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PSA Storyboard & Script:

Our Groups Topic/Issue: Homelessness Block:2

Group Members: Tomas Velasquez, Princess Millier, Erick Morales, Diego Mateo
Main Message: That affordable housing and homeless services are in great demand. Therefore we
need to support the Linkage Fee to be approved by all districts and passed by city council. So its
positive progressive effects can come into action and help fund these social and housing services

Target Audience: Los Angeles Community & Los Angeles City Council

Call to Action: Awareness, Support & Implement Linkage fee.

Scenes: Add the Visuals and any text to be placed on the screen (written text). Narration & Voice is
what will be recorded and said for that part of the scene or frame.
1 Narration/Voice:
There are over 2.5 million children who
have be homeless in the United
In 2016 over 51,000 kids were
provided with housing services.
There is over half a million people
homeless in the United States.

Written Text:
Did you know?

2 Narration/Voice: There are hundreds of men

and women and children who are without
housing due to the lack of space. So therefore
most are struggling to live day by day while
they are on the section 8 wait list. We are
afraid this problem will become worse with
Trumps 6 billion dollar social service budget
cut. Which in sooner time it will reduce any
chance of these poor folks of getting a house
anytime soon.Decrease in funding to the U.S
Department of housing and urban
development (HUD). It will also potentially
eliminate the community development block
grant program which helps revitalize
neighborhoods and provide people in need
with rental assistance vouchers.

His plan includes to also eliminate funds for

section 4 capacity building for community
development and affordable housing.

Written Text:
Princess M.

3 Narration/Voice:
Homeless people sometimes go
through a rough situations also they
might get stressed at home and at the
The Homeless amority is continuously
affected by the decisions that are
being made every day. Princess M.

Written Text:


4 Narration/Voice:
One of the biggest problems that causes
homelessness is that their isnt enough
affordable housing but their is a solution to
homelessness. The solution is the
Linkage fee, the linkage fee is an act for
affordable housing .

Written Text: Solution is homelessness

5 Narration/Voice: The problem is that we don't
have enough affordable housing for the low
income people that are at risk of being

Written Text:

6 Narration/Voice: Los Angeles is already

considering the Affordable Housing Linkage
Fee. A progressive tax. Which would be a
new ordinance to tax certain types of new
residential and commercial construction
across the city in order to fund a generation of
new affordable housing units. City Council
already proposes to levy a linkage fee of
$5.00 per square foot of new office , hotel ,
retail, or warehouse projects. Including $12.00
per square foot fee on new residential
construction . The fee will be administered by
the City of Los Angeles and will be expected
to generate between $75 million to $92 million
in funds each year to help build affordable
housing units.
-Erick M.

Written Text:
Princess M.

7 Narration/Voice:Being homeless means an

individual or a even a family, living in a place
not fit for human habitation.

Down streets team

United States:
In January 2014, there were 578,424 people
experiencing homelessness on any given
night in the United States
Of that number, 216,197 are people in
families, and 362,163 are individuals
About 15% of the homeless population
(84,291) are considered chronically
homeless individuals
About 9% of homeless people (49,933) are

Written Text:

8 Narration/Voice:

California hosts a total of 113,952 homeless

individuals. This represents 20% of all
homeless people in the United States. There
are approximately 15,179 homeless veterans.
Written Text:


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