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Personal Information

Name : Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Muhammad Azam

Fathers Name : Malik Sher Khan (Late)

Date of Birth : 02 Mar 1968

Religion : Islam

Sect : Sunni

Domicile : Punjab

Nationality : Pakistani

Permanent Address : Tehsil & District Multan

Contact Numbers : Tel (Res)- 061-6514990

Mob No 0321-4169405

Residential Address : 88, New Garden Town Khair Pur Bhutta Road
Near Khair Pur International School Multan.
Same as above
Present Postal Address :

Martial Status : Married

Family Strength : Wife : One

Children: Three, 2 x Son & 1 x Daughter


Date of Retirement : 13 Apr 2013

Objective To serve the organization in a competitive and challenging environment with

professional and resolute approach by making valuable contribution for the achievement of

organization goals and meeting the set standards.


Civ 1. BA

2. Finance Management and Total Quality Management, FWO Kci

3. Basic Computer Operation (Army College of Management Sciences)

Military 1. Officers Basic Air Def Course

2. Junior Staff Course

3. Air Defence Staff Course

4. Law Course

Personal Information

Served in Pakistan Army for 25 years on variety of Appointments including Staff and
Command at various stages of service. The total length of my service and experience is mainly
covered in the field of intelligence, investigation and administration / finance management.
Brief relevant data is offered as under:-

Served as 2nd in Command in a Army Unit

1. Served as 2nd in command in active Air Defence unit for about three years.

2. Coordination between sub unit Commanders, higher Headquarters and Civil


3. Coordinating visits of High Dignitaries.

4. Performed security Officer Duties of the unit for three years

5. Carried out investigation in theft, homicide and suicide cases

6. Apprising day to day progress of cases to immediate senior officer.


7. Initiating timely reports and returns.

8. Liaison with other intelligence agencies and other Military Police Units/Civil
Police/Civil Administration.

Served as Grade 2 Officer (Operations) in Pakistan Rangers (Sind)

1. Served as Grade -2 (Operations) Officer in a Corps Headquarters.

2. Assisted the Commandant in planning, organizing and conducting of counter

terrorism operations, anti dacoit operation and administration events.

3. Remained Hub of Activities during various internal security matters of Hyderabad

city and Karachi East- South and West.

4. Experience in running of unit accounts in a dignified manner.

5. Security Officer of the Corps comprising of more that 4000 men.

Appointed as Deputy Assistant Judge Advocate General in 494 Engr Gp Kci (FWO)

1. Maintaining up to date record of all discipline/criminal cases

2. Preparing all cases of hearing in different courts of law

3. Discussing cases with Deputy Attorney General (Sindh) and other legal counsels.
4. Appearing in all courts of law on behalf of Director General FWO.

5. Prepare and Execute Security Plan of PNS Shiffa Hospital.

6 .Establishing liaison with the Home Department (Sindh).

Served as GSO-1 Finance for two years in Headquarters National Guards and performed the
following ;-

1. Maintenance of accounts of Headquarter and 12 Janbaz Training Teams, which

include Public, Private and Command Fund.

2. Maintenance of Record of approximately 7000 activated and de-activated Janbaz

Officers, JCOs and Jawans.

3. Recruitment/Training of Janbazes.

4. Monitoring during training and disbursement of pay & allowances of janbazes.

Served as Head Admin and Security MGES (Army Public Schools and Colleges) Multan
and performed the following ;-

1. Prepare and Execute Security Plan Of All The Army Public Schools and Colleges

2. Maintenance of Record and issue of Pay and Allces of Administrative Personal.

3. Arrangements and Execution of all Functions

4. Maintenance and Repair of All The Army Public Schools and Colleges

Served as Head Admin and Security Aziz Group Multan and performed the following ;-

5. Prepare and Execute Security Plan Of Administrative Block and Plants

6. Maintenance of Record and issue of Pay and Allces of approximately2000


7. Arrangements and Execution of all Functions

8. Maintenance and Repair of Plants and Administration Block

Ability, Experience & Aptitude


Project Management

Human Resource Management

Administration and Logistics

1. To ensure Effective Administrative and Logistic Support for a Project/ Organization/


2. To Act as Head of Administration & Plan, Organize, Ensure Effective Execution of

Administration, Security, Control of Transport Assets and Manpower of an


Organization/ Installation.

3. To Administer, Manage/ Organize Variety of Activities of an Establishment,

Comprising Officers, Supervisors, Skilled/Un skilled workers.

4. Manage/Organize Seminars, Conference, Workshops & Reunions etc.

Personal Attributes

Interpersonal Communications Skills.

Written and Verbal Expression.

Polite but Effective Interaction among Team.

Creative Approach for work/Job Assignment.

Motivate team Members to active objectives/Goals/Targets.

To take challenges and Resolve Issues Through Deliberations, Making systematic

and timely Judgments Based on knowledge, Hard Work and Team Work.

Positive Approach, having Result Orientation.

Areas of Expertise

Recruitment, Training and Organizing the Manpower and converting them into an
able, motivated and useful teams.

Public Relations.

Human Resource Management.

Administration and Logistics.

Security & Intelligence