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Draft Resolution 1.


Special Ambassdor's Meet

Sponsors: Head of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, United States of
Signatories: United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Island, Germany, Russian
Federation, Pakistan, Jordan, Denmark, Nepal, Turkey, Kuwait, India

Agenda: The issue of Mass displacement: Planning the way ahead

Special Ambassdors Meet,
Considering that the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of
Human Rights approved on 10 December 1948 by the General Assembly of the
United Nations have affirmed the principle that humanbeings shall enjoy fundamental
rights and freedoms without discrimination,

Considering that the United Nations has, on various occasions, manifested its
profound concern for stateless persons and endeavoured to assure stateless persons
the widest possible exercise of these fundamental rights and freedoms,

Considering that only those stateless persons who are also refugees are covered by
the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees of 28 July 1951, and that there are
many stateless persons who are not covered by that Convention,

Considering that it is desirable to regulate and improve the status of stateless persons
by an international agreement,

Noting with satisfaction that, according to the official commentary of the ad hoc
Committee on Statelessness and Related Problems (E/1618, p. 40), the rights granted
to a refugee are extended to members of his family,

1. Calls upon all member states and organisations to ensure that the rights of all
human beings are protected against being arbitrarily displaced from his/her
home or place of habitual residence;
2. Urges all member states to ensure that proper humanitarian assistance, in
accordance with international laws, is provided to all the members identified
belonging to the stateless, IDP and refugee groups as per international
definition mentioned in Article 1 of 1951 Convention and Protocol relating to
the Status of Refugee;
3. Encourages reviewing, and and enacting of legislation to ensure that refugees,
Internally Displaced People full enjoyment of the right to participate in public

Urges member states and organistations to strengthen livelihood capcity and resilience by identifying. administrative and other measures to ensure that the rights of persons belonging to the above mentioned community concerning practicing of the religion of their choice regardless of their religious beliefs to be free from interference with their beliefs and to be free from coercion or the imposition of beliefs irrespective of the states' religious beliefs. expelled or extradited to any state where that person may face a well- founded fear of torture. or any other form of cruel. persecution. 8. Urges member states and relevant organisations to ensure that all displaced people shall recieve medical attention to the fullest extent and with as less delay as possible without distinction on any grounds other than the medical ones. ill-treatment or physical. mental or sexual abuse. Urges all member states to take all necessary legislative. inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Endorses the ratification of 1951 Convention and Protocol relating to the Status of Refugee by all member nations. 7. 6. Requests member nations and relevant organisations to ensure that no person is removed. strengthening and retaining the livelihood capcity of displaced persons. 9. 5. . 4. and political life and affairs. Calls upon member nations and relevant organisations to ensure that placement in detention avoids further marginalising persons on the basis of their country of origin or subjecting them to risk of violence.