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How many times have you stood

Issue Date
share with ENL (double jeopardy).
ENGLISH ONLY-This by your English ONLY peers and Out of close to 600,000 we go
soft English ONLY movement is just the
beginning. No, the leaders have not spoken watched box after box after box of about $40,000. Where is our
the words, but their actions shout it from resources being poured in while EQUITY?
the top of 131 West Broad Street. These
allegations can be substantiated. bilingual programs received 15
read-aloud books (Common Core The Bilingual Department has had
-The slow learning modules 2012-13) and to rely on the left-overs from other
when asked for more resources, departments to attempt to get
dismantling of the response, NYSED did not resources for our classrooms. I
bilingual education translate so, too bad so sad. It was have purchase orders with budget
no different with math where codes that do not belong to our
YOU have had to translate the department to prove this. Where
For those of you have worked in missing pieces with NO is our EQUITY?.
Bilingual Education for decades, compensation for this unique skill.
you can attest to the invisibility But who cares? I DO. The Bilingual Department
and inequity of the bilingual becomes invisible when it is under
program. Where is our EQUITY? Because we are held to the same the leadership of the ELL
standard of growth and department as opposed to being at
How many thousands of your own accountability as everyone else. the table and report to the Deputy
dollars have you poured out for Superintendent as the job
your classroom resources, YOU CALL THAT EQUITY? description calls for.
libraries, RtI resources, online Review the RCSD Budget Book -
subscriptions, countless of hours 2016-2017. It is on the district Why should you care? When you
of translation which in the website. You will see that the are not at the table, you are on the
business worlds would cost lions share of Title III LEP funds menu. Here are some examples of
thousands and yet that is what you went to support ENL programs, how Bilingual Department is
do for your children because you staffing and PD. We got the invisible under the Department of
believe in bilingual education. leftover and even that we had to ELL:

bilingual program at Charlotte Substantially increase the

Your work and accomplishments got ONE substitute teacher with number of Hispanics at
are not communicated to senior Adult Ed credentials to teach in Monroe obtaining college
leadership because 1) they have no the bilingual program as a self- credit
clue how to look at growth and contained setting. And this is And much more
programs for bilingual. 2) they EQUITY under the ELL
dont know the research behind department.
the sound practice of bilingual The change in reporting structure
education 3) the need for At Monroe HS teachers were only has made us invisible and
resources is greatly underplayed. used for 2 to 3 sections (out of five representation at the table is
sections) closing out opportunities mediocre at best and consistently
The bilingual classrooms in this for Hispanic newcomers and misinforming. This backwards
district continually suffer with dooming them to ENL as the only move is ill informed and despite
lack of resources to properly do support (most expensive, least the listening and learning tour,
your job while your peers are effective form of instruction apparently you werent listened to,
provided with a bounty of both Freeman and Collier 1997). your voice was not heard.
material resources and human
capital. Where are your reading There are actual schools with Members of the bilingual
teachers, where are your 100% Hispanics in NYS, but a department have been
intervention supports, where are program like RIA keeps being reassigned to fulfill ENL and
your on-line credit recovery denied for Hispanics. LOTE initiatives. Bilingual is
programs for your students? becoming invisible.
By the way, the ENL department Once the bilingual department
requested an increase of ENL found its voice in 2014, here were Leadership talks about EQUITY
coaches and ZERO for bilingual. the accomplishments: but makes the bilingual
department invisible again. We
The bilingual department is absent K-6 curriculum with full are not even at the table when
from meetings with senior resources decisions are made that impact our
leadership so its interest are not Scope and sequence for jobs, our students our families and
communicated and even ignored. NLA our communities.
3 reading teachers (district
Under the ELL leadership, had plans to give us none) Despite efforts to fully support
bilingual programs were forced to PART 154 is continually and man a Multilingual parent
use ENGLISH ONLY curriculum championed throughout center, this administration has
and translate on their own. 1 Full Time highly repeatedly ignored our petition.
effective special Ed Coach Why is this important? Because
Under ELL leadership the only SLOs in Spanish for K-2 parents have no clue about
scope and sequence for language graduation requirements in NYS
HS teacher schedules are
development was for ENGLISH and are confused when they get to
100% bilingual
ONLY despite that primary schools and learn about earning
NWEA in Spanish
Spanish language development is credits and NYS Regents exams.
(advocacy began last
absolutely different than English They also have no clue about the
April) this new reporting
ONLY. different types of bilingual
structure delayed it by 10
months programs in the district and their
Many will recall that under the rights as parents. They appear at
ELL leadership, RIA and a new Translated math modules
your door as deer in the
bilingual program at Charlotte Greater access to Title III
headlights. They are confused and
developed. funds for Bilingual
discouraged when they get to the
buildings for the first time. Im
While RIA (rightfully so) got a Push for greater access to sure you all have stories such as
full staff with supports, the CTE programs

this. And yet, this administration Encourage parents to file to reach out to us for your
has said to me, and I quote, while formal complaints for lack instructional needs.
we see the value of this type of of entitled services for
interaction with the parents, we special ed : Special I fully understand the
only see it would benefit Education complaint forms consequences that this newsletter
Hispanics so we will talk about it are available in Spanish will bring. I am being targeted for
at a future date. You all know I being a whistleblower and the
keep these communications and retaliation has not ceased but at
will personally share if you wish. cialed/formsnotices/sampleco least I sleep well at night that I
mplaint.htm dont go along to get along. I do
Again, Hispanics are not a what I am charged to do and that
priority. Instead of soaring with is stand for teachers and students.
the momentum of the improved .
PART 154 amended in 2014,
which champions increased
bilingual programming, the district Department Contacts:
is moving backwards towards the
English ONLY movement that Mayra Ortiz, Director
existed in this district in the past
by way of policy, decision making (please make sure to note my last
and representation. name has the number 2 at the
Two bilingual schools have been 585-262-8203
closed to new students without a AND PORTFOLIO
plan to support newly arrived Madeline Strong
Please continue to document
students. A plan that requires
baselines, benchmarks and
rigorous recruitments and 585-262-8234
update Portfolios.
incentives to attract new teachers,
a suitable location that our Maria Petrella, Special Ed,
community would agree to and Bilingual-Coach
would benefit them, training and Please visit the new Office of
resources. NONE of this is being 585-262- 8674
Bilingual Education and World
spoken of nor communicated. Languages site on NYSED.Gov
Again the voice of bilingual is Jeannette Gonzalez, Home School
suppressed. Assistant-Bilingual
Here is what I encourage you to 585-262-8382
do: obewl
Gloria Echevarria, Home School
Be present at all Board meetings- Assistant-Bilingual
The site has organized Educator
and sign up to speak. YOU are
Resources and Parent Resources
NOT invisible. 585-262-8296
for easier accessibility.

Give parents the bill of

rights which includes a
hotline for their voices to PROFESSINAL
ed/parents/parents-bill-rights-new- We have conducted PD both in the
york-states-english-language- setting where you work and at
learnersmultilingual various schools. Please feel free