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Stopping Global


Global Warming, also known as climate change is a term which is used to describe the

increase in temperature of the atmosphere and a global rise in the average temperature. There is

a fear among scientists that this climate change that is occurring will be permanent. There is a

lot of debate on whether climate change is really happening or if it is just a hoax. Scientists have
looked and have discovered that our planet is warming and have found that the average

temperature on Earth has risen between 0.4 and 0.8 degrees celsius over the past 100 years.

In 1824 a French scientist said that “Earth's temperature would be much lower if the planet

lacked an atmosphere”. In 1859 an English scientist discovered that the gases that trap heat with

the earth’s atmosphere are water vapor and carbon dioxide. Swedish scientist, Svante Arrhenius

in 1896 was the first to state that fossil fuel combustion may cause our environment to warm up.

He also thought that there was a connection between CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere and

temperature. Arrhenius believed that by burning fossil fuels, coal for example, this adds CO2 in

our earth's atmosphere and this will cause the earth's average temperature to rise.

Global warming can have many serious consequences affecting us in many ways. Global

warming has caused flooding, drought, wildfires, storms and heatwaves. Europe has especially

been affected by heat waves as of late. Flooding occurs because much of the words ice in the

north and south polar regions is melting. The ice melt goes directly into the oceans as the

temperatures rise, so do the levels in the ocean. Coastal cities and islands are most directly

affected by these rising sea levels. Climate change also results in hotter and drier summer

months. One recent summer in Paris, during the month of August over two thousand people died

of heat stroke. Global warming has also been known to affect human health, welfare and


As our planet warms up we also begin to experience much bigger and more severe natural

disasters such as hurricanes, tornados and wildfires. As the planet gets warmer, it also gets drier

and this leads to another major problem, drought. As other parts of our planet begin to warm up

certain parts of our environment begin to dry up and will end up looking more like a desert when

the area used to be fertile. This will change in the environment will prevent us from planting
which will affect the amount of food we can grow. As drought occurs this even causes more fires

in our environment such as bushfires and even forest fires. Global warming has also affected the

animal species that exist as it directly impacts the food chain. It has also been said that it took

150 thousand years for the Greenland Ice Sheet to form which is now melting faster than it ever

has been in recorded history. This is actually why there is a lot more flooding today due to the

melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

If climate change continues and the rise in temperature continues, certain parts of America

could be destroyed or simply no longer exist. It is quite possible that if ice melt continues, the

coastal cities of New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Atlanta, just to name a few may be

underwater in the not too distant future. If things do not change, Florida would be

unrecognizable as well. All of this is caused to sea level rise.

As temperatures are increasing this is also changing the cycles of plants and trees which

directly impacts farming and fruit growers. Dr Andrew Dlugolecki an executive of the United

Kingdom's GGNU studied that infrastructure damage, bank and insurance industry loses, crop

failures and other costs of unchecked climate change could bankrupt the global economy by


Dealing with climate change has become a worldwide problem which has involved nearly

every nation of the world. The primary goal of solving climate change is to cut down on

worldwide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, gas, oil and coal primarily. A recent study

found that there has been a global increase in environmental laws that have been enacted from

approximately 10 per year in 2000 to approximately 20 per year in 2012. There still is much

work to be done.
Multiple European countries are now setting more extraordinary goals. The United Kingdom

has reduced emissions by 12.5% since 2010. The Royal Commission is doing 60 percent cuts

by the year 2050. Germany is also considering the same solution. Holland has planned to cut

its emissions by 80 percent in the next 40 years. They will need to start by using photovoltaic and

solar power and non carbon sources. They are also planning on using wind generated electricity.

For the past decade only certain groups of people have been taking climate change seriously.

Many Conservatives, especially the Republicans at the national level in the United States have

minimized the effects of global warming and believe that the impact of mankind on climate

change is minimal. Not all scientists and leaders can agree on what should be done to combat

global warming and many countries want to consider all options before making difficult changes

to their energy policies. This is a large problem between the political parties in the United

States. In the United States, the Green Party was founded with the idea to put environmental

issues at the front of all political discussion. This party believes that we need to try and limit the

amount of natural resources that are used in our communities. The Green Party wants a society

where we use our resources in a good way to benefit our future. The intergovernmental panel

says that there is a 90 percent chance or more that global warming is caused by human action. In

a recent interview with Tom Abraham, who is a candidate for Illinois State Representative said

that our society should try and live a very “green” lifestyle, one in which we use as little natural

resources as possible. Mr. Abraham is a proponent of having people ride their bikes more and

use public transportation such as trains.

There are two different political parties in the USA and they generally have different views on

climate change. The parties are the Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats believe that

is is absolutely necessary to limit the use of fossil fuels in order to cut carbon pollution. Their
long term goals are for America to be completely free from the use of fossil fuels by the end of

this century. Their plan is to use more clean energy technologies such as solar and wind power.

The Democrats plan to set the US to generate its electricity from renewable resources within ten

years by installing half a billion solar panels in the nation's homes, schools, hospitals and offices

and making a complete changeover to the nationwide electrical grid. Democrats are also looking

to eliminate tax breaks given to major oil companies and want to reduce the amount of oil and

gas used by 40% by the year 2025. Republicans in the US Congress want to develop renewable

energy sources but any such plans would need to include the use of fossil fuels as well. They

want to develop all different kinds of energy that is suitable in a free economy, such as coal, oil,

natural gas, nuclear power and hydro power. This party specifically addresses extracting all

existing renewable and existing resources. The Republican party wants to open up the public

lands and the ocean for oil and they also want tracking permits for oil and gas wells. They also

want to develop nuclear energy.

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