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Marking Rubric: Travel Itinerary

Students name:

Poor 1 Satisfactory 2 Good 3 Excellent 4

Engagement Not engaged Engaged in the Engaged Engaged
during the presentation during the during the
presentation only offering presentation, presentation,
limited focused and focused and
information to eager to actively sought
audience provide an audience to
information present to.
Content Content Limited Demonstrated Demonstrated
Knowledge knowledge content sound excellent
appeared very knowledge, knowledge of knowledge of
limited, could recall content, did content, and
primarily read information not need to could provide
information from the read from the much more
directly from brochure, but brochure and detail about a
the brochure was unable to could go into variety of
go into detail more detail topics when
when asked asked.
Communicati Communicatio Communicatio Communicatio Communication
on Skills n was unclear, n was limited, n was clear, was clear and
confusing, or student student precise,
inappropriate showed some showed control student
due to control over over tone, showed
students tone, tone, pitch, pitch, pace, excellent
pitch, pace, pace, volume, volume, eye control over
volume, eye eye contact, contact, and tone, pitch,
contact, or and body body language pace, volume,
body language language eye contact,
and body
Use of Did not use Used either Used multiple Used more
Visuals / any extra visuals or visuals or audio than two types
Audio visual or audio audio to to enhance the of visual or
aids, and made enhance the presentation, audio aids for
no attempt to presentation, this could the
decorate their this could include two of presentation,
station include one of the following: a this could
the following: a poster, map, include two of
poster, map, multiple the following: a
multiple printed poster, map,
printed images, multiple
images, appropriate printed images,
appropriate music, or appropriate
music, or costume. music, or
costume. costume.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Author: Sarah Abbott
Ability to Unable to give Gave a Gave good and Answered both
Answer relevant relevant relevant questions
Questions answers to answer to both answers to exceptionally
either question question, or both questions, well, using
gave a good using some of content
answer to one their content knowledge to
question, but knowledge inform their
not the other response
Final Mark /

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Author: Sarah Abbott