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JUNE is Rotary Fellowships Month

June 2017

DG Dwight Ramos and All-Star Presidents

celebrate excellence and Rotarys distinctive
accomplishments in serving humanity

Contents of this farewell issue of the

Governors Message Page 2
Editors Page and Message 3
ALL-STAR Recognition & Awards 4&5
More Stories of Service to Humanity 6 to 13
D3780 2017 DISTAS 14
District 3780
Rotary Information 15
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District Governors Message
By Governor Dwight Hilarion M. Ramos, Rotary International District 3780

Rotary Serving Humanity

More than a year To ensure the continuity of the service of Rotary,

ago we set out on a we at District 3780 has likewise ensured the continuity of
journey as the in- our leadership succession. We have of course our Incom-
coming district lead- ing District Governor in the person of Nestor Chito Bor-
ers of District 3780, romeo, our District Governor-Elect Pastor Mar Reyes, Jr.,
Quezon City. We and now the New District Governor- Nominee Bernadette
were dubbed as the BH Herrera-Dy of the Rotary Club of South Triangle, who
All Stars, and we will serve in RY 2019-2020.
were ready, able BH served as City Councilor of Quezon City for 9
and willing to take years and garnered all the highest awards for it and 3 years
on the challenge as Representative of Bagong Henerasyon Partylist in the
that Rotary Year House of Representatives, again with awards as an Out-
2016-2017 had in standing member thereof.
store for us. In the
She advocates youth, women and urban poor em-
words of RI Presi-
powerment through her different programs - from putting
dent John Germ:
up mobile computer schools, to delivering health ser-
The opportunity,
vices to the indigents through her mobile clinic, to estab-
and yes our respon-
lishing livelihood projects for women and youth through her
sibility to carry forth
skills-on-wheels and empowering them through informa-
the tradition of Rotary Serving Humanity!
tion and skills, to fighting for consumer welfare. She be-
We could not have chosen a better theme song for lieves in delivering services right at the doorsteps of those
us then, than Ill be there by Michael Jackson in which in need. If they cannot go to Bagong Henerasyon, Bagong
we said together, Well be there. And to us, this was of Henerasyon will go to them!
course a promise not only to ourselves, to our clubs, to our
BH has been a Rotarian for 15 years and became
beneficiaries, but also to our God whom we truly glorify
president in RY 2005-06 during the SERVICE ABOVE SELF
with every service that we do for our fellow human beings.
Year. She has served in various positions in the District and
I have now changed our theme song to Im glad was awarded as the Rotarian of the Year in RY 2008-09.
that youre here by Alphonse Mouzon. A tribute to all Ro-
Service to Humanity has been the cornerstone of
tarians and Clubs in District 3780, at a time that I can now
Rotary since its earliest days, and has been its main pur-
truly say a promise has been fulfilled. When we started, we
pose ever since. Paul Harris said, Individual effort may be
said Well be there - throughout the year we fulfilled that
turned to Individual needs, but combined effort should be
promise by focusing and increasing rotarys Humanitarian
dedicated to the service of mankind. The power of com-
Service. With the help of the District Team and Committee
bined effort knows no limitation.
Chairs, and members, we have seen great strides by our
clubs in all areas of focus, thereby making a big difference And so, it is in no other year that we saw this
in our communities. power of combined effort- by all the Rotarians in their
So when we said we will be there, we truly deliv- Clubs, and all the Clubs in the District. In the area of ser-
ered. And so to me, it is now our beneficiaries singing back vice, there was no club left behind. In Rotary Year 2016-
to all of us their own song saying We are Glad that you are 17, in our responsibility to achieve good deeds, it was truly
here!. our privilege to carry forth the tradition of Rotary Serving
Truly it has been a year of great promise and of Humanity!
excellent delivery. To our All Star Presidents, all the Clubs
in the District, our Youth, Family of Rotary, Partners in Ser-
vice, and of course to all Rotarians and District Leaders,
Rotary Year 2016-17 has been a year of Rotary Serving Hu-

Recognition from GML Editorial Board EDITORIAL BOARD
Members of the Editorial Board thank All Star Presi-
District Governor Dwight Hilarion M. Ramos
dents and club officers who have proudly shared
stories of how their clubs have been serving human-
ity through Rotary. District Secretary Cesar Poch Jaymalin
We acknowledge the contributions of the following Rotary clubs District Chief of Staff Ma. Cecilia Cecille Rodriguez
that have made the Governors Monthly Letter truly inspiring
District Information & Communication Officer Winston Sia
and laden with Rotary stories that our readers appreciate:
Ricardo Ric P. Salvador
JULY 2016 Holy Spirit QC Central
Metro North Centennial Timog Editor in Chief
Bagong Silangan
Camp Aguinaldo Pag-asa Uptown Novaliches
Associate Editors
Greenfields Quezon City Chair Aiza Remedios
Jesus Jesse Tanchanco
AUGUST 2016 Katipunan Chair Aiza Remedios (3)
Metro West Triangle Chair Jun Zipagan Elizabeth Beth Directo
Bagong Sandigan (2 items)
Broadway Paraiso Chair BH Herrera (2) Marcia Marcia C. Salvador
Pag-asa D RAC Sec Marjorie Liwag
Cosmopolitan Cubao
Quezon City
Rafael Raffy Chico
Holy Spirit
Cresencio Cris Bacho
SEPTEMBER 2016 Greenfields VisMin (2 articles)
Metro Sta Mesa Club Adm Chair Beth Directo
Bagong Silangan
QC Pearl of the Orient Interact Chair Bit Farolan
Statement from the Editor in Chief
Biak na Bato
St Ignatius IaC Holy Spirit Natl HS D3780 RY 2016-17
Timog As we complete this final issue of the Governors Monthly
Letter for the All Star Year of Service, I sincerely thank DG
OCTOBER 2016 Cosmopolitan Cubao Pag-asa Dwight Ramos for the opportunity to have served with him
Bagong Sandigan Kamuning Central South Triangle (2 articles) and the district team, and for giving me full editorial inde-
Bagong Silangan Katipunan Chair Aiza Remedios (3 arts) pendence in producing a high quality publication. Indeed, it
Biak na Bato Metro Sta Mesa DCOS Cecille Rodriguez has been a privilege to observe at close range, and to re-
port to the whole world, how Rotary in District 3780 has
NOVEMBER 2016 Holy Spirit (2 articles) IaC Holy Spirit Natl HS been serving humanity.
Bagong Sandigan Kamuning East Chair Raffy Chico
Broadway Sta Mesa Chair Aiza Remedios I also thank all members of the editorial board for their
South Triangle support and encouragement throughout the year.
DECEMBER 2016 Broadway (2 articles) Timog
DICO CP Winston Sia has really helped us in getting every
Bagong Sandigan Holy Spirit Chair Aiza Remedios
issue of the GML distributed widely and globally through
Bagong Silangan Pag-asa Env Chair Butch Madarang
digital channels of electronic mail and web postings.
QC Circle Grants Chair Rene Cantos &
Biak na Bato
Vice Marites Nepomuceno Thanks, CP Winston. We supplement CP Winstons reach by
distributing the magazine to our contact lists, nearly a thou-
JANUARY 2017 Broadway Kagitingang Cubao sand addressees, and by posting the GML online.
Acropolis Cubao South Pag-asa
Diliman North DGN Pastor Mar Reyes I must also mention and thank Associate Editor Marcia for
Batasan Hills
herculean contribution to the publication. Almost all of the
FEBRUARY 2017 Camp Karingal Quezon City articles we see in the GML without by-line author ac-
Bagong Sandigan Cubao East West Triangle knowledgement have been written by A/E Marcia; these are
Holy Spirit Chair Rey Remonde usually headline stories of district events. She also quietly
assisted clubs by editing their submissions to suit quality
MARCH 2017 Quezon City Chair Aiza Remedios
standards for international audience.
Holy Spirit (3 articles) Timog Rotary Birthday Chair Marcia
We are quite pleased with success in persuading clubs to
APRIL 2017 Bagong Silangan Holy Spirit (2 articles) write about their stories of service to humanity, and to
share these with others worldwide through the GML.
MAY 2017 Broadway Pag-asa
Thanks to MAida, MPhaye, MCarmen and SAlvin, too.
Loyola Heights QC Circle
JUNE 2017 Loyola Heights DS Pocholo Jaymalin
Holy Spirit (2 articles) Katipunan CP Dianne N. Ramos RAC Ric Salvador, D3780 Editor in Chief RY 2016-17
Diliman Heights Quezon City
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2017 All Star Awards Night Club Awards in Sub-Categories
Recognition of excellence and achieve- Best Rotary Club in Attendance RC Cubao
ments of clubs during the All-Star Year Best Rotary Club in Classification Program RC Loyola Heights
Best Rotary Club in Fellowship Activities RC Cubao
Best Rotary Club in Club Bulletin (Printed) RC Loyola Heights
Well-appointed venue, world-class entertainment, good food,
Best Rotary Club in Club Bulletin (Digital) RC Holy Spirit
cozy ambience. The 2017 District Awards and Recognition Night
Best Rotary Club in Program RC Cubao
held on May 20, 2017 at The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan at the Rob-
Best Rotary Club in Sports Development RC New Manila East
insons Bridgetowne in Libis, Quezon City was an affair to re- Best Rotary Club in Online Tool Adoption RC VisMin

The program started with the presentation of Governors Awards. Best Rotary Club in Membership Growth (%) RC Cubao

Rotary clubs were recognized by District Governor Dwight Best Rotary Club in Members Growth (Increase) RC Cubao
Best RC in Under-40 Yrs Old Members Growth RC Midtown QC
Ramos for excellence of service with continuing impact projects
Best Rotary Club in Membership Retention RC Heroes Hills
(signature projects), while Rotarians were given awards for exem-
Best RC in Club Extension RC Midtown Cubao (Tie-win)
plary and excellent leadership and achievement.
RC VisMin (Tie-winner)
At 6:00 PM, excitement filled the air as more Rotarians trooped to Best RC in Orientation & Education Program RC Timog
the venue to witness the much-awaited District Awards. After all, PUBLIC IMAGE
the theme of the All-Star District Awards Night was Size Does Best Rotary Club in Print RC Bagong Sandigan
Not Matter. Many wondered how small clubs would fare when Best Rotary Club in TV and Radio RC Bagong Sandigan (Tie-win)

pitted against big clubs. Unlike the previous years, the 2017 RC Kamuning (Tie-winner)

awards fell under one overall category, and clubs were judged Best Rotary Club in Social Media RC Bagong Sandigan
Best Rotary Club in Non-traditional Media RC North Balintawak
regardless of club membership size.
Best Rotary Club in Annual Giving RC Cubao
Major Club Awards Best Rotary Club in Grants RC Timog
Best Rotary Club in VTT Program RC Commonwealth
I. Most Outstanding Rotary Club RC Cubao Best Rotary Club in Peace Program RC Balintawak
II. The District 3780 All-Star Clubs COMMUNITY SERVICE

First Team All-Star Clubs Best RC in Peace & Conflict Resolution RC New Manila QC
Best RC in Disease Prevention & Treatment RC Kamuning Central
RC Bagong Sandigan Best Rotary Club in Water & Sanitation RC Balintawak (Tie-winner)
RC Cubao RC Talipapa (Tie-winner)
RC Holy Spirit Best RC in Maternal & Child Health RC Sta Mesa QC (Tie-win)
RC Timog (Tie-winner)
RC Midtown QC Click on the link to Best RC in Basic Education & Literacy RC Pag-asa
RC Timog open and view Best RC in Economic & Community Dev RC Commonwealth (Tie-win)
Second Team All-Star Clubs Complete list of RC Loyola Heights (Tie-win)

RC Heroes Hills Nominees and Win- Best RC in Environment Protection RC QC Circle (Tie-winner)
RC West Triangle (Tie-win)
RC North Balintawak ners declared by
Best RC in Disaster Preparedness, Relief, Recov RC Loyola Heights
the District Awards
RC Sta Mesa QC Best RC in Rotary Community Corps Program RC Kamuning Central (Tie)
Committee RC Kamuning East (Tie)
RC Talipapa
Best Rotary Community Corps RCC Dental Team (RCKC Tie)
RC West Triangle RCC Kamuning East (Tie)
Third Team All-Star Clubs VOCATIONAL SERVICE
Best RC in Career Development Program RC Holy Spirit
RC Commonwealth
Best RC in Vocation at Work Program RC Holy Spirit
RC Cubao South Best RC in Vocational Awareness Program RC New Manila Heights
RC Kamuning East Best RC in Promotion of the 4-Way Test RC Talipapa
RC New Manila East Best RC in Promotion of Global Rewards Prog RC Diliman North
RC North EDSA Best RC in Recreation and/or Voc World Fellows RC Cubao West
III. Most Outstanding Club in Club Administration RC Cubao Best RC in Promotion of World Understanding RC Holy Spirit
IV. Most Outstanding Club in Membership Dev RC Cubao Best Rotary Club in Match Relations RC Loyola Heights
Best RC in Rotary Friendship Exchange RC Loyola Heights
V. Most Outstanding Club in Public Image RC Bagong Sandigan
VI. Most Outstanding Club The Rotary Foundation RC Cubao Best Rotary Club in Rotaract Program RC SFDM
VII. Most Outstanding Club in Service to New Gen RC Holy Spirit Best Rotary Club in Interact Program RC New Manila West
Best Rotary Club in EarlyAct Program RC Cubao
VIII. Most Outstanding Club in Community Service RC Loyola Heights
Best Rotary Club in RYLA Program RC Holy Spirit (Tie-winner)
IX. Most Outstanding Club in Vocational Service RC Holy Spirit RC Kamuning (Tie-winner)
X. Most Outstanding Club in International Service RC Loyola Heights RC Paraiso (Tie-winner)
Best Rotaract Club RAC SFDM Malaya Achievers
XI. Most Improved Rotary Club Winner RC West Triangle
Best Interact Club IAC Holy Spirit Natl HS (RCHS)
1st Runner-up RC Katipunan Best EarlyAct Club EAC of Camp Crame (RCCC)
2nd Runner-up RC San Bartolome 4
Major Individual Awards 2017 All Star Awards Night
I. The Outstanding Rotarians of the Year (TORY)
PP Jesus Jun Avecilla Jr, RC Cubao West
Recognition and celebration
PP Cresencio Cris Bacho, RC Cubao EDSA of individual contributions to
PP Renato Rene Cantos, RC Timog their clubs, to District 3780
DGND Bernadette BH Herrera-Dy, RC South Triangle
PP Eduardo Eddie Enriquez. Sr., RC Quezon City and to Rotary during the All-
PP Marites Tess Nepomuceno, RC Holy Spirit Star Year of Service
PP Analiza Aiza Remedios, RC Kamuning Central
PP Rey Carmelo Rey Remonde, RC Kagitingang Cubao The District 3780 All-Star Presidents
PP Johnny Johnny Yu, RC Cubao
PDG Danilo Dan Espinosa, RC Biak na Bato A. First Team All-Star Presidents (5)
II. Special All-Star Award for Service to Philippine Rotary ASP Marissa Maris Galang, RC Midtown QC
PDG Melito Mel Salazar ASP Veronica Veron Ho, RC Cubao
III. Special All-Star Award for Service to RI District 3780 ASP Enrico Maurice Librea, RC Bagong Sandigan
DS Pocholo Poch Jaymalin ASP Jubee Jubee Navarro, RC Timog
PDG Samuel Sam Pagdilao, Jr. ASP Ma. Perpetual Peth Rivera, RC Holy Spirit
PDG Rufino Penny Policarpio B. Second Team All-Star Presidents (5)
DCOS Ma. Cecilia Cecille Rodriguez ASP Roberto Gerard Bert Nazal, Jr., RC Sta Mesa QC
EiC PE Ricardo Ric Salvador ASP Danilo Danny Ponay, RC Heroes Hill
PDS Jesus Jesse Tanchanco, Jr. ASP Lilian Lilian Rico, RC North Balintawak
CP Winston Winston Sia ASP Jackielyn Jackie Santos, RC West Triangle
PP Cesar Cesar Baltazar ASP Dominador Dennis Solis, RC Talipapa
PP Daniel Boone Ongchoco C. Third Team All-Star Presidents (5)
IV. The Rotary Foundation Outstanding Rotarian of the Year ASP Francis Gerard Koko Balmeo, RC Commonwealth
PP Johnny Johnny Yu, RC Cubao ASP Demetrio Jun Laxamana, Jr., New Manila East
ASP Dolorita Bebot Rena, RC North EDSA
V. Most Outstanding All-Star President ASP Jocelyn Joy Suello, RC Cubao South
ASP Veronica Veron Ho, RC Cubao ASP Winnita Wee Velarde, RC Kamuning East
VI. The District 3780 All-Star Presidents
VII. Most Outstanding Club Secretary D. Honorable Mention All-Star Presidents (15)
PP Marcia Marcia Salvador, RC Holy Spirit ASP Tomas Tom Balbaboco, RC Diliman QC
VIII. Most Outstanding Lieutenant Governor ASP Pricilla Prescy Calusin, RC Cubao EDSA
LG Edgardo ED Ayento, RC New Manila East ASP Regidor Reggie Caringal, RC Congressional
IX. Most Outstanding Assistant Governor ASP Nikko Carlo Nikko Cayaga, RC Cosmo Cubao
AG De Jesus Jessie Castillo, RC Metro SFDM ASP Maria Isabel Baby C Cubacub, RC Eastwood
X. Most Outstanding Assistant Governor Representative
AGR Angeli Angie Marquez, RC Kamuning Central ASP Rosanna Rosan Cuevas, RC Paraiso
XI. Most Outstanding District Officer ASP Joselito Ramir Ramir Encabo, Neopolitan Fairview
PP Analiza Aiza Remedios, RC Kamuning Central ASP Miguel Mike Enriquez, RC Quezon City
ASP Manuel Danny Espiritu, Jr., New Manila Heights
XI. The District 3780 All Rookie Rotarian Team (7) ASP Florencita Chit Intal, RC Diliman Heights
Rtn. Apolinario Pol Castillo, RC Bagong Sandigan
PE Sarah Sarah Deloraya, RC Midtown QC ASP Monica Monette Legaspi, RC St. Ignatius
ASP Manuel Danny Espiritu, Jr., RC New Manila Heights ASP Emerito Emer Rojas, RC Katipunan
PE Paul Jay Estrebillo, Jr., RC Cubao ASP Rosalina Nene Sadansal, RC San Bartolome
Rtn. Derlyn Derlyn Maceda, RC Heroes Hill ASP Eric Eric Soriano, RC Broadway
ASP Roberto Gerard Bert Nazal, Jr., RC Sta Mesa QC ASP Ma. Victoria Ging Trinidad, RC Batasan Hills
ASP Dominador Dennis Solis, RC Talipapa
RC Loyola Heights responds quickly to the needs of
earthquake victims in Surigao City and Mabini, Batangas
By Club editor in chief PP Jesse Tanchanco, RC Loyola Heights D3780

The Rotary Club of Loyola Heights (RCLH) re- Mabini, Batangas. Members of the RCLH conducted
sponded immediately to the call for help of the victims a site inspection and consulted with local officials led
of the two most recent earthquakes in Surigao City by Mabini Municipal Mayor Bitrics Luistro, a member
and Mabini, Batangas. of another sister club, Rotary Club of Mabini, RI
D3820. The RCLH donated various food supplies and
Aquabox water filtration units.
In partnership with their local sister clubs, the RCLH
was able to send 40 Aquabox Water Filtration units
and various construction implements to Surigao City All told, more than a thousand affected families bene-
upon request of Mayor Ernesto Matugas and in coop- fitted from the joint efforts of different clubs and dis-
eration with the Rotary Club of Ormoc, RI D3860. tricts at the initiative of the Rotary Club of Loyola
About a month later, another strong earthquake hit

RC Diliman Heights partners with ABS-CBNs unique Salamat
Dok medical television program that serves humanity
By All Star President Chit Intal, RC Diliman Heights D3780

Salamat Dok is a nationwide medical television pro- pharmaceutical companies like RiteMed, Multicare
gram which provides information on diseases and Pharmaceutical Phils., and the pharmacy of ASP Chit
medical concerns. The show also provides free on-air Intal, Stardust Drug and Medical Supplies Corp. Gen-
consultation with guest physicians. The program con- erous donors are also tapped to fully support the medi-
ducts regular free medical and dental missions within cal needs of the patients. The club members do not
the ABS-CBN complex where RC Diliman Heights only dispense medicines but also give education. This
supports in its pharmacy needs weekly and dental is in support of the Anti-Microbial Resistance problem
section once a month. It is aired LIVE every Sunday of the Department of Health.
7:30-8:30 a.m. on ABS-CBN and ANC. The program
is also viewed through The Filipino Channel world- Dr. Eugene Ribu, Dr. Luisa Ribu, Dr. Mary Ann Lim
wide. and their associate dentists take turns in servicing the
dental mission of the program. Oral care and tooth
The RC Diliman Heights promotes Rotary by wearing extraction are the main services done by the dentists.
regularly the Rotary Tshirts while dispensing medi- Dental supplies are supported by the club.
cines to the patients. On off-site location, the mem-
bers put up the Rotary banner. The prescription pads RC Diliman Heights is proud to be part of this program.
are also provided by the club showing the Rotary logo The promotion of Rotary, as a service oriented organi-
at the header of the stationery. zation, is visibly evident. The Rotary logo clearly
shows Rotarys involvement in the Disease and Pre-
The members see to it that the medicines needed by vention Treatment, which is one of the six areas of fo-
the patients are served. Funds come from the club, cus of Rotary International. Clearly Rotary!

RC Katipunan and partners spearhead pilot livelihood program
to reduce poverty among Persons with Disabilities
By All Star President Emer Rojas, RC Katipunan D3780

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates

that 15% of the population experiences one form of
disability or another. In the Philippines, most of the
Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are under-
educated and belong to the poorest of the poor in
the society. Because of their poverty, PWDs tend to
be a burden to society by constantly seeking suste-
nance support from private entities and the govern-
ment. PWDs are usually discriminated against in
the workforce. This situation needs to be addressed
to solve this perennial and growing problem of men-
dicancy of the Persons with Disabilities.
The Rotary Club of Katipunan, through the able
leadership of ASP Emer Rojas, spearheads the
sustainable livelihood program for PWDs in part-
nership with an NGO, the New Vois Association of
the Philippines. This program aims to reduce pov-
erty among PWDs by bringing economic opportuni-
ties right into their barangays (villages). RC
Katipunan provides sewing skills training, high
speed industrial sewing machines, and raw materi-
als to kick-start a livelihood project for PWDs and
parents of PWDs. Since participants in the liveli-
hood project are based in their own community,
challenges such as lack of opportunity to work, ac-
cessibility of workplace, roads and transportation
are therefore addressed. Initial capitalization and
skills training are also provided.
The program is being piloted in five (5) barangays
in Rotary International District 3780 in Quezon City.
Each barangay livelihood center usually supports
up to 15 PWD families. To date, 4 of these pilot lo-
cations have yielded positive results. They now pro-
duce bed sheets, curtains, table cloths, rags and
eco-bags which at least adds to the family income
used to provide food on the table. They market their
products to the community as well as to the local
village and city government.
The city has 142 barangays and 2.8 million resi-
dents with a recorded 30,000 PWD residents. The
program intends to provide the remaining 137
barangays each with two sewing machines, skills
training and initial seed capital each for the program
in the next 5 years at an estimated cost of
$137,000. Project lead ASP Emer Rojas hopes that
financial support shall be realized to sustain the
program. Interested parties may email RC
Katipunan ASP Emer Rojas at .
Newest Rotaract club in District 3780 is chartered
By CP Dianne Nicole L. Ramos

In time for the special observance in May of Youth Service

Month under Rotary's calendar, the Rotaract Club of Quezon In her letter to the sponsoring Club, Ms. Mary Jayne Des-
City was chartered, and its founding members and officers mond, who is Rotary International Correspondent for Club
inducted during the 37th regular meeting of the Rotary Club and District Support, South Pacific and the Philippines, for-
of Quezon City, held last May 8, 2017, 6:30 to 8:30 PM at the mally congratulated the Club and sent her best wishes to all
Centennial Room of Club Filipino in Green Hills, San Juan. who worked so hard to establish the Rotaract Club of Quezon
City. She added that this investment in the college students,
The Rotaract Club of Quezon City, Philippines, was estab- mostly from the University of Asia & the Pacific and young
lished 1 April 2017 as Club No. 214746, and is sponsored by professionals in the community will undoubtedly prouduce
the Rotary Club of Quezon City, Luzon, Philippines. Their great rewards in the future!
Certificate of Organization was sent last April 26, 2017 and
received in time by RCQC All Star President Miguel Mike Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Quezon City for spon-
Enriquez. Under the said certificate, it was recognized that soring the newest Rotaract Club in the District this Rotary
the Rotaract Club of Quezon City has been organized and Year 2016-17, under the theme Rotary Serving Humanity.
has agreed, through its officers and members, to be bound
They have added another All Star in District 3780, and made
by the constitution and bylaws of the Rotaract Program of
true their commitment to dynamic fellowship and relevant
Rotary International.
service focused on the youth!

Youth partners of RC Holy Spirit served humanity in unique, value-adding ways during the All Star Year.

Rotaractor leads seminar on suicide awareness to protect people from harm

By All Star President Peth Rivera and Youth Service Chair PP Marcia Salvador, RC Holy Spirit

depression is the number one cause for sui-

MMaricel began her presentation by explain- cide. There are five (5) action steps for help-
ing what suicide is and what suicide attempt ing someone in emotional pain: ask, keep
is. Then she presented demographics of them safe, be there, help them connect,
suicide, statistics to show why men die by and stay connected.
suicide 3.5 times more often than women.
She also said that suicide rate among 15-24 MMaricel engaged the participants in group
year olds has tripled in the past 30 years. activities. It was shocking to hear a few of
the students shared that they had suicidal
She then pre- tendencies. Another activity taught them
In October 2016, Maricel P. Entena, member sented suicide how to create their own emergency
of Rotaract Club of Holy Spirit led the pro- warning signs, risk stress/sadness kit. The seminar had the
gram, Know, Understand, Heal: A talk on factors, depression support of the schools Values Department.
Suicide Awareness, attended by 110 Grade and suicide, and At the end of the seminar, one teacher asked
9 & 10 students of Holy Spirit National High how to help a suici- if MMaricel could do a similar seminar for
School and with Rotaractors and a number dal person. She teachers to help cope with their stressfull life.
of adults in the audience. said that untreated

Interactors hold peer tutoring to help improve schoolmates performance

By All Star Pres Monique Palmiano of Interact Club of Holy Spirit National High School, with Youth Svc Chair PP Marcia Salvador as Mentor

A signature project of the Interact Club of sons in English, Mathematics and Science tors were overjoyed, knowing that they were
Holy Spirit National High School, peer tutor- to prepare them for the forthcoming periodi- able to help schoolmates in their studies.
ing sessions were rolled out by bright and cal examinations. The Interactor-tutors,
eager Interactors on August 20, 2016 for 57 numbering 15, even gave away prizes to The tutoring sessions are held before and
students who had been referred by teach- the students who did well during the ses- after periodical examination schedules.
ers. The students were given review les- sions.

The tutoring sessions were again held on

August 27, 2016, with 58 students partici-
pating, and 13 tutors assisting them. The
students were given lessons in English,
Math and Science to prepare them for the
next grading period.

It was good news for the Interactor-tutors

when they were told that most of the stu-
dents they had tutored obtained passing
grades in their examinations. The Interac-

Interactors of Holy Spirit interact with victims of armed conflict to help

build understanding and share hope for peace
By ASP Monique Palmiano of Interact Club of Holy Spirit National High and RC Holy Spirit Youth Service Chair PP Marcia Salvador

University of the Philippines. the armed conflict, their schools are being used as
Lumads refer to indigenous and etho-linguistic evacuation centers and this keeps the school children
groups in Mindanao. They were welcomed at the UP from attending classes. The Interactors had a conver-
Diliman campus grounds to be able to share with sation with one of the Lumad tribe leaders. The tribe
students, scholars and the public their distinct culture leader expressed gratitude for the Interactors atten-
and their issues including human rights violations tion and concern.
allegedly committed against them.

On October 21 and 25, 2016, the Interactors led by

President Monique Palmiano met with the Lumads and
gave them assorted used clothes, story books and
school supplies. More significantly, the Interactors
listened as the elder Lumads ventilated their plight.
They also conversed with the younger Lumads. The
Interactors learned that the Lumads were being driven
It came to the attention of members of the Interact out of their ancestral homes, with some allegedly
Club of Holy Spirit National High School that hundreds being killed on suspicion that they were members of
of Lumads were camping out at the grounds of the the rebel group National Peoples Army. Because of 10
4TH Mayor Herbert Bistek M. Bautista Cup Street Soccer
Tournament continues to enhance skills, build sportsman-
ship and rule-following mind-set among young players
By District Secretary Pocholo Jaymalin, Rotary International D3780

Six of the 10 team uniforms are displayed by the children in the pictures

Ten (10) teams, representing 10 barangays in Quezon 6. Balintawak, 7. Commonwealth, 8. Ayala Heights, 9.
City, took part in the Mayor Bistek Cup Street Soccer Kamuning East, and 10. Batasan Hills pooled their re-
Tournament last May 13 held at the Quezon City Me- sources together to furnish each team with their respec-
morial Circle Grounds. Now on its 4th year of providing tive uniforms. This annual tournament, which coincides
a venue for young boys from different barangays to with the birthday of Mayor Herbert Bautista, was organ-
display and further improve their skill and talent in ized by the Payatas Poverty Alleviation Foundation, Inc
street football through competition. This tournament headed by its Managing Director, Col. Roberto Jayma-
also serves as a platform for the next generation of lin. The City Mayor is also an active Rotarian and is a
football stars. Past President of the Rotary Club of Kamuning.

This year, ten Rotary Clubs from the Rotary Interna- Emerging as Champions for this one day tournament is
tional District 3780, Quezon City, extended support to the team from Barangay Sto. Cristo. Other barangays
all the ten teams who participated in this years tourna- that joined the event were Payatas Team A, Payatas
ment. The Rotary Clubs of 1. Quezon City, 2. Biak-na- Team B, Socorro, Ramon Magsaysay, Culiat, Krus na
Bato, 3. New Manila East, 4. Midtown QC, 5. Cubao, Ligas, Bagbag, Alicia and Holy Spirit.

Cooperation among four Rotary districts provides Global
Grant funded human milk bank to save lives of sick & pre-
mature infants in Central Luzon, Philippines
By ASP Peth Rivera and Sec PP Marcia Salvador of RC Holy Spirit D3780
Global Grant No 1746885 was a result of collaborative efforts over on April 24, 2017 to Dr Monserrat S Chichioco, Medical
of four (4) Rotary Clubs and four (4) Rotary International Dis- Center Chief of JBLMRH by ASP Hong Keun-Pyo of RC
tricts with The Rotary Foundation. The GG proposal was Daejeon-Jeil D3680, ASP Jubee Navarro of RC Timog QC
initiated by ASP Peth Rivera of RC Holy Spirit D3780 with D3780, ASP Alfredo Men-
DRFC PDG Paul Ik Hwan Lee D3680 during the 2016 RI doza of RC Western Pam-
Convention in Seoul. It was then developed and submitted panga D3790, and ASP Peth
last November 2016 by RC Timog D3780 as primary host Rivera of RC Holy Spirit
club sponsor, RC Holy Spirit D3780 and RC Western Pam- D3780. Witnessing the turn-
panga D3790 as host club sponsors. RC Daejeon-Jeil over were DRFC PDG Paul
D3680 Korea and RID 3722 are the Primary International Lee D3680 Korea, District
Sponsors. Governor Dwight Ramos
D3780 and District Governor
The GG-funded project involved the supply of Human Milk Raul Peralta D3790, RRFC
Pasteurizer equipment and accessories for Jose B Lingad for Zone 7A PDG Jess
Memorial Regional Hospital (JBLMRH)in San Fernando, Nicdao D3790, DRFC PDG
Pampanga. JBLMRH is a Level III tertiary, teaching and Jess Cifra D3780, as well as
training hospital founded in 1950. The hospital caters to the Dr Juliana Reyes, Associate
people of Central Luzon or Administrative Region III compris- Regional Director of the De-
ing the seven (7) provinces of Aurora, Bataan, Bulacan, partment of Health, senior
Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales. Central Lu- officials of JBLMRH, and Infant in Neonatal Intensive
zon had a population of 11.2 million in 2015. Rotarians from the four spon- Care Unit (NICU)
soring Rotary clubs.
Direct beneficiaries of the life-saving equipment are pre-term
babies, babies with feeding problems and infants with criti- Also present during the turn-over ceremonies were RIPR Les
cally-ill mothers. These babies are confined in the hospitals Wilson D1180 UK and Spouse Pat, a nurse, guests of D3790
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and wards. Other during their Discon. Spouse Pat was teary-eyed upon seeing
beneficiaries are infants who are victims of calamities like the premature babies at the hospitals NICU.
floods, adult patients suffering from cancer, Hemolytic ane-
mia and the like, donor-mothers with excess breast milk, JBLMRH and the Department of Health are truly grateful for
healthcare students and workers. Rotarys gift to the hospital and the region.

The human milk bank facility under GG 1746885 was turned

Turnover of Global Grant funded Human Milk Bank Service page 2

RIPR Les Wilson D1180 UK DG Dwight Ramos of D3780 and DRFC PDG Paul Lee D3680

10-28-2016 Signing of MOA among RC Holy Spirit D3780, RC Timog D3780, RC Western Pampanga D3790 and JB Lingad Memorial
Regional Hospital to work together to obtain support for the proposed multi-district life-saving Rotary project.

The Great Presidents and incoming district
leaders are presented at DISTAS 2017
The well-attended District Assembly was held on May 6, 2017
at the Celebrity Sports Club on Capitol Hills Drive in Quezon
City. The Great Presidents came with their respective club
leadership teams, ready to accept the challenge to MAKE A
DIFFERENCE during RY 2017-18.

Great Governor Nestor Chito Borromeo expounded on the RI

Theme for 2017-18 and D3780s thrusts, goals and priorities
that are in line with RIs strategic priorities. He emphasized
the importance of PREPARATION to achieve the objective of
being Rotarians of vision. This was followed by an inspira-
tional message from RIDN PDG Rafael Raffy Garcia III who
spoke about his priceless Rotary moments in the Philippines
and India. DGN Pastor Mar Reyes gave insights on how to
develop vibrant and effective clubs.

Even the different break out sessions were well attended. The
session for Club Presidents, Deputy District Secretaries, Dep-
uty Chiefs of Staff, Assistant Governors and Assistant Gover-
nors Representativess was led by PDG Sammy Pagdilao; for
Club Administration Committee by PDG Dan Espinosa; for
Club Secretaries and Treasurers, PDG Francis Rivera; Club
Membership Committee, DGND Bernadette Herrera-Dy; Club
Service Projects Committee, PDG Rey David; Youth Service
Committee, PDG Penny Policarpio; Club Public Image Com-
mittee, PDG Mel Salazar; Club TRF Committee, PDG Jess
Cifra. A Spouses Program was held separately, led by DGE
Spouse Nona Borromeo.

Dinner and fellowship capped the whole-day training assem-

bly. DISTAS 2017 was hosted by RC Balintawak led by Great
President Joey de Dios and DISTAS Chair PP Milo Lucenario,
with the guidance of the District Training Team led by PDG
Danny Fausto.

Rotary members share why their global grant projects
worked so well and what other clubs can learn from
their experience.

SERVICE ABOVE SELF going to do and how we were going to

do it.

Patrick Biswas, Rotary Club of Padma

The Object of Rotary Rajshahi, Bangladesh
The Object of Rotary is to encourage and Establishing an effective working rela-
foster the ideal of service as a basis of wor- tionship with the community based on
thy enterprise and, in particular, to encour-
age and foster:
understanding and trust, and being
aware and respectful of social traditions,
especially because the project dealt with
FIRST. The development of acquaintance
as an opportunity for service;
Q: What made your global village women.
grant project successful? Patrick Coleman, Rotary Club of Luan-
SECOND. High ethical standards in busi- Carolina Barrios, Rotary Club of Cart- shya, Zambia
ness and professions, the recognition of the agena de Indias, Colombia Rotary participation was publicized from
worthiness of all useful occupations, and The involvement of the Rotary Commu- the outset. The Rotary name adds integ-
the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation rity to any project.
nity Corps of Leticia, Colombia, was
as an opportunity to serve society;
essential. The RCC proposed the pro-
ject, helped select the beneficiaries, co- Philip J. Silvers, District 5500 (Arizona)
THIRD. The application of the ideal of ser- ordinated and supervised the construc- First, the commitment and funding from
vice in each Rotarian's personal, business, tion of the sanitary facilities, and partici- the Ugandan Rotary clubs: Ten clubs
and community life; adopted rural health care centers, and
pated actively in promoting the program
to everyone in the community, not only the district contributed $10,000 in district
FOURTH. The advancement of interna- the direct beneficiaries. Our partnership designated funds and $20,000 in cash.
tional understanding, goodwill, and peace with the Universidad San Buenaventura Second, the blended vocational training
through a world fellowship of business and Cartagena, which provided training and team, composed of medical profession-
professional persons united in the ideal of donated educational materials, was also als from India, Israel, and the United
service. vital. States, anchored by Ugandan health
professionals: The host professionals
Stephen Baker, Rotary Club of Key knew the clients and the health care
The Four-Way Test Biscayne, Fla. Our methods had been delivery systems, and the international
OF THE THINGS we think, say or do tested in a series of smaller anti-malaria team members were seen as partners
mosquito net projects, so that by the rather than as missionaries. Finally,
1) Is it the TRUTH? time we were ready to do a global grant, our comprehensive and effective moni-
2) Is it FAIR to all concerned? we had a clear plan of what we were toring and evaluation.

3) Will it build GOODWILL and

concerned? Data as of 30 November 2016

Rotarians worldwide: 1,227,217 as of 30 November 2016

Rotarian Code of Conduct
As a Rotarian, I will
1) Act with integrity and high ethical stan-
dards in my personal and professional life

2) Deal fairly with others and treat them Members Members Members Members
and their occupations with respect
1,227,217 226,389 483,230 210,500
3) Use my professional skills through Ro-
tary to mentor young people, help those
with special needs, and improve peoples
quality of life in my community and in the
world Clubs Clubs Clubs Corps

4) Avoid behaviour that reflects adversely 35,263 9,843 21,010 9,154

on Rotary or other Rotarians
Source: THE ROTARIAN May 2017 published by Rotary International
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