away eventually
been left by the original plant will be gone.
Worth a try. but will leave a trail of damage behind. If they Book Sales
Climbing and rambling roses will need to be nest in pots the only solution is to tip the whole Our next Grand Second Hand Book Sale will be
trained – you may have already started but as thing out, remove the nest and re-plant. What held at Griston Church on Saturday 29th July,
these plants tend to be a bit vigorous you'll need you do with the nest is up to you. If they're on from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm. There will be a
to keep on top. Clematis, too, will need to be the lawn or paths drench them with the hose. HUGE selection of books for you to browse
trained and Montana varieties may need Don't waste boiling water as whilst this will including fiction, factual and a larger-than-usual
pruning. These are wonderful varieties if you work fine on paving it will kill grass so just use children’s section, all laid out in our lovely
need to cover a wall or fence or street but will the hose on full blast. church. This time we will also have Face-
need to be pruned when necessary. In theory The lawn will need cutting regularly but painting; a Children’s Lucky Dip with a
they don't need pruning at all but unless you whatever you do if it gets hot, don't water it guarantee of a prize every time; lots of pre-loved
have rolling acres and lots of fences they'll unless it's a new one. Grass will recover very toys, games, and puzzles for all ages and
gallop all over the place. The good thing is that quickly once it rains. This is Britain so it will abilities; and a diverse mixture of Jumblejars
they are very forgiving and will take a real good rain. with new things in. There will be refreshments
haircut every two or three years. Unfortunately Two last things – keep weeding and once you available including ploughman’s lunches, hot &
when pruned hard flowers will be lost the have finished for the day have a minute to enjoy cold drinks, and sweet & savoury snacks. All
following year so 'little and often' won't work. what you have created. Keep that last weed for diets can be catered for including vegetarian,
Tulips and hyacinths can be dug up for store tomorrow. gluten, and dairy free. We will have whole
once the foliage has died down. There is a catch cakes and savouries for you to take away too.
Entry is free, so you are warmly invited to come
in this. Once the foliage has died down where
are they? I know, the organised among us will
Streetwise along and see for yourself, to sit in the shade
have marked them and will be able to dig them Nearing the end of the road? with a cool drink and a good book, or with
up, store them so they can be found again in It seems that we may be running out of streets: friends for coffee and chat. All proceeds from
November and replanted. The rest of us will well not exactly streets but street and road these sales go towards heating for the church.
just have to leave them alone and hope they names which might need some explaining. Anyone with items to donate especially toys and
come up again. Quite a lot do, usually in a There plenty of streets left, but they are mostly games is asked to contact us and we can arrange
different place because they get shuffled about completely self-explanatory. The few remaining to collect, or a convenient time to drop off at
when tidying up, weeding or planting something which do not speak for themselves are so ours. Many thanks and we look forward to
else. It's always a nice surprise. obscure as to defy much by way of research, seeing you there. Keith and Caroline 880153.
Once the perennials have finished flowering The rural nature of Watton is reflected in whole
give them a bit of a tidy – nothing drastic just a areas being named after birds or trees: NWT Breckland
quick skim over with shears or secateurs so they ecclesiastical influences are at work on almost
don't look shabby. Sow some fast-growing all the roads on the Vicarage Walk estate whilst Local Group
annuals for autumn colour and plant out there are many references to Royalty in the area We were very lucky with the weather on 23rd
bedding, cannas and lilies that have been stored. known as Wick Farm. April and all enjoyed our walk around the
Put out hanging baskets if yours are still under Before Jubilee Road and Queensway came into BTO discovery trail guided by Chris Gregory.
cover. I don't have room for that and get round being there was an attempt to name Charles He told us about the history of the Nunnery
the problem by hardening off the tender plants Avenue specifically after Prince Charles but this lakes and how the BTO manage it for
then they go straight in the baskets and out. I try didn’t happen since permission had to be wildlife. It was a little early for wild flowers
to keep them in a sheltered area until they look obtained and none was forthcoming. but we did see Mossy Stonecrop which is
established, so avoiding embarrassing removals At the east end of town, on what is still referred quite rare, found in only a few places other
of ratty looking baskets a few days later. to as ‘the old RAF station’, all the roads are than the Brecks. This is a very pleasant walk
There's a whole list of vegetables that can be reminiscent of the time when Watton was an which you can share with your canine
sown this month. Remember to sow only those active and important base. The new companion.
vegetables you like to eat and then a few at a development The Signals is so called because This month we are Green Winged Orchid
time in succession for a few weeks. Peas are that was the site of Eastern Radar which charted hunting on New Buckenham Common and on
good for this, as are lettuce, radish and maybe aircraft activity over a vast swathe of eastern Saturday 10th June 8.30-10pm, we have an
beans. The real joy of vegetable growing in England and the North Sea. evening walk at East Wretham Reserve to find
June is the lifting of the first potatoes. There's Further along Norwich Road on what was once Nightjars. Numbers are limited but in case of
nothing like digging the first plants, cooking, the old Officers’ quarters roads such as Tedder cancellations please ring 01953 727227 to book.
covering in butter and enjoying. They go Close, Portal Avenue, Dowding Road and No dogs allowed on this one please.
The Wayland News June 2017 Page 5
St Mary’s
Pipe Organ
On the 22nd April 2017, St Mary’s
Church held a service for the
rededication of the pipe organ. After 2
1/2 years of fundraising through
summer concerts, auctions and recitals,
Lorraine Eldridge, organist at St
Mary’s, was able to raise an astonishing
£37,000 to go towards rebuilding of the
church’s organ. The church was packed
at the celebratory evensong, with the
Horatio Singers being accompanied by
the newly rebuilt organ. Prayers and
readings were undertaken by young
members of the St Mary’s choir, as well
as other members of the choir preparing
delicious food for the end of the service.
The evening was a moving and
memorable occasion for all, and special
thanks must go out to Lorraine Eldridge
for organising the event.
Abra Heritage - Music Scholar St
Mary's Church, Watton

Maynard who chose to
Great Hockham create a design that
reflected the history of
Gardening Club the garden. The garden
Holme Hale Hall and Garden still produces a range of
Suddenly, a wonderful early summer fruit and vegetables to
day graced the twenty-one members supply the kitchen.
who attended our first outside There is a cut flower
meeting of the current season. Our bed just outside the
destination was Holme Hale Hall walled garden. This is
and gardens near Swaffham where hidden as the harvesting
we were hosted by the owners, of blooms can leave a
Simon and Delia Broke. somewhat patchy
The central facade of the hall dates appearance.
from the Elizabethan period, but in Simon gave us a short
the early nineteenth century the then introduction and then
owner, Robert Farrand, added single left us to explore the
-bay extensions to each side of the various features on our
original house. Farrand had studied own. Some parts of the
architecture in Italy and had made garden were being
the additions to achieve the replanted during our
appearance of an Italianate villa. The visit so we were not
hall is a listed building, as are the seeing those at their best. But this in cakes and savoury options. The very classic cars from the Suffolk
dovecot and wrought-iron bridge, no way detracted from the grand cheerful ladies of the village served Vehicle Enthusiasts Club.
added at about the same period. The setting of the hall. The area us all in what was the old laundry. This is our main fundraising event
bridge gives access to an island in surrounding the house had been All proceeds were in aid of the the profits of which enable us to
the middle of an artificial lake. Also cleared, but many trees had been Holme Hale St. Andrew church. maintain our astonishingly low
added was the walled garden, planted to provide a backdrop and to The Horn Fair membership fees. New members
unusual by its proximity to the house give protection from the wind. Great On the last day of April the village are always welcome. For details
and by having its lower wall closest attention is taken with the siting of of Hockham held it’s annual Horn visit our website at: http://
to the house so as not to be hidden. trees and the retention of old and Fair. As usual we setup our www.greathockhamgardeningclub.
Against one of the walls is a new fallen trees to maximize the benefit contribution of plant stall, tea and
greenhouse containing a range of of wildlife. cakes and tombola. Among the Our next meeting is on
decorative plants. Nothing rounds off a visit to an many other attractions were many Wednesday 14th June to Stow
Simon and Delia began to restore the impressive garden than tea and stalls selling local crafts, a Hall Gardens, Stow Bardolph,
gardens in the 1990s and were cakes. On this occasion we were maypole, molly dancers, alpacas, a PE34 3HU. Leave Hockham
helped by the garden designer, Arne treated to a wide range of homemade burger stall and a gathering of village green at 13:00.
The Wayland News June 2017 Page 6
was Ruthie Smith who gave an hilarious
Taxi Driver Wanted Happy Birthdays for account of her career as a life model
working with students and the Norwich Art
Age 25+ full licence max 3points. 3 years driving. Inner Wheel School, Wensum Lodge and various other
DBS & Medical needed. Breckland taxi licence needed for early venues. A born raconteur, she had her
This month it has been celebrations all
start. Evening and weekend work on rota. Employed or self round for the members of the Inner Wheel audience helpless with laughter as she
employed with car or can rent. CV by Email to Club as two big birthdays have been described her experiences modelling nude marked. At the end of April the founder – complete with many of the inevitable
President, Dorothy Riley, reached a lumps, bumps and creases of the mature
milestone and celebrated her 90th birthday. lady – for groups of art students, often
The current President, Heather Hewson, virile young men! Ruth often donates her
accompanied by Beryl Brannan, visited speaker’s fees to research into breast
Dorothy at her home in Hingham and cancer because her modelling career came
presented her with flowers and greetings to a sudden end when she was diagnosed
from the Club. They then spent a happy with this terrible disease.
hour reminiscing about times past and Before the talk candles were lit for Inner
Dorothy was delighted to hear that Watton Wheel past, present and future and Andrew
Inner Wheel was still in good heart and Barwood, a past President of Rotary,
very active. brought greetings from Watton Rotary
(Pictured President Heather presents Club. The birthday cake was cut by
Founder President Dorothy Riley with Andrew and Heather and then a splendid the new programme comes into being there
flowers for her 90th birthday.) buffet supper – prepared by the IW ladies – is something else to enjoy – the now
More recently the Club itself marked its was enjoyed by all present. famous, wonderful, not-to-be-missed,
36th birthday with a supper party at In concluding the evening, the District Strawberry Tea. This will be held on June
Queens Hall. Members were joined by Chairman congratulated Watton Club on 20th from 2-4pm at 30, Thetford Road.
husbands and partners and friends from yet another successful event, and thanked Lots of good things to enjoy – stalls,
Clubs in Bungay, Ely, Dereham and everyone for attending. competitions, raffle and tombola plus, of
Thetford. The District Chairman, Jenny And….as always…… there’s more! The course, strawberries and cream and
Childerhouse also attended. The speaker IW year ends at the end of June but before delicious home-made cake. See you there!

Thank you from Shirley Watton Country Easter visitors flock
and H Brett and Son
Market to Wretham Village
Ne'er cast a clout till May is out, does The beautiful gardens at Wretham Lodge
anyone know the origin of the saying? and the warm welcome at St Ethelbert’s
not that you would want to discard Church proved an Easter magnet for
anything at the moment. We still have a garden enthusiasts over the holiday
lovely selection of knitted scarves, hats weekend. The weather and growing
and those much needed jumpers. conditions turned out to be absolutely right
The home grown seasonal produce is for the gardens surrounding the 1810 built
beginning to arrive and our cooks have former rectory, with tulips especially in
been busy making delicious Quiches, wonderful display.
Pies, Cakes, Pastries, Jams and Honey The gardens were open as usual as part of the
for your enjoyment National Gardens Scheme and drew visitors
Our great range of eggs are available all from a wide area. Over the two days, 480
the time and at the moment we also have people toured the gardens and the weekend
goose eggs as well. Handicrafts saw a total of £1920 in admissions and £13
including wooden clocks and greeting donations go to NGS charities.
cards are available every week At St Ethelbert, church members were kept
We have a new member selling plants busy over the two days welcoming people
including herbs and wooden plant crates. for refreshments and home-made cakes.
Watton Country Market. Every The influx on Easter Monday, when the
Wednesday 8.30 till 11.30 at Watton sun shone all day, meant emergency runs
On Wednesday 26th April a coffee morning Christian Community Centre, High had for fresh cakes - even paper plates and
was held at H Brett and Son Monumental Street, Watton. The tea and coffee napkins ran out as visitors arrived to relax
Masons, Watton, to raise money for a new served by the church volunteers in the and make us of a big used book sale.
treatment trolley for the uro-oncology ward at adjacent room is available from 9.30 At the end of two days, the church had
the Norfolk and Norwich University profited by £913.49, a record amount.
Hospital. As a thank you to the dedicated and Wretham Lodge owner Gordon Alexander
kind staff Shirley Blake asked if they needed The Gnomes of said they had been thrilled with the level of
anything and they said they would like a new
treatment trolley as their one was broken.
Ovington support and church warden Eileen
We still have a few gnomes at the village Kitson warmest thanks to Wretham
We were inundated with raffle prizes and Ravers and friends for wonderful floral
home-made cakes and thanks to the hall who are looking for artistically
inspired people to take them home and decorations in the church, everyone who
generosity of local people £800.00 was cooked and all those who turned out to
raised. create a ‘work of art’ for our ‘Go-Go-
Gnomes’ competition. This will take work over the two days.
Shirley would like to thank everyone, who
helped with and attended the coffee morning, place at the Wacky Scrappy Races day
from the bottom of her heart, she said “ The on 5 August, when the public will be
amount raised was beyond my expectations, I invited to vote for their favourite gnome.
am humbled by everyone’s generosity” The wackier the decoration, the better.
H Brett and Son Monumental mason in There will be cash prizes for the
Watton will be holding a coffee morning for winners, so put your creative hats on and
Bloodwise Charity later in the year, visit our join in the fun! Gnomes cost only £5
face book page to keep up to date with each and are available from the village
events: hall any Monday morning, or ring Ed on
01953 885848.
The Wayland News June 2017 Page 7
She did it! We are a small group of friendly business and
By Gill Smith professional people who meet weekly in the evening for
Am I mad or just plain crazy? Or did I a 2-course meal followed by a speaker or, once a month,
need a REAL challenge in my 60th to discuss our fundraising activities for the good causes we like to
year? support at local, national and international levels. If you would like
Having watched the London Marathon to know more about us and what we do, and about our worldwide
on the TV and known a few people organisation: Rotary International Simply visit our website:
who have completed it I have so often or contact us by email:
said the words “I would love to take
part but…” then all the usual excuses
would follow. So last year I applied
through my favourite charity, the East
Anglian Air Ambulance for one of their
Gold Bond places. I think when I sent
off my application I didn't expect to be
successful. Well guess what, last
October whilst laying on my sofa feeling
very poorly with the flu and far from
running a marathon, I received the call
telling me I had been successful.
It had been a long while since I have
done any proper exercise let alone run
since my foot operation just over 2
years ago. After the initial excitement I
came to the realisation - Oh dear I
really have to do this now.
So what, you may ask, had caused this
outbreak of madness /craziness or
wanting of a challenge before I turn the
big 60?
The answer I guess is to do something
of real importance in supporting
EAAA. I will be helping others whilst
having the challenge to get myself fit
and being able to say "I did it". East
Anglian Air Ambulance is such a vital,
life -saving charity committed to being
there for anyone at their time of need. was a real chore to make the effort but from friends, family and in some cases
The Challenge was completed on I always seemed to be able to dig deep people who are not known to me in the
Sunday 23rd April 2017 and I had the and find the energy. I guess that was form of sponsorship has been
most fantastic time of my life because of the wonderful support overwhelming and every donation
completing it. I had such tremendous which was given to me by my husband which got added will be used to its
support and encouragement along the Alan Smith – who on his bike had his fullest to better the service provided
way. It was tough at times and also challenge of staying upright whilst by this fantastic charity.
very emotional but the generous always staying just behind me whilst I Perhaps I am mad and a little bit crazy
support for this amazing charity kept was out training, John Ford the but I would like to think that if you are
me focused. I trained for completing it personal trainer, who always pushed reading this you might be inspired to
in 5 hours 30 minutes and completed it me just that little bit further and take up a challenge of your own. I
in 5 hours 29 minutes and 40. Sharon Gibbons – Sports massage and had a tremendous time completing
Amazingly, I didn’t suffer any blisters, Osteopath (otherwise known to me as mine. Thank you one and all for
sore feet or injury and I guess that was wonder woman). reading this and your wonderful
because I trained so well. At times it It also has to be said the other support support.

requested that we do some sewing, is a Dog Show and there will be stalls and
Happenings of The decorating biscuits and beading ( I think various attractions such as games, tractor
that is making bracelets and necklaces) displays, the fire engine will be there for
HAPPY Project and as usual anything else you fancy! the children to clamber on and guess
June promises to be a very busy month for On Sunday, 11th June 2017, in what……The HAPPY Project will have a
the HAPPY Project, let’s hope that the conjunction with The Wayland craft stall of things to make! The event is
weather is sunny and warm so that we Partnership Development Trust, we are being held to support local charities, such
enjoy the planned events without getting holding The Great Get Together, in as EACH, and Home Start as well as the
wet! memory of Jo Cox, the MP who was village.
The Games Group continues to meet in sadly murdered whilst out in her So, as you can see there is plenty to do. I
the Library on a Friday afternoon from constituency. This year it has been also have a new Grandchild expected in
1:30pm to 3:30pm. People dip in and out incorporated into The Big Lunch. Please June, I am on call to do Grandma Duties,
according to their commitments. They come and join us, we will be in Chaston do you think the baby will wait until July
may choose to challenge someone to a Place, Watton, from 12 noon to 2pm when it might be a little bit quieter?
game of Chess or a group may play everyone is welcome. All we ask is that If you have any queries or questions about
Scrabble or some other word game, drop you bring a plate of food to share. We any of the events mentioned above do give
by and see what is happening, you will be will provide drinks. The Italian Job have me a ring on 01953 880235 or 07856
very welcome. very kindly agreed to open for us so that 876920
The Social Group also known as WASPS we are able to have liquid refreshments.
are planning events, Lyn advertises on the (Non-Alcoholic)! We will have shelter
web. The next club night will be on in the form of a Marquee so we will be
Monday 12th June 2017 from 7:30pm at protected from the weather.
The Hare and Barrel. Ashill School Afternoon Fete takes place
The Family Art and Craft Group is such on Saturday 17th June 2017 from 2:00pm,
fun, the children have a whale of a time. the HAPPY Project will be attending with
Last month we made Glitter Playdough, it a craft table of fun things to make, do
was hard work but very well worth the come and see us.
effort. Amongst the other activities that The HAPPY Project is supporting Griston
were enjoyed was the junk modelling, Babes in the Wood Festival which takes
thanks to all those people who have been place the weekend of 24th and 25th June
saving us their empty boxes, it is 2017 in the village. You should soon see
fascinating to see what the children make. lots of posters around advertising the
We also decorated masks, the more glitter events.
and shiny bits that can be fitted on to the On Saturday, there is a Car Boot Sale
mask the better it is! starting at 1:00pm which is followed by a
The next Family Art and Craft Group will BBQ and live music at the Waggon and
take place on Saturday 10th June 2017 Horses. There will also be a competition
from 10:00am to 12:00 noon, at Ashill to find the Babes around the village.
Community Centre, The children have On Sunday on the recreation ground there
The Wayland News June 2017 Page 8

Watton Rotary forward to entertaining some of the
winners at a meeting in June, we will
report upon this next month.
Roundup It was good to see the Men’s Shed
At our last meeting in April we had declared officially open by the Mayor
the pleasure of the company of 3 of Watton, Mrs Beryl Bunning, in
students from the Wayland Academy May. Our members have been
who had participated in our Young amongst the many offering hands-on
Chefs’ Competition and been help and advice during the formative
adjudged the winners. The winner months: our President, David
was Kimberley Townsend (picture - Branson, with a number of members
front left) and the runners up were were at the very-well attended
Josh Peters and Lara Linge. They opening.
received certificates and cash prizes. June is the last month of the
The picture also shows our International Rotary Year, and at our
coordinator, Michael Haythorpe and last meeting of June, president David
Wayland Academy teacher, Mrs Branson will be handing over to
Mandy Beckwith. The results of 3 Martin Parker, who is taking on the
other competitions we sponsor in the reins for the second time having been
Academy. Maths, Poetry, and Design, club president for the first time in the
will be known soon and we look year 1988/9.

Wayland Mens Shed Grand Opening

Wayland Mens Shed Chairman, Richard Adams, and Mayor Beryl Bunning cut the cake to mark the opening of the Shed
The Wayland Men’s Shed has been Development Trust, the Happy Project, pool, cribbage, chess, backgammon,
establishing itself over the last few U3A and Wayland News. dominoes and draughts. A number of
months into the Old School House in Shed members all supplied items of food members have been going out and about
Church Walk, Watton. to create a marvellous spread which was to take photographs and enjoy a good
They held an official Grand Opening on complemented by a special cake walk ending up at a suitable hostelry for
Saturday morning with the Mayor, sponsored by Breckland Funeral Service refreshments.
Councillor Beryl Bunning doing the and provided by B’s Bakes of Watton. There is a computer repair section and a
honours. Over 40 members and their The morning was a great success with workshop where members can involve
partners in attendance together with everyone enjoying the tremendous themselves and learn new skills.
representatives from Watton Town atmosphere of the occasion. Chairman, Richard Adams said that the
Council, the Rotary Club, St. Mary’s The growing membership is enjoying all day had been a great success and a good
Church, Wayland Partnership of the facilities available which include, benchmark for the Shed to grow.

volunteer and who have helped to make it Michael Fassbender and Rachel Weisz star
Watton Community such a great experience. in this tale of a lighthouse keeper and his
Special thanks to Tracy Newell from the wife living off the coast of Australia who
Cinema 2nd Chances shop on the high street, who raise a baby they rescue from a drifting
On behalf of all at the Watton Community lets us borrow props and who helps to set rowing boat.
Cinema we must give a big thank you to all up the cinema every time we screen a film. And on Saturday 22nd July, 6.15pm Cafe
our friends in the community for your Other special thanks go to Weatherill Open, 7.15 film screening of the BAFTA
support. We are approaching the end of our Brothers Marquees who have kindly lent us award winning, Lion, (PG). Based on the
pilot season of film, and the feedback has acres of material (free) to screen off true story of a 5 yr old boy who falls asleep
been amazing. Thank you to all those who sensitive areas in the church. And a special on a train and gets lost on the streets of
have exercised patience as we have sorted thank you to all the volunteers who serve in Calcutta. He survives many challenges and
out occasional teething issues with sound the cafe and box office and move the is adopted by a couple in Australia . 25
and setting up. It has been a new furniture around. We would like more years later he sets out to find his lost
experience for us all at St Marys as we try volunteers from the community to help out family. (Based on a true story)
and transform a 1000 year old plus building in various ways, looking after the We hope to resume other screenings in the
into a modern social cinematic experience! technology, helping out in the cafe, and afternoon and evenings in the autumn, and
The most profound and encouraging and welcoming guests, if this is for you we look forward to seeing you in June. Tickets
unexpected feedback for us have been from would love to hear from you. In the will be available from The Village Florist
those who have enjoyed being able to get meantime our generous thanks go to the on the High Street Watton from 1st June
out into a non-threatening social community of Watton, so glad to be a part for the June screening and are available at
environment locally, where they can mix of creating something so special in the the box office in the evening of the
with others and make new friends in the community. screening. Early booking to avoid
cinema cafe and then enjoy a good film Our next film will be on Saturday 24th disappointment! We look forward to
afterwards. This has been amazing to be a June, The light Between Oceans (12a) seeing you at the movies! (Revd Deborah
part of. We are grateful to all those who 6.15pm Cafe Open, film starts 7.15pm. - Hamilton-Grey, )
The Wayland News June 2017 Page 9
helicopter large enough, she decided to move the
Mens Shed News Wayland Women house herself. Miss Savage took the house apart
Grand Opening: See separate report re opening piece by piece numbering all the beams. There
please, but a big thankyou to all those who in Business were no nails as the house was built using
worked hard to make this event a success and of Wayland Women in Business is a networking wooden pegs. 3 men and a lorry took the house –
course all who attended. group for ladies from all walks of life, whether 1100 beams - which she laid out on the land she
Members social evening: Several members running their own businesses, employed, seeking bought in Wells. She lived in a caravan on the
attended a cheese and wine evening on 31st to find employment or retired. Our aim is to land whilst rebuilding the house on her own,
March where there was much chat and partaking promote the importance of networking and occasionally asking local fishermen to help lift a
of wine, cheese and French bread and crackers. making contacts in a friendly and relaxed very heavy beam. When she died aged 80 she had
All agreed it was a very pleasant evening and atmosphere. There is no membership fee. We been rebuilding the house for 23 years and it still
hopefully something we can repeat in the future. hold quarterly meetings with a guest speaker and wasn’t finished. Miss Savage kept detailed diaries
Photography Group: The last outing of the group a hot lunch and it has become a great social throughout her life – over 500 in all. Antiques
was to Thompson on 20th April where we got event. Roadshow have visited the house and there is going
some good snaps around the lake and enjoyed a Spring Lunch. For our Spring lunch, not only did to be a film made about her story. Christine Adams
lovely walk through the surrounding countryside. we welcome the sunshine, but Lois Gill, the now lives in the house and is still working on it. It
We ended up at the Chequers for a light lunch creative director of Blossom and Yarn. was a memorable talk with many photos telling a
and some great ale. The next trip will be to What started with an idea for a flower festival, story about a remarkable woman.
Thetford Priory on 25th May. For further details was grown after seeing a knitted Christmas tree The speaker for June will be Martin Kaye with a
keep your eyes on the notice board at the shed. at another event. The idea of Blossom and Yarn talk about the latest improvements and
Other group activities: Cribbage players are was created so knitters of the village of Caston achievements of East Anglian Air Ambulance.
really getting together with plenty of games and surrounding areas could also be creative and The No1 pub lunch group will be going to The
being played. There are sheets hanging up on the involved alongside the flower arrangers. Soon Windmill in Necton on Thursday 8 June and No
noticeboard to record games played in a friendly knitters from far and wide were creating 4” 2 pub lunch group will be going to The Swan at
competition. Once each player has played against knitted squared which were turned into an array Hillsborough on Tuesday 27 June.
each member on the list there will be an overall of food, wedding guests, Christmas decorations Please contact our Membership Secretary, Anita
winner. Please see noticeboard for rules and and nativity scene as well as remembrance Taylor on 01953 881110 if you would like to
process. Dominoes has been put forward as a poppies and local personalities from the churches become a member of the Watton U3A, or would
possible for a competition so please put your who join together each week for worship in like further details.
name down on the relevant sheet on the notice Wayland. Also created was the Bishop of For further details on the National U3A, go to
board. Other games available to play are: - Norwich!
Chess, Backgammon, pool, draughts and shortly The event, first held two years ago, pulled
Darts. Fly Fishing - Anyone interested? We will together the local community and resulted in an
be going to Billingford Lake in the near future so amazing £36,000.00 profit to be shared amongst Watton Evening WI
get your name on the list! the 6 churches. I wonder if you were lucky enough to have found
Ten Pin Bowling - As there are now a few names The Second Blossom and Yarn is taking place 7- a single flower or a small bouquet of flowers
on the list we will be organising a trip to 10 July and will again see local visitor as well as from the WI. For many years the National
Dereham in the near future. Last chance to put drawing people in from further afield to admire Flower Arrangers Society have made small
your name on the list for a good afternoon out this year’s theme. As well as lots of knitting and bunches of flowers and left them for others to
and have some fun. sponsorship requests, this has involved much pick up and enjoy. This year the Norfolk WI
Computer Department: Jeffery Heath, John research of different species to create beautiful Federation were asked to join them and take part
Bunning and the Computer team are busy animals and birds. and many of our members did just that and
checking & where possible repairing PC Whilst Lois was enlightening us as to how the attached small cards to the bouquets. A small
Desktops, which have been kindly donated, for articles are created, some of the WWIB ladies delightful surprise is always welcome.
resell to anyone needing a system to learn on for also took a turn to knit a couple of rows to It was wonderful to welcome guests this month
a small contribution to Men's Shed funds. The become one of the owls Lois is currently working to our meeting and although this was our
team are very willing to help members, where on! Resolution meeting where we, along with all WIs
possible, with their PC issues. It is hoped to have Diary Dates across the country, vote on whether to agree and
a PC system available in the Men's Shed shortly Summer Lunch - Thursday 22 June. Kate submit the resolutions to this year’s Annual
to learn on. Barmby is our guest speaker. Norfolk nurse, Meeting it was still a great time. The subjects
Men's Shed Website: A MS Website is currently farmer’s daughter, wife and mother will be this year are, Alleviating Loneliness and the
being developed by John Chamberlin. This will joining us to talk about her interests, community other, Plastic Soup. I realize this is a most
contain details of in house Shed groups, volunteering and her love of baking. intriguing resolution, but it alludes to the micro-
upcoming events, photo gallery etc. Once up & Artichoke Fashion Show – Wednesday 22 plastic fibres which are found in our oceans. The
running details will be submitted to members and September (evening) Tickets for our fundraising fibres come from our clothes every time we wash
included on promotional material. event, raises funds for the Wayland Dementia them and it is amazing that 140,000 polyester-
Fund Raising: We are proposing to hold a quiz Café, will go on sale in June. In the meantime, if cotton fibres and up to 730,000 fibres from
night later in May in order to raise funds. Please you would like to model the beautiful clothes on acrylic fabrics are shed per washing machine
put your name on the list on the notice board if the evening, or donate a raffle prize, please get in load. Both Resolutions proposed were agreed
this interest you and further details will follow if touch. For more information or to book, see and a member of the Caston WI will be taking
there is a good enough response. our recommendations to vote for these
Forward Diary Dates: Wayland Men's Shed suggestions. Hopefully, as in the past with WI
AGM Thursday 1st June @ 19:00. An agenda Resolutions, the Government may be encouraged
will be circulated on 25th May. All members are Watton U3A to look seriously at both these issues. It wasn’t
encouraged to attend This is every member's Last month Christine Adams told us about her all serious at this month’s meeting, much
opportunity to participate and get involved in the Auntie May, (by marriage) Miss Savage, who laughter and enjoyment was had in designing and
running of the Wayland Men's Shed. moved her house piece by piece from Ware in decorating stones with beautiful paints. Some of
Hertfordshire to Wells next the Sea in Norfolk. us got more paint on ourselves than on the
Miss Savage was a hoarder who kept all receipts stones but it was all great fun.
Diabetes UK and numerous pieces of paper filed in copies of This month we entered an exhibit entitled
At our May meeting we welcomed PCSO Tonya Radio Times. She was an independent person ‘Animals that inspired Beatrix Potter’ in the
Winsley to our group. She has been working in who rode a bicycle in 1939 up through Holland Norfolk Federation Centenary Salver craft
Watton for about 9 1/2 years, although her beat to find her grandfather’s island after finding out competition. Unfortunately, we didn’t win but
also covers the villages around as well as about her ancestors whilst researching her family we have our fingers crossed that we can match
Dereham and Scarning. Watton still has a police genealogy. Following this she sent food parcels our First place at the Royal Norfolk Show again
station, but it is not open to the public any more. and clothing to Holland as part of her war effort. this year. Ladies are working tirelessly on our
Among her duties, she attends the local Safer She decided to become an engineer and became exhibit at the moment and it will be judged by
Neighbourhood Action Panel (SNAP) meetings, the first female draughtswoman at De Havilland the public as in past years so we hope you will
which are held every two months at the Fire where she worked. Also in the war she joined St. visit the marquee and vote for us in June.
Station. Tonya also talked how varied her work John’s Ambulance and became an ARP too. As usual many of the members met throughout
was, the type of situations and issues she deals Throughout the war she lived on a river bus the month – some attending lunch at Richmond
with and how her role as a PCSO compares to the riding a motor bike called Norman, to work. Golf Course, others walking the Pingo Trail and
role of a PC. Her work is varied and interesting Later she bought a house in Ware which was half the usual Craft Group. Some members attended
and there is always something different for house and half bakery, a medieval hall. In the the Burwell & Carleton Rode WI Craft Day
Tonya and her colleagues to do. 1960’s the council made compulsory purchase where five crafts were on offer to try. All in all
Our meeting next month will be on Monday 12th order to demolish her house to make way for a another great month of activities. If you should
June, 10.15am. Our speaker will be Martin Kaye roundabout in the road outside. She decided to wish to join us please come along as a guess
from the East Anglian Air Ambulance. We meet fight this as she had lived there since the war. (guess fee £3.50) to the WCCC but PLEASE
at the Pentecostal Church, Watton and our She joined an historical society to enlist their NOTE it will be held on 1st June and not the 8th
sincere thanks go to them for the generous use of help after finding her house on a map dated 1450. as usual due to the General Election being called
their faciliites. For any information about any of After writing to the RAF requesting their help in and the hall being used for voting. Alternatively
our meetings please phone 01953 884713, leave lifting the house by helicopter to move it to Well if you would like to find out more please contact
a message and I will get back to you. next the Sea which they declined not having a our President Anita Maslin on 01953 882151.
The Wayland News June 2017 Page 10
Watton Churches Together Thought for the month glasses on. You should be wearing
sunglasses. This is summer, and it’s
was very good at flower-arranging, and
could see what shape and way she wanted
St. Mary’s Church, Watton By Rev. Eleanor Reddington, Watton Norfolk so you should enjoy the sun while to arrange them to bring out the best in Follow us @StMarysWatton Methodist Church we’ve got it.” them. Her skill certainly didn’t rub off on
Open for Visitors Wednesday 10.30-3.00pm One of the joys of being a minister is that I We laughed about the comment, but the me – it’s a case of stick the flowers in a
Thursday 10-12.30pm. spend quite a bit of time in the car person was right – we need to enjoy each vase and let them arrange themselves!
Rev’d Deborah Hamilton-Grey is available for any Church travelling around. Some of you may not moment. How often do we stop to enjoy We are very fortunate to live in a
enquiries on 01953 529138 or 07896658373 think driving is a joy, but it’s been the beauty all around us? So often, we’re wonderful county. Yes, we grumble about
1st, 3rd & 4th Wednesday at 9.30am Holy Communion 2nd fantastic over the last month or so seeing so busy dashing around that we don’t take the weather at times, but there is so much
Wednesday Morning Worship all the signs of spring bursting forth. any notice of what’s going on around us – here for us to enjoy. Take time this week to
Thursdays 5pm - 5.30pm; Saturdays 9.30am - 10am Parish Ditches are suddenly lined with primroses, or maybe we just give the beauty a cursory stop and look at something – a flower, the
Prayers; 5pm - 6pm Pray & Praise bluebells are appearing in woods, and glance as we look out of the window, sea, the sky or perhaps the birds in your
Church Office opens Tues, Wed & Thurs 9am-1pm leaves are appearing in all sorts of shades perhaps to see what the weather’s doing. garden. Listen to the song of the birds
Tel: 01953 881252 email: of green. Each time I travel down a road, Every Sunday in Church I stand and look outside, and let yourself enjoy the moment.
Sun 4th 8.00am Holy Communion there’s something new to see and enjoy. at the flowers on the communion table, or Maybe, like me, you’ll also give thanks to
10.00am Holy Communion This last day or two we’ve had some nice on a flower stand, and am amazed both at the God who created the beauty and gave
Sun 11th 8.00am Holy Communion warm sunshine again and someone the beauty of the flowers and the skill of us the ability to appreciate his wonderful
10.00am Informal Holy Communion commented to me “You’ve got the wrong those who arranged them. My stepmother world. Eleanor
Sun 18th 8.00am Holy Communion
10.00am Holy Communion he sed if thar were a histry questshun he weren’t tha oonly thing thar hed plenty of.
2.30pm Café Stop at Blenheim Centre Tha Ovington wud know it cos heeze lived threw moost
of tha countries histry. Corse he wos
Horry an me hent hed enny o thar pub grub
yit, but seems like thas time we give it a
Sun 25th 8.00am Holy Communion
10.00am 4th Sunday at 10 Crower unlucky cos he’d missed tha battle of
Hastings an tha dust up atween England an
goo, arta pay day I rekkun.
I hear tha ole Chuch is shuttin up shop
Watton Methodist Church Well thas thet time o tha munth agin so I tha ole boys acrorst the channel. He sed sune cos of orl tha repair wuk thas bein thort I orta give yew an updeart on Willage thet dint signify corse he wos on a tearble dun, shud kip tha ole rearn drops from
Every Wednesday the Church is open for quiet reflection and gooins on. wi people who hed bort along plenty of fallin on our hids I spect. I spuse thar
prayer between 10.15am & 11.30am. It’s your quiet place. At How did yew git on wi vootin fer yore new beer an tha grub wos orlrite. sarvices will be took in tha Willage Horl,
10.30am there is a half-hour Midweek Service in the Large cownciller, did yore man or mawtha git in? Thas gitten seerus abowt hevvin no rearn cos tha Vicka doon’t want orl har
Vestry led by the Minister or a Church Member. Me an tha missus hossed along tew tha leartly, tha ole surar beet are lookin orl congrearshun gooin tew tha devil dew she?
Sun 4th 10.30am Mrs S Mann willage horl an joined tha long line o wilty afore thar big enuff tew run a hoss We hent sin much o tha ole Parish Chair
6.30pm Rev J Pathmarajah peepal weartin tew vote, cor thar wos hoe threw them, tha ole weatha gel kip mawtha leartly, sumwun say she hev got a
Sun 11th 10.30am Rev J Thomson suffin busy. Our man come third, so we sayin thet were gooin tew hev heavy rearn job. Probly at tha prison, shee’d meark a
6.30pm Mr A Warby orta give him a bronze medal, I shell hatta showers, but hent sin nuthin yit. Even tha gud warda. Thas anutha reason tew kip
Sun 18th 10.30am Miss J Wood arsk tha Parish Cowncil fer sum munny ole weeds hent growed much leartly, an owta jail a far as I’m consarned, cor blarst
6.30pm Rev A King towards it. Corse now were got anutha thet meark a change. Mind yew, I spect I bet sheed give yew sum teddy if yew
Sun 25th 10.30am Mr D Yarham lecshun comin up nex munth, I bet we thet wunce thet start thet ont know when upset har. Be on bred an worta fer life.
6.30pm Mrs E Warby shell have tha candydearts orl givin us tew leave orf, an we shell be up tew our My ole Aunt Molly she say “We are orl
Roman Catholic Community promises fer a better life if we vote fer hocks in wet mowld. sent here tew help othas” Uncle Garge he
Each Sat 5.30pm Mass at Watton Methodist Church them, har, thet’ll be tha day when orl, or Orl tha yung (an old) mawthas from tha say “Well, wot are tha othas sent here for
St. Nicholas’ Church, Ashill even sum onnem, promises cum trew. Willage went down tha pub cuppla weeks then?”
Tuesdays at 10.00am Holy Communion Tha Willage Horl gang put on a quiz an agoo and hed a reel gud blow owt, orl Well teark care o yoreselves and dunt yew
Sun 4th 10.00am Lay Led Worship & Sunday Funday suppa evenin larst week. Horry cum rownd onnem cum hoom a singin an dancing up fergit - - - Dew yew kip a troshin.
for school age children an sed he wos agooin tew hev a goo, cos tha rud, so thet seemed like tha grub Boy Sid
Sun 11th 9.30am Family Holy Communion
Sun 18th 9.30am Morning Worship 3oz. Sugar, light and fluffy beat in the egg and the
Sun 25th 9.30am Holy Communion Recipe of the 3oz. SR flour, lemon zest.
1 large egg, Fold in flour and add a little milk, just
St. George’s Church, Saham Toney Month - Lemon Grated zest from one lemon, enough to give the mixture a dropping
Sun 4th 11.00am Lay Led Worship A little milk. consistency.
Sun 11th
Sun 18th
11.00am Family Holy Communion
11.00am All Age Worship
Sauce Pudding Ingredients Sauce: Put into a greased pie dish.
Enthusiastic baker, Sonya Thompson 1 tablespoon cornflour, 1 tablespoon sugar, Sauce:
Sun 25th 11.00am Holy Communion found this recipe in her Mother’s book 1oz butter, ½ pint lemon juice and water. Mix cornflour and sugar with the lemon
S.S. Peter & Paul’s Church, Carbrooke which she started to write in 1966. Method juice and water, bring to the boil with 1oz
Sun 4th 10.30am Family Holy Communion Ingredients: Sponge, Sponge: butter. Pour over pudding and bake for 35-
Sun 11th 10.30am All Age Worship 3oz. Margarine, Cream together margarine and sugar until 40 minutes at gas mark 5, 190 degrees C
Sun 18th 10,.30am Holy Communion
Sun 25th 10.30am Lay Led Worship
St John the Evangelist Church, Ovington
Sun 4th 9.30am Holy Communion
Sun 18th 10.30am All Age Worship
Sun 25th 5.00pm Hymns for a Summer Evening

All Saints Church, Threxton
Our next service is on Sunday 4th June
at 10.30 a.m. A warm welcome to all.

NWT Breckland Local Group
We will be at Weeting Fair on 28th May
July’s walk will be at Lynford Arboretum guided by Paul
Newport on 23rd. details to follow.
For more details on NWT Breckland please email
Ashill by the Sea
is the theme for this year’s Fete
To be held Sunday 23rd July 12Noon to 4.30pm.
Dance Away at The Lots of games & stalls, Vintage Vehicles, BBQ, Bar,
Ice Cream, Tombola, Plants and Cakes for sale,
Queens Hall Raffle, Bouncy Castle, Donkey Rides and
home-made refreshments.
Ballroom, Latin and Proceeds to Ashill Community Centre

Sequence Dancing The Watton Society
8pm - 11pm Admission £4 21st June Lunch at the Twenty Churchwardens
Dances June 3rd, July 1st, August 5th followed by a visit to Gooderstone Water Gardens
More information John & Judy Kerr 01953 882613
The Wayland News June 2017 Page 11

Watton Air Cadets Watton Kuk
On the ground and in Sool Won
the air again! Success
The last month has been a busy month for 864
Watton Sqn. On Sunday 10th April Flt Lt Miller Callum Gough (pictured below) from
Officer Commanding went to RAF Marham for the Watton Kuk Sool Martial Arts was very
Commanding Officers Conference. This conference successful at a recent Local inter-club
is held on an annual basis where staff from around competition in Norwich, beating all
the Norfolk and Suffolk Wing come together and comers in his Brown Belt category,
receive updates on matters of the moment and other gaining three first places to win the
important changes to the ATC. Part of the day also Grandchampion Trophy at his level.
consists of awards for the various competitions that Several clubs from the area took part and
happen throughout the year. This year 864 Watton the competition was stiff but Callum has
Sqn won the Wing modelling competition worked hard leading up to it.
signalling that 864 Watton Sqn has the best Areo Master Thomas who runs the classes
modellers in the Wing. with his Father Master Andy were
April has also seen 8 cadets attend Wing Field pleased with his performance, and hope
weekend at West Tofts camp near Thetford. They that he can do as well on June 3rd at the
were joined by over 200 cadets from all over UEA this year in the European
Norfolk and Suffolk Wing and took part in a range Tournament.
of activities from raft building, archery, clay target Kuk Sool Won is an activity that all the
shooting and fieldcraft. The weekend is a family can participate in and enjoy for
competition and each event that the cadets took part years of good health and fitness while
are scored. The Sqn is awaiting its final placing but learning self defense. Anybody who
early indications show that it has beaten its position would like to come and train with us
from last year meaning the Sqn is in the top 10 of please visit our website at
they arrived it was all good news, the weather was
the Wing. for
good and the cadets would be flying. The cadets
Finally on the 6th May three lucky cadets were class times and locations.
were shown how to fly the aircraft before taking
given an opportunity to go Air Experience Flying at Call or text Andy on 07775890359.
control and being allowed to fly the aircraft
RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire. This was the first themselves and if they wanted to thy could also
time that the cadets have been able to go flying in a have a go at some aerobatics. FS Cox (above)
while now due to location moves or poor weather commented on the day saying “flying was
preventing the cadets from going flying. The cadets exhilarating and so much fun, I can’t wait to get
travelled to RAF Cranwell for midday and when back into the air again”.

only for the Diss boys to take 5 ends including a 4 and a
Watton (Loch 6. The final result 15-25 to Diss.
In the EBA league Watton started their campaign at home
Neaton) Bowls Club to Dereham, with Kevin their new appointed captain.
This seasons competitive matches started with club Although the usual 21 ends were completed it became
vice captain Kevin Wilson playing at home in the farcical when the last few ends were played in the dark.
county 4 wood singles against B Goff of Dereham Keith Bennett, Brian Ledbetter, David Violet and Kevin
St Nicholas. The visitor made the perfect start by Wilson lost by 12-15. John Seage, Charles Newman,
leading 13-0 and despite Kevin coming into the Malcolm Hamilton and John Hunter by dropping 7 shots
game the final result was a convincing 21-10 win on the first end never recovered and went down 15-23.
for Goff. In the county pairs Richard Exley and Len Green, Jim Adams, Philip Lapworth, playing his first
Malcolm Hamilton were at home against the match for the club, and Graham Vellam lost by one shot
Fletcher brothers from Dereham. From an even 12- having conceded 9 shots on the final 3 ends. A
12 after 14 ends Dereham led by 12-20, only for disappointing 0-5 result 16-58 on shots.The away match
Watton to get to 17-21 with one end to play. With a at Shipdham was a repeat with all three rinks losing.
grandstand finish the Watton pair scored a superb 5 Andy Sindle and Richard Relf replaced Kevin and Brian.
for a 22-21 win. Unfortunately for Peter Myhill and Result 0-5 and 45-86 shots.
Graham Vellam they lost at home 7-26 to Gary The ACL team playing away to Gissing lost 0-6 and 18-
Goodrum of Wymondham, last year’s winner of the 36 on the shots. Brian Cubby with Sandy and Graham
title. John Hunter and Kevin Wilson were drawn Vellam lost 8-22, whilst Carol Relf, Jim Adams and
away to Gary Oakley and Chris Gaul at Kevin Simpson lost 10-14.
Wymondham. A brisk 7-0 start turned into a10-16 Forthcoming home matches in June: 1st Scole ACL - 4th
deficit after 16 ends. They then drew level at 16-16 Club Fours Competition – 6th Connaught Ash ADL – 7th
and finished in fine style with a 22-17 win. Mundford EBA – 11th Coral Cup with Bradenham,
In the county fours, Exley, Hunter, Hamilton and Wilson Connaught, Harling, Hingham, Shropham and Watton –
were drawn away to M Howard at Diss District B C. 14th Northwold EBA – 20th Diss Causeway ACL – 24th
Despite being 0-6 down Watton went into a 12-9 led, Club Triples Competition – 28th Shipdham EBA
The Wayland News June 2017 Page 12

Blossom and Yarn
spectacular knitting and
flower festival returns
Following the huge success of the 2015
Blossom and Yarn event in six medieval
churches in rural Norfolk, the 2017 event
promises to be even more exciting.
Held over 4 days from Friday 7th July, each of
the 6 churches in the Wayland parish group
will be adorned with knitted displays
complimented with flowers and foliage.
Artistic Director, Lois Gill, a celebrated
craftswomen and RHS Chelsea Flower show, 3
times medallist is leading a team of
enthusiastic knitters, gardeners and florists to
create a festival around the theme of Creation.
Each church will have a different theme from
an undersea world to the Garden of Eden.
Work is already well underway, Percy the
Peacock and assorted parrots and monkeys
have already been created from recycled
knitted squares from the previous festival and
new patterns that Lois and her team have
Once again the aim of the festival is to bring
the 6 parishes together and create a sense of
community whilst having fun, and the funds
raised will help ensure that the ancient historic
churches remain at the heart of the life and
landscape of these six rural Norfolk villages.
Early bird tickets are now available. Book
your multi-venue, any day passport ticket now
and save 25%. Early bird price £6. £8 on the
door, under 16’s go free.

Are you feeling We are all different that's what makes life
interesting. So just because someone says
What’s on
at St Mary’s Church,
bullied? something you don't like, that doesn't
mean it's true! This saying is so good Watton
Do we all take things too heart? Can we because it is encouraging people to Open Church The Church will be open
reprogram our minds to be different? consider the other person's opinion or Wed 10.30-3.00pm & Thurs 10-12.30pm.
It does get easier to do the more life advice or observation, or intention, or You are welcome to come into church to
experiences you have. It doesn't mean state of mind, they are entitled to their enjoy the peace and tranquillity, say a
you dont "feel". It means you don't own thoughts just as much as you are, so prayer & light a candle, or just to look
automatically assume that everything that if you want to be heard, you must also round. Church members will welcome
happens to you or everything that learn to listen. We must all grow up and you and serve refreshments.
someone says to you is about you. accept that life is not perfect and that The May Winner of the 100 Club Draw
Sometimes what is said to you is about despite our wishes, there will be sadness, was No 97 Steve Bibby
what the other person is going through and evil and inconsiderate words. If we Thurs 1st June 10-12noon Thursday
and not them making a point about your hear something we don't like, instead of Chat a social coffee morning at St Mary's,
life but you take it personally. Sometimes reacting, think about the person saying it: Watton. Continuing on 1st Thursday of
things that happen to you, just happen are they trying to help me? Hurt me each month. All are welcome.
and it's not necessarily the world out to intentionally? Are they cynical to Sat 3rd June 7.00pm Jill & Vernon Conie
get you, although sometimes it can feel everyone? Depressed? Do I respect them will be running A Quiz at St Mary’s
that way. We can feel hurt and feel in general? Are they the kind of person Church (10 rounds of 10 questions) and a
attacked initially when someone says that is always looking for a negative raffle. Tables of 4 - £10, bring your own
something to us that we don't like, but reaction? Etc. Thinking like this will drinks and nibbles. To book a table please
then if we take a step back and ask open your mind and make it easier to try contact the Parish Office 01953 881252
ourselves, is this about me or is this and understand people in general. You Mondays 5th, 12th , 19th, 26th June 9.30
about something the other person is will feel less pain and won't take it so -10.30am Story Bags at St Mary’s
going through? That can help. Sometimes personal. Having emotions make people Church for parents and preschool children.
we need to tell the person that what they human. Learning the difference between This is held weekly on Mondays, only
said hurt our feelings. You might be reactions and taking action is a behaviour during term time.
surprised when they respond with,"Oh that is learned and developed over time. Sun 18th June 2.30pm-4.00pm Café Stop
no, I didn't mean you, I was thinking Life is a series of lessons good and bad. at The Blenheim Centre, Tedder Close,
about someone else." You can train Never let anyone or anything break your Watton. Crafts for all the family, free
yourself to not take everything spirit. You are a shining star! Keep refreshments.
personally, so it has nothing to do with shining! Smile and hold your head up Wed 28th June 3.30-4.45pm Stop Gap
your left or right brain. You are in high! People are just like you, or me! after school club at The Blenheim Centre,
control of your reactions! I know from K. Glover Tedder Close, Watton
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