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5/26 Immigration and Refugees Worksheet (1016-1021)

Task 1: Anticipatory Set

Answer and share your response with table partner.
1. When did your family immigrate to America (unless you are Native American, you are an
immigrant or the descendants of immigrants). You may highlight more than 1 answer if you
know immigration on both sides of your family.

before 1800 1800-1850 1850-1900 1900-1950 1950-2000 after 2000 dont know

2. Why did your family migrate?

jobs/opportunities war/persecution religious/personal freedom dont know

Task 2: View Slides and Immigration Reform and Control Act Video
1. What is amnesty?

2. What did the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 do?

3. Which region do the highest percentage of immigrants come from today? Which country?

Task 3: Textbook
Read: 1018-1019 Recent Immigration
1. What states have the highest populations of foreign-born residents?

2. Where did more than half of new immigrants come from in the 1990s?

3. How did Reagans amnesty program affect the problem of undocumented aliens?

4. What are the common opinions about undocumented aliens?

Read Primary Source 3

5. What are the frustrations of Diana, a second-generation Mexican American?
Read Primary Source 5
6. What might be some reasons that the woman opposes illegal immigration?

Read Primary Source 6

7. Why do so many people risk crossing the border illegally? What other illegal traffic occurs at the

Complete 2 of the following (Latinos, Hmong, or Somali)

Task 4: Latinos
Video Clip: Immigrant High (PBS) 18 minutes
1. What is the difference between an undocumented and legal immigrant?

2. What are some of the challenges undocumented families face?

3. Explain the point of view of the two sides in the immigration debate:
a. Why do some people favor stronger immigration laws/more deportations?

b. Why do some people favor more open immigration/ending deportation?

Task 5: Hmong (13 minute audio clip but can be shortened)

Hard Work
Lynette Nyman, 1999 MPR
1. Most Hmong immigrants are refugees or the children of refugees. Explain why.

2. What were some of the challenges faced by early Hmong immigrants?

3. What were some of the challenges faced by later Hmong immigrants?

4. What are some of the successes of the Hmong community in Minnesota?

Task 6: Somali (short reading and statistics)
1. Why have many Somalis fled their native land?

2. The climate and geography of Minnesota is extremely different than Somali. So why have so
many Somalis settled in Minnesota?

3. What are some of the contributions of Somalis to Minnesotas neighborhoods and cities?

4. Compare the Place of Origin of Minnesota and the United States immigrants.

5. Describe the poverty faced by many of Minnesotas foreign-born population.