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Media has developed significantly over the years, and with this More recently in 2011, Anders Behring

hring Breivik shot 68 people dead

increase, comes the increase in those who see it. Because of this, at a youth camp of the Norwegian Labour party and another nine
media has been blamed by a large amount of the population in a bombing of government buildings. According to the judgment
over the years, because of its influence over viewers. Gaming is a rendered against him, he liked playing violent games, and actually
large part of media life in the modern day with 37% of the used the video game Call of Duty to train for his shooting
population aged between 16 and 49 describing themselves as massacre.
active gamers and roughly 5 million video games across the
world, 4% of which are for adults only, 18 years or older. So what Gaming has long been as topic of controversy and is often the
content labels a game as adults 18? PEGI is the Pan-European cause of moral panic within the society. Media could equally be
Game Information that rates games on their standard of blamed for bother areas on how they present Gaming and
violence, language, fear, sex, drugs and other aspects. The violence, blaming the games rather than the people, these ideas
definition of a 18 rated game or adult game is when the level encourage the question: is media to blame? There are multiple
of violence reaches a stage where it becomes a depiction of theories that revolve around this question, but the basic idea is
gross violence. Gross violence is classed as the depictions of
whether audiences are either passive or active in media effects.
violence that would make the viewer feel a sense of revulsion.
The hypodermic needle theory is the idea that the audience is
This means that are 200, 000 adult rated games have created.
passive, that the ideas are injected into the mind of those who
PEGIs rating system was created to help European parents watch it, and mirror it in their own lives. This is the idea that if you
make informed decisions on buying computer games. Although see violence you will become violent. The other main theory is the
it is illegal for those under 18 to buy 18 rated games, it is not uses and gratification theory. This dictates that the audience is
illegal for them to play it. A study commissioned by the UK active in the effect media has on them, that they have a choice.
games industry found that parents let children play games for People watch and use media for multiple purposes, to entertain, to
adults, even though they knew they were 18-rated. Many find characters to they can relate too and even to socially interact.
believe these games, and those who play it are influenced by
Gaming has become an important part of social interaction. With
video games, with multiple media outlets crediting mass
the development of gaming intercoms and other technology,
murders to violent or sexual video media such as movies and
video games. One of the largest mass murders happened in gaming has become a social activity, rather than an independent.
1999. On the 20th April 1999, two teenage boys open fired on the 78% of teens have said they feel more connected to those they
Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, killing 13 people already know; 52 percent also report feeling closer to friends
and wounding more than 20 others. There have been multiple whom they only know online. This is why it is more important than
theories as to the cause of this massacre, yet the most popular ever that children and teenagers are not subjected to images of
was not because of the relation of being bullied, or access to gross Violence.
weaponry or psychological issues, but rather violent video games
and music. In 2001, relatives of people killed in the Columbine
massacre sought damages from computer game makers,
claiming their products helped bring about the shooting.
Multiple other shooting happen since this senseless event that
have been credited due to violent games such as Call of Duty
and Grand Theft Auto. For example, both these video games Over 97% of teens play video games and 60% spend an average of
have been blamed for the crimes of various people. In 2003, two 20 hours a week watching TV. It has become a key and critical part
brothers William and Joshua Buckner, 16 and 14 years old, to teenage life, finding guidance, similarities and social connections
opened fire on vehicles on the Interstate 40 highway in in it. Although I personally believe that the audience is active in the
Tennessee killing one person and injuring another severely. The way they connect to media, it is important that teenagers and
teenagers told the police that they were bored, and decided to children are protected from aspects of violence and other areas of
mimic their favourite videogame, Grand Theft Auto which
life as they undergo both physical and social development, and
named after the car crime, and features guns, violence and
remember that media, is not always to blame.
sexual content.