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The effectiveness of home visits by specialist nurses in
preventing infections for those patients undergoing home
immunoglobulin therapy as opposed to those not
receiving such home visits.

This title immediately tells us a lot about the proposed
research study:
 We now know what we are looking at - how effective
are home visits in preventing infections to those
having their therapy at home rather than in hospital.
 We know the subjects - those having therapy at home
(in this case it is concerned with immunoglobulin
replacement therapy for those people with an immune
 We can probably guess that it is going to be a
quantitative study (survey study, rather than
experimental), as it is comparing two variables - those
not receiving home visits and those who are receiving
home visits.
 Consequently, we will want a large sample.

Perhaps the National Center for Charitable Statistics . race. So you can see how important a clear and full title is at this stage . gender. is great for volunteer data (in the arts though).we now know a lot about the research without actually having read the proposal. and how often people volunteer CPANDA: I will examine how a focus on time versus money can lead to two distinct mind-s affect consumers' willingness to donate to charitable causes.cpanda.herts. [Research question]: Does volunteering promote personal happiness? Research Topics I would like to research how the increasing number of registered nonprofits are affecting giving trends in the United States.htm Relationship Between volunteering and General Happiness. the types of places people  Data analysis will be statistical. the Current Population Survey volunteer supplement (2009 the General Social Survey. Specifically I would like to see if different age groups are showing different trends regarding their giving in response to the i number of charities. or maybe the Nation for Charitable Statistics or the Current Population Survey volunteer supplement (2009) or General Social Survey. both through ICPSR I would like to focus on Volunteerism in North Carolina for my research project. I would feel fine with looking at the United States instead. . I want to examine who volunte (age. religion.  Data collection will involve comparing the rates of infection between the two %20Researchhealthprofessionals/quantitative_research_title. Title http://www. if you think that there might be lim or research on just North Carolina. etc). through ICPSR [Research topic]: Relationship Between volunteering and General Happiness. [Research question]: Does volunteering pr personal happiness? To do this research.

and the number and percent of single female householders under age 25 that below the poverty level. The Bureau of Labor Statistics compiles state unemployment rates. Perhaps something could be done with the Bureau of the Census’ Public Use Mic Sample iPUMS dataset focusing on female headed households with children. We didn’t find an easy dataset. The idea behind the hypothesis is t organizations with strong union membership. the Employment Security Commission’s Labor Force Statistics provide the NC County level (or for the State for a number of years). the Employment Security Commission’s Labor Force Statistics provide the NC County level (or for the State for a number of years). I have serious questions as to the availability of data. by both governmental and nonprofit agencies. and some tables can be downloaded in . The Census Bureau’s American Co Survey gives summary tables of number and percent of single female-headed households with children under 5 o 18 that are below the poverty level. I have found two datasets relate to applications for mitigation efforts and FEMA's acceptance/rejection and amount of total money requested that FEM contributed. and some tables can be downloaded in . but am not sure is enough data to support this. and stronger collective bargaining rights dampen innovation . The North Carolina BABY book gives number of bir age of Mother (by county for North Carolina) but includes no income information. The relationship between childhood poverty and the age of the mother (at the time of birth). To go back in time. Crime rates are in either the Federal Uniform Crime Reports (Crime in the United States) or the state-level Crime in North Carolina I would like to look at the relationship between the educational attainment of a [state’s ] population and crime rates in states Educational attainment can be found on a state level in the Bureau of the Census’ American FactFinder (also on a level if that is one’s interest). the 2000 Census and 1990 Census will provide the data. but none by age at birth of first child. financial support.xls fo one wanted to study only North Carolina. Hypothesis: The unionization of an organization is negatively related to its productivity.xls fo one wanted to study only North Carolina. I am turning over the idea that perhaps FEMA grants have gone up since 9/11 or even Katrina. I would love to do a FEMA related project. By exploring this topic I would be able to determine what sets agencies apart in respo disasters and what characteristics are present in a well handled response. through ICPSR or the Current Population Survey volunteer supplement (2009 I believe I am going to do my research project on the Unemployment rate affecting the Crime rate at the state level. Crime rates are in either the Federal Uniform Crime Reports (Crime in the United States) or the state-level Crime in North Carolina The relationship between the unemployment rate and crime rate with the hypothesis that there is a positive relationship in t increase in unemployment and crime rates The Bureau of Labor Statistics compiles state unemployment rates. Crime in either the Federal Uniform Crime Reports (Crime in the United States) or the state-level Crime in North Carolina I would like to research response times to disasters. Perhaps the General Social Survey. and examine how the population perceived their response.

I would like for my topic of research to be North Carolina SAT scores.icpsr.bls. . internal conflict. or near. but not LG http://www. family income ethnicity and SAT scores? The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in its annual SAT Report gives summary information about th topics. I want to exam [bullying] and other possible as well like parental pressure.html#Anchor-Environmenta-58066 The EPA may have something also: http://www.columbia. You ma able to pull out a dataset with the PowerStats option. The rate of suicides in Lesbian. Don’t think this is available except in many articles on the topic and the a writers’ surveys. who administers the SAT. etcetera.html is supposed to have details on Here’s the general link http://www. a college campus affect the likelihood of a college student to vote election? Over the past few years there has been a lot of controversy in relation to the location of early voting sites and reg polling places. Topic Question: How do state environmental policies vary? Which then brings up…What states have more strict environme policies? What states are less restrictive in correcting environmental pollution? Why? CIESEN has quite a bit about environmental policies that leads to Yale and specialized databases Like this one: http://sedac. It looks like “raw” Union statistics are in BLS: http://www.inflexibility within management.umich. through ICPSR Correlation between age and successful completion of bachelor's But found a way to link them. The WISQARS database http://www. I would like to study the impact of the location of polling places in relation to the proportion of college/univers students that actually cast votes. There is a section of the Web site to request data. and would probably Is there a relationship between County. but does not include a datafile.ciesin.rows=2 school crime and bullying but not LGBT. also through ICPSR The Relationship between Stress Levels at work and Job Satisfaction Perhaps the General Social Survey.cdc. To study whether traditional students or older stu have a higher rate of graduation within 4 years. The General Social Survey. through ICPSR has some labor union This leads to lower productivity. and Transgender (LGBT) teens. also has publications addres topic. National Right to Work Website may have something .html Research topic: Will having a polling location on. And there is no guarantee the College Board would release the data. religious pressure. but it would take several weeks. The National Center for Education Statistics conducts the Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study. IRB approval.htm Also productivity: http://www.release/ http://www. The College Board.bls.epa. Perhaps the American National Election Study through ICPSR or the General Social Survey.

I would like to use a database I have access to at the fire department where I volunteer. I would like to look at factors that contribute to our service on these calls. Each time we go on a call. people who went on the call and times of dispatch. so how much does this increase our response and whether our response times are faster during the academic year when we have our Davidson College student voluntee us. time of call (more specifically. we rec types. a and cleared. 2016-2017 • “What leads some students to be more successful readers than other students?” • “Can I predict who is likely to have reading difficulties?” (Correlation/regression) • “What is the best method of teaching reading?” (Experiment) • “What are the norms for a population for the development of reading skill?” (Descriptive) • “What are the conditions of reading instruction and learning in today’s classrooms?” (Qualitative) . time. As of now. we sleep in another building. I am thinking it makes most sense to focus on the calls for 2011 and specifically on fire rather than fire and EMS calls si are rated by ISO for insurance purposes based on our response times to fire calls. address. en route. I would like to focus on d from our station. • What is the relationship between study time and exam score of amongst Grade 11 Students of TNHS for SY. number of apparatus that go to the call.