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Regina Catholic Schools C2PG Inventory


C2PG Domain Descriptors Extremel Effecti Developi Aware Area of

y ve ng but not needed
Effective yet attention
developi / support
Catholic Modeling and Leadership
1. Ensures Catholicism is evident in the
classroom; visually, behaviorally, etc. X
(use of curricular opportunities to
enhance students appreciation of how
to live their faith)
2. Permeates our Catholic faith in the X
classroom environment, instruction,
and assessment
3. Fosters Christ like behavior X
4. Is an active participant in school
liturgies based on their current role. X
(planning, promoting, attending, etc.)
5. Treats all students and staff as valued
people of God fair, understanding, X
develops relationships with students,
6. Uses curricular and / or extra-
curricular opportunities to enhance
students appreciation and
understanding of our faith X
a) Participates in planning and
preparing liturgies (HS
participation in liturgy)
b) Understands Catholic social
teachings helping the weak and
the marginalized
c) Leads daily prayer

Evidence / Notes:

I have a prayer table at the front of

my room which I refer to in lessons in
addition to religion
Students know the story behind each
item on my prayer tablemaking
them feel included
I lead my students in prayer twice a
day (3 times total counting morning
I always treat each student with
respect and as though they are
Participate fully in all masses and
liturgies. I help with planning when
C2PG Domain Descriptors Extremel Effecti Developi Aware Area of
y ve ng but not needed
Effective yet attention
developi / support
Planning and Preparation for Learning
1. Ensures lessons are purposeful and
fully prepared before class X
(considering best practices in regards
to instructional
urces/ differentiation)
2. Uses long-range planning
a) Backward planning includes
formative and summative X
b) Aligned with curriculum
c) All curricular outcomes are
included in long-range plans
d) Includes inquiry opportunities
3. Uses short-range planning
a) Day plans lessons are aligned
with curricular outcomes
b) Formative assessments (data) used X
to guide instruction
c) Differentiation to address the
diverse needs of students
d) Schedule/agenda is posted
e) e) Plans using suggested
resources in recommended manner
(e.g., variety of reading levels,
address FNIM content etc.)
4. Ensures clear learning outcomes are
provided for the students. For
example, uses can statements. X
Students understand the
expectations; agenda/schedule is
posted and/or reviewed
5. Practices differentiation to meet
students needs in the following areas: X
environment, instruction and
6. Ensures students are learning from X
sources other than teachers
7. Ensures students are encouraged to X
problem solve
8. Ensures students are engaged in X

Evidence / Notes:

Use Planbook daily, plan a week

ahead always in Planbook, long-range
plans visible and always refer back to
ensure I am staying on track.
Differentiate everything for Koby,
Veronica & Nesrey.
C2PG Domain Descriptors Extremel Effecti Developi Aware Area of
y ve ng but not needed
Effective yet attention
developi / support
Instructional and Assessment Leadership
1. Adheres to designated curriculum X
outcomes as outlined in the provincial
2. Demonstrates a variety of
instructional strategies to meet the X
needs of all students, including First
Nations, Inuit, Metis students, EAL,
3. Ensures formative and summative X
assessments follow current best
4. Engages all students in the lesson
through the use of:
a) effective strategies chunking,
inquiry, movement, etc.
b) verbal (e.g., think/pair/share) and X
visual (e.g., graphic organizers)
strategies to maintain interest
c) materials varying difficulty and type,
manipulatives, etc.
d) purposeful groupings and established
routines for groupings
5. Makes self-available to students X
circulates around the room; provides
easy access to self
6. When designing homework, the X
homework deepens the students
understanding of curricular knowledge
7. Uses students interest and X
background to increase student
8. Provides students with assessment X
tools and exemplars prior to task
9. Ensures assessment feedback is X
provided in a timely manner; both
formative and summative
10.Gathers data to ensure that both the X
teacher and the students understand
students progress relative to the
11.Uses self and peer assessment X
12.Recognizes that instruction is X
meaningful, coherent, and relevant
with a curriculum focus
13.Ensures grading blends consistency X
with professional judgement
14.Is a coach of essential skills rather X
than providers of content

Evidence / Notes:
Assessment binder is always being
added to. Correct assignments quickly.
Give feedback.
C2PG Domain Descriptors Extremel Effecti Developi Aware Area of
y ve ng but not needed
Effective yet attention
developi / support
Classroom Management
1. Ensures routines, procedures, rules, X
and expectations are clearly
communicated to all students, and are
practiced and reviewed regularly
2. Ensures the physical classroom is set X
up for learning
3. Ensures students are engaged in their X
own learning (see Planning and
Preparation for Learning #7)
4. Attempts to ensure positive X
relationships are developed with all
5. Posts and refers to visual/written X
schedules/agendas (see Planning and
Preparation for Learning #4)
6. Establishes routines for transitions X
(e.g., bell work, movement)
7. Assures visual information is X
minimal/calming, with displayed work
related to current content
8. Ensures the teacher area is organized X
and orderly
9. Thoughtfully plans the instructional X
area and changes it as lesson focus
10.Has materials to meet the diverse X
needs of the students (e.g. sensory

Evidence / Notes:
Not a lot of things on the wall to
distract from learning, students know
all procedures (need little reminders).
My desk can get disorganized at
Would like to get more materials in my
room for students who fidget (i.e.
standing desk, more bouncing chairs,
Students and parents had to sign the
classroom handbook to show
NOISE at the front of the room
I use class dojo for class incentives-
setting a new goal each month for
students to achieve with a variety of
different prizes.
If students do not finish work, they
know they miss out on fun activities
(school dances, movies afternoon,

C2PG Domain Descriptors Extremel Effecti Developi Aware Area of

y ve ng but not needed
Effective yet attention
developi / support
Professional Responsibilities
1. Continues to be a "lifelong learner"; X
demonstrates this through reading,
professional development work,
committee work, etc.
2. Collaborates with colleagues to X
analyze students work, instructional
strategies, and self-reflects to improve
practice(s) to improve student
3. Abides by all ethical expectations of X
the Regina Catholic School Division,
and the Code of Professional Ethics
and the STF Code of Professional
4. Effectively communicates with parents X
on a regular basis in a professional
5. Demonstrates a professional attitude X
toward attendance and punctuality
6. Keeps meaningful, reflective records X
of student achievement
7. Maintains confidentiality about X
student academics and behaviour
8. Actively teaches circulating and X
engaging with students (see
Instructional and Assessment Learning
9. Shares responsibility for grade-level X
and school wide activities, contributes
to committees and school initiatives.
10.Actively promotes the overall mission X
of the school and the school division
11.Keeps the administration informed X
about concerns and asks for
assistance when needed
12.Actively seeks out feedback and X
suggestions and uses them to improve
13.Seeks out effective teaching X
ideas/best practice ideas from
colleagues, experts, in-services,
workshops, professional reading
14.Has clearly outlined materials X
available for substitute teachers (e.g.,
schedules, student information,
emergency procedures, back-up
lesson plans)

Evidence / Notes:
Have a very detailed sub binder.
Consistently report to the
Always seeking feedback from others
and actively work with colleagues.