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Bolinder 1

Markell Bolinder

Mrs. Griffin

English 1010

May 24, 2017

ePortfolio and Course Reflection

Before taking this class, I honestly dreaded writing essays because I

always got stuck. No matter the method I used to write the essay given, I

never thought my ideas had much value. Now that I have taken this course

and learned the ins and outs of writing, I have learned to use different routes

to help strengthen my paper and also allow me to finish my essays in more

of a smooth manner.

Many of the assignments in this class, English 1010, helped me learn

how to write an essay in proper format. I truly believe that the chapter

assignments that were given reflected on our own essays and allowed us to

look back to analyze, fix, and revise our papers to make them stronger. I

often found myself glancing at the chapter book for tips on several of my

essays not only for this class, but also for other classes such as Bio 1090.

Another activity given in this class was to write several different types of

essays. Starting off with observation, narrative, rhetorical analysis, reflective

and response essays are only a few that we learned. Learning all of these
Bolinder 2

types of essays helped learn formats for different writing scenarios and will

help me with writing essays further into college with all the practice we had.

At the beginning of this journey of writing before this class, I felt I really

struggled quoting and summarizing how something occurred. Over time with

all of the activities given, I progressively got better with my style of writing.

Learning how to in cooperate emotion, senses and also how to correctly cite

sources in writing will really help me progress in the future. The personal

narrative is really what brought me in as a writer. I was allowed to bring my

life as a senior in high school with my dad battling cancer and show emotion.

This essay in particular taught me better organization skills, how to use

direct body senses, and also how to speak to the reader using personal


I believe my biggest accomplishment of this course is the value of my

writing and work. Before this class I sort of just wrote to get the grade,

whereas now I enjoy writing because of all the practice I have had makes it

easier. The course elements include learning all different types of essays and

formats which made more of a wide variety or writing choice. Reading in the

chapter book about tips what to use in each piece or essay was a beneficial

guidance. Skills that I mastered in this course are allowing me to always

start somewhere and that its a point to stray off of. If you dont ever put

anything down on paper, no ideas will come to mind. I have told myself that

an idea is a start, write it down and to always branch off from it. Overall this
Bolinder 3

course taught me how to start somewhere, organize, evaluate, interpret and

analyze my writing to make it a stronger essay piece.