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Can I help you? Yes, please No, thanks

Let me help you . Thanks, thats very kind of you Please dont bother
How can i help you? Thanks for your kindness Thats very kind but i can manage
my self
Do you want me to help you?
Thats very kind of you, but i dont
Shall I ?
think its necesary
If you like I could . Thankyou but ...
Ill . Im ok. Thanks a lot.
What can I do for you?
What can I do to help ?
What can I help you?
How can I be of assistance to
How can I assist you?
Would you like any help ?
Would you like me to ?
Is there anything I can do ?
Need some help?
Want a hand?
Might I help at all?
Perhaps I could assist in some

Soal pilihan ganda

1. Tono :
Santi : Yes, please. Its too heavy for me

a. What can I do for you?

b. How are you?
c. Can I help you?
d. Could you help me, please
e. Will you help me, please

2. Santi : You look depressed, Fani. Is there something I can do for you ?
Fani : Im very bad at math. I always get the lowest score in my class.
Santi : We can study together at my house with my brother. He is excellent in math.
Fani : Thats very nice of you.
The underlined sentence shows

a. Ability
b. Sympathy
c. Regret
d. Help
e. Angry

3. Waiters : Would you like a cup of tea ?

Custumer : ............. I love tea. Its good for our health.

a.No, thanks
b.Im sorry
c.I dontthink so

4. Irga : Mom, do you mind if help you cook?

Mother : Of course not. Come and help me.
From the conversation above we know that ............

a.Mother doesnt like Irga to help her cook

b.Irga asked her mother to help her cook
c.Irgadoesnt like cooking
d.Mother accepted Irgas offer to help her cook

5. Kim : the books you brough look very heapy.........

Lee : Sure. Its very kind of you. Thank you, Kim,

a.Would you like me to help you?

b.Would you like to help me?
c.Would I like to help you?
d.Would you like to bring it for me?

6. Tourist : I dont know this place. Can you tell me where is located?
Native: Well, its far enough. Would you like me to show you the place?
Tourist : Really ? Its very kind of you.
The underline sentence shows us that .............

a.The native is not really sure about the location.

b.The native is in doubt about the location
c.The native accepts the tourists offer to help him
d.The native offers the tourist some help

7. .Tia : Its so hot in here.

Accuy : ................

a.Would you like me to open the window?

b.Would you like me to close the window?
c.Would I Like you to open the window ?
d.Would I like you to close the window ?

8. .Raisha: Im little confused about what to choose for the movie were going to watch.
Rina: ................
Raisha: That sounds good
a.What about watching the Avengers ?
b.Lets go to the cinema.
c.What about XXI ?
d.What about watching TV ?

9. Fitri: The weather is very today.

Agnes: .........I think it can lower our body temperature.

a.What about eating some hot plate food ?

b.What about doing some exercises ?
c.What about going to the beach ?
d.What about eating ice cream ?

10. .Izaac: I dont know which novel I should buy.

Maryam: What about the newest novel from Stephenie Meyer, The Short Second Life of Bree
Tanner : An Eclipse Novella ?
Izaac: Hey, thats a good idea.
From the conversation on page 9, we know that ....

a.Izaac doesnt accept Maryams suggestion

b.Izaac doesnt like maryams suggestion
c.Izaac will think about his friends suggestion
d.Izaac believes that his friends suggestion is good idea

11. .Nadhil: I recommend you to buy this book. It motivates us to reach our dreams.
Etik: .......I alreadybought it last year. The book is not so good.

a.That sounds good to me

b.Really? Okay, Ill buy it
c.I dont think so
d.I dont know

12. Linda: ................

Nova: Lets have lunch.

a.Hey, Im thirsty
b.Oh, God. Its so cold here
c.Dude, Im so full
d.Nova, Im very hungry


Synonim : hesitate, waver, vacillate, falter