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The evil spirit of lust causes sorrow from its beginning through the middle to the end. You
have to make a lot of effort here. This is not like going to your auntie's home! The Father
continues to tell you: If you consider yourselves to be brothers and sisters, there cannot
be criminal vision. Courage is needed in everything.

All of this is going to be destroyed. Everything is going to turn to dust. Some continue to
move along with very good courage. Some have courage and then fail. The Father
continues to explain every situation to you. However, if you don't do anything, it is
understood that you don't have full yoga.

Those Brahmins are vicious whereas you are vice less. In becoming vice less, you have to
tolerate many assaults. By seeing the name and form, many have bad thoughts. Even
through the relationship of brother and sister they fall. They then write: Baba, I have
fallen; I have dirtied my face. The Father says: Wonderful! I said: Live as brother and
sister, and again you then act wrongly! There is then very severe punishment received
for that. In fact, when someone does something bad, he is put in jail.


From today, each of you should look at yourself. Do not look at others. Close
the mind's eye of looking at others. You cannot close the physical eyes, but close
the mind's eye to anything that someone else does. What thesecond person or third
person is doing - I don't want to see that. The Father is saying this with
such force that,even if a maharathi makes a mistake, let the mind become
introverted and not see or listen to that.

However, the tapasya and the efforts over a long time of the maharathis will enable
them to get extra marks and pass with honours. If
you wait for the maharathis to change
before you change, youwill be deceived. Therefore, make your mind introverted.


May you use the power of your own pure thoughts and be a jewel of pure and positive

thoughts for others andmake souls free from worry!

~ 20-03-2014

Q.Who among the children can get sakaash from the father?

A.Those who are introvert and whose intellect is directed towards father.


Sweet children practice going into dead silence and father will give the sakaash for
becoming ashariri.


What to do in conditions of disease?

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Although Understanding whatever baba says is very easy, the reason for children not
able to understand is Body consciousness.

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A way to be safe from maya

Slogan: gyan " harshit , I

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How the 8 are even in their pursharthi life:

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Being a many good GUN (virtues) and being clean of bad virtues is very
important in this gyan. Without this, you cant progress howmuch ever you

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