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Chemical Engineering Review

March 3, 2017

Group number: ________

1. A set of properties which measures the 8. For a spontaneously occurring processes in an

deviation of real gasses from ideality. isolated system, which expression best expresses
c. Reduced dS?
a. Excess properties
properties a. dS=dq/T c. dS>0
d. Critical b. dS=0 d. S=0
b.Residual properties

2. For a vapor and liquid in equilibrium, 9. During the adiabatic reversible expansion of an
a. GV = GL c. GV > GL ideal gas, the amount of heat absorbed by the
d. Cannot be determined from gas is equal to
b. GV < GL a. a spontaneous reaction is possible
the given information alone
b. the reaction is at equilibrium
3. The pressure that a hypothetical ideal gas c. no reaction is possible
would need to have in order for its chemical d. none of the above
potential at the given T to be the same as that of
the real gas 10. Which of the following is NOT accompanied by
a. Fugacity an increase in the entropy of the system?
b. Fugacity coefficient
c. Ideal gas chemical potential a. very slow expansion of a gas into an
d. Activity coefficient evacuated flask
b. boiling water at atmospheric pressure
4. Consider a closed system consisting of a 3- c. very slow mixing of hot and cold water in a
component mixture in a vapor-liquid equilibrium. well-insulated container
According to the phase rule, how many degrees d. none of the above
of freedom does the system have?
a. 1 c. 3 11. A reaction is at equilibrium in a closed rigid
b. 2 d. 4 vessel at constant temperature when
a. G = 0 c. H = 0
5. According to Duhems theorem, how many b. S = 0 d. U = 0
independent extensive variables can be chosen
to define the system described in question 12. A steel casting [Cp = 0.5 kJ/kg-K] weighing 40
number 2? kg and at a temperature of 450C is quenched in
a. 0 c. 2 150 kg of oil [Cp=2.5 kJ/kg-K] at 25C. If there are
b. 1 d. 3 no heat losses, what is the change in entropy of
the oil and casting considered together?
6. Two cans of soda, one at sea level the other at a. 9.80 kJ/K c. -16.33 k
30,000 ft., were opened and allowed to b. 0 d. 26.13 kJ
equilibrate w/ the atmosphere. Assuming
constant uniform T, which of them will have a 13. What is the melting point of water at 70 bar
higher final CO2 concentration? MW: CO2 = 44, Air given that Hf = 3.36x105 J/kg and Vf = 9.614
= 29 cc/mol?
a. The one at sea level a. 16.61C c. 9.02C
b. The one at 30,000 ft. b. 17.24C d. 16.85C
c. Neither, theyll have the same concentration
d. Both will have 0 concentration as all CO 2 will 14. For water initially at 0C, it is heated at 100C
diffuse out with a heat reservoir. What is the total entropy
change of the system?
7. Which of the following thermodynamic a. 0.0148 kJ/kg-K c. 0.814 k
quantities give a finite quantity when integrated? b. 0.0481 kJ/kg-K d. 0.184 k
a. Enthalpy c. Heat
b. Temperature d. Entropy 15. Calculate H of formation for CO2 gas at
a. -454.86 J/mol c. -309.53
b. -254.75 J/mol d. -390.53
16. To 1.0 kg of an ideal gas 24. A pump receives 8 kg/s of water at 220 kPa
Argon(MW=39.95g/mol), 2000J of heat is added and 10C and discharges it at 1100 kPa. What is
at constant P = 1 atm. What is the change in the power requirement in Kw?
internal energy, U?(Cv=1.5R, and Cp=2.5R) a. 8.126 c. 7.014
a. 900J c. 1,200J b. 5.082 d. 6.104
b. -1400J d. -1000J
25. Calculate the mass of water in grams that
17. Calculate the work done by a reversible could be heated from 20C to 100C by energy
isothermal expansion of 5.0 moles of an ideal gas generated by an electric current of 10 A across a
at 273K from 0.025 m3 to 0.112m3 voltage of 10 V for 10 hours.
a. 70kJ c. 27kJ a. 86,400 c. 14,521
b. 17kJ d. 7kJ b. 10,750 d. 11,742

18. Calculate the final temperature for an 26. Superheated steam flows at a steady state
adiabatic reversible expansion of ideal gas through an insulated nozzle with an inlet
argon, Cv,m=12.55 J/mol-K from Vm1=1.0 diameter of 5 cm. At the nozzle entrance, steam
dm3/mol to Vm2=23.0 dm3/molif the initial pressure is 700 kPa, temperature is 300C, and
temperature is 600K. the velocity is 30 m/s. At the nozzle exit, the
a. 70kJ c. 25.7kJ steam temperature and pressure are 233C and
b. 75.2kJ d. 57.2kJ 350 kPa respectively. The exit diameter is
a. 3.26 cm c. 1.62 cm
19. Determine the volume change in m 3 when 1 b. 6.25 cm d. 0.38 cm
kg of saturated liquid water is completely
vaporized at a pressure of 100 kPa. 27. A carnot machine operates between a hot
a. 1.693 c. 1.780 reservoir at 200C and a cold reservoir at 20C.
b. 1.732 d. 1.806 When it operates as an engine, it receives 1000
kJ/kg. Find the coefficient of performance when
20. How much energy is required to vaporize 0.5 operated as a refrigerator.
kg of water originally at 24C and 1 atm? a. 1.77 c. 1.63
a. 1288 kJ c. 1587 Kj b. 1.81 d. 1.97
b. 1422 kJ d. 1772kJ
28. Four kg of water is placed in an enclosed
21. A wet steam at 212F has an enthalpy of 1024 volume of 1m3. Heat is added until the
BTU/lb. What is the quality of the steam? temperature is 150C. Find the mass of vapor.
a. 54% c. 80% a. 2.543 kg c. 2.721 kg
b. 75% d. 87% b. 2.650 kg d. 2.82 kg

22. If coal having a heat of combustion of 14,000 29. Four kg of water is placed in an enclosed
BTU/lb is used in heating a plant of 50% volume of 1m3. Heat is added until the
efficiency, how many pounds of steam of 50% temperature is 150C. Find the volume of vapor.
quality and 212F can be made per pound of this a. 0.884 m3 c. 0.979 m3
coal from water whose initial temperature is b. 0.924 m 3
d. 0.998 m3
a. 12.04 lb c. 13.21 lb
b. 12.76 lb d. 11.12 lb 30. A methanol/methyl alcohol system is in
equilibrium at 318.15K and 73.5kPa containing
23. A Carnot engine requires 35 kJ/s from the 25% and 28.2 mol% methanol in the liquid and
boiler. The engine produces 15 kW of power and vapor phase respectively. What is the activity
the temperature of the sink is 26C. What is the coefficient of methanol?
temperature in the boiler? a. 1.072 c. 1.107
a. 245.57C c. 250.18C b. 1.864 d. 0.998
b. 210.10C d. 260.68C
Complete the table

State Quality
(kPa) (C) ( cm3/g) (kJ/kg) (kJ/kg-K)

128 0

850 220

101.325 500

1100 8.0000

400 3278.0