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My commitment .i,.
I'lldo irverything I can to get paiC work, and will recettre,UniversalCr6ft paymenb to support
,me in this. -T*re things l'll do:are et out in this Glaimant,commikneril t

Finding and hking york

is within S) minutes'traveltrom my home

ei ;ffiil A"v-oiiE-t* time.- , ' r- - -, j:--:
t'm arraihbb ior np* tor ag ffit's dtd, urietc'i

o aqOlf for na93q$1gs I'm trold O apptv, tor by,my.aCvisei ,ffiffiing :any saved by my

:,, advigrinthe'SavedJoh'sectionofrny.Un Jobmatctl?cGount-r,.r,.,,-'-,,. -
1,, r: -i _

: . attend and.take part,fully in job intervieus I'm.cif.fered_,,,, . '

- ,: ::-l:r: ' j:: j
. @ up offers of paid rlrcftfrat t'manb'todo:
lf, !@gqt
$,re-asor,r,l &n*t do all these things, my unirer x Gredit paymenb will tre,cut,!y. '
810.40 a day for up to 3 years

Iwillbeamilas!:b:: .'i- , 'l
o attsrd a lob interview immediatety

lf,.wiEtoqt,i# IEa !,1irn:-aotavaihble as'Oescr:bed;:my Univermf Creditpaymenb will:bg,cut

Unh*qsal G.r}dlt'S of}a+at* hy.rhe W tt *pi W.o*ca . firrolo*= , ursrt iou:rrk *iuei''salerdit ,
l :
. ri

:: .: :
, ".

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If I'm in paid wcrk at any timE I understand that my earnings need to be reported
accurately each month to Unit-ersal Credit, and if *y .*ptoyer does not do this I nnay be
asked to report rny earnings myselt by cailing the Uniuersal Gredit hetplEne.

lf, wr'thout good reason, tr don't teli Universal Credit within 5 working days that l've,left a job, my
Universal Credit payrrnents wilt be cut by t10.40 for each further day that I don't tell Universal
Credit I've left that jeb. Once I've done this, rny payments will be cut by 910.40 a day for a
further period of up to 28 days.

!f, withcut gooci reason, i leare paid work or lose pay, either by choiee or because of
mlscor*duct, my LIniuersal Credit payments csuld:be eut by 810-40 a dayfor up to 3

If i hare earnings frorn seEf+rnploymeni at any tinne, I'li tetl Uninersai Credii the details of
nry self-employed earatings" I'll do this eaclr month through the Universal Credit helpline. I'll be
tolci what ciate i have to cjo this by each month, and I vvon't get my Universal Credit payments
until I've done it" lf I still hauen't reported rny self-ernployed eamings one month after this
deadline, my Universal Credit clainn will be stopped.

Meeting my csmrnitment

Jobcenke Plus will give me help and advice to support me in doing fre things setout in my
Claimant Commi[nent. I know how to contactJobcentre Plus.

I'll phone Unlversal Credit in advance on 0345 600 0723 if t can't attend an appointment when

lf ! don't meet all the nequirernents set out in my Claimant Commitnent, I understand that my
Universal Credit payments will be cut" Cuts forfailing to meet requirements are knovrn as
sanctions. The number of days a sanction lasb for will depend on:

o which reguirements I haven't rnet

e how rnany tirnes I haven't nret my requiremenB in the previous 12 months

I understand that the sanction rates for Universal Credit may change from time to tlrne. The
cunent rates at any given time will automatically apply to this Claimant Commitnent. lf there is
any doubt aboui my claim it will be reviewed, which could lead to my Universal Credit payments
being reduced or stopped. lf a decision is rnade to reduce or stop my payments, this will be
explained to me. lf I disagree with the decision, I have the right to have it reconsidered or to
appeal against it.

LJ*iversa! Sredit is *per**ed byti:e *epark:entf*r lffork*nd Fe*sions lffww"c*v.uldEimiveffial-credit

Page 3 ef$
l}niversat Credit is *perated by the $epartnre*t f*r *i*rk and Pensions wusw.qgv.i:*lj**i$ers*i:crs*it
My work search and preparation plan

l'll spend 35 hours each week looking and preparing for work This will include all the
aetivities and actions in this plan.

Section 1: Regular work search activities: How often

r I will log onto Universal Job match daily to look Daily
for work, apply for jobs and record all steps to
Iook for work.

. Iwill respond promptly to contacts and I Daily
notifications from employers, jobsites and
Jobcentreplus. To do this t wiit cneck my emails
daily. I will also answer my phone even if the
number is withheld as employers may callfrom
phones that do not display telephone numbers.

o I will ensure that I always have an up to date Daily
electronic C.V that I can amendipersonalise fsr
job applications at alltimes. I will seek help to do
this if required.

. twill check newspaliers ariii-iocafpre$s-on a
weekly basis Hexham Courant and Evening

o I understand that it is my responsibility to provide Daily
a detailed account of my job search activity on
my UJ account on a daily basis recording it in
activity history. lf I am unable to do this I will
record it clerically and that my benefit will be in
doubt if I do not do this. :

. Iwill use jobsites and employer websites to find Daily
and apply for jobs I can do.

Section 2: Specific actions I will take: ,
By Review

. I will update my cv on my uj account 17lA3l2A1V 171A312A17

.' will bring in my tenancy agreement, 3 bank
I 09/03/2017 17fi312017
statements from both bank accounts, confirmation
XJniv*rsal Credit is aperaied by the *epartment for Work and Fe*sions :,vww.S*v.xklugliser**{:qrggit

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