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Ryan Augustine

Mr. Hoffman
Gym Class

The goal I plan to achieve in six weeks is to increase my max bench press,
165, by ten pounds, 175.
I will be measuring this by attending my max bench once every two weeks.
I will be also increasing the amount of weight I will be using for my regular sets of
the bench pressing and the incline benching throughout the week.
This goal is realistic and attainable as long as I keep working at it and dont
give up thought out the six week.
This goal has significance to me and I really want to accomplish this
because I have been stuck at 165 pounds as my max bench for a while now.
I think this goal is possible and attainable in six week.
Social Support- The person who is going to help motivate me and help me attain
by goal is Joe Kearney.
____________________________. The way Joe will help me is by showing me
proper form and by motivating me to do my work outs.
Plan For Challenges-
A challenge I will face is having the time to do all of my workout. I have
soccer almost every day after school and practices hour away every week so I will
not have much time. To counter this I will use my study halls wisely in school so I
have less homework to do at home, ultimately giving me more time to work out.
Another challenge I could face is pulling a muscle. The way to avoid this is by
stretching thoroughly before the work out. If I do pull a muscle I will take a week
off from whatever exercise anger this injury. Then slowly ease back into these
After the six weeks ae over I will reward myself by going out for ice cream.
Mantra, Self Talk, Trigger-
The saying I will use to stay on track is, I can do it.