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UPR Electricity Savings, and Potential Business Opportunity,

thru Innovation

25% of electricity use in commercial/institutional buildings is dedicated to illumination.1

UPRM has designed, built, tested, and is currently using a very efficient lamp; a surface mount electric circuit + LEDs lamp
to replace fluorescent interior lighting.2 Tests prove that UPRM lamps are as good as commercially available lamps and can
be fabricated at UPRM at a fraction of current commercial price.

Energy consumption per lamp replaced has decreased 76.7%, a potential decrease of 18.75% in total electric energy

If the UPRM interior lamp is used thru all UPR installations the achievable savings are estimated to be $8,625,000 per year.
An initial investment is required to purchase materials required to build the lamps.
Current costs per lamp replacement is around $60 + labor (replacement performed by University personnel). A new
design (prototype not yet built) may further reduce this cost. Investment of approx. $10,000 will allow the new design
to be built and tested.

Another design for exterior lighting (Posterriqueo) is also available. Prototypes have been built and tested. Deployment and
further testing under working conditions is required and have been halted due to lack of funding.

Once both lamps, interior and exterior, are extensively tested under regular working conditions the lamps may be sold as a
commercial product, with profit. Further investment is required to develop a complete business plan.

Source: 1. US Dept. Of Energy, Energy Information Administration, Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey.
2. F. Andrade, P. Resto., A. Rulln. UPR Mayaguez, College of Engineering.